Best Speaker Wall Mounts: Buying Guide

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Speaker Wall Mounts

  • Both the left and the right clamps work very well. Each has its fine threaded screw that allows retraction or extension of the steel clamp arms. 
  • It’s effortless to adjust the tilt and rotation of the speakers on this mount. 
  • The brackets are thick, solid, have excellent quality metal, and are very sturdy.

Best Overall

Speaker Wall Mounts

  • Universal design
  • It comes with all the screws and hardware needed for installation. 
  • You can easily adjust the speaker mount and the bar. The overall setup is easy. 


Speaker Wall Mounts

  • These mounts work great for small to medium-sized speakers. 
  • They are small enough that the speakers can hide, and they have an option for either ceiling or wall mount. 
  • They hold the speakers well and don’t sag once installed.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best speaker wall mounts, then I’d recommend the Mounting Dream Soundbar MD5420 Detachable Speaker Wall Mount as the best one.

There are a lot of reasons why most people opt to wall mount their speakers. Some are looking to upgrade their audio setup for their home theater system. Or perhaps they are tired of speakers getting knocked down by the kids or pets running around their homes. Maybe they just simply want to enjoy an optimal surround sound experience while watching movies or listening to music? 

Let’s talk about the best speaker wall mounts that will help enhance your audio experience. Let’s learn about what to look for when choosing one. 

Here are the Best Speaker Wall Mounts we will be reviewing:

What are the Best Speaker Wall Mounts?

The reason for choosing a speaker wall mount may differ for each person. Same when it comes to needs. So here’s a list of options for the best speaker wall mounts that may fit your needs or preference. 

Keyhole Mounts

The keyhole type wall mount is the most typical kind in mounting a speaker. The hole of this wall mount is like a keyhole that’s upside down. There is a round opening at its bottom and a slot that extends from it. This hole is generally more prominent than a screw or a nail’s head, and the slot narrower than it. 

The design allows the head of the nail or screw to slip into the hole quickly. It also allows it to slide easily over the extended space. It then secures the object or speakers against the wall. Regular screws can be used, but it’s best to buy something intended for this kind of wall mount.

Wall or Ceiling Threaded Insert Mount

The threaded wall mount comes second to the keyhole as one of the most common mounting systems. Manufacturers designed them like a screw holder fixed on the speaker’s back. They commonly have a standard make, but it’s still best to verify your speaker’s specifications. These types of mounts usually indicate a thread count of the insert. You can then match this up with your speaker mount. 

Side Clamping Speaker Mount

Side clamping speaker mounts are best when your speakers are not wall-mountable or on-wall type. These mounts are safe to use on walls but need additional hardware to mount them to the ceiling. 

Front/Back Clamping Speaker Mount

You might want to opt for the front and back clamping mount if you’re not comfortable with the side connecting ones. These are also good if you’d like your speakers to tilt downward. The only downside would be that some of these mounts don’t protect the screws on the speaker’s back. You might need to add some sort of protector between the buffer and speaker. 

Wall or Ceiling Mount for Tiny Speakers

If your speakers are small, you only need a wall mount to accommodate their size. Many speaker mounts are overkill, so you might want to look for something that can house around 3lbs. 

Soundbar Mount

The soundbar mount helps in allowing your soundbar to be wall-mounted together with your TV. A lot of soundbars come with threaded inserts that are ready for mounting. You should find those mounts with adjustable arms positioned and designed to work with any speaker and TV combination. 

Shelf Mount

Many of us are willing to shell out for speaker wall mounts, but sometimes, a regular shelf would work just as well. You can even put decorations in line with your theater theme. You just need to make sure that the rack is large enough for your speakers and that it can hold its weight. 

Why is it Important to Choose the Best Speaker Wall Mounts?

How you place or position your speakers will significantly affect the sound quality. It is why you must choose the best speaker wall mounts. Some of the best ones have superb audio quality and are easy to set up. Choose one that will allow you to have the best sound experience. 

Importance of Mounting Speakers to the Wall

While there’s an option to get floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, many people opt for wall-mounting. The reason is that this allows you to position the speaker above or at ear level. It is the perfect level or spot that allows optimal audio quality. 

Another reason is that they are a space saver, especially for tight or small spaces. You don’t have to have a stand for each speaker, and it also gives the room a neat look. It also works great if you have kids or pets constantly running around the house. It eliminates the risk of being dented or knocked off. 

Where to Mount Speakers on the Wall?

Choosing the exact position of where to mount the speakers on the wall can be challenging. It’s a good thing some guidelines make it possible to mount the speakers that allow users to experience the best quality sound. 

Among the popular mounted speakers are the center speakers. A favored option for placement of these is either above or below the TV or monitor. You need to position it between the two front speakers and close to the screen. If you’re going to place it below the screen or TV, its distance from the floor should at least be 40cm. 

Front speakers are stereo towers, and you can place them on the floor on each side of the TV or screen. But there are cases where systems make use of smaller satellites. It requires the front speakers to be placed on a shelf, a stand or mounted. If the speakers are wall-mounted, you need to position them at ear height. They should also be at an equal distance on each side of the TV or screen. Also, there should be a one-meter distance between the side walls (if there are any) and the speakers.

Surround speakers are generally compact, which makes them ideal for wall mounting. You need to place or position them at 1.4 meters above the floor. It applies to both dipoles and direct-radiating speakers. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Speaker Wall Mounts

If you’ve decided to get the best speaker wall mount, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing one. 

Size of Speaker

Before buying a speaker wall mount, ensure that the mounting gear is compatible and will work with the speakers. Note your speaker’s dimensions and check the mount’s specifications to ensure they match. The product information in the mount’s package usually indicates the dimensions of each of the gears. It also shows if they are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of equipment. 


The material for the wall mounts needs to be durable enough to support the speaker’s weight. There’s a risk of the speakers falling and holes in the walls if the installation fails. In general, steel wall mounts are the sturdiest; however, they are the most expensive. If you opt for a more cost-effective one, you can choose those made of composite materials. Some of the manufacturers make them out of fiber resin polymer. 

Weight Capacity

Another thing to note is the speaker wall mount’s weight capacity. If the manufacturer did not indicate the weight specifications in the packaging, use a weighing scale to determine it. There are wall mounts that can hold less than 10lbs. Some can support up to 100lbs. 


The sound quality will suffer if you miss positioning or placing the speakers appropriately. Determine and finalize the spot where you would mount the speakers. Then choose a wall mount that would fit in the available space. 


Installation of speaker wall mounts depends on their design and manufacturer. You need a screwdriver, drill, drywall anchors and screws, wood screws, and a fishing rod and magnet. The last two on the list must pull the wires through the wall. 

You can use one of the couple of ways to install to avoid drilling on the walls. You can adhere the speakers to the wall with glue. There are speaker wall mount packages that come with solid sticker adhesives or glue. The only downside to this is they might not be reliable enough to hold the speakers on the wall. Also, they could damage the paint or drywall when removed. 

You can use as an alternative a toggle bolt or butterfly anchor. These are special fasteners that have wings and spread out inside the wall. It allows the bolt to hold and support more weight.  

If you’re looking for an idea of which best speaker wall mounts to get, here are five of the best picks that might help you. 

Mounting Dream MD5420 Detachable Speaker Wall Mount

Speaker Wall Mounts

The Mounting Dream MD5420 Detachable Speaker Wall Mount can hold and support up to 15lbs or 6.8 kg. It works with most Sony, Samsung, Bose, Yamaha, and Vizio Sound Bars. It is compatible with TV VESA of up to 600 by 400mm and fixed, tilt, or full-motion wall mounts. 

It has long extension plates that are detachable and adjustable. These plates allow 180-degrees swivel for mounting flexibility instead of fixed brackets that you can buy on the market. 

This soundbar speaker wall mount is also easy to install. You can easily place and secure it above or below the TV. There are teeth on the arm connections, and these allow the soundbar to be locked firmly in place. Also, they help avoid leaving holes in the walls and make the installation much more manageable. 

It comes with proper instructions for installation and the needed gears or hardware. It also comes with an L-shaped bracket, which has mounting holes in the bottom. 


  • Universal design
  • It comes with all the screws and hardware needed for installation. 
  • You can easily adjust the speaker mount and the bar. The overall setup is easy. 
  • The brackets have no issue holding and supporting heavy-weight speakers. They are very durable and sturdy. 
  • Easy to install 


  • The instructions in the manual are challenging to understand. 
  • You need a soundbar that can screw directly into this mount. 

WALI SWM201 Dual Side Clamping Wall Mounting Bracket

Speaker Wall Mounts

The Dual Side Clamping Speaker Wall Mount by WALI is a dual sound, bookshelf speaker wall mount. WALI has designed and built this gear for mounting on concrete, stud, or brick and stone walls. Its maximum capacity is 55lbs or 25kg. 

This speaker wall mount is adjustable and versatile. It can tilt up and down at 7.5 degrees and swivel right and left at 45 degrees. The speaker’s width to be mounted should be between 5.5inches to 11 inches. 

It has a sleek design with a reinforced black coat and modern knob look that exudes a contemporary feel that complements the optimum audio experience. It has an inner metal construction that ensures a vibration-free and sturdy mount to the wall. 

The package includes two speaker wall mount brackets by WALI, one user manual, and one hardware kit for mounting. 


  • Both the left and the right clamps work very well. Each has its fine threaded screw that allows retraction or extension of the steel clamp arms. 
  • It’s effortless to adjust the tilt and rotation of the speakers on this mount. 
  • The brackets are thick, solid, have excellent quality metal, and are very sturdy. 
  • The metal bases have rectangular covers to hide any scratches or blemishes incurred during installation. 
  • They have built-in pads on all the spaces where the speaker touches the mount to prevent scratching the speakers. 


  • The cover for the wall plate is too deep and too large. 
  • The adhesive that attaches the foam to the brackets doesn’t hold very well, putting the speakers at risk of falling.  

Mounting Dream Universal Soundbar MD5425 Mount Bracket

Speaker Wall Mounts

The Mounting Dream MD5425 Soundbar Bracket fits and supports most soundbars up to 13lbs in weight. It’s a universal mount or bracket that works with soundbars with or without holes and most TVs of up to 800mm by 400mm. It also fits most tilt, full-motion, and fixed TV mounts.

This speaker wall mount has an adjustable base holder that can extend up to 6.06 inches and retract to 3.44 inches. This feature allows for fitting various widths of soundbars. It is compatible with most Samsung, Vizio, and Yamaha brands. 

Another great feature of this bracket is its solid locking mechanism. It has safety bolts that you can use to lock the extendable holder in place. There’s also a unique material on the bracket that ensures the soundbar will not wobble. 

It comes with proper instructions, a manual, and all the needed hardware for installation. If the soundbar is shorter than 34 inches and the TV VESA is less than 400mm by 400mm, you can install it with one horizontal bar. 


  • It has a sleek design that gives a nice clean look once installed. 
  • It has a universal design and works great with large soundbars. 
  • The mount is very sturdy and well-supported. There’s no bending or sagging once you’ve installed it. 
  • Assembling the whole unit is straightforward. You can even install it without having to remove your TV from its mount on the wall. 
  • It comes with all the hardware and gears you generally need for installation. 


  • The vertical mounting brackets or braces are not long enough to reach the upper TV mounting screws within the TV’s VESA mount. 
  • It needs more holes on the bracket to decrease the gap between the soundbar and TV and allow some flexibility.

VideoSecu 5 Black Universal Satellite and Audio Speaker Mount

Speaker Wall Mounts

The VideoSecu MS40B5 WM6 Mounting Brackets for Speaker have a delicate look yet durable steel. It fits most speakers that weigh up to 10lbs or 4.5 kg. Its thread size is ¼ inch 20 thread, 4mm, and 5mm. This bracket also fits keyhole mounts. 

This bracket also has a significant adjustment of up to +/- 30 degrees for tilt, can pan up to 180 degrees, and can rotate 360 degrees. The clamping design of these mounting brackets supports fastening the ball stably. This feature makes for more flexible tilting, swinging, and rotating. Each of the five mounts has two toggler bolts, allowing installation on drywall or rock sheet. It is an ideal speaker ceiling or wall mount for home theater satellite speakers. 

The package comes with standard gears and hardware needed for installation.


  • These mounts work great for small to medium-sized speakers. 
  • They are small enough that the speakers can hide, and they have an option for either ceiling or wall mount. 
  • They hold the speakers well and don’t sag once installed. 
  • Each comes with two different brackets that allow you to hang, pitch, and angle each speaker. 
  • So easy to install, it doesn’t take more than five minutes to install each bracket. 


  • The screw to tighten the speakers is difficult to reach once the speakers are in place. 
  • The material that holds the ball joint is made of plastic and may not be that sturdy. 
  • The screws that come with the package are not of excellent quality. 

OnStage SS7322B Adjustable Wall Mount Speaker Bracket

Speaker Wall Mounts

The SS7322B Wall Speaker Brackets are speaker mounts that On-Stage designed and intended for mounting on walls. These are heavy-duty steel nuts and bolts that can hold and support up to 80lbs. This type of construction helps maintain the proper balance and stability of the speakers. 

Its standard 1 ⅜ inch pole mounts fit most small to medium speaker cabinets (around 20 inches to 30 inches deep). These mounts fit perfectly for sound contractors and are ideal for schools, home multimedia rooms, recording studios, and clubs. 

The ergonomic and convenient design of the two-inch knobs can adjust the tilt angle from 90 degrees to 30 degrees. It also allows a swivel adjustment range of 30 degrees right and left. This flexibility in adjustments will enable you to achieve your speakers’ perfect spot and placement for the optimum audio experience.

This bracket positions the speakers facing either an adjustable downward angle or straight ahead. This feature allows a more precise and definite sound direction. 


  • These brackets make the overall look of the speakers appear clean and professional once installed. 
  • The swivel allows easy adjustment to get the right angle you prefer or need for your space. 
  • The horizontal and vertical arms are movable and can still hold heavy-weight speakers. They are very versatile and sturdy. 
  • They are compact and a great space-saver. 
  • They stay put once installed, and they don’t sag. 


  • The package doesn’t come with hardware or gears needed for installation. 
  • It tends to be wobbly when the weight of the speakers goes over 40lbs. 


The best speaker wall mounts are ideal for saving space, making the room appear much neater, and helping in giving a better audio experience. We had the best five listed here, but what stands out for us is the Mounting Dream MD5420 Detachable Speaker Wall Mount.

The first thing is that it is compatible with most soundbar brands like Sony, Samsung, Bose, Yamaha, and Vizio. Also, it’s a complete package since it also comes with the hardware needed for installation. Installing it is also easy to save time and energy when you set it up. Finally, it gives the whole speaker set up a neat look once installed, even if you place it under the TV. 

Now, if you’re ready to get your own best speaker wall mount for your speakers, just remember to take note of the things you need to consider. This way, you will get what you need and be able to maximize the excellent audio features and quality of your speakers. 

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