Making Accessibility A Core Part Of Our Web Technology

Here at, we have made it one of our top priorities to ensure that all of our content is accessible to students, teachers, and lecturers with all types of disabilities. We firmly believe that it’s our duty to ensure we don’t exclude anyone from accessing the information we provide.

This involves implementing recommendations from international accessibility guidelines and best practices, and our development teams constantly work on implementing the latest accessibility features.

Moving Towards Ever Improving Accessibility

With ever-improving accessibility features in this space, we constantly review features of our website to ensure that they remain compatible with new and changing accessibility guidelines.

Here are just a few areas that we focus on:

  • Using an ideal color and brightness contrast
  • Integrating with keyboard navigation
  • Enabling easy text zoom features
  • Adding closed captions to video content
  • Clear HTML content structures for easier visual navigation
  • Implementing descriptive image captions
  • Fully accessible forms with descriptive labels and functionality

Making Progress Through Reader Feedback

While our team goes through many rounds of testing all new web pages, and we constantly review how to implement new accessibility technology, there is nothing like receiving user feedback.

That’s why we welcome and encourage people with any kind of disability to provide us with honest feedback. It’s the best way to improve the website’s accessibility standards that gives us invaluable information to drive positive change.

Driving Improvements With Innovative Technology

Technology in the accessibility area has changed a lot in recent years, and innovations in mobile platforms have transformed how people with disabilities can consume online content.

While that is a challenge for us to constantly update our web platform, it’s something we have at the core of all our continuous improvement projects for all of our readers.

We welcome all new technology in the accessibility space and strive to implement improvements as quickly as possible.

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