Guide to the Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

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Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

  • Features BDSS technology drivers
  • Includes a total of 19 speakers
  • Deeper, more impactful bass and extraordinary details

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Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

  • 1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • Dual 8″ Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers
  • Bass–Reflex via Rear–Firing Tractrix port


Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

  • Smooth, crisp, and refined sound
  • Housed in a classically striking tower speaker design
  • Features all-new 5.25″ midrange driver with composite glass-fiber cone

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best budget floor standing speakers, then I’d recommend the Klipsch RP-8000F Ebony Floor Standing Speaker Pair as the best one. 

Sound is a vital component of any entertainment experience. Have you ever watched a film or listened to music with muffled audio? Have you attended church to worship with audio speakers that give off a dull sound? You probably know that terrible audio can ruin these experiences. Stellar speakers will help ensure that you don’t have to re-create these horrible listening moments. One excellent choice is floor-standing speakers.

Here are the Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers we will be reviewing:

What Makes the Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers?

Floor Standing Speakers vs. Bookshelf Speakers

The size is the most apparent difference between a floor-standing speaker and a bookshelf speaker. Floor standing speakers are taller and thinner. They average three feet, while bookshelf speakers are roughly one foot. With the size comes more space for drivers, which are the speakers’ part that creates the sound. Floor standing speakers house more drivers and offer crisp and rich sound quality.

Passive vs. Powered Floor Standing Speakers

Passive speakers don’t have built-in amplifiers. So they entail plugging into external amplification. Powered floor standing speakers hold integrated amplifiers. This built-in system allows convenience in setting up. It also gives strong sound quality.

Three-way vs. Two-way Floor Standing Speakers

The range of sound differs between the three-way and two-way audio systems. A simple way to understand this is that three-way systems has three speakers. Each speaker carries high, mid-range, and low-frequency ranges. Two-way floor standing speakers have two speakers.

These speakers only carry high and low-frequency ranges. This difference implies that three-way speakers bring solid bass sounds. Such sound is characteristic of R&B music and action movies.

Benefits of Using Floor Standing Speakers

The top benefit to using a floor-standing speaker is probably the sound quality it can produce and the versatility it offers. Floor standing speakers deliver deep and cohesive sound output. These features make for a great listening experience. A remarkable sound quality enhances your perception of your surroundings. It also enlivens your imagination. Imagine playing Crossfire with vivid sounds. Dream up watching a Marvel movie with sonic bass details.

Floor standing speakers also meet aesthetic expectations as manufacturers know they are for display. They are a visually-appealing add-on to your home entertainment system. They are an excellent option for film viewing, gaming, plain audio listening, or perhaps educational, business, and religious needs.

Types of Floor Standing Speakers

Dynamic Speakers

Dynamic speakers use traditional drivers. A crossover network that sends frequencies connects the drivers. These speakers are the most popular type among home theater and entertainment systems.

Planar Speakers

Planar speakers utilize a thin membrane to produce their three-dimensional sound. This type of speaker can be challenging because of its design and technical limitations. It requires a large amount of power for it to play loudly.

Ribbon Speakers

Ribbon speakers use a thin ribbon as their driver. Electric signals move with the ribbon to create sound. This type of speaker yields high-frequency range sound due to its little mass.

Electrostatic Speakers

Electrostatic speakers usually do not need crossover networks as dynamic speakers do. Instead, they use high voltage electrical fields in their drivers. They typically need amplifiers and emit deep bass sounds.

Horn Loaded Speakers

Horn-loaded speakers use acoustic horns to elevate the efficiency of their drivers. They are a popular choice among cinematic productions and recording studios.

How to Set-up Floor Standing Speakers

Where you place your floor-standing speakers affects the sound you will perceive. Take a good look at your space since every room is different. A few pointers to remember are to avoid positioning them in corners. Doing so will impact the bass element of the sound it will produce. The best place to put them is beside your stereo players or TV sets.

Also, remember that acoustics are affected by surrounding objects, room size, and wall materials. Large empty spaces and right angles distort the sound quality. Avoid sticking your floor-standing speakers against the wall. Make sure that furniture and other decors don’t block the speakers.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

Sound quality

The prime consideration for any speaker is the sound quality. Clear and crisp audio is better than a muffled and dull sound. Several features contribute to the quality of sound a speaker can produce. Read on to know more about these factors.

Quality and Aesthetic

Floor standing speakers are to be displayed. Therefore, you will want an aesthetically appealing one in your house, office, classroom, or church. Choose one that matches the aesthetic of your place.

The cabinet of your floor standing speakers also matter. A good floor standing speaker has a sturdy and well-built cabinet. But make sure that the sturdiness does not distort the sound it will emit. Also, it is good to consider the speaker’s footing. Options include rubber of padded base for wooden floors. There are also speakers with carpet spikes for carpeted flooring.


In general, floor-standing speakers occupy more space. It is best to consider where you set up your speakers. You can choose full-sized floor standing speakers if you use them for large venues like conference halls and church auditoriums. Scale down the size for home and classroom use to better fit the available space. 


Compatibility can impact how your floor-standing speakers will work. Although some speakers work best with devices from the same manufacturer, cross-brand compatible speakers are available.

Floor standing speakers also come with wired or wireless connectivity. In general, they support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless setup.


Drivers are components of floor-standing speakers akin to engines. These parts produce sound. Excellent sounding speakers have three drivers in one unit. Some high-end speakers even have up to seven drivers in a single unit. These are usually the tweeters (the high-range drivers), the woofers (cover the low range frequencies), and the mid-range (handles the mid-range frequencies).

Frequency range and response

Choosing a floor-standing speaker covering a wide audio spectrum is best. This broad frequency coverage will give you an exceptional listening experience. You will hear solid bass sounds and rich mid to high-range sounds.

Power and Wattage

Wattage is the measure that tells the amount of power pushed through a speaker. It has two types: peak and continuous powers. Peak power is the maximum capacity of the speaker. Continuous power is what the average person knows as the average wattage. Consider the speaker’s continuous power to have a realistic idea of what it can push out regularly.

The power of a floor-standing speaker also implies the distance the sound can reach. Thus, spacious areas will require floor-standing speakers with a higher wattage. On average, home speakers can range from 15 to 30 watts. 50 to 110 watts (or even higher) for larger gatherings like a big-sized church congregation is ideal. If you’re going to use an amplifier, remember to match the wattage with your speakers.


Sensitivity is sometimes called efficiency. It pertains to the amount of volume given a particular power in basic terms. The higher the sensitivity of a floor-standing speaker, the louder the sound with a specific wattage. The average measure for sensitivity is 88 decibels. A lower sensitivity measure amounts to poor sensitivity. But, you will still benefit from such sensitivity measures given limited space. The ideal sensitivity measurement, especially for large areas, is 92 decibels or higher.


The common notion is that more expensive speakers offer better sound quality. Although there is truth to that claim, purchasing a floor-standing speaker that fits your budget without compromising sound quality is possible.

Klipsch RP-8000F Ebony Floor Standing Speaker Pair

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

Klipsch prides itself as “Keepers of Sound.” They have over 75 years of offering stellar audio experiences to their customers. The RP-8000F Ebony Floor Standing Speaker Pair is an award-winning speaker. It garnered the Andrew Robinson award for 2020’s “Speaker of the Year under $1500.” 

It has a sensitivity of 98 dB, a frequency response of 32-25 kHz, and a wattage of 600 (continuous power). Such elements make the RP-8000F offer impressive sound quality. Its drivers are made with superior materials. So you can expect an exceptional frequency range. 

Using this speaker for gaming or viewing elevates your imagination. It will seem as if you were actually in the scenes. It’s also an ideal option for medium to large areas with space-saving aluminum feet. The Klipsch speakers have a bi-amping capacity. This feature separates frequencies into different cables for a more accurate mid-range sound. The MDF enclosure material makes it resistant to moisture.


  • 1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • Dual 8″ Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers
  • Bass–Reflex via Rear–Firing Tractrix port
  • Dual binding posts for bi-wire/bi-amp
  • Strong, flexible, and removable magnetic grille


  • Tight terminals
  • Enclosure material can get damaged when bumped

Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040 Floor Standing Speakers

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

Definitive Technology is a brand that has manufactured high-quality surround sound systems for over three decades. At first glance, this BP9040 & CCS9040 system looks neat and sophisticated. 

The most apparent catch is getting two speakers plus a central sound unit. The speakers have a forward-focused bipolar array that is patented. You will feel surrounded by a fantastic sound. Its grand drivers result in deep and pristine sound. The intelligent bass control is one of its best features. You can manipulate bass level and modulation for excellent mid-range steadiness. 

This floor-standing speaker system is ideal for your home theater system. You can also enjoy using it for your school, business, or church audio-visual rooms.


  • Features BDSS technology drivers
  • Includes a total of 19 speakers
  • Deeper, more impactful bass and extraordinary details
  • Intelligent bass control
  • It comes with a built-in docking port


  • Individual outlets needed
  • The receiver is sold separately\

SVS Prime Pinnacle Piano Gloss Pair Floorstanding Speakers 

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

SVS products combine the best technology with proficient engineering to deliver excellent audio experiences. The Prime Pinnacle is SVS’s best one in its Prime series for loudspeakers. 

The drivers and crossover network are engineered using superior materials and exceptional skills. The new mid-range driver is built with a glass-fiber cone for precise tone. It has individual port tuning features to allow the drivers to work smoothly. The cabinet enclosure also has elements that enhance playback and eliminate resonance. The design and size can blend well with any décor and room ambiance.


  • Smooth, crisp, and refined sound
  • Housed in a classically striking tower speaker design
  • Features all-new 5.25″ midrange driver with composite glass-fiber cone
  • Features premium 1″ aluminum dome tweeter
  • Includes three unique port-tuning frequencies for a smooth transition from midrange to midbass


  • Gloss finish attracts fingerprints and other markings
  • Might need an excellent amp to maximize its use
  • High-frequency sounds may not be as crisp

Dali Oberon 5 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

DALI is a Danish company recognized worldwide for its excellent line of speakers. The main feature of the Oberon 5 is its compressed size. Its size is smaller compared to other floor-standing speakers. It weighs 10.8 kg with a dimension of 83cm in height and a width of 16cm. It will be easy for you to move it around. With this size, it won’t look overpowering in your home system. 

The driver system has a larger dome tweeter which reduces sound distortion. The materials and networks deliver broad dispersion. You can expect to hear full sounds in an average-spaced room. The speakers have rubber bumpers and spikes. These elements elevate the speakers to decrease vibration on the floor. This Dali Store speaker is sensitive and produces full sounds.


  • Features a wood fiber cone with a blend of fine-grain paper pulp
  • Wide dispersion pattern
  • A lighter and more contemporary visual look
  • Features a 2-way high-frequency driver
  • Reduced harmonic distortion and diffractions 


  • Cabinet enclosure is not natural wood
  • It may not be suitable for extra-large venues

Polk Audio T50 150 Watt Floor Standing Tower Speaker

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

Polk Audio was established by friends who wanted to create the best speakers. They have been in the business for almost 50 years. The T50 Polk Audio speaker fits any home theater setup. 

These speakers make listening, gaming, and viewing more straightforward and comfortable. The T50 has two bass radiators which provide a crisp, clean, and well-balanced sound. Its universal setup allows compatibility and easy connectivity with most receivers. Such compatibility enables users to upgrade and modify their setups as needed. The Polk Audio T50 is also compact and handy. Because of its deeper bass, the T50 resembles a luxurious and high-quality listening experience for users. All these benefits without breaking the buck.


  • Immersive surround sound
  • Features a 1″ tweeter, a 6.5″ Driver, and two 6.5″ bass radiators
  • Includes a complete range of T-series speakers from Polk
  • Compatible with most home theater AV receivers
  • High-quality construction and easy setup


  • The sound may be muffled beginning at mid-range volume
  • Best used in small and enclosed spaces


Sound enhances the imagination, elevates experiences, and affects moods. Great audio systems are part and parcel of a great entertainment and home theater system. Floor standing speakers are an excellent choice for experiencing realistic audio. Imagine feeling as if you were in the actual scene. With its refined structure and detailed engineered designs, floor-standing speakers offer high-quality sound. 

The best budget floor-standing speaker I’d recommend is the Klipsch RP-8000F Ebony Floor Standing Speaker Pair. Superior design, system, and materials result in sound quality. These elements raise the bar of your audio experience. The RP 8000F delivers precise, flawless, and lifelike sound at an affordable price.

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