Guide to the Best Boom Arm

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  • Rotates full 360-degrees with minimal noise
  • Offers multiple knobs for securing the mic at the desired angle
  • Features a built-in LED indicator light ring for brightness control

Best Overall

Boom Arm

  • Compatible with the entire m!ka system
  • Internal spring system
  • Hidden cable routing inside the pipes and joints


  • Offers a horizontal reach of 32.3”
  • Features a full-360-degree rotation
  • Comes with Velcro cable wraps

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best boom arm is, then I’d recommend the Yellowtec YT3208 26″ “On AIR” Microphone Boom Arm as the best one.

Whether setting up a studio at home or the office, finding the right gear can be a ton of work, but all this work is nothing when you’ve finally achieved a studio that best fits all your needs.

One of the often-overlooked support gear is the boom arm. Most would do away with it and focus on other speakers and microphones. Change your mind by reading this article on why you have to get the best boom arm on your buying list.

Here are the Best Boom Arms we will be reviewing:

What is the Best Boom Arm

In dealing with audio and video setups, including microphones, the support gear is often overlooked and is given less attention and investment. The best boom arm will not only help filter out background noise but can also help with the studio’s ergonomics. Boom arms are not just great space-savers but they provide a convenient stand for a microphone. It should have a robust clamp and a cable management system.

What is a Boom Arm

A boom arm is a support gear used in audio setups to hold a microphone. Also called the scissor mount stand because of its built, boom arms are foldable pieces of equipment that can be easily unclipped, stored, and transported. Compared to the regular mic stand, a boom arm provides the flexibility to angle the mic closer to you or in the position you want it to be instead of you leaning towards the microphone. 

It can also provide flexibility and space that an ordinary microphone stand cannot. With a boom arm, you can have your desk free from one less support gear and even have better audio quality. If you want to have a clear and crisp audio quality, you should invest in a high-quality boom arm. 

Uses of Boom Arms

A boom arm is also called a scissor arm stand as it can be folded, unclipped, and stored. You can install them on your working desk, recording area, or gear. 

Streamers, podcasters, and vloggers usually use microphones with a standard microphone stand that can cramp up their space and be inconvenient if they need to move or lean back. As with a boom arm, convenience is at its best as streamers, podcasters, and vloggers can move it where they want it near, thus providing high-quality audio at ease. 

Furthermore, people recording their music also use boom arms, similar to the need for streamers, podcasters, and vloggers. Not only can it provide you with comfort and convenience, but it also assists in filtering out surrounding noise by allowing you to place and angle the stand in front of you correctly.

Boom arms are also used as support gear for instruments like cymbals and many other percussion instruments. It also adds a second angle adjustment to a cymbal straight stand, providing extra cymbal placing versatility.

Also, boom arms can be a bracket on a brass drum and a drum rack. With this gear in your working or recording studio, especially if it’s the best microphone boom arm, then this must be one of the best support gear you’ll ever purchase for yourself. 

Benefits of Having the Best Boom Arm

If you’re still undecided whether a boom arm is worth your money or not, take a look at how boom arms can change your video and audio quality.

Better position and angle

Boom arms can assist in positioning the microphone in the best possible way. You can move the flexible arm anywhere near you with a boom arm. Additionally, you can sit and lean back in your chair or stand in front of your monitor without having to hold or make significant adjustments to your audio setup.

Ease of moving

Having a microphone stand and positioning it on the same table as your keyboard restricts your movement as your regular microphone stand may be in the way. Furthermore, it can absorb all the noise on your desk, especially your keyboard and the vibration on the table. 

If you are working with music and recording, boom arms can help you move your equipment around. Unlike standard microphone stands, the best microphone boom arm is usually foldable and compact. Thus, making it effortless to transfer equipment wherever you want. 


With boom arms, streamers and music producers can easily save space to work and free up desk space. There’s more breathing room if you only have a small space for your home studio setup. In addition, the boom arms can fold right into your desk when not in use, saving even more space.

The best mic boom arm can even be simple to unclip and clip from your working desk. If you don’t need it for the day, you can pull it out and keep it in the meantime.

Great for Content Creators

Content creators are not just concerned with having high-quality audio. They also look after the quality of their video. Not only does it add that “legit” feel to your visuals, but it also provides convenience in your overall experience. 

With boom arms, a content creator can lean back, look comfortable and presentable, and have clean and crisp audio. 


Unlike heavy and bulky traditional boom arms, boom arms are compact. It is simple to detach and store safely. The mic can be easily moved away and then returned when needed.

Types of Boom Arms

Telescopic boom arm

The Telescopic Boom Arm Microphone Stand is a high-quality general-purpose mic stand that may be used on stage or in the studio. Its solid tripod base and resilient construction make it suitable for supporting any standard microphone. Yes, it turns any straight microphone into a boom stand. This boom arm adds flexibility to any regular mic stand with its telescopic movement.

Tripod boom arm

A tripod boom arm is best suitable for product photographers, macro photographers, and videographers who need to film from a top-down perspective. It’s made to allow you to shoot top-down, outside of the tripod legs’ perimeter, which is perfect for macro photography and table-top photography, among other things.

Most tripod boom arms are constructed of heavy-duty steel for long-term use. Bonus is both interior and outdoor use is possible with the tripod boom arm. 

Flange mount boom arm

A flange mount is a pad that allows mic clips, boom arms, and other mic accessories to be fixed on walls and flat surfaces, removing the need for a mic stand. Vibrations are also reduced because of its padded base.

Desk mount boom arm

A desk mount lets you clip your boom arm into your desk while suppressing any sound or vibration from the desk coming up through the arm. It also eliminates squeaking, especially when the boom arm is moving. 

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Boom Arm


Before buying the best boom arm, you must ensure that your model and brand of choice are compatible with your microphone. While some boom arms are compatible with all microphones, some brands have specific microphones that suit them. 

It’s best to research before buying your boom arm so you won’t waste any money. 


One of the things you should look for in a boom arm is it’s built. It should also be lightweight and made of high-quality, durable material. It isn’t easy to find both benefits in one, but there are a lot of brands that offer such well-built gear, making it the best boom arm. 

Furthermore, solid steel is the recommended material because it allows the microphones to remain stationary. Solid metal can also generate a manageable weight.

Lastly, a boom arm must have suspension scissors that are well-constructed and long-lasting. It must be stable and solid for both standing on the floor and clamping on your desk.


Boom arm bases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have sturdy bases that allow them to stand independently, while others must be clipped to your desk. Choose the type that is perfect for your needs, and studio experience would be best. 

Durability and portability

Since boom arms are meant to give you flexibility and convenience while you work on your audio, they must be portable enough to provide you with smooth yet durable control of its swivel, locks, tilters, and other components. 

The best mic boom arm must have the durability that can last a long time, especially when dealing with heavy equipment such as cameras, microphones, and musical instruments. 

Boom Arm Rotation

Rotation is crucial, especially when you are recording live. It provides convenience in space and experience, but it also prevents unwanted noise when being moved and ensures stability and balance. Boom arms offer a full 360-degree rotation, allowing you to move it around on a greater scale.

Mic Stand Internal Cables

One function often overlooked in buying a boom arm is hiding internal cables. Having a boom arm with many cables looped around it can be confusing. Thus, you need to have a stand with XLR cables already attached. The cords can be hidden inside the stands, allowing you to plug in and start recording. That way, there will be less clutter, and gear problems will be less likely. 

What Makes the Best Boom Arm

In addition to the qualities and functions you have to look for, some other factors and accessories can improve your audio quality using the best boom arm. 

Shock Mount

It’s always a good idea to use a shock mount. Shock mounts are your microphone’s safety net, protecting it from unwanted vibrations and movement and from the risk of falling. Shock mounts are usually intended to operate optimally with a specific model or series. That is why a microphone shock mount specifically suited for your studio microphone is advised.


Of course, even if you have the best or the best support equipment, you won’t get the audio quality you want if you don’t have the right microphone for the job.

There are two main types of microphones: (1) dynamic and (2) condenser microphones, but there are a lot of brands offering microphones with various features, functions, and special effects. 

So whether you’re recording in a studio or performing live, it is best to invest in a great microphone that will capture the best sound quality. 

Other Accessories

You may also amplify your audio quality with additional gear to improve your work studio and sound quality more than the microphone. 

Pop Filter

A pop filter, sometimes known as a pop shield or pop screen, is a noise-canceling microphone filter commonly used in recording studios. It is connected to a microphone and placed between a source and the mic itself. 

Audio Mixer

An audio mixer’s primary function is to combine and process audio from various inputs. It combines sounds from multiple sources and balances these to create good-quality audio. It is also used to adjust the loudness of your inputs and shape and tone your sounds. 

Reflection Filters

A reflection filter absorbs soundwaves that would otherwise reflect and hit the microphone’s back, causing reverberation problems. It avoids undesired sounds from being picked up behind and around your microphone. A reflection filter works as a physical barrier between your microphone and other parts of your work studio where these undesired sounds could come from. 

Here’s a list you can choose from, perfect for your work or home studio. 

Yellowtec YT3208 26″ “On AIR” Microphone Boom Arm

Boom Arm

The Yellowtec YT3208 26″ “On AIR” Microphone Boom Arm is designed for TV, vlogs, and radio stations who want to stream video from their work studio. The m!ka mic and monitor mounting system is the world’s most beautiful mounting system designed for seamless integration. It provides an elegant and powerful combination of components.

The YT3208 stands for tidy and well-organized workspaces. It keeps your desktop clean by hiding most of your cables and reducing the number of mounting points. This mounting system provides you with many more options than other systems giving you more room for your ideas.

It can support microphones weighing up to 4.5 lbs with its sturdy tube construction and durable silk-mat anodized aluminum.


  • Compatible with the entire m!ka system
  • Internal spring system
  • Hidden cable routing inside the pipes and joints
  • Joints with adjustable friction resistance
  • Open cable ends


  • It can be too pricey for its features

Rode PSA1 Pro Studio Arm

The PSA1 is a studio boom arm used in radio, broadcast, studios, and at home. It has a 32.3-inch horizontal reach, a 33-inch vertical reach, and 360-degree rotation. It also comes with Velcro cable wraps and desk-clamp and desk-insert style attachments. 

Manufactured by RODE, the PSA1 is designed for the RODE Procaster, Podcaster, and PodMic. Some even say this is the best for Blue Yeti and HyperX Quadcast.


  • Offers a horizontal reach of 32.3”
  • Features a full-360-degree rotation
  • Comes with Velcro cable wraps 
  • Sturdy stand
  • Easy to set-up


  • It occasionally swings when not adequately leveled

K&M 23860 Microphone Desk Arm

Boom Arm

This one-of-a-kind microphone boom arm has a unique table clamp for quick and easy microphone positioning in your work or recording studio. The clamp is intricately made to be used on both smooth surfaces and circular tubes. The clamping breadth ranges from 0 to 2 inches enabling the clamp to be mounted on various surfaces.

Microphones weighing up to 3.2 pounds can be comfortably held in any position with this mic boom arm. A 3-pin XLR plug connector is included in the 6-meter long internally guided microphone line. The safe and sturdy hold is ensured by its stable aluminum construction with high-quality plastic inlays. 


  • The maximum load is 3.2 pounds
  • 5/8″ thread connector
  • The maximum extension is 37″
  • Steel construction
  • Choice of professionals worldwide


  • The XLR cable cannot be replaced
  • A separate USB cable is needed if you’re using a USB microphone

Gator Professional Broadcast Boom Mic Stand

This best boom arm is equipped with a removable 10” XLR mic cable that can fit most studio microphones as well as an “on-air” indicator light. Its built-in LED indicator light ring has brightness control and RGB color settings. The light is powered by a 7” USB wire internally directed. 

It can be easily clamped or mounted to desks, tables, and other similar-sized surfaces with a maximum thickness of 2.17″. 


  • Rotates full 360-degrees with minimal noise
  • Offers multiple knobs for securing the mic at the desired angle
  • Features a built-in LED indicator light ring for brightness control
  • Includes a removable 10′ XLR mic cable
  • It easily clamps or mounts directly to desks, tables, and other similar-sized surfaces


  • It does not have a “free float” function 
  • The unit can be stiff, and the knobs are difficult to turn

Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom Arm

Boom Arm

The Heil Sound PL-2T is the best boom arm known for its perfectly balanced internal springs system, producing a quiet, reliable microphone positioning. It is a fully articulating microphone boom arm perfect for your home or work studio. 

Internal spring tension is pre-set in the PL2T, reducing outward spring reverberation and allowing silent movement during recording. The PL2T also has covered cable channels, eliminating wire clutter and ugly velcro straps focusing on style and utility. 


  • Internal springs
  • The top and back plates are removable for convenient cable threading
  • Standard C clamp mount
  • Accepts standard 5/8″ threaded mic clips/shock mounts
  • Ships with a standard C-clamp mount


  • The desk clamp can be loose and may need re-adjustment from time to time
  • The plastic cable cover comes off easily


Support gear like the best boom arm is essential in having that perfect, multi-functional work studio for your videos and streaming. No matter how high-class your leading equipment is, if your supporting devices are low-grade, they will probably make a significant impact on your projects without you even noticing it. 

The best boom arm I’d recommend is the Yellowtec YT3208 26″ “On AIR” Microphone Boom Arm which has received a lot of positive hype for being the best boom arm for Blue Yeti and the best boom arm for HyperX Quadcast. Designed for seamless integration, it provides you with an elegant and powerful combination of components.

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