The 5 Best Line Array Speakers

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best line array speaker is, then I’d recommend Bose L1 Pro8 PA System Portable Line Array Speaker as the best one.

If people sitting in front of the church starts complaining the music is too loud and the people at the back say they cannot hear you – then it’s time to buy line array speakers. 

It is sometimes easy to overlook line array speakers when we hear portable speaker systems. One might think that these compact and slender speakers can’t do all the things a more robust speaker set can do. Sometimes, they could be mistaken for a lamp or a piece of furniture because of their tall and skinny features. Despite appearances, these speaker systems can do even more!

Through this article, we are going to learn about the best line array speaker in the market. We will also tackle the features of line array speakers and why you should consider them for your church.

Here are the Best Line Array Speakers we will be reviewing:

What are Line Array Speakers?

Line array speakers are a series of loudspeakers that covers a standard frequency range. They can achieve this by stacking one speaker on top of the other. This is where the name ‘line array’ originates from. By doing this, line array speakers can cover different vertical angles. This results in a uniform sound quality that the audience appreciates at any part of the room.

Features of Line Array Speakers

The list below are the reasons why you should consider using line array speakers in the church:

Preventing Drop Off with Distance

This feature is the primary advantage of using a line array speaker system. Each speaker has a different configuration, only by a tiny difference, from the one stacked below it. The speaker near the audience produces a softer sound; thus, it would overwhelm them. The speakers away from the audience and are nearer to the ceiling have a louder sound. This configuration would result in a uniform sound quality at any part of the room.

Vertical Pattern Control

When using a line array speaker system, it would be better to have many speakers stacked together. Tall line arrays produce a narrow vertical coverage. This results in low frequency that prevents the sound from bouncing off of the ceiling. This effect creates a cleaner sound output and lessened feedback to the microphones.

Stacking the speakers allows you to have better vertical sound coverage.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Capability

Sound pressure level or SPL is the loudness of a speaker’s sound output (decibel) over a listening distance of one meter. If a speaker has a good SPL, this means it has many drivers that allow it to perform under a low-stress point. There are models of line array speakers that have a higher SPL capability compared to others. These models are perfect for churches that expect a concert-type sound system for large venues.

Why Choose a Line Array Speaker System?

Line array speakers work best in large venues where sound can travel long distances. This particular trait of a line array speaker permits it to produce excellent sound quality at any part of the room. This feature is the main reason why concert halls and theaters use a line array speaker system. Take notice of the sound quality next time you attend a concert or a convention. No matter where you are in the venue, the sound is clear and loud enough for all to hear.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Line Array Speaker

Here are the things to look out for when selecting a line array speaker for your church.

Size and shape of the place

The design differs for each speaker system. The best way to broadcast sound over long distances is through using a line array speaker system. This result is why you see vertically stacked speakers suspended on each side of the stage at theaters and concert halls.

Do take note that line array speakers work best in rooms with good acoustic qualities. Thus it is common to see them in theaters and concert halls. Make sure that the space you’re considering has good acoustic qualities. If not, then line array speakers are going to be harder to use and configure.

Performance goals

Are you looking for line array speakers where you can adjust the suspension, or do you want it to stay stationary? There are line array speakers that have advanced tour-type rigging. This type gives you the freedom to change the elevation of the speakers. For example, you can lower the array speakers for symphonic performance and raise it for upbeat types of music.

A rigged line array, when the placement is correct, is aesthetically pleasing. Plus, rigged line arrays are the standard setup of these types of speaker systems.

Sound quality

Before, line array speakers are only used in huge events such as concerts and speaking conventions. The main reason is that the sound quality is uniform throughout the covered area. But do not worry. Because of the outstanding reputation of the speakers, brands produce smaller units with the same sound quality.

So now, even if your space at church is not as huge, you still have the option of buying smaller line array speakers. You can also use the smaller versions for outdoor church activities and events. They are easy to set up and do not take too much space.

Product reviews

Sometimes it isn’t enough to research the specs of the speaker you want to buy. The technical jargon from the brand websites can also be overwhelming. For us to get a completely unbiased opinion on a brand, we read through the product reviews.

It is always a good idea to read reviews of products before choosing which speaker to buy. Other people’s experience is a great way to filter your choices. Plus, you can also plan out if you will need to buy extra accessories and components.


Let’s be reasonable. Good-quality line array speakers tend to be expensive. This type of speaker system requires a certain number of modules and supporting amplifier channels for good sound output. But do not fret. The best line array speaker for your church doesn’t have to break the bank.

Take the time to know the type of room you’re placing the speaker system in. List down the dimensions and picture where you plan to place the speakers. Careful planning and research can help you budget the money allotted for a speaker system.

Here are the best line array speakers we recommend. 

Bose L1 Pro8 PA System Portable Line Array Speaker

The Bose L1 Pro8 offers high-quality sound output in low frequency. Its slim design allows you to carry this speaker anywhere, and it fits in any venue but still delivers excellent sound quality. Besides vertical sound coverage, this speaker is also capable of 180-degree horizontal coverage. So, despite its size, this speaker can deliver incredible sound to all corners of the room.

I would recommend using the Bose L1 Pro8 PA System Portable Line Array Speaker for small to medium-sized rooms at church. You can also use this for events outside the church. However, make sure you use the intended Mix App for this model because if the mixer isn’t compatible, the speaker produces a loud hissing sound.


  • The bass quality is accurate and strong
  • This speaker is perfect for small to medium-sized venues
  • The Mix App is accessible through your phone or tablet
  • You can connect the Mix App to up to three channels
  • Includes Integrated Bluetooth, built-in mixer, and wireless app control


  • This speaker system only comes in one color (black)
  • The base unit is heavier than advertised
  • The base unit cover is not included
  • The array attachment is prone to wobbling, so be careful and do not lean on it

Electro-Voice Evolve 1000W Column Speaker Array System

This speaker system comes with a magnet-assisted sub pole that makes for easy assembly. There are also no visible and extra wires that can get tangled. Since the cables for the components are internally wired, the only line you need to worry about is the power source. 

The mobile app allows for a quick and easy wireless configuration via Bluetooth. The processing engine makes it easy to switch from speech to music and party presets. You can also use Bluetooth connectivity for musical intermissions. Its 40° vertical and 120° horizontal sound coverage guarantees a stable sound output.


  • This speaker system produces loud and clear sound without distortion
  • This speaker system comes with a carrying bag (without wheels)
  • This speaker system is available in two colors (black, white)
  • Configure, control, and monitor up to six EVOLVE 50 systems simultaneously
  • High-quality Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Quick Smart DSP offers best-in-class processing through its signature single-knob user interface with LCD
  • It has a magnet assisted sub pole for easy assembly


  • The highest volume level may not be enough when used for larger rooms
  • The carrying bag may not protect all sides of the speaker system; you may need to buy a separate case

JBL VRX932LAP Two-Way Line Array Loudspeaker System

The JBL VRX932LAP Two-Way Powered Line Array Loudspeaker System is perfect for those looking for a speaker system that offers excellent sound quality without being bulky. This 12-inch speaker is ideal for small to medium-sized venues. 

You can mount one to two of these speakers on a 35 mm pole or a tripod stand. It has a dual-angle pole socket which means you can change up where to point the speaker without much effort. Or, if you want to suspend this speaker in the air, you can connect up to six units for an array.

This lightweight version is an excellent alternative to the more prominent line array speaker from the same product line. So if you’ve used speakers from the same brand, this promises the same sound quality. What’s more? It includes a built-in JBL Drive pack DPC-2 amplifier module, designed by Crown, which provides 1750 Watts of peak power.


  • This speaker system produces an excellent sound output even in a non-acoustic type room
  • This speaker system is available in two colors (black, white)
  • This product has a full-factory warranty
  • It has a Constant Curvature waveguide for unprecedented array coherence
  • It has Array Configuration Selector that permits “array shading” in passive mode
  • Features the JBL exclusive neodymium magnet Differential Drive woofer for high-power capacity
  • Includes dual-angle pole socket for aiming flexibility


  • This speaker system works best when set up in an array (3-4 per array)
  • This speaker system does not have Bluetooth connectivity

LD Systems MAUI 5 PA Line Array Speaker System

This speaker system from Germany attracts with its elegant design and wide 120° horizontal sound dispersion. It provides sound reinforcement and high feedback resistance. This allows you to place the system behind the speaker, and it would still produce excellent sound output without the feedback.

Another feature of this product is its compact design. It disassembles into three pieces for more accessible transport and building without the extra cables. This makes it perfect for outdoor events and small to medium venues. It also has a 4-channel mixer with a Bluetooth connection for wireless controls. The Bluetooth can also be for audio streaming for intermissions.


  • This speaker system is available in two colors (black, white)
  • The bass quality offers a fuller and more profound sound quality
  • This speaker system is suitable for small venues
  • This speaker system is on the cheaper side


  • The padded vinyl carrying case and subwoofer protective cover are not included.
  • The tower is a bit shaky; please be careful and try not to lean on it.

AKUSTIK 12 Inch Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set

This 12-inch speaker set boasts uniform sound quality that can accommodate large crowds. It comes with eight 4″ array speakers, two adjustable speaker stands, three cables and wires for the speaker, an active and a passive subwoofer. Even with many components, this speaker system is easy to set up.

At its highest volume setting, this product guarantees minimal sound distortion. Its versatile 4-channel mixer can connect to two microphones and a stereo. At the same time, its Bluetooth connection is compatible with phones and laptops if you want to blast music for intermission.


  • The vocals come out clear, and the bass quality is substantial
  • This speaker system is on the cheaper side
  • The seller is very responsive
  • This speaker system is easy to set up, perfect for events on-the-go


  • This speaker system only comes in one color (black)
  • There is no user manual included
  • Some parts have plastic components so ask your delivery service provider to handle your package with care
  • This speaker system does not come with a carrying bag


A sound speaker system helps create a great ambiance and an enjoyable experience for churchgoers. The best line array speaker also ensures that the sound quality is equal throughout the room. With a line array speaker, you are sure to have uniform sound quality throughout the venue.

So, the best line array speaker is the Bose L1 Pro8 PA System Portable Line Array Speaker. This speaker system has a slim design blends in with the stage and won’t distract the audience. You can place this on the stage itself or have it suspended on the ceiling. The size also allows you to carry the speaker to events outside the church and still get excellent sound quality. Plus, the Mix App is accessible through your phone or tablet, so that; please control the system without the mixer. This bundle comes with a Shure microphone, 15ft cable, and accessories.

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