The Best Bible Covers for Women

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Bible cover for women is then I’d recommend Personalized Bible Covers for Women and Men as the best one.

The concept of Bible covers is not at all new. When we were in school, we used to cover our textbooks with book covers to protect them. We usually do that so our textbooks will last for the school year. 

This is the same idea with Bible covers. The only difference is Bible covers are more effective as they have added features like zippers. 

Bibles can stay in their best shape as long as you let them sit on your shelves or your bedside table and never use them. But a lot of women open their Bibles daily. Doing so can be a source of strength, knowledge, and guidance. 

However, regular use can wear Bibles out. Since we consider our Bibles precious, we need to protect and care for them. One way to take care of your Bible is by putting on a Bible cover.

Here are the Best Bible Covers for Women we’ll be reviewing:

What is a Bible Cover?

The Bible lets us know God and shows us His unending and unchanging love for us, thus Christians need to hold it dear and consider it sacred.

Many women study the Bible daily or even bring it to prayer meetings, church, travels, school, or even to work. Regular use of Bibles can wear the covers and tear pages. Also, leaving your Bible bare exposes it to other elements such as moisture, liquids, dirt even pests. 

Luckily, there are Bible covers you can purchase to protect your Bible. A Bible cover is a rectangular-shaped bag or sleeve that you can use as a casing for your Bible.


A Bible cover protects your Bible from wear and tear, other elements, and accidents. It adds years to the life span of your Bible. Even cheap Bibles last longer if covered with a good Bible cover.

A good Bible cover could also preserve hand-me-down Bibles.  It could protect your legacy to your family from molds, creases, and dirt.

Bible covers can also be used as a carrying case to organize Bible journaling and Bible study accessories. Most Bible covers include extra pockets to stash your Bible study tools like pens for Bible journaling, paper, prayer journals, cellphones, etc. 

Bible covers also have straps or handles for your large and even extra-large Bibles. They are very convenient to use for these types of Bibles since they are easier to carry around.

Moreover, Bible covers are unique and will help you distinguish yours from other Bibles. You can engrave your initials on the cover or you can also design your Bible covers to reflect your personality. 

Usual Types

The most common materials used for Bible covers for women are leather, denim, or suede. As there are so many to choose from, you can purchase one that fits your needs and preference.

Some prefer leather types of Bible cover as they look more classic and elegant. Leather Bible book covers are one of the most durable materials for protecting books. Other people choose canvas or cloth because they could easily design and personalize it. They are also easier to clean compared to leather or suede.

What Makes a Good Bible Cover?

As Bible covers are for beyond aesthetics and are primarily made to protect your Bible, there are some considerations you need to take into account before getting one.


The material of the Bible casing must be durable. With a sturdy case, even Bibles that you can buy for a cheaper price will last longer. I recommend a material that does not easily tear or break, is waterproof and is not too thin.


Aside from the standard personal-sized Bible, there are also bigger and smaller ones depending on the font type, size, and format used. The standard size for a Bible is 8.7 x 5.7 x 1.1 inches, while a pocket-sized Bible measures 5 x 1.25 x 7 inches. For large Bibles, it’s usually around 10 x 7 x 2 inches. The most suitable case is the one that fits best, making it easier for you to carry it around.


Making sure the cover perfectly fits also ensures your Bible’s safety while inside the case. A cover with a zipper or a locking latch can increase your case’s security, especially if you don’t want other people going through your notes and prayers. Aside from privacy, having some sort of lock can also protect your Bible from outside elements such as spills and dirt.


Bible covers for women come in different colors and designs that you can choose from! Each material used has its perks for personalization. Some even have pouches to hold pens and notepads to help you organize everything you need for Bible study. There are also Bible covers for women that have straps and handles to make them convenient to carry around. There are smooth and minimalist covers, while there are covers with patterns. The best perk is, no matter what Bible cover you go for, you can put in a little bit of you in the design, making your Bible unique. 

Yes, I know the choices can be overwhelming so let me show you some of the best Bible covers for women:

Personalized Bible Covers for Women and Men 

Handy, unique, and beautiful. The Personalized Bible Covers for Women and Men with name engraving features a front pocket, and a band to hold a pen inside. This could be great for women who bring their Bibles with them for prayer meetings and studies. Inside, there are side flaps to hold the book in place, making sure your Bible is safe and settled inside. Make sure you pick out the right size before checking out because it comes in two sizes: Medium: 8.75″(L) x 6.10″(W) x 1.6″(H) and  Large: 10.25″(L) x 7.15″(W) x 2″(H).

I know how seeing your favorite verse on a hard day can do so much, and what’s best about this cover is you get to make it your own. I honestly think this is one of the best personalized Bible covers for women.


  • Made of faux leather
  • The material is durable, water-resistant, and very easy to clean
  • Customizable by having your name engraved on the cover
  • Has  25 different designs of front cover engravings you can choose from– each being a unique and inspiring Bible verse, in 10 different colors
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones


  • As it’s made of faux leather, the material would probably break after some time of regular use

Gospel John 3:16 Two-tone Bible Book Cover 

If you’re a woman of simplicity, this large Bible cover for women is for you. The verse John 3:16 is engraved with three crosses on a hilltop. This Bible cover is minimalistic and straightforward, and it does the job of keeping your Bible protected. Inside, two slip pockets hold the Bible in place. There are also bands to hold pens and a handle that allows you to carry it like a pouch.

The For God So Loved the World text design is a reminder of how God loves the world. The front cover displays two dark tan panels in between a lighter tan panel. The spine of the Bible case is wrapped around these panels. On one hand, the back cover in a lighter tan color offers a full-length slip pocket.


  • Made from teal faux leather but feels and wears like the real deal 
  • This is a zippered case, making sure your Bible is secured
  • It has a lay-flat spine handle
  • Includes 2 pen loops inside as a handy place for a pen or highlighter
  • It also has a back slip pocket for your personal items


  • Unlike others that come in different colors, this one takes on a more simple design as it only comes in two shades of brown, beautifully designed in two-tone
  • Faux leather tends to break after long-term use.
  • Unlike the one above, this one is more generic and you don’t get to choose what Bible verse is engraved on the front cover

Floral Pattern Bible Cover Case for Women

This Bible cover is very different from the first two as this takes on a very cute design, perfect for women who like to match their stuff with their clothes. This one is colored green with a floral print, and generally just looks like a normal small bag. Inside, there’s a front pocket, and inner organizing pockets for pens, prayer cards, and other stationeries. 

It also comes with 66 pieces of Bible Tabs and 34 blank stickers, which you can write on. Stuck to the cover protector is a ribbon that you can use to mark where you stopped reading. 


  • Made with water-resistant polyester, with a sturdy zipper and a handle
  • Easy to clean by wiping, and can even be washed in the machine
  • The best thing about this Bible cover is it’s multifunctional; aside from using it to sleeve your Bible, you can also use it for other books, or simply as a handbag/pouch
  • Includes cute Bible tags with a ribbon that can be used as a bookmark
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Lack of variety. This Bible cover only comes in one color and design, so it shouldn’t surprise you if you see one of your girlfriends carrying one around too

Divinity Boutique Bible Business Report Cover

Looking for a beautiful extra large Bible cover for women? This Divinity Boutique Bible Cover might be perfect for you. The front cover features a beautiful peacock and a butterfly in lilac motif. If you look closely, you’ll notice Ecclesiastes 3:11 is engraved on the cover too. 

This Bible cover is made from faux leather. The cover is handy and durable, and it fits extra-large Bibles inside. There’s a pen holder, storage sleeves, and a sewn-in ribbon bookmark with the verse Joshua 1:8 printed on it.


  • This cover fits extra-large Bibles with dimensions 10″ X 7″ X 1.50″
  • Includes a handy pen loop and storage sleeves for your pen and personal items
  • Feature intricate embellishments in full-color print and stylish hot stamp designs 
  • Sewn-in ribbon bookmark and spine handle and zip closure
  • Design is very detailed and very stylish, perfect for women who are looking for a cover with an elegant design 


  • As it’s made of faux leather, you would have to take care not to break the material after some time.

Leather Bible Covers for Women by Bekah Rose

This one’s very stylish. It comes in a pleasing shade of dark brown leather and fits Bibles that are 8 x 5 x 1 inches or smaller. Inside, there’s a small pouch that can hold pens and cards or paper, and there’s also a bigger pouch that can hold your phone. 

This pouch is beautiful and handy as it already looks and functions like a bag. My favorite feature is how it can hold your phone or other essentials as the bigger pouch inside is 4.5 inches wide. With this feature, you wouldn’t need to bring so much stuff and can use it alone as you go out. 


  • The leather Bible cover purse is fashionable and convenient as it has straps that let you wear it like a purse
  • The straps are removable as well so you can carry it as a clutch
  • Has inner pockets that can hold pens and even your phone
  • Made up of high-quality Faux Leather
  • Durable and smooth with two magnetic snaps 


  • It only fits small-sized Bibles
  • Hardback Bibles cannot fit as the sleeves must bend to slide inside the cover’s pockets


In summary, Bible covers are used to protect your Bibles from daily wear and tear, and from outside elements like water, burns, dirt, and creases. There are different materials used, and a lot of designs to choose from.

The best Bible cover for women I’d recommend is the Personalized Bible Covers for Women and Men. It’s sturdy, minimalist, and can be personalized with your name engraving. What’s more, there are choices of colors and Bible verses to choose from. This Bible cover also has a strap and is convenient to bring around. This might be the perfect Bible cover for you if you’re looking for something unique and handy.

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