Are Soul Ties Real? Identifying One’s Soul Ties

If you feel a strong connection with someone deeply embedded into your soul, you’d ask, are soul ties real?

A soul tie is formed when a person allows their soul to become entwined with something or someone. The person they connect with has the power to change or influence them. When a soul tie stretches through time, it becomes tighter and more apparent. Such time may make it more difficult to break if it becomes an unhealthy connection. 

Negative soul ties form unhealthy, toxic, unproductive, ungodly relationships. These are commitments with people who do not have their best interests at heart. But there are also healthy soul ties, and these are the kinds worth keeping.

Are Soul Ties Real?

Are Soul Ties Real?

Many people do not believe in soul ties because there is no concrete evidence that they exist. However, some people have tried to explain soul ties through Scripture. Scripture does not explicitly mention the existence of a soul tie. But it implies that human relationships can have a spiritual impact on each person. 

Also, the church teaches that for as long as the people involved with each other are doing things against God’s plan, the bond or tie is unhealthy. For example, if a man or woman has sex outside of marriage, a wrong soul connection can be formed. Despite biblical roots, a soul tie may also exist beyond religion.

What are Sexual Soul Ties?

A soul tie is a psychological and emotional bond that develops in a relationship. When this bond is physical and sexual, the relationship is a sexual soul tie. Sexual soul ties may lead to an intense connection between people. 

Physical ties serve as an extension of sexual intimacy. Such is because of the degree of vulnerability involved in sexual activity. When you trust someone, you share intimate parts of yourself. Through this sharing, there is an emotional connection formed. 

It is common for people to create unhealthy soul ties in short-term connections. This is what usually happens in sexual soul ties. Eventually, even after the sexual relationship, the connection between the two people remains.

How are Soul Ties Formed?

Vows and agreements

Vows have the power to bind the heart. For two people to build an intense connection, they must make vows to each other. Vows and promises can strengthen or weaken a person’s relationship with their soul. People need to understand that what they say has the power to change others. It is common for people to make promises or say things that link them to others.

Close connections

A soul tie can emerge anywhere there is a strong emotional bond. For example, it is possible to feel connected to a former romantic partner. This connection may linger even after the relationship has ended. As time passes, the connection to your soul tie remains unless broken.

Sexual engagement

Spirit, soul, and body come together during a sexual encounter. It is natural to connect with someone when you have sex together. For most people, casual sex doesn’t work because of limbic bonding. Two people may decide to engage in sexual activity for fun. But sex has the unintended effect of strengthening emotional connections even if the persons involved aren’t aware of it. 

When a casual relationship ends, one person, usually the woman, is obligated to shape an emotional attachment and be hurt. Because the female limbic system is more significant than the male, it is more common for women to be the ones who suffer the most.

Identifying One’s Soul Tie

It is possible to form a soul connection when we have a close and intimate relationship with another person. Relationships with other people we have never met are not unheard of when finding our soul tie. The symptoms of finally finding your soul tie will vary depending on your current relationship status. Here are a few of them:

  • An empathic and deep relationship 
  • Constant and overwhelming thoughts about the person (sometimes bordering on obsession and addiction)
  • Unexplainable familiarity with the person
  • Involvement of manipulation and negative change in one’s life
Are Soul Ties Real?

Can a Soul Tie be One-sided?

Soul connections can be one-way or two-way. There is a good chance that the person you love or have a solid emotional connection with will not reciprocate your feelings. Many have been in relationships like this and know how painful they can be. The difference between feeling connected with someone and not feeling the same way is the presence of a response from the other person. 

A person can have a solid spiritual, emotional, or even physical connection to another without that other person having the same experience. Perhaps it is possible to connect with someone’s soul without ever meeting them. 

A soul tie is when you feel that someone truly understands you, and your soul longs for that person. A one-sided soul tie, however lovely, can be harmful if the connection isn’t maintained. As a result, while one-sided soul ties usually need to be severed, mutual soul ties can result in lengthy and stable relationships or friendships.

Breaking Free From Soul Ties

Recognize the soul tie

Recognize the existence of a soul tie and be truthful with yourself about your readiness to let go of it. Admitting that one has a problem with addiction, for example, is the first step toward recovery. The first step is acknowledging it. Such admission is essentially the beginning of breaking the connection. Through the first step of this form of honesty, healing can truly begin.

Decide and take action

To break free from a soul tie, take the necessary steps. It is also noteworthy that you may have to deal with some pain and reluctance to complete this task. To start breaking the tie, you can begin with small steps like avoiding meeting up in private and saying anything that might imply you are interested in continuing the relationship.

Reach out to spiritual mentors and friends

The help of spiritual mentors or friends can empower you to cut soul ties. Pick someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge regarding letting go and breaking ties. To help you break the relationship, they can offer you advice and support. They can also inspire you to keep going and feel less isolated.

Solidify your identity in Christ

If you are a Christian, you may be able to break the soul ties by reinforcing your relationship with Christ. As you mentally part ways with that person, say a heartfelt prayer. Making a spiritual declaration can help you feel like you’ve completely and definitively eliminated them from your life. 

To be able to cut ties with an ungodly person, you need daily doses of Scripture and the resolve to abide by His word. Breaking soul ties can be difficult. On your own, you cannot accomplish this. Having a solid foundation in God’s Word can aid this process. Focusing on Jesus will allow you to know what a godly relationship is and help you avoid ones that destroy your soul.

Are Soul Ties Real?

In Summary

Having a soul tie means that two people have made a spiritual covenant. To have a soul tie is to believe that certain things you do can bind you to another person in a way that cannot be easily broken. A soul connection can profoundly affect a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Even though some soul ties can be detrimental, they are not all bad. They have the potential to be a fulfilling and loving relationship that fills your life with unconditional love, harmony, and peace. Examples of good soul ties include married relationships, family relationships, business partnerships, involvement in the church, and good friendships.

But when a soul tie has been in place for a long time, it grows firmer, making it more difficult to break when it becomes unhealthy. Many people mistakenly believe that the soul connection is severed when they end a relationship. This belief is false. Thus it may benefit you to assess your relationships and if you sense that you have a soul tie, do the necessary steps to sever the relationship.

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