The Best Christian Books of All Time

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Christian book of all time is then I’d recommend Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis as the best one.

Countless books are being published today in the area of faith, spirituality, and Christianity. Many Christians continue to equip themselves with books that give them great inspiration and help. Reading Christian books is a great source to cultivate their beliefs through inspiration and wisdom from older Christians.

While the Bible remains the bestselling Christian book of all time, God has used Christian writers to create a huge variety of influential books. These books together with the Bible will feed your soul as you grow deeper in your Christian journey.

Here are the Best Christian Books of All Time we’ll be reviewing:

What Makes the Best Christian Book of All Time

Have you heard of the expression “You are what you eat”? It simply relates to your physical health and the nutritional value of the food you consume.

It is the same with the books that you read, “You are what you read”. 

Reading Christian books will not just inspire and motivate you, it will also nourish your soul. The words are very powerful. It can uplift and encourage you. 

The best Christian books of all time are written in ways to help us better understand the truth of God’s word. These books are written through a Christian worldview filtered by the truths taught in the Bible. The goal in reading a good Christian book is to seek the truth rooted in God’s revelation to man.

What makes the best Christian book of all time? A good Christian book will encourage its readers to think more biblically with regard both to God and His children. 

Importance of Reading Christian Books

Reading Christian books is beneficial for both Christians and non-Christians. 

For Christians

  1. Useful suggestions on how to apply Christian beliefs and practices. It relates the Christian worldview with current issues and events. Christians can get advice on how to handle pressing issues such as sexual abuse, mental health, racism, and gender topics. Self-help Christian books also give advice on leadership, relationship, family, business, and self-improvement. 
  2. Explanation to issues and concerns about Christianity. Christianity faces issues and concerns regarding its beliefs and practices. Christian books give defense using factual evidence and anecdotes. It presents answers to questions about Christianity. 
  3. Offers ideas on how to teach Christian topics to others. One goal of the Christian religion is to spread the Gospel. Christian books could help equip members of Christianity. Some books give step-by-step instructions on teaching Christian doctrine to others. Other books give outlines of topics that could be helpful for pastors and teachers.

For Non-Christians

  1. Knowledge about Christianity. Christian books expose beliefs and practices of Christianity. It is a good way for non-Christians to know more about this religion. 
  2. Examine theories behind Christianity. Christian books present the ideology behind Christianity. It is a good way for non-Christians to analyze the Christian worldview.
  3. Understand Christians and their actions and choices. Reading Christian books is a good way to know the stand of Christianity on different issues.

Kinds of Christian Books

The best Christian books of all time offer different kinds of genres. They can vary from fiction to non-fiction, contemporary to historical. It all depends on what the reader wants to feed in his soul. But let me talk about the two most popular genres of Christian books in the market today.

Christian Fiction

It is not easy to define what Christian fiction is compared to non-fiction. Some Christian fiction draws an argument as to whether those written by Christian authors are necessarily called Christian fiction.

Christian fiction is a literary genre representing the narrative of Christian theology and ethics. Some Christian fiction books express elements of Christianity in the story mixing with prayers and church. Some books were written in a Christian worldview adhering to biblical principles expressing aspects of God’s unconditional love and redemption.

What is good Christian fiction you might ask? For me, good Christian fiction features characters who are Christians or those who come into Christ in the course of the story. It shows the spiritual growth of its characters. It also reflects God in what you write, allowing Him to work through us. 

Christian fiction books vary in different categories. There are Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Futuristic/Science Fiction among others.

Christian Non-Fiction

According to Wikipedia, Christian Non-Fiction books are letters and other instructive and devotional works produced by Christian authors during Jesus’ time. Early Christians categorized almost all writings, including letters and biblical commentaries, as non-fiction. 

Christian non-fiction books use biblical principles to teach a particular subject. Books in this kind of genre talk about real-life applications of integrating the Christian faith into everyday routine. 

Different kinds of non-fiction Christian books include Classic Christian non-fiction and Contemporary Christian non-fiction books.

I have compiled the best Christian books of all time as you grow deeper in your relationship with God.

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity (1952) is written by C. S. Lewis, a British writer, and theologian. C.S Lewis is known as a writer of the Chronicles of Narnia. It was adapted from the BBC radio series from 1941 to 1944. This compilation made an impact in the Christian circle since it bravely discusses Christian issues.

Mere Christianity talks about Christian beliefs in a philosophical/apologetic approach. Apologetics is an approach in which the proponent discusses theological issues and defends their stand using philosophical arguments and historical, cultural, and political facts. C.S Lewis uses this approach in his talks on BBC radio, and consequently in this book. The topics written include discussion about the deity of Jesus, philosophical approach on different views of God, theology, human nature, and morality. It is fit for both Christians who want deeper study about Christian religion, and non-Christian who are curious about Christianity.


  • It has rich theological and philosophical discussions
  • It is fit for both people who adhere to Christian beliefs and for those who are skeptical
  • It discusses issues such as morality, the existence of evil, and human nature that is a common critique against Christianity


  • Deep arguments that may confuse young and inexperienced audiences
  • Some people, Christians and non-Christians, may be uncomfortable with how the topic of sexuality was discussed

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life (2002) is written by Rick Warren, an American Baptist Pastor, and author. It mainly discusses practical Christian practices in connection with living a life with a purpose. This topic is popular among Christian circles basically because it discusses one of life’s struggles, finding meaning and purpose. It is a well-written, self-help book that opens the opportunity to change how you view and do things in your life.

It is a 40-day study book that aims to discuss man’s purpose here on earth. It discusses how believing in Christ is connected to finding purpose in life. It aims to encourage readers to live fruitful lives by rooting its purpose on God and His promises.


  • It is easy to follow since topics are divided into smaller portions
  • This will avoid being overwhelmed by topics discussed in the book
  • The approach is fit for both young and mature readers
  • The ideas presented have a balance of depth and simplicity


  • Some people may find several scriptures that are arguably taken out of context to fit the topics and ideas discussed in the book
  • The pronoun for God is not written in capital letters

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Knowing God (1973) is written by J.I. Packer, an English-born Canadian theologian. Like Mere Christianity, it also started not as a book but as a topic for different media. Knowing God is originally written for a magazine. It has book and study guides to help the reader in their journey of knowing God through reading the book. Some people consider this book a Christian classic and a good reference book to read for the topic of attributes of God and God’s grace. 

J.I. Packer discusses the importance of growing deeper in the knowledge of God, a fundamental topic in Christianity. It emphasizes the need to know God, God’s attributes, and God’s works in Christian lives. This book also focuses on the relevance of knowing God to the daily lives of Christians. It is a book recommended for those who want to grow deeper in their knowledge of God. It is also helpful for pastors and ministers who lead the Christian church. 


  • The topics are arranged systematically
  • It helps the reader follow the topics discussed more effectively
  • He goes into details in the discussion of God’s character, both the common topics such as God’s love and grace, to the controversial topics such as God’s wrath and jealousy
  • It gives a good balance to the discussion of who God is


  • It is a challenging read due to the loaded discussion presented
  • One could feel a bit overwhelmed in some parts of the book

Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Cost of Discipleship (1937) is written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German theologian. It is written during the rise of the Nazis in Germany. During this time, it is risky to be associated with Christianity. This book gives a challenge to the modern-day church by laying out what is the cost of being a follower of Christ. This book presents the pressing question for Christians – is the church willing to pay the high cost of discipleship?

The topics are based on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. It discusses the importance of discipleship and obedience in living a Christian life. The book also presents the difference between cheap grace and costly grace. Bonhoeffer also laid out what the “cost” of being a Christian disciple is and why it is worth the high price. 


  • The bold discussion will challenge Christians to step up on discipleship and obedience
  • It is fit for those who preferred straightforward presentation of ideas and arguments
  • It presents clear theological discussions about grace, obedience, and discipleship


  • It can be challenging to new believers and non- Christians because of the advanced theological discussions present in the book
  • Starts strong but the remainder is just a collection of thoughts with no applications

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

The Case for Christ (1998) is written by Lee Strobel, an American author, and former investigative journalist. It is an interesting read not only because of how the questions against Christianity are answered but also because of the background of the writer himself. Lee Strobel is a former skeptic. The book is a summary of Strobel’s interview with Evangelical Christian scholars about Christianity.

It attempts to dig deep into issues that surround Christianity and the truth behind Jesus Christ. It presents a counter-argument against those who challenged the deity of Jesus. The book presents historical evidence, documentary records, and other accounts to prove the authenticity, and reliability of the New Testament. 


  • It is fit for those who are curious about whether or not Christianity presents an authentic worldview
  • The way topics are presented were very detailed which makes it easier for the audience to follow the flow of the book
  • The approach is fit for both mature and young audience


  • It is critiqued for lack of personal touch from the author
  • It is quite a boring read


The best Christian books of all time continue to be great sources of inspiration and help. They are for readers who value personal growth and improvement. These books, in addition to the Bible, are a great help in your Christian journey as you feed your soul with God’s wisdom.

For me, the best Christian book of all time is Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. The powerful argument from the author spells out the basics of Christian life in simple language. This book became a vessel in bringing many people to faith including some of the influential people like Charles Colson. This book provides an unequaled opportunity for Christians and non-Christians alike to hear a convincing, rational case for the Christian faith. 

Alex Shute
Alex Shute
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