The 5 Best Pens for Bible Journaling

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  • With two types of head tips with 8 pens
  • Serve a diversity of lettering tasks
  • Safe and Non-toxic

Best Overall

  • Includes plenty of accessories to personalize Bible pages
  • Included stencils come with 4 designs and work beautifully with thin Bible sheets
  • With acid-free Gelatos vibrant crayons


Best Pens for Bible Journaling
  • Vivid color options that don’t bleed through paper
  • Fine point creates detailed marks and a slim pen design.
  • Ink is quick-drying, acid-free, fade-proof, and smear-resistant

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best pens for Bible journaling are, then I’d recommend the Faber-Castell Complete Bible Journaling Kit as the best one.

The Bible is considered a Holy book, but it does not mean that we cannot have it personalized. After all, the purpose of studying the Bible is to inspire and to be aware of the truth. The interpretation and expression of your understanding of the words of God should be filled with positive intentions. It may sound weird to some people that some Christians are writing or scribbling in their Bibles. It’s even crazier if they see someone painting, stamping, or note-taking in them.

The activity of Bible journaling may be new to crafters, but it’s not so new at all to Bible historians. Bible journaling started way back centuries ago. Before the invention of printing, Bibles during the Middle Ages were replicated and distributed through hand copying. In those hand-copied volumes, artists add hand-drawn illustrations. These illustrations are not just for decorations but they serve as explanatory tools for those who can’t read Latin text.

Skip forward to the year 1980 when Bible journaling became popular. One of the problems crafters had at that time was the narrow margins and pages that were not made to withstand additional mediums. It was in 2014 when Bible journaling took off. A papercraft artist named Shanna Noel posted a blog showcasing her bright, colorful, artistic illustrations in her journaling Bible. The idea of using the wide margins for note-taking during Bible studies caught on with readers. And Bible journaling began.

Here are the Best Pens for Bible Journaling we’ll be reviewing:

What is Bible Journaling?

Many of us knew of people with well-loved Bibles that have handwritten notes and highlights on them. Some even include their family pictures, or prayer requests stuck on one of the pages of their Bible. They may not know, but this is what we now call Bible journaling.

Bible journaling is the process of reading your Bible and recording the scriptural insights you receive in your Bible. For some, it is an exciting way to engage with the scripture and transform the way you spend time in the Word. Bible journaling is when you spend time exercising your creativity and responding in an artistic way to God’s word.

Many Christians do Bible journaling to bring out or express their creative part. But it’s also important to note that Bible journaling is part of worship as well. Rather than reading the text alone, we meditate on His word through drawing or coloring.

Why You Should Start Bible Journaling

Bible journaling may be a new concept but we can actually find the directive of God in the scriptures. In Jeremiah 30:2, Jesus instructed Jeremiah to “Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you.” Writing in the Bible is a way to interact with the words of God to transform and shape us. The art or the notes will serve as a reminder of how the Holy Spirit moved you when you studied the passage. For many, it’s a way to slow down and let the truth of the scriptures really sink in. It’s like, after a long, busy day, you want to sit and savor the time God has for you.

If Bible journaling still intrigues you, here are some of the benefits of why you need to start one.

It Improves your Focus on Studying the Bible

One of the pitfalls of studying the Bible is reading a passage like a chore and moving on with your day. You did not allow time to savor the message of God and meditate on it. And that is one of the joys of Bible journaling! It allows you to stop and reflect on what the passage really means. The act of writing. drawing. or coloring slows down your reading speed. It helps you to focus and remember the Bible passages and contemplate them.

It is a Form of Prayer

Bible journaling has a significant impact on improving your prayer life. Writing the passages like a prayer helps you see your life and current circumstances in a new way. After reading a particular passage, stop and respond to the message of the scripture. Speak a prayer about the message of the scripture. Ask God to reveal Himself to you as you dive and learn of His promises.

It can be viewed as a Legacy to the Next Generation

Bible journaling enables us to create keepsakes that we can pass on to the younger generation. It is a reminder of how God ministered to us, blessed us, and protected us throughout our lives. It is our fellowship with other people of how we enjoyed coloring, sharing the gospel, and praying for each other.

What is Needed to Start Bible Journaling?

Now that you are interested in the concept of Bible journaling, let’s move forward. It’s okay if you still feel awkward putting any markings in your Bible. Just start small, one step at a time. You can try highlighting your favorite verse or taking notes on the margin next to it. Here are some of the Bible journaling supplies you need to start your journey.

A Bible with a Wide Margin

After you finally decide to try Bible journaling, you need a place to do your Bible journaling. While you can write in any kind of journal you prefer, I encourage you to get a wide-margin Bible for journaling. Note-taking in the margins of your Bible will give you instant context later. Writing down your thoughts in a separate journal could disengage you from the verses that prompted it. That is why putting your ideas next to the passage means that they’re just there every time you dig into the Word.

Using the margins of the Bible to write notes will serve as a map of your spiritual journey. You will be reminded of the important message God has for you at that particular time. As you write more in the pages of your Bible, the more you’re documenting your spiritual growth to meditate on later.

A Good Set of Pens and Pencils

One of the best Bible journaling supplies you should have is a good set of pens and pencils. After you have read and meditated on the message of God, it’s now time to put pen to paper. To do that, you need to have the best pens for Bible journaling.

When you are note-taking or drawing directly on your Bible, it’s crucial to choose the best pens for Bible paper. The most significant factor to consider is choosing the best Bible journaling pens that don’t bleed. Consider that most of the Bible has paper-thin pages that tend to bleed. It is also good to consider the type of pen that you really want to put in your Bible. It’s all about preference on the types of pens, especially if you will do more hand lettering rather than drawing. Some consider fine-tip or fine-point pens, gel pens, brush pens, and dual-tip pens.

In the absence of Bible journaling pens, you can also use other substitutes in your Bible journal. You can opt to use markers for Bible journaling, pens with gel ink, gel pens, and colored pens.

A Variety of Colors

Now that you have drawn your design using the best types of pen, it’s time to fill your designs with different colors. Colors are also one of the best Bible Journaling supplies there are. Choices are water-based watercolor, colored pencils, crayons like the Crayola Twistables, or gelatos. The more variety of colors, the better.

Colors matter. They are the ones that give life to your Bible art design. Bible art journaling is not complete without using colors to make your design come alive. Coloring your Bibles doesn’t only mean you are after the design. Bible art journaling enhances your brain function too. Bible art means you’re making design decisions about where to lay down color and color combinations. In Bible journaling, you’re deciding what makes sense in the context of what you’re studying.

What to Look for When Buying Pens for Journaling

Here are the criteria you need to consider if you are planning to buy the best pens for Bible journaling.

Size of the Tip

One of the factors you should consider for the best pens for Bible Bible journaling is the head tip. This certain part is the indication of the usage and purpose of the Bible pens. Larger pen tips, it is used to highlight lines and fill in gaps in drawings. Whereas, Bible pens with a small tip are used for letters and detailed drawings. The best pens for Bible journaling vary in the size of their tips. It’s good to note that you buy the best Bible journaling pens according to your Bible journaling needs.

Types of Tips

There are two types of tips for Bible journaling pens. These are metal gel and wax-based.

The metal gel tip pens are often manufactured using strong metal tips. These kinds of tips are known to endure extensive usage without breaking. This type of tip is slender and its common size is at most 0.5 mm. The metal gel tips are made with water-based ink for smoother lines. For some, these are the best pens as they are highly precise and detailed in calligraphy and drawing.

On the other hand, Bible pens that have wax-based tips are comparable to Crayola Twistables. These kinds of tips are usually large, and they can be sharpened. However, they are prone to melting and breaking. The wax-based Bible pen tips are commonly used in filling in big gaps on surfaces of paper. They can also be used to highlight important statements in the Bible.

Bleed Through

It is always important to note that you choose the best pens for Bible journaling that do not bleed through the paper. These kinds of specialized pens prevent you from the horrors of defiled pages. You must test the pens to see if they bleed by using them on thin paper for qualitative assessment.

Storage Case

One way to take care of your Bible journaling supplies is to also have a reliable and durable storage case. Some factors to consider in buying a storage case are that it should allow you to organize your pens and it should be portable also. The two kinds of pen storage cases available in the market are plastic pouches and hard cases. Those with hard cases are popular in the market because they can be easily turned into an easel. These two cases also come with either snap buttons or soft clips as a locking device.

Buying the best Bible journaling supplies is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of things you need to consider so you will have an exciting journey. Bible journaling is not just about being creative. It should be all about your walk with God and how to live for God. To aid you in your search for the best pens for Bible journaling, here are our recommendations.

Faber-Castell Complete Bible Journaling Kit


Today, one of the most exciting ways to engage with the scripture is through Bible Journaling. One of the most popular sets used for Bible Journaling is the Faber-Castell Complete Bible Journaling Kit. A world-renowned brand, Faber-Castell caters to various age groups and skill levels.

The Faber-Castell Journaling Kit contains a vast range of writing materials. The color pens offer everything you need to engage creatively with the scripture. It has a variety of colors that are perfect to add to your Bible journaling supplies. Included in each kit are high-quality art materials, an inspiring assortment of papers and stamps, and complete illustrated instructions. The newest additions to this set are the Gelatos Gift Set, Stamper’s Big Brush Gift Set, and Studio Caddy Premium Gift Set.

This complete kit has 47 pieces in total. It has stickers with inspiring designs. and 2 Pitt Artist pens with much thinner head tips to underline valuable words during your journaling progress. The stencils come in two sets for lettering and drawings. The pigment of the Gelatos is acid-free, making it non-bleed through Bible pages. For those who are wondering what are Gelatos, they are pigment sticks that are acid-free and work like magic. Faber-Castell kit also has a design guide for simple works and creative opportunities.


  • Includes plenty of accessories to personalize Bible pages
  • Included stencils come with 4 designs and work beautifully with thin Bible sheets
  • With acid-free Gelatos vibrant crayons
  • 2 Pitt artist pens with premium India ink
  • Great gift for Bible art journaling enthusiast


  • Use of plastic stencils preferred

G.T. Luscombe Pigma Micron Bible Study Pen Kit

Best Pens for Bible Journaling

One of the best-sellers from G.T. Luscombe is the Pigma Micron journaling pen. The set includes 8-micron pens with 6 medium point pens with head tips in 0.45mm coded as 05, plus 2 smaller 01 ones of 0.25mm. The Pigma Micron pens are ideally used for fine drawing and writing. The variety of colors in this Bible study kit can let your creativity be free.

The Pigma Micron Bible Study Kit has all the qualities of a pen for journaling. The ink color enhances much pigment while being used. The Pigma Micron pens are non-bleed-through, non-smearing, and fade-proof. Each micron pens offer the smoothness you can expect, so there will be no skip lines formed. The fine sophisticated head tip delivers a wonderful performance of underlining and taking notes. The Pigma Micron pen also has great all-around pens for use in your planner.


  • With two types of head tips with 8 pens
  • Serve a diversity of lettering tasks
  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • The ink does not bleed through Bible pages
  • With smooth and skip-free lines of lettering every time


  • The sharp edge of the pen can cause tearing
  • The black ink is prone to ink leakage

Mr. Pen Assorted Color Pack of 6 No-Bleed Pens

Best Pens for Bible Journaling

Mr. Pen No Bleed pens are available in a pack of six different colors. Each pen has a fine tip of 0.7mm considered a fine measurement to do relevant Bible journaling. These Bible journaling pens are perfect for color-coding, journaling, and studying the Bible. The ink of these Bible journaling pens is as smooth as the gel pens but has the qualities of a ball-point ink pen.

True to its name, Mr. Pen’s ink does not bleed through Bible pages, and it also dries out quickly. It also avoids smearing for easier note-taking and lettering tasks. I consider these as more than just Bible study pens as you can also use them for writing in personal diaries or calendars. The versatile ink colors could help you memorize the Bible in the most hassle-free way.


  • Non-smear, smooth, and fast-dry ink
  • Ideal for Bible study and Bible journaling
  • No bleed-through on any paper, especially thin paper
  • Attached is a clip-on for easy placement on pockets and hardcovers
  • The 0.7mm fine point tip ensures smooth scribbling


  • Not ideal to use in coloring books because of its fine-point tip
  • They do bleed through the Bible pages after sometime

Sharpie 12 Pack Assorted Colors Fine Point Art Pens

Best Pens for Bible Journaling

The Sharpie brand is well-known for producing premium craft supplies, especially highlighter pens. One of the newest additions to their collection is their Sharpie Art Pens in a fine point. This set of Sharpie Art Pens comes in different colors that you can use to create vivid lines that won’t bleed through paper. Each set has a wide range of package options from 8, 12, and 16 to 24 counts per purchase.

The Sharpie pens have a slim head tip that provides thin and precise lines for drawings and handwriting. However, the tip is not so thin that you can use it for shading large spaces without any blots from re-application. The colorful ink shades are great for doing calligraphy too. The pens are perfect for note-taking even for a long time because of their slim design. In terms of the ink, Sharpie ink dries up quickly.  Even if you accidentally press its tip down a bit hard, it does not bleed through books. Sharpie inks are also acid-free, water-resistant, fade-proof, and anti-smear.

One thing I like about this set is the hard storage case attached to the pen counts. It is very durable and has an opening that lets it transform into a vertical stand. The case can also be flipped into a compact easel for easier access to the Sharpie kit and can store it better.


  • Vivid color options that don’t bleed through paper
  • Fine point creates detailed marks and a slim pen design
  • Ink is quick-drying, acid-free, fade-proof, and smear-resistant
  • Comes with a hard case that opens into an easel for fast access and organization
  • Perfect for adult coloring and Bible journaling artists


  • Have a bad smell that can irritate your nostrils
  • The ink of the pens wears fast, especially when you take notes regularly

Feela 8 Bright Colors Bible Gel Highlighter Study Kit

Best Pens for Bible Journaling

The Feela Bible Gel Highlighter kit owns eight unique colors for your Bible journaling adventure. Each pack comes in a see-through and portable pouch for convenience. These color pens have a twist-up design that reduces gel breakage so they remain clean. The ink used is acid-free and non-toxic, so you don’t need to be concerned about your security. They are also smear-proof and do not bleed through Bible pages.

Using the Feela Gel Highlighters for your Bible art offers a smooth gliding to any paper surface. The 8 different colors are distinct from each other and bright but not glowing at you. The tip of these color pens is so soft that you only need a slight touch of hand to write smoothly. This is the type of pen that glides over the paper with ease, and it doesn’t get grainy or dry out when stored with the cap on.


  • Smooth gliding for a perfect experience
  • The ink used is acid-free, smear-proof, and water-resistant
  • Offers a quick response service and totally risk-free
  • More than a gel highlighter and can be used as crayons for art journaling
  • Doesn’t leave a bad smell, as most highlighters do


  • The black ink on the printed label smears your hands while using it
  • The tip of each pen has an odd angle
  • They are more like crayons than gel highlighters


Most of the users of these Bible pens are religious people who engage in recording a Bible Journal. They consistently write the learnings they had from reading the Bible. They also take joy in recording things happening in their lives every day. Bible journaling allows them to understand why certain things happen. It also makes them ponder on Bible passages better than Bible study. Bible journaling allows them to slow the pace of their reading and focus more on God’s word.

To complete your Bible journaling journey, I recommend that you buy the Faber-Castell Complete Bible Journaling Kit. It is a complete journaling kit from pens, stickers, highlighters, mache papers, and stencils. What I love about this Bible journaling kit is the 46-page Illustrated Design Guide. Included in this journaling kit are things you need to begin creating mixed media pieces and journals to capture your thoughts and memories. Experience the joy of Bible journaling as you doodle with Pitt Artist Pens, add colorful stickers and die cuts, and get creative with the stencils.

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