9 Uplifting Bible Verses about Music

Bible verses about music help lift a person’s thoughts and emotions to God. Through Bible verses about music, we can reflect upon our needs and shortcomings as well as celebrate God’s greatness. 

Whether you’re down or happy, anxious or not, busy or relaxed, spicing your day with a bit of music will always make you feel a little bit better. But did you know that as early as in the Old Testament, music played an important role in the people’s lives on Earth? Today, you’ll find out everything regarding Bible verses about music and how God designed it to be.  

What Are Bible Verses About Music? 

Music played an important role in Israel’s worship and celebration. Music was an expression of love and thanks, and it was a creative way to pass down oral traditions. 

Bible verses about music are God’s wisdom written by different characters in the Bible that tells us about the stories of people who used music to live a life for God. These characters inform us about the use and significance of music in their early lives and our lives today. 

The Book of Psalms is a great collection of songs and prayers that express the heart and soul of humanity. The psalmists honestly poured out their true feelings, reflecting a dynamic, powerful, and life-changing friendship with God through music.

What Does the Bible Say About Music?

Music was created by God and can be returned to him in praise. Psalms and hymns can be great ways to express relief, praise, and thanks when you have been through trouble. The point should always be to worship God or help others through things of this world, including music. 

Expression of our reverence to God

Psalm 147:7 says that we are to express gratitude to the LORD through singing praises and making music to and for Him with instruments. There may be times that we find it hard to talk about our feelings, times when it is extra challenging to process our emotions, times when it is difficult to talk to God about our circumstance, and times when we are speechless of how in awe we are of God’s majestic character.

God made sure that we know that we can use music to express our reverence for Him through all of these. Whether in church service, in the road, or the shower, we can praise Him through the songs we listen to and sing to. 

Part of gathering every believer

David made sure that Solomon had everything in place before David came to rest. He made sure there were skilled and trained musicians who would lead the people into worship when they performed their service (1 Chronicles 6:31-32). So as early as the time in the Old Testament, music has played a key role in the assembly of believers when they come to worship God. 

A God-given gift to certain men and women

Some people are naturally born with amazing talents. It is not an accident that a person is good at singing or playing an instrument. God specifically designed them to be good in music so they could lead people to Him. Just like in 1 Chronicles 25:6-7, it is said that 288 accomplished musicians were trained in making music for the glory of the LORD. 

Can cause ungodly and immoral motives

While music has a way of bringing people closer to God, it can also be used to drive sin. This truth was very evident in the lives of the people in Babylon. Talented musicians used to promote their music through immorality – to fulfill the lusts of men and women. And so, in Revelation 18:22, God said that by the end of time, music from these musicians will never be heard again. 

What is the Significance of Music in the Bible?

Bible Verses about Music

Music reminds us of God’s promises

Singing and music itself have a way of helping us remember the promises of God. I believe it’s easier to memorize a song than a scripture. Do you agree? You may have forgotten a lot of memories over the years, but not the lyrics of your favorite childhood songs. As you can see, there is a gift in music that reminds us of God’s assurance in our lives. 

Music strengthens our faith

Because of how we can easily be reminded of scriptures through songs, the Words of God are now made accessible to us anywhere and anytime. Music written to lead people closer to God can pierce through the deepest parts of one’s soul. These songs are made to bring light and courage to all believers. 

Music teaches us the Word of God

Beautifully written worship music has a way of teaching us the gospel. Yes, the Bible may be too overwhelming sometimes, but it is our responsibility not to be complacent in serving Him. So lyrics from these kinds of music can remind us of the truths about the character of God. Unconsciously, we get to learn more about God when we understand the message of the music.

Music is an outlet of passion and hope

When words seem to fail us, there is music that can help us convey our unspoken emotions. I know many people who put their hearts out into making music for God because of their life circumstances. Their adversities in life are what made a great song that touches other people’s lives. Also, these people understood that the talent they have is for God’s glory alone – the reason why they put so much time and effort into creating music that reflects His love.

The music reflects the heart of Jesus

The purpose of the heart of Jesus is to bring honor and glory to the Lord – which is through worship. Worship, whereas, is our proper response to who God is. Thus, praising and worshipping God through music reflects the heart of Jesus – a heart that serves even the most sinful creature. 

Music is a privilege for all

The Lord made music accessible to anyone. It is a blessing that prepares every heart to worship God. It was created to help people express their love and gratitude for Him. Whether you are cooking or driving, the gift of music can constantly stir your heart into action for Him wherever we are across the globe. 

Music connects us with fellow believers

Every church begins and ends with music as worship. Do you agree? Well, I believe that music has a way of bringing people together who have the same heart and faith. Even in a secular context, people like the same music taste even though they are from different races and cultures. In a church community, we feel more connected with fellow believers when we all sing together than alone. 

Music helps us overcome the attacks of the enemy

Just like how we are reminded of God’s promises through music, it is no different when we overcome spiritual battles. When we feel down or anxious, playing worship music will always uplift our mood. On some days, music brings us to our knees – which is the perfect position to fight the enemy’s attacks. 

Music allows us to express our adoration to God freely

Whether we are musically gifted or not, we immediately feel the freedom to express our emotions when we hear a song that uplifts our mood. It’s like having a free spirit. Singing gives us the energy and time to think, reflect, and connect with the scriptures and promises of God in a more profound way. 

With music, we can better worship God because it engages every part of our being. It elevates our worship experience from mumbling to full-on singing without being ashamed of proclaiming our love for Him. 

Why Is It Important to Read Bible Verses About Music? 

Bible verses about music teach us about how God specifically designed it to be. We must be fully aware of its use and privilege so we can be better stewards of God’s gift for us. While it is one of the most beautiful things God has given us, it can also be a trap that will hinder us from growing spiritually. Reading Bible verses about music lets us fully understand how we should use music for His glory alone.

Bible Verses about Music

How Many Verses in the Bible Talk About Music? 

Throughout the Old and New Testament, we’ve seen God’s people worship Him through singing and playing musical instruments. In the book of Psalms alone, numerous verses are composed of hymns and songs about despair and victory. Overall, there are about 240 verses that speak about music alone. But there are roughly a thousand scriptures that speak about music and other terms related to it. The other terms related to music are melody, hymn, sound, instrument, sing, horn, trumpet, harp, and more.

Famous Bible Verses About Music

Ephesians 5:19-20

We are called to speak to each other in hymns, psalms, spiritual songs, singing, and making melodies with our hearts to God. Also, to always express gratitude to Him the Father for all things in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Hebrews 2:12

Jesus says that He will sing praises of God’s name in the assembly as He declares the Father’s name to all His brothers and sisters.

Psalm 71:23

David says that his lips will shout for joy and his soul, which the Lord has redeemed, as he sings praises to the Lord. 

Exodus 15:1-18

Moses and the Israelites sang a song about the LORD and His wondrous works. He is exalted high, and He will reign forever and ever. 

Psalm 105:2

We’re called to sing to God, sing praises for Him, and proclaim His wonderful deeds.

Psalm 95:2

We are commanded to come and shout joyfully before His presence with a song of gratitude. 

Revelation 15:3

The song of Moses and the Lamb speaks about the greatness of His works and that His ways are true and righteous. He is the Almighty, who is the King of nations.

Judges 5:3

Deborah and Barak sang a song for the kings and rulers. They told them that they would sing praises to the Lord, the God of Israel. 

Psalm 81:1-2

Sing with confidence to God, who is our strength. Shout for joy, start a song, beat the tambourine, and use the lyre and harp to play music for the God of Israel. 

Colossians 3:16

Let the words of Jesus be rooted within your heart as you impart wisdom through hymns, spiritual songs, psalms, and through singing to God with utmost thanksgiving in your heart. 

How Can We Glorify God Through Music?

Bible Verses about Music

Play worship songs when you meditate

One way of glorifying God through music is to listen to worship songs before, during, or after meditating on His Word. It is a creative way of leveling up your devotionals because you are reading His Word and praising Him through well-written songs about His wondrous deeds. There is no wrong way of meditating on the Bible, but it might be more effective for you if you also listen to music while you’re at it.

Use your God-given talent to create music

Everyone is not gifted with a talent in music. Some are naturally born with one, but some need constant practice to enhance their skills. Either way, you can be actively involved in the music ministry of your church. You can learn to write songs about God or learn new instruments for Him. Know that this talent should be used to bring back the glory to Him by also blessing others.

Sing your heart out on worship services

Yes, a church service is not about the praise and worship songs you hear before and after the sermon. But when the lights go dark, and all you can listen to is the heartfelt lyrics and hymn of the music that comes from the speakers – that’s God speaking to you. Do not be ashamed of singing your heart out when you feel God’s presence during these times. If you feel the urge to raise your hands and close your eyes as you sing with the worship team, do it. Do not think twice in proclaiming His goodness, even if you’re just in the stands. 

Express thanksgiving to God

In whatever circumstance you’re in, always give thanks to God. When you cannot put your grateful heart into words, play a piece of uplifting music, so you convey your emotions. When you want to celebrate a small victory, play the music to express your praise to God. In whatever mental and emotional state you’re in now, I hope you find it in your heart to give thanks to God for everything that He has done and for the privilege of worshipping Him through music.

In Summary

We have all the means to worship God. In fact, we have no excuse not to. He has already made everything accessible for us. All we have to do is make the most out of these privileges. Allow yourself to fall in the rhythm of His love. Make Him known through the music you create. Do not be afraid of growth and vulnerability to play the music that speaks about Him. Use the freedom to sing and play your heart out to and for God. Go, honor Him today. 

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