The Best Wireless Headset Microphone: Buyer’s Guide

Editor’s Choice

  • It is available in two frequency bands
  • Includes an operating range of 300′ (100 m)
  • It provides a class-leading 60 MHz tuning range

Best Overall

  • It has a sophisticated design with rugged metal construction
  • Features a locking TQG connection
  • Features revolutionary LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management


  • It hooks around one ear
  • Flexible for easy formation
  • Includes a 4 in. mic boom length (Omni) and 4.7 in. mic boom length (Uni)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best wireless headset microphone for church, then I’d recommend the Shure Glx-D Digital Wireless Headset System as the best one.

Do you want to step up and go hands-free in church? There is no better way than using the best wireless headset microphone for church.

These small mics are convenient, give you freedom of ministering, and are comfortable to wear.

You don’t have to be tired of carrying the heavy round metal handheld mics for hours. Besides, it’s a struggle to balance the Bible, iPad, and notebook. God created you with two hands. Switching to the best earset mic is the only way to escape this ordeal.

Here are the Best Wireless Headset Microphones for Church we’ll be reviewing:

Why Use the Best Wireless Headset Microphone for Church?

Technology is getting smaller and better which has changed the course of the microphone revolution. A few years ago, before technological development, preachers would have to amplify their voices to speak to their audience.

Then came cathedrals built with perfect acoustics to amplify sound. When the church got bigger, handheld microphones came into place and have served us for years.

But now, a new era is on the horizon—the era of earset mics. They are built with precision to make doing the work of God “easier.” 

So what are the benefits of the best wireless headset microphone for church? 

Give you Freedom of Movement

The primary goal of the best earset mics is to make communicating with the congregation easy and comfortable. Freedom of movement is the epitome of convenience.

You can walk around the stage, expressing yourself and letting the Holy Spirit lead your preaching. 

It’s even better for singers who can play instruments. You can sing while playing the guitar because your hands are free. 

Consistency in Voice

Getting a consistent and high-quality sound output is next to impossible when using handheld mics. 

Why? Your hands keep wavering despite the numerous warnings from the sound technician. How many times have you made this mistake? 

Don’t worry; I’ve been a victim too. 

It can take time before you get used to handling a microphone the right way. There is an easy way of doing this, though.

To get that consistency, the mic should stay in the same position, which the best earset mics do well. The headset attaches firmly to your ears without moving.

As you speak, the voice volume remains consistent hence maintaining the high-quality sound. Also, the technician won’t have to gain sound when using several mics simultaneously. 

Earset Mics are “Safer”

When was the last time you almost tripped over a cable on the stage? It’s a major shortcoming of wired mics. They keep the stage all “messy” and cluttered. You can get hurt if you aren’t careful.

A wired headset eliminates this issue. No cables running around. The receiver picks the voice from the soundboard as you freely move around.

It gives you the freedom to forget about “anything around you” and focus on delivering what God has put into your heart.

Insensitivity to Many Sound Sources

In general, microphones are divided into two types when you consider the pickup pattern. These are:

  • Omnidirectional mics
  • Directional mics

Omnidirectional microphones pick sounds from all directions. Let’s take a scenario where the praise team has 30 singers, each with his/her handheld microphone. When singing, the microphones pick background noise, which affects the quality of sound.

Directional microphones pick sound from one source. The pickup pattern is from the front which gives no room for background noise. 

A good example would be a violinist on stage. As she performs, the microphone captures the voice and blocks the sound from other singers and monitors on the stage.

The best earset mics use the same principle. This feature makes them the ideal mic to use in a church with poor acoustics.

How Do You Mic The Best Earset Mic?

So what is the perfect technique? Pretty simple.

With any type of mic, placement is essential as it greatly determines the output of the amplified sound.

Your first concern should be to avoid noise from breathing and the beating of your lips. Earset microphones are super-sensitive and may cause the popping of words starting with the letter “P.”

The right position should be at least 25-50 mm on the side of your mouth. The microphone boom shouldn’t touch the cheek either. The mouth’s movement may waver causing inconsistency in the sound pickup pattern.

The last thing to note is that the microphone tip should point towards your mouth to register a complete sound. 

Watch the video below to get more insights on how to position an earset mic.

Are you on a tight budget but need a dependable headset mic? After going through several products, I’ve put together the best headset mics for houses of worship that should meet your needs.

Shure Glx-D Digital Wireless Headset System

Topping our list is none other than the Shure Glx-D Digital Wireless Headset System, probably the most reviewed product. And it’s not for nothing.

It’s not only a microphone but a complete headset system with multiple accessories. It comprises SM35 headset microphone windscreens, BLXA bodypack transmitter, your first batteries, and a user guide for setting it up. It offers up to 16 hours of continuous use with Shure lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and automatically links with GLX-D wireless receivers for seamless frequency changing.  

The BLXA bodypack transmitter is a single-pack body receiver. Setting and operating is effortless, thanks to the intuitive controls. It also features a quick one-touch scan that helps in case of any hindrance. It does this by locating the best available frequency.  The GLXD4 features a high-resolution LCD screen status display, real-time transmitter battery status displayed in hours and minutes, and a remotely adjustable transmitter gain control.

The GLX-D/SM35 kit is popular with drummers, expressive lead vocalists, and singers who need to switch instruments frequently, as well as with various other kinds of presenters. This package operates within the Z2 frequency bank (2400 – 2483 MHz).GLXD1The Shure GLXD1 features an ergonomic design and reversible belt clip to fit comfortably and snugly in various positions.


  • It has a sophisticated design with rugged metal construction
  • Features a locking TQG connection
  • Features revolutionary LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management
  • It allows the operation of up to 4 compatible systems in a typical setting
  • Lightweight, durable construction


  • The connector below the ear becomes loose after several uses
  • Not ideal for many users

Shure Blx14r Headset System With Sm35 Headset Microphone

Once again, Shure has proven its prowess by producing the Blx14r wireless headset with an SM35 headset microphone. 

The BLX14R is a popular wireless system for mid-level budgets. It has professional features and professional quality but without some of the esoteric and often expensive features of touring systems. Its range, sound quality, and reliability make it a smart purchase for your church.

The vocal intelligibility and comfort of this system make it a leader in its class. It additionally features continuously adjustable gain, a single bi-color LED for battery status, and a rugged ABS polymer body. It operates on two AA batteries for up to 14 hours of battery life. Its sleek, side taper design makes it a comfortable fit on your belt.SM35 cardioid condenser microphone in a comfortable headset for hands-free vocal performance.


  • It features a simple setup, intuitive controls, and microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity
  • Offers One-touch QuickScan frequency selection for easy location
  • It has XLR and output connectors
  • Features a two-color audio staAudioFrequency response
  • It works with the Shure GLXD-1 wireless bodypack


  • The sound has too much base if you don’t change the EQ
  • The receiver is made with less-quality plastic

Galaxy Audio ESM8 Omni-Directional Dual Ear Headset Microphone

Galaxy Audio offers the best choice for quality performance in an affordable headset. The lightweight design makes wearing the microphone extremely comfortable, even for long periods of time, without using excessive pressure to hold the microphone in place. The soft microphone stem allows for easy adjustment of the position of the microphone as you wear the headset.

The ESM8 headset microphone works great with many available wireless transmitters. Galaxy Audio’s detachable cables can be wired to work with transmitters made by Galaxy Audio, AKG, Shure, Audio-Technica & Sennheiser. They can also custom wire to work with virtually any brand or model of a wireless transmitter. Also, the JIB/PB may be used if a wireless transmitter is not available or needed.

Like most products, this microphone is lightweight and comfortable. With the flexible design, it sticks firmly to your ears. A complete package comes with a protective storage pouch, a collar clip for more firmness, and three windscreens. 

What would make it even better? Well, it comes in three colors. These are matte black, tan, and cocoa collar.


  • It hooks around one ear
  • Flexible for easy formation
  • Includes a 4 in. mic boom length (Omni) and 4.7 in. mic boom length (Uni)
  • Detachable cables
  • It works great with many available wireless transmitters


  • The cabling is a bit short
  • The headset mic is a bit heavy

Audio-Technica Atw-3211/831 3000 Wireless Headset Microphone

Audio-Technica has been in operation for over 50 years. The company has invested everything it has learned over the years to manufacture microphones for musicians, pastors, and content creators.

This microphone might be your ideal option if you are looking for a professional headset mic. Perhaps you had tried different microphones before which didn’t catch people’s attention, this one will. 

The Audio-Technica fourth-generation 3000 Series wireless systems give you the power and flexibility to operate within the congested UHF spectrum. 3000 Series systems have an operating range of 300′ (100 m) and are available in two frequency bandsDE2 (470530 MHz) and EE1 (530590 MHz)that provide a class-leading 60 MHz tuning range, which is more than twice that offered by the previous 3000 Series models.

It’s designed to provide worship leaders and pastors with an advanced 24-bit, natural, and clear sound output.

Frequencies can be easily scanned and selected on the receiver and then synced with the transmitter via IR sync functionality. The 3000 Series even lets you set a backup frequency that can be quickly swapped by pressing the transmitter multifunction button in the event of unexpected interference. 


  • It is available in two frequency bands – DE2 (470–530 MHz) and EE1 (530–590 MHz)
  • Includes an operating range of 300′ (100 m)
  • It provides a class-leading 60 MHz tuning range
  • Frequencies can be easily scanned
  • It lets you set a backup frequency that can be quickly swapped


  • The transmitter and receiver don’t have a battery strength indicator
  • Doesn’t come with a wire to the soundboard

Sennheiser Ew-D Evolution R1-6 With Me3 Cardioid Headset Microphone

This is where it gets interesting. Finally, you can get the best wireless headset microphone for the church for a pocket-friendly price. The crazy thing is that the features are dependable too.

The EW-D Evolution Wireless Digital System with ME3 cardioid headset microphone is a versatile and feature-rich digital wireless system for those who sing, speak or play instruments that allow for seamless product pairing and management via the EW-D Smart Assist App. With a metal housing, the robust bodypack transmitter and feedback-resistant headset ME 3 with high speech intelligibility are suited perfectly for daily use on stage.

The mic has hit the spot when it comes to comfort. It has a very small weight, you won’t even feel it if you are using it. The easy clip ensures it remains firmly held to the ear. This feature would really help energetic evangelical pastors. You know what I mean.

Digital wireless eliminates noise, interference, and static bursts. UHF transmission greatly enhances range, reliability, and scalability. Mobile App streamlines setup and operation and eliminates complicated menus. Automated setup creates reliable connections with minimal time and effort. Up to 2,240 selectable frequencies support up to 24 wireless systems per frequency range.


  • It is a versatile and feature-rich digital wireless system
  • Includes a robust bodypack transmitter
  • It comes with a feedback-resistant headset ME3 with high speech intelligibility
  • Includes a Lithium-Ion battery pack that delivers up to 12 hours of operation
  • It offers 56mHz bandwidth allows for up to 90 channels


  • It doesn’t have the best sound pick-up quality
  • Not easy to take off from the ear
  • It’s not compatible with some stereo systems. Look for a compatible fit.


Is switching from handheld mics to the best wireless headset microphone for church a big deal? Well, it may seem so, but you’ll see the difference when you make the shift. You have all your hands to make the gestures and preach comfortably.

I’d consider Shure Glx-D Digital Wireless Headset System. No doubt that it’s the best of the best. Fantastic design, top-notch functionality, and long service make it the best option to spread the gospel.

If you’re on a tight budget, but you need an all-encompassing microphone, I’d suggest the Galaxy Audio ESM8 Omni-Directional Dual Ear Headset Microphone

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