The 5 Best Bible Accessories

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  • A long-lasting gel stick advances by twisting the base
  • No bleed-through, smearing, or fading, and crisp, consistent lettering every time
  • Includes Accu-Gel Study Kit and Pigma Micron Study Set

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  • Features rechargeable 1000mAh Li-ion battery and has a very long battery life
  • It has a 360° flexible neck equipped with a secure padded clamp
  • Comes in four colors (blue, black, iron, and red)


Bible Accessories
  • These bookmarks are easy to use
  • You’ll get the value for your money with this product
  • You can choose from a set of two, three, or four bookmarks

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best Bible accessories, then I’d recommend the Vekkia LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light as the best one.

Our Bibles are precious to us, whether we know it or not. Sometimes, even if we want to, we hesitate to highlight or write something in the margins. But did you know that there are tools and supplies you can use for that? Yup! They’re called Bible accessories. In this article, we will learn what Bible accessories are and how to use them.

As you read through, you’ll see the most common types of Bible accessories up to when and why people use them. 

Here are the Best Bible Accessories we will be reviewing:

What are Bible Accessories?

Bible accessories are tools and products that help us use our Bibles easier. Using our Bibles for Bible study and journaling is much easier with the help of Bible accessories. It comes in either pens or highlighters to emphasize verses. Some magnifiers help with small fonts. Bible covers and book lights are also considered Bible accessories. Beautifully designed Bible covers help protect your Bible from everyday wear and tear. Booklights help when you want to do your devotions before going to bed. 

Bible accessories play a significant role in our walk with God. With our busy lives, we sometimes forget where we left off in our scripture reading. A durable bookmark can help mark those pages ready for our next quiet time with God.

Most Common Types of Bible Accessories

There are so many Bible accessories to choose from. Here are the most common types:

Bookmarks and Bible Tabs

Bookmarks and Bible tabs are a staple for anyone who uses the Bible often. They help the reader go back to the page where they stopped. At the same time, Bible tabs help us locate the book we want to read in the Bible. As time passed, the market for these products increased. There are now so many designs and options to choose from, for sure there would be one to catch your eye. Or, better yet, you can create your bookmark and Bible tabs.

Book Lights

Booklights are devices that help you read the Bible in any lighting conditions. Booklights either come in a clip-on lamp or a glass/plastic sheet with tiny LED lights attached to the side. Adjustable clip-on lights are more convenient because all you need to do is clip them on the cover of the Bible. It’s hands-free and doesn’t obscure your line of vision.

Magnifiers/Magnifier Sheets

Bibles nowadays come in different fonts. You need to check the product description before adding it to the cart. But if the Bible you are using now has small fonts, you can use magnifiers to help you read. These magnifiers come in different sizes and thicknesses; it all depends on which will be more convenient for you to use.

Stationery Tools (Sticky notes, notepad, index cards, paper clips)

Note-taking is an activity that is always present, whether at Sunday service or Bible study. Pocket-sized notepads are the staple, but some bring the standard-sized notebook if you are more thorough with note-taking. No matter what form, those stationary tools are Bible accessories.

Pens and Highlighters

Let your creativity flow with the use of your favorite pens and highlighters. You do not have to stick to the dull, standard neon-colored highlights that stand out too much. Pastels and light colors are now available as highlighters, perfect for those who dislike bright colors. Don’t get too crazy, though; your main goal should be to help you focus on the verse and not distract you from it.

Bible Covers

Bibles are personal items, and, most of the time, they hold sentimental value. With the amount of time we spend reading the Bible, we want our Bibles to last for as long as possible. Bible covers provide protection, plus it is now a way for you to add a bit of your personality.

With the various designs and materials, Bible covers have evolved through the years. Bible covers now come in designs that look like the bag itself.

Bible Study Notes/Journals

A Bible journal is a combination of a diary and the Bible. These types of Bibles have thicker margins that you can use for notes during quiet times and small groups. You can also use that space to design and highlight the verses that you’ve meditated on.

Bible journals do not have a format or a manual for using them, so there is no need to feel intimidated. So let your creativity run while meditation on God’s message.

When to Use Bible Accessories?

Besides personalization, Bible accessories aid in the following:

Bible Study

Stationary tools, pens, and highlighters are commonly used for Bible studies. Everything you use for note-taking and highlighting verses is Bible accessories. These stationary tools help us store essential points and emphasize verses discussed.

Bible Journaling

Bible journaling is a creative way for you to immerse yourself in the Scripture. As you read through the verses, there is a space for you to jot down notes and important takeaways. Or, you can use that space to draw or paste pictures to keep you inspired and engaged in your quiet time.


Speaking of quiet time, we can also use Bible accessories for our devotionals. Highlighters are the most common, but you can also write extra pointers on the margins or separate sticky notes.

Why Use Bible Accessories?

Here are the reasons to use Bible accessories:

It assists you in focusing on your daily scripture reading

Highlighting or underlining the verse you are to meditate on helps keep your focus. There are times when we read the verses in passing, then be over and done with it. By highlighting or underlining the Scripture, we emphasize them to focus and analyze God’s message for us.

It’s a quick way to find a chapter in the Bible.

There are some Bibles today that already have tabs of their own. Besides Bible tabs, you can use sticky tags/flags to mark a chapter you want to go back to.

It can be a way to showcase your favorite verse.

Express your creative side by showcasing your favorite verse on a page of your notepad or Bible journal. There is no wrong way to do it, which is what makes it fun and engaging. This way, you get to have a newfound appreciation of the Scripture as you look back on the impact that verse made in your life.

It allows you an opportunity to express yourself creatively

Besides Bible journals, you can add personality to your Bible by choosing Bible covers or the designs for the tabs. If you’re not confident with art, use highlighters and pens in your favorite colors. You can still add personality to your Bible this way.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Bible Accessories

Before you buy Bible accessories, here are the things you need to consider.

Functionality and usability

Bible accessories aren’t used for your Bible only. A lot of the tools and materials in this category we can use every day. With that in mind, there is a possibility that we already own some of these tools. But if you still want to buy, look for tools and materials that you can also use for work and school. By doing this, you get the value for your money.

Fun yet isn’t distracting.

It’s okay to let your creativity flow. But if the colors and doodles take your focus away from the Word, then next time, use a different color or a more detailed drawing. Remember, you are using these tools to help you emphasize, focus, and study the Bible. So do not go overboard that it takes your mind away from your quiet time.

Quality of the product

If you can test the products out before you buy them, please do so. Check if the highlighter and pens bleed into the next page when you use them. Test out the different power settings of the book light to see if it is bright enough for you. Inspect the seams and stitches of the Bible cover you want to buy. It is better to be thorough with these tools as you will be using them for your Bible.

Product reviews

Reading through product reviews can be as good if you cannot check the product in a physical store. Researching which product to buy doesn’t have to stop at reading the product’s description. Sometimes, reviews save you time and unnecessary money spent on the wrong product.


I, too, have fallen victim to overspending regarding stationery sets, pens, and highlighters. This is why it is an excellent habit to allot a budget first before you buy anything. List down the products you need so that you do not buy anything on impulse. Planning ahead of buying helps you save money and prevent you from regretting purchasing the product.

Vekkia LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light

Bible Accessories

This book light is three times larger than the average LED light, covering two whole pages simultaneously. The Vekkia LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light adjusts to three power modes. These power modes are dependent on your surroundings. With convenience at the topmost priority, this lamp is lightweight and travel-friendly. Its small size is perfect for reading at home or on the go.

There’s no need to worry about using this on paperback or hardbound books; you can use it on both! This book light is so lightweight that it doesn’t crease or damage your book covers and pages. If you’re an avid reader or know someone, this book light is perfect for you.


  • Features rechargeable 1000mAh Li-ion battery and has a very long battery life
  • It has a 360° flexible neck equipped with a secure padded clamp
  • It comes in four colors (blue, black, iron, and red)
  • Small size, easy to carry around, and travel-friendly
  • This product comes with a three-year guarantee


  • There are instances where the cable provided is not compatible with the booklight
  • After a couple of weeks, the light stops working, even when it seems to be fully charged

Mr. Pen Bible Sticky Notes Set

Bible Accessories

This 410-piece sticky note set comes with bright neon colors, perfect for reminders and note-taking. Each sticky notepad is different from the other, giving you many options and uses for each note. This whole set comes in a classy booklet that keeps everything organized and only takes up a small space on your desk. Its different sizes make it perfect for work, school, journaling, and Bible study.

Use the lined notepad to write down important notes and things to remember. The small sticky flags are perfect for marking the chapter you talked about in Bible study. Even if you won’t use it all the time, the booklet is an excellent addition to your work desk.


  • The booklet cover keeps the notepads organized and easy to use
  • Each notepad is thick, so you will be using this for a while
  • Customer service is easy to contact and very accommodating.


  • The adhesive doesn’t last long and lifts at the edges
  • The protective cover on each sticky note is difficult to remove

G.T. Luscombe Deluxe No Bleed Bible Study Kit

Bible Accessories

The Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter Study Kit comes with six different colored pens and highlighters each. Both the pens and highlighters evenly glide on the page and won’t bleed into the next page. The fine point pens are the right size for Bible journaling and note-taking. Plus, the twisting base helps you adjust the gel ink when your pen is starting to fail. The highlighters come in bright colors, yet you can still read through the ink.

If you want to start Bible journaling, this set is an excellent addition to your starter pack. I’d also recommend this as a gift for those who love stationery sets.


  • A long-lasting gel stick advances by twisting the base
  • No bleed-through, smearing, or fading, and crisp, consistent lettering every time
  • Includes Accu-Gel Study Kit and Pigma Micron Study Set
  • Both the gel pens and highlighters do not bleed into the page
  • The gel pens have a fine tip and dry fast


  • The highlighters are a crayon-type; it can take a little time to get used to using it if it’s your first time
  • The highlighters leave particles on the page that will smudge
  • Keep the cap on tightly when you’re not using the gel pens, as the ink dries quickly

Sovereign-Gear Leather Bookmark Handmade Design

Bible Accessories

These handcrafted soft leather bookmarks come in a set of two. Both with a unique design and are slim enough to prevent creasing the pages. Each bookmark has rustic leather tassels for a vintage and elegant style. Its smooth edges ensure you that they won’t fray and will last long. The bookmark’s look as a whole is expensive and well-made. But the main feature is your chosen Bible verse etched on both bookmarks. The readable verses encourage, uplift, and inspire you whenever you see the bookmarks.

This leather bookmark is a perfect gift for all ages and genders. It’s a great gift option for any occasion; the receiver will appreciate the thoughtful gift.


  • It is made with suitable quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship
  • You can choose thirteen different options for your bookmarks
  • Part of the proceeds goes to charity
  • Made from premium buffalo leather
  • Great gift for bookworms and book lovers
  • Each bookmarker features a rustic leather tassel


  • The color of the leather may vary from the website’s picture
  • There is no option to customize the bookmark

Chris.W 2 Pack 5-Page Ribbon Bookmarks for Bible

Bible Accessories

This 2-pack ribbon bookmark has five satin ribbons that come in eye-catching colors. Place the main body of the bookmark into the spine of the Bible and freely use the ribbons on different chapters. This multi-use bookmark saves you extra space and time, plus you can mark more than one page. Another advantage is that you can use the bookmarks on any book of your choice, as the bookmark will remain permanently on the spine.

I’d recommend this as a present for avid book readers of all ages and genders. 


  • These bookmarks are easy to use
  • You’ll get the value for your money with this product
  • You can choose from a set of two, three, or four bookmarks
  • Long enough to fit most kinds of books


  • The bookmark is hand-made, so there is a discrepancy in size 1-2mm
  • The color of the actual bookmark and ribbons may differ from the website
  • This bookmark won’t work on standard paperback books; there needs to be a space in the spine for you to insert the bookmark
  • There are instances where the ribbons arrive crumpled or tangled with each other


Bible accessories come in various shapes and forms; each one adds personality to our Bibles. We can express our creativity through these accessories. At the same time, they help us navigate through our Bibles, with the bonus that we can use Bible accessories every day.

This is why the best Bible accessory is the Vekkia LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light. This book light is an avid book reader’s best friend. Its three power modes let you adjust the light that suits your surroundings. Plus, its 360° flexible neck gives you the freedom to bend the neck to how you like. Whether you need it at home or want to take it with you anywhere, the LumioLite book light’s small and compact design won’t take up too much space.

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