The Best Bible Journaling Kit: A Complete Guide

Editor’s Choice

  • It glides smoothly on paper
  • The pens and highlighters will not dry out even when uncapped
  • The pens themselves are decorated

Best Overall

  • Many inclusions
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Wide range of colors for pens


  • Handy and may be carried around easily
  • Comes with beautifully designed Bible tabs
  • Includes a useful stencil suitable for most pens

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Bible journaling kit is, then I’d recommend the Faber-Castell Complete Bible Journaling Kit as the best one.

Reading the Bible is a spiritual discipline any Christian cannot do without. The Bible is the word of God. It tells us of the character of God and shows us how to live a life of submission and surrender as we are molded into Christlikeness. 

But merely reading the Bible is not enough if we are to grow deeper in our faith. We must study the Bible earnestly, remember its teachings, and aim to live out its truth. There are different techniques and tools we can use to help us in these tasks. One of which is a Bible journaling kit. 

Here are the best Bible Journaling Kits we will be reviewing:

What is a Bible Journaling Kit? 

A Bible journaling kit helps you to immerse in the word of God through free and imaginative means. It may enable you to adapt to learning the word of God by showing one’s personality. Also, it provides you with a clear idea of the attitudes, values, and objectives of its users. It includes various tools that allow you to write, doodle, letters, etc. It allows you to maintain personal entries on your Bible and document events and passages that relate to your daily life. This can lead to a changed and better perspective regarding your faith.

Scripture inspires one to bring creativity and artistry to one’s Bible journaling. Even if you are not very artistic, you may use your Bible journaling kit to communicate your thoughts in a manner that is easy for you to grasp, ponder, and convey meaning to God’s word. You can emphasize, write down, or take notes on certain sections of the Bible. This may make it easier to remember the parts that truly speak to you. 

Benefits of Using a Bible Journaling Kit

Why only read the Bible as usual when you may learn far more by noting and using insights you gain from it? Keeping and using a Bible journaling kit has several benefits. Throughout various life experiences, you may attain a different perspective on obeying God’s word through the following:

Helps process and understand God’s word better

Comprehending Scripture is oftentimes not a speedy walk in the park. We may need time to sift through the words to truly understand their message. Often, we read the Bible passively. Therefore, note-taking as we read might help us stay focused more on the Bible and evaluate its message more clearly. Converting our thoughts into concepts we can visualize may assist us in grasping Scripture better.

Aids in the retention of God’s word

Remembering what we read in the Bible is genuinely challenging. It is easy for us to forget ideas, especially when we are bombarded with so much information every day. Using a Bible journaling kit serves as a reminder, as we can go back to the insights we have gained when we read our Bibles. It enables us to stay committed to what we are reading. It likewise aids us in recalling what we read when we are writing or drawing on our Bibles or journals. 

Serves as a platform for creativity

Bible reading can sometimes seem monotonous. It can also feel like a drag, especially for someone who learns through visual and inventive means. A Bible journaling kit offers a way by which one can dive into the word of God and, at the same time, allow one’s creativity to run free. It is a unique way of writing, illustrating, and documenting what we read in the Bible directly onto the Bible pages. People may use their individuality to make Bible journals more personalized to who they are. 

What’s Inside a Bible Journaling Kit?

Many artsy things can be found in a Bible journaling kit. Although these are the basic ones: 

  1. Journaling Bible – Bible with pages that can be filled with notes, art, and designs.
  2. Notebook – This is where you can write your additional thoughts and doodle, draw, etc. 
  3. Pen – Preferably a no-bleed pen. Some Bible journaling kits include pens of different colors.

Other possible inclusions: 

  1. Bible tabs – These help you locate books in the Bible with ease
  2. Colored/watercolor pencils – These help you doodle and design your Bible in your artistic style and preference
  3. Highlighters – Highlighters draw your focus on a specific verse or word that you want to remember
  4. Stickers – Stickers are a fun way to add appeal to your Bible
  5. Ink pads – these are used to put ink on rubber stamps
  6. Washi tape—Washi tapes can be used as page markers or verse markers, as well as for pasting stickers or notes.
  7. Rulers—Rulers may be used to measure journal designs and may be in millimeters, centimeters, or inches.
  8. Stencils – stencils can aid users in creating letterings, designs, or shapes
  9. Specialty papers or Post-its can be used to write down insights and for paper cutouts and other decorative add-ons.
  10. Bible mat – This is used for protection and guidance when designing your Bible journal.

Why Own a Bible Journaling Kit? 

If you want to read the Bible refreshingly and creatively, owning a Bible journaling kit might be the answer. This will allow you to have a fresh take on your faith journey. Using a Bible journaling kit with entries from your daily Bible read will allow you to quickly apply the teachings of the Bible to your life. Getting used to this motivates and encourages you more during life’s challenging stretches. 

Another major obstacle in reading the Bible is simply reading a verse or a chapter and then going on with our day-to-day activities rather than reflecting on the Scripture message. 

Using a Bible journaling kit helps to keep a steady pace in reading the Bible and lets you concentrate on specific portions of the Bible instead of digesting a whole chunk of its message. This includes knowing the verses and chapters better and reflecting on their meaning in our lives. It also assists you to improve your focus, recall, and analysis.  

How to Use a Bible Journaling Kit?

Using a Bible journaling kit might look overwhelming for beginners. Thus, it is important to know that there is no right or wrong way to do it. There is no value judgment given to the result of your creativity in utilizing your kit. It’s best to familiarize yourself with everything in the Bible journaling kit and start by using those that you are comfortable with. 

When reading Scripture and you find yourself resonating with a verse, it is good to reread that verse a couple of times and break it down into pieces. You may also do some research on that specific verse to comprehend its context and meaning. Reflect on why you find this verse significant and visualize how you want to translate that into lettering, doodling, drawing, designing, or writing.

You can then go ahead and interpret that verse through your creativity as you utilize your pens, colored pencils, stencils, stickers, stamps, etc. When you are done, you can return to that page and remember how the word of God impacted you. 

How to Make a Bible Journaling Kit? 

Making your own Bible journaling kit is easy! Get an excellent journaling Bible and a no-bleed pen of your choice to start. You can then list and put together the art tools you want to include in your kit, such as stickers, colored pencils, stamps, etc. 

I recommend the best Bible journaling kits if you want the convenience of having a kit ready for you to use.

Faber-Castell Complete Bible Journaling Kit

Bible Journaling Kit

Faber-Castell is one of the forerunners for office and art supplies. This set includes instruments and inspiration to help you scribble, draw, and write in the margins or on the pages of the Bible. 

This kit comes in a metal case with many different inclusions, such as die cuts, stickers, gelato colors and highlighters, stencils, and Pitt artist pens. The Faber-Castell Complete Bible Journaling Kit focuses on creatively engaging with Scripture. 

It also includes an illustrated design guide, so you need not fret if you’re only a beginner. 


  • Many inclusions
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Wide range of colors for pens
  • Creamy and pigmented pens
  • Larger stencils for easier grip
  • Pens do not bleed or stain


  • Stencils are made out of cardboard, so they can easily be folded or damaged.
  • Highlighters, stencils, and pens may be small 

Mr. Pen 18 Pack No Bleed Bible Journaling Kit

Bible Journaling Kit

Bible journaling entails a pen that does not bleed through sheets and runs smoothly on pages. This is especially true when the reader and user tend to write down most of their thoughts and feelings. This kit by Mr. Pen Store offers 10 gel highlighters and 8 pens in different vibrant colors. The gel highlighters are beneficial to draw, focusing on Bible verses and words without fear of smearing. 


  • It glides smoothly on paper.
  • They will not dry out even when uncapped
  • Pens can be sharpened
  • Fine point pens


  • Ink may run out quickly
  • The cardboard may be too thin
  • Pens may smudge when applied with great pressure

Shuttle Art 33 Pack Bible Journaling Kit

Bible Journaling Kit

This Bible journaling kit is good for artsy beginners as it comes with the basic tools for Bible journaling. The kit includes 10 colors of gel highlighters, 6 colors of retractable ballpoint pens (0.7mm), 3 colors of fine liner pens, 2 colors of curve pens, 5 sets of Bible tabs, 5 stencils, and 1 ruler. It also comes with an easy-to-carry storage bag where you can put gel highlighters and retractable gel pens in the bag and use them anytime when you are reading outdoors or when you have some inspiration.

My favorite about this Bible journaling kit is that its non-toxic and acid-free ink ensures safe use for both kids and adults. It also has a wide range of uses, perfect for journaling, highlighting, writing, and drawing. It is very suitable as a painting tool and stationery for children and teenagers.


  • No bleed-through when used
  • Silky and smooth writing
  • Includes beautiful Bible tabs
  • Easy to carry
  • Safety assurance


  • Some say that the markers smear a lot and leave residue on the page.
  • The highlighters are also waxy and sticky, and they are not easy to control.

G.T. Luscombe One & Done Combo Bible Journaling Kit

Bible Journaling Kit

Take your Bible Journaling and Scripture Art to the next level with this trace-and-transfer art set. With inclusions such as the Royal Langnickel 12-piece colored pencil set and “One & Done” Line Art Transfer Sheets, there is an ample opportunity for creativity to flow. 

The package also includes a collectible lettering style, 4 sheets of graphite paper, 1 bamboo tracing stylus, and ten 5.75″ x 8.5″ reusable tracing sheets.


  • Assortment of colored pencils and tracing sheets
  • The pencils glide smoothly on the paper.
  • Includes 10 reusable tracing sheets
  • It can be used on any journaling Bible.
  • The complete set comes with 1 bamboo tracing stylus.


  • Lacks more stencils
  • The Transfer Sheets are too big for small Bibles

Mr. Pen Bible Kit Bible Journaling Supplies

Bible Journaling Kit

This Bible journaling kit is also friendly to beginners. I appreciate that it comes with Bible tabs, which help me remember and return to specific pages quickly. It also has a pencil case, so you can bring it wherever you go. 

The package includes 6 gel highlighters, 4 Bible pens, 4 fine liners, 1 set of Bible tabs, 1 ruler, a pack of 3 stencils, and a pencil case. What’s impressive about this Bible kit is that it doesn’t bleed through any paper, including magazines and Bibles.

These Bible kits include everything you need to embrace your faith and start engaging with scripture visually and creatively through art.


  • Handy and may be carried around easily
  • Comes with beautifully designed Bible tabs
  • Includes a helpful stencil suitable for most pens 
  • Amazing gift to surprise your loved ones
  • Pens, fine liners, and highlighters don’t smear and are very smooth.


  • Pens may bleed through fine pages
  • It has a limited number of pens and stencils 


Reading and studying the word of God does not have to be uninteresting. Bible journaling kits are a fun and creative way to meditate on Scripture and remember the wisdom the word of God gives. It helps readers find a unique and contemporary approach to Bible reading. It allows us to read Scripture, reflect on the word of God, and preserve the text. 

Some use Bible journaling kits as an expression of one’s devotion, an act of adoration, and a creative outlet. The use of a Bible journaling kit can also be a terrific stress reliever for people who love reading the Bible. Even if you have not journaled before or you do not know where to begin, Bible journaling kits make it easier for you to start. 

Faber-Castell Complete Bible Journaling Kit appears to be the best option and resource for Bible studying through arts and creative tools. This beautifully designed kit is easy to use, so one can draw, doodle, and design while reading the Bible. Faber-Castell is a great partner with whom to continue moving forward in your journey with God’s word through your artistic expression. This can make Bible reading a more enjoyable and meaningful experience. 

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