5 Best Wireless Microphones for Church

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best wireless microphone is then I’d recommend ShureSLX2/SM58 Wireless Handheld Microphone with SM58 Capsule as the best one.

Getting the best wireless microphone for the church is not a walk in the park. The fact that most pastors don’t have much information on PA systems makes the purchasing process even harder. 

As a result, they end up buying faulty products that never last. What’s sad is they keep making the same mistake again and again, hence wasting more money.

No worries, I have the solution for you today. I have researched the best wireless microphones for Church that will get you out of the mess.

Here are the Best Wireless Microphones for Church that we’ll be reviewing:

How do you choose the Best Wireless Microphone for Church?

Good question.

The first concern that people ask is if it’s a good idea to splash your money on the most expensive products.

I’d say that it entirely depends on your budget, but you should know that there are two types of the best microphones for church. These are:

  • Entry-level microphones
  • Professional microphones

Of course, the latter is more expensive. Apart from considering the price, you should also check for a few differentiators like:

Microphone Range

The range is essential because it determines how far the receiver can pick your voice from. 

For example, let’s say you like walking and moving into the crowd when ministering. I know, the main reason for wireless mics is to give you freedom when ministering. But not all receivers can pick sound from a long distance.

Not only that, but the microphone system should also capture sound around obstacles without cuts.

At least, consider the microphone that can go double the distance you will cover when preaching.

Number of Channels

This factor does not affect your purchasing decision directly. It affects the number of mics you should buy that corresponds to your wireless system.

If your wireless system has ten channels, you will have to buy at least ten microphones to take advantage of the empty slots.


There are around 11 known microphone brands. It, therefore, becomes a daunting task to get a trusted and reputable brand manufacturing mics that meet your standards.

Let me give you a suggestion.

Shure has proven to be the most reputable company. It has been in operation for years and produced some of the best handheld mics for church used by high-level musicians and pastors. 

Whenever we want a mic in church, our first stop is always Shure before we have a look at a different brand.

I’m not saying the other brands don’t fit the bill. They are nice, and in some cases, produce better products than some Shure mics. 

But if you want to deal with a trusted company, I couldn’t recommend Shure more.

Purpose of Microphone

Essentially, the main reason you’re searching for a microphone is to communicate better to your congregation. 

Below are three purposes of a microphone that determine your choice.

When Speaking Without the Backup Team

In this case, you will be speaking without the need for a backup band. The ideal type of microphone is one that you can control from the mixer and keep your hands free.

It should also be controlled from the bodypack which you mount on the belt. Lavalier/lapel mics or headset microphone makes the best option. 

When Speaking with Live Backing Band

This means that you will be speaking when the choir is singing. In such a case, you need a microphone that does not suffer from feedback. Why? The mics will have to work harder in amplifying your voice.

The ideal option is the best wireless headset microphone for church. These microphones resonate with live music and can handle vocals better. 

They also don’t pick noise around them hence keeping feedback in check.

When Singing and Speaking Altogether

Not all pastors are great singers. If you are one of them, then you need these microphones. You have two options to choose from.

You can either use the best wireless headset for church or handheld wireless microphone. 

Wireless headset mics can handle preaching and singing altogether. Handheld wireless microphones are the best option if you walk around in your sermon before you break into singing.

Recording Quality

We will agree that all wireless microphones are comfortable, convenient, and keep the stage look uncluttered.

The ability to amplify and record sound using a microphone has become more relevant as churches adapt to technology.

With this in mind, the recording quality of the mic is now a huge concern to many churches. But the answer is simple. 

You just need to check the microphone system, the sound output equipment, and the acoustics you prefer.

Price also affects the level of quality. The higher the quality, the deeper you will have to dig into your pockets.

Now that we have settled the critical matter, let’s look at some of my suggestions.

Shure SLX2/SM58 Wireless Microphone with SM58 Capsule

Shure microphone company has a rich history dating back to 1931. Since its inception by Sydney N. Shure, the company has become one of the best professional audio-electronics manufacturers of microphones and a wide range of PA systems.

The Shure SLX2/SM58 microphone is representative of what the company stands for – creating products with unmatched quality, reliability, and durability.

The handheld wireless microphone provides up to 8 hours of use when powered with two AA batteries. This is enough to complete a full Sunday service. The fixed rate of 30 mW RF power output can reach up to a range of 330’. 

The transmitter has a backlit LCD for easy operation. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a receiver since it’s just a component and not a full system. Get a compatible SLX4 or SLX4L transmitter which you’ll buy separately.

One more thing to note is that it comes housed in a lightweight ABS plastic chassis. With care, the microphones will serve you for the longest time possible.


  • Provides crisp and clear sound
  • Solid and cost-effective
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Customer service is reliable and quick


  • Won’t hold up under extreme abuse
  • Doesn’t come with receivers

Bietrun Wireless Microphone, Dual Handheld Dynamic Mic

The Bietrun wireless microphone has made history for being one of the cheapest microphones in history. I know what you are thinking now, “Well, cheap microphones never last.”

You can say that again. 

But this microphone is different. The aerospace aluminum alloy material is a guarantee for long-term use. The material also makes it appear stylish and durable.

It comes with a portable mini receiver. You just need to plug and play, which makes it the better option if you need something less cumbersome.

The built-in moving coil feature makes it the most professional dual-channel dynamic microphones. This feature allows you to apply it in conferences, speech, YouTube recording, and karaoke. 

Since it’s a dynamic microphone, you get clear transparent audio with a full frequency response. The ergonomic design ensures that you have a firm grip when holding it.


  • Easy to set and use
  • Extremely affordable
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Perfect match for an ion block rocker
  • Has a beautiful appearance
  • The customer care is very responsive


  • Produces a low volume
  • Not compatible with Macbooks and Bluetooth speakers
  • Does not come with voice amplifiers and batteries

Innopow 80-Channel Dual UHF Wireless Microphone System

Next up is Innopow 80-Channel UHF mics, one of the latest additions to the Innopow family.

The wide range of channel choices gives minimal room for interference from noise sources. The result is a clear and crisp sound that can be used in different environments.

That being said, this might be the best option for a church, birthday and wedding celebrations, karaoke, classroom, and family parties. It delivers a powerful and audible sound.

About the frequency, the mic comes with 40 frequencies on each channel. This can work with up to 10 receivers and ten mics at the same time. 

This feature allows you to set and handle a large choir to get a complete harmony.

The mic has a durable metal casing that will guarantee years of use (if you handle it well, of course). The LCD on the receiver makes the mic easy to use for any occasion. You can set it up very quickly.


  • The infrared frequency setup is accurate and instantaneous
  • The quality output is clear and audible even for a large crowd
  • Quality and sturdy build to withstand beatings
  • Good looking mics with an elegant color


  • Not rack mountable without a rack shelf and double side tape
  • You can’t see the polarity in a dark stage

Phenyx Pro 4-Channel UHF Cordless Mic Set

If you are looking for a 4-mic set that will not cost you the top dollar, Phenyx Pro UHF Mic set might be the product you are looking for. 

The four mics are an ideal option for a large church or huge event as they keep up with more interaction.

The four mics have frequency design in 541.9MHz, 546.3MHz, 561.6MHz, and 568.65MHz. These frequencies provide stability and clarity of voice. They can also eliminate any distortion of voice and feedback from the speakers.

Moreover, the fixed frequency will make a simple setup. You will also appreciate the fact that the memory switch allows settings to recall between church worship services.

The four handheld microphones are made with sturdy materials that will guarantee you long service. 

They are, therefore, suitable for heavy use. For instance, if you are planning to go for missions to remote parts of the world, they will keep up with the beating.

The microphones pick sound smoothly with a hassle-free and optimal sound transmission. Considering that they come in four sets, this is the better option for a small budget.


  • Long battery life
  • Smooth wireless synchronization
  • Devoted customer service
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Each channel has its gain knob on the receiver


  • Imitates most features from the Shure microphone
  • Might have some quality issues.

TONOR Wireless Microphone, Metal Dual Professional

TONOR is one of the latest entrants to the market, and it seems they are ready to give the reigning giants sleepless nights. 

Why? The microphones have a professional look with clear and pristine sound with loads of high-quality features. 

Since we all know that a good microphone should eliminate background noise, the manufacturer must figure out a way to handle the issue. 

This mic uses a professional cardioid dynamic capsule that does more than this. The feature can guarantee you clear and pure sound without howling.

To operate the mics, just turn on the receiver and the mics which will automatically match. You also need to input 2-AA batteries on both mics which will serve you for around 7 hours.

The main downside is that the set does not come with batteries. Also, note that the mics are not compatible with a laptop, iPad, or cellphone.

On the receiver, the LCD screen makes your operation effortless as they display the channel number, RF, and AF levels.


  • Solid and sturdy build
  • The range reaches up 80 feet even with hindrances
  • Comes with windscreens
  • The LCD provides easy to read stats
  • Excellent stability on sound recording


  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • The tone might appear very deep
  • Customer service is not one of the best

Wrapping it Up

All these microphones are great. They meet all the thresholds set by sound technicians. It all depends on personal preference and how much you are willing to pay.

My advice is this – go for the microphone that is a bit pricey because they have more features and can serve you for the longest period of time.

You won’t be disappointed. Still, there are fantastic options that won’t cost top dollar like the ShureSLX2/SM58 Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter with SM58 Capsule.

Alex Shute
Alex Shute
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