The Best Sound System for Church: Rated & reviewed

Editor’s Choice

  • Firm and sturdy metal design
  • Impressive, clear sound for vocals and live instruments
  • It comes with external antennae

Best Overall

  • It is a complete PA package with a mixer, power amps, and speakers
  • It also comes with a pair of speaker stands and a versatile rack case
  • Each cabinet is designed for better low-end response


  • It consists of a 20-channel mixer with built-in effects
  • It comes with a pair of speakers equipped with a 15 woofer and compression driver
  • The MG Series embodies the pursuit of design excellence

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the best sound system for Church is, then I’d recommend the Yamaha The Primary Package Field PA System as the best one.

Sounds are integral to how people engage with the Word of God and the ministry. The church’s sound systems make communication possible, no matter how big or small the church is.

A sound system is a set of appliances that provides an engaging audio experience for the congregation. Here the church parishioners hear and understand the messages during church services.

Getting a professional sound system is essential to serve the congregation with the Word of God. With this, the parishioners will participate more in the mass and other church events.

An efficient church sound system is also helpful for creating a digital experience for the congregation. You can record the event and share them on social media and on your church’s website. This system is convenient for the congregation members who weren’t able to attend the service or post them as podcasts. 

Here are the Best Sound Systems for Church we’ll be reviewing:

Things to Consider When Choosing the Sound Systems for Church

What is the best church sound system? Honestly, this matter is no one-size-fits-all. The best sound system for your church is the one that fits the way you conduct your church services.

When choosing equipment for your church’s sound system, here are the things you should consider:

The shape of the church

Your church structure is crucial to the sound system. The way you set up your church sound system should lead the sound away from the church walls and ceilings and towards the congregation. 

The room acoustics depend on the size and shape of your church. So you must plan your church sound system after studying the dimensions and overall structure of your church and the rooms where you will conduct your religious services.

For instance, get speakers that can carry the sound from the pulpit or the choir group to all the parishioners in the church.

Type of installation of the Church sound system

The church sound systems are of two types. These are portable or permanently installed. If your church congregation meets in community halls or rented spaces, portable sound systems suffice. But if you have a church building, better invest in a permanent installation.

When buying a portable church sound system, the best church sound systems should offer a combination of equipment to deliver live sound.

Worship style

Worship style refers to how your church and congregation engage with the Word of God. It could be everything from straightforward masses to energy-intensive singing services. Each demands different church sound systems. 

For instance, if you want to make the parishioners listen to the Word of God through the clergy’s sermons, a small system with a mic, a monitor, and some speakers with reliable vocal clarity would suffice. 

But if your church service involves many worship songs performed by a live band, houses of worship need a system that is powerful and versatile enough to show all frequencies of the instruments and the different harmonies of the vocals. So get multiple microphones, mixers, speakers, and amplifiers.

Who will be running the Church Sound Systems?

Whatever sound system you will buy for your church, remember that the persons running your PA systems produce half of the system’s effectiveness. The other half is the technical quality of the sound system. 

So you must set aside some funds and time to train the PA system team. You should not only get user-friendly equipment for your church volunteers. But sure that your team understands how to use and maintain the church sound systems efficiently. They need to be sensitive and quickly solve any issues with the audio from the clergy and the hearing capability of the congregation. 

Your church’s budget

Last but not least, you need to choose the best sound system that fits within your church budget. Discuss short-term needs and long-term goals with your church leaders and staff. Plan the setup of a sound system that will serve your church in the long run. 

Slowly invest in church sound components as your church grows. And to engage your congregation more fully, be transparent about your sound system plans. Tell them the cost, funded from their tithes and offertory offerings. 

Components of the Church Sound Systems

The kinds of sound systems used for every church depend on the size of the church. For small churches that can seat 400 people or less, usually, the natural acoustics of the church structure suffices. A necessary piece of equipment for small to mid-sized churches is microphones.

For larger churches, you need a more sophisticated sound system. Without a reliable sound system, the congregation would not hear the message. Then it would be best if you had everything from heavy-duty speakers to sound-sensitive amplifiers.

For outdoor venues such as stadiums, the acoustics are better because sounds are free to move everywhere towards the congregation. Echoes do not become a problem because they often sound 15 to 20dB lower in volume than the church sounds from the sound system. 

Here are the different components you need to set up the best sound system for houses of worship:


A microphone is essential for your church services. It works for everything from lector speeches, and clergy sermons to choir performances. It carries the richness of the voices of the clergy, laypeople, and choir with their musical instruments. 

Different types of microphones have various applications. There are lapel microphones for church leaders, handheld mics for the lectors, or condenser mics for the choir performance, to name a few. But the most common types of mics are wired and wireless.

Wired microphones are stationary with limited mobility. Usually, they come with a mic clip, stand, cables, and suitcase. They are relatively affordable, from $40 to $100.

On the other hand, wireless mics are more portable and neater. You usually see them during sermons or song-heavy worship services. However, they are more expensive with prices starting at about $200. And their performance can be affected by the interference of frequencies from digital gadgets such as phones.


PA Speakers reproduce the sounds of speakers and singers. The quality of the speaker relies on three factors: sound reproduction in all available frequencies, volume capacity, and device efficiency. Having a good, reliable speaker is key to consistent, clear sound quality that the congregation will hear throughout the church service.

Speakers come in portable and permanent installations. You should choose your speakers based on the shape of your church and your worship styles. The best speakers come from JBL and Yamaha among others, while Bose has a well-deserved reputation for having the best speakers.


A mixer is another critical piece in the church sound system. It is the foundation of the audio system. It provides microphone amplification, audio inputs and outputs, routing, and other audio connections. 

When planning your church sound system, check and ensure that your mixer carries the right amount of input for the other equipment in your system. Above all, your mixer should also be user-friendly.


Amplifiers are crucial for the audio experience of your church services. They power the sound system. You can identify an amplifier by its power rating. The specs for the amplifier power rating usually show the number of watts per channel at a particular load in ohms.

In particular, the power rating of your amplifier should match that of your speakers because you should put them near the speakers.

Stage Monitors

Having a stage monitor is integral for sound reinforcement and live performance amplification.

You can also find it as a monitor speaker. With this, the congregation can hear and enjoy the worship song performances. 

This instrument helps preachers and singers keep track of their vocals to run in sync and tune with the music. 

There are two types of stage monitors for churches: powered and unpowered monitors. Powered monitors are also called Active Stage Monitors. They are designed with an amplifier, horn, and loudspeaker. 

Unpowered monitors, on the other hand, need a separate amplifier. They are just composed of a loudspeaker and horn.

Don’t worry. We will help you find the right sound system for the church. Here are some of the best sound systems for church services.

Yamaha The Primary Package Field PA System

The Yamaha Primary Package Field PA System consists of a high-capacity mixer with built-in effects, a pair of powerful rackmount power amps, a pair of subwoofers, and a pair of speakers equipped with a 15-woofer and compression driver. It also comes with a pair of speaker stands, a versatile rack case and transportation system, a power conditioner for the power amps, and four good-quality 100 cables with Neutrik connectors.

I love that this church PA System has everything you need for any live performance. It has full-range PA speakers, user-friendly controls, and all the necessary sound equipment. This is very useful every time our local parish conducts outdoor worship events for feast days and church holidays, including the Christmas angel choir performance.


  • It is a complete PA package with a mixer, power amps, and speakers
  • It also comes with a pair of speaker stands and a versatile rack case
  • Each cabinet is designed for better low-end response
  • Adaptable to different venues and may even work as its own portable sound system
  • Five-channel mixer lets you intuitively mix lecture panels and small musical ensembles


  • Heavy unit
  • Loud inner fan

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

Behringer is a renowned brand for affordable sound system equipment. If you need a soundboard for church, then the BEHRINGER X32 Digital Mixing Console would be a great buy. 

My favorite feature of this digital mixer is its intuitive layout. While it is sophisticated, it comes with all the innovations that make BEHRINGER one of the best in the industry. These include 32 digitally-controlled mic preamps for superior sound quality, multiple outputs and connectors, and Acoustic Integration for complete control of your speaker and In-Ear Monitor (IEM) systems.

I also love its large, clear screen for sound editing, which has real-time analysis and speedy FX editing. Plus, this mixer is firmware upgradeable. It comes with interchangeable expansion cards for multi-channel audio networking. This is great for live performances with different instrumentals and vocal quality, such as youth camp concerts.


  • Intuitive layout
  • Good built-in effects
  • Digitally-controlled head amps
  • 32 MIDAS-designed with fully programmable mic preamps
  • Works with a large, clear screen for editing
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Affordable


  • Limited channel driver selections
  • No built-in router
  • Manual is incomplete
  • Iffy faders

Presonus ULT15 2-Way 15″ Active Loudspeaker 

Speakers are integral to how the congregation hears the church service. And the Presonus ULT15 can be a powerful addition to your church audio experience.

This speaker offers optimum audio performance. One of its best features is its specially designed Pivot X110 rotatable horn that disperses sound with more accuracy. This works with an extra-wide coverage (110° horizontal and 50° vertical). Everyone from the front pews to the back can listen to the sounds in the church service very well. The 55 Hz – 18 kHz frequency response is something to consider.

Another feature to love about this speaker is its sturdy construction. The Presonus ULT15 comes equipped with a multi-angle wooden enclosure and a two-way mounting mechanism to tackle a wide range of applications and venues. Its compact frame packs a lot of power through a 500W (continuous) Class D power amp that peaks at 1000W. It is beneficial for congregations to meet at cathedrals where the sound can reach from the pulpit to even the people seated at the farthest pew.

All in all, the Presonus ULT15 is an excellent choice for both portable and permanent installations. If you want the best loudspeakers, active speakers with reliable powered speakers are your best option.


  • Sturdy
  • You can mount it in two ways: horizontally and vertically
  • It comes with a 6-year warranty
  • Frequency Response (-3 dB) is 55 Hz – 18 kHz
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-use sound reinforcement


  • Heavy and bulky
  • The handle needs to be on both sides to improve mobility

Shure QLXD24/B87A Wireless Microphone System 

A wireless microphone offers a lot of flexibility and powerful sound projection. You would do well with the Shure QLXD24 Wireless Microphone System.

This wireless microphone has long battery life, especially when equipped with a Shure SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This is great because it ensures efficiency in long periods of use. So this is the mic I got during three to four-long religious youth camp sessions and three-day school retreats. 

Another impressive feature of the QLXD24 is its crystal-clear vocal power that can carry even the different church instrument pitches. This vocal efficiency can work in every venue, from music theatres, and presentation rooms to large churches. It also works with complete software integration control through remote monitoring from iOS, PC, and Mac.

Shure includes an interchangeable BETA87A microphone cartridge, microphone clip, power supply, 2 AA batteries, battery contact cover, two 1/2 wave antennas, 2 BNC cables, zipper bag, 2 BNC bulkhead adapters, rackmount kit, and manual for the  QLXD24. 


  • Firm and sturdy metal design
  • Impressive, clear sound for vocals and live instruments
  • It comes with external antennae
  • Works with high-density mode for multiple channels


  • Prone to WiFi interference
  • Requires some time to assemble
  • This condenser mic might not suit everyone

Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT 12″ Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker 

To deliver smooth, consistent sound coverage across all venues, you need to get a stage monitor. The Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker powers through a thousand watts with EV‑patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST). They deliver up to 126 dB peak SPL.

This side-fill monitor provides well-balanced sound and more coherent performance. With this, you get accurate, consistent coverage, minimal sound distortion, and optimum acoustics.

One thing to love about this portable loudspeaker is the rugged composite structure with an ergonomic design for maximum user comfort. It has three sturdy handles so you can carry it wherever it is needed for church services. These are powered speakers, which means that they have an amplifier built into the design.

Then a fantastic feature here is its Bluetooth-powered connectivity. Bluetooth helps you take control of the sounds by connecting to your other gadgets’ multimedia library.


  • Crisp, crystal clear sound
  • Firm and sturdy
  • Versatile device
  • Great value for the money
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Short Bluetooth signal pairing and working range


A sound system is integral to the reception of the Word of God during church services. When the congregation hears the clergy and laypeople clearly, this keeps them engaged. It also helps them feel significant in the flock if they can listen to the songs and worship sessions, no matter where they sit.

Sound systems for church services consist of different components: microphones, speakers, mixers, amplifiers, and stage monitors. Each of these pieces of equipment can improve the natural acoustics of the church venue and elevate the worship experience.

The best church sound system I’ll recommend is the Yamaha The Primary Package Field PA System. This system is straightforward to use and sturdy for all environments. This bundle can work in any room or church of differing sizes and shapes. It is also very powerful for a wide variety of worship styles and it is fine-tuned for portable installation. Best of all, it is excellent value for money. If you need a long-lasting audio experience, this is the perfect sound system for you.

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