The Power of the Blood of Jesus

God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer, die, and rise again. And the Blood of Jesus plays a significant role in the redemption of humanity.

In silence and peace, we remember Jesus for His magnificent glory. His eminent works became the salvation of every breathing existence. The content of every children’s book is about goodness and righteousness. Thus, we are reminded of such ethereal blessings bestowed upon humans. However, amidst His gloriousness, He is, by far, one out of many mysteries which Science is vying to corroborate with substantial and concrete evidence. 

On the other hand, religious fanatics invest much in this endeavor to uphold their beliefs and axioms, which brings dispute between Science and Religion in hopes of verifying one is better than the other.

Notwithstanding the context of mysteries in Jesus’ life, the blood of Jesus has been put into the center of discussion. Several theories and hearsays stretched out regarding what the blood does, its power, its importance, and its application. Thus, exploring the cavalcade of theories and mere talk, let us care to discover and bring light to the point at issue.

What Does the Blood of Jesus Mean?

At first thought, blood would evoke a meaning straight out of a horror story or belief spread out by old people. As much as the eerie feeling it accompanies due to certain influences from horror movies, the Blood of Jesus in Christian theology has a far more relevant meaning. It means the blood of Christ which was shed from him on the cross. The blood of Jesus, which is shed, symbolizes a cover of humans’ sins. And this blood which now covers our sins, that not even a billion-dollar suitcase will suffice, is the priceless price. 

Theologians associate the blood of Jesus with a metaphorical and symbolic meaning – the act of dying which leads to humans’ redemption from their monstrous sins. A sacrifice of some sort. Remember how old-age people from historical books often sacrifice one of their animals for bountiful blessings in return? That act exactly resonated when Jesus died on the cross and shed blood from all of his wounds – the crown forced on his head, the nails pushed deep into his hands and feet – all of these manifested Jesus’ sacrifice to bring salvation and redemption to humans’ sins. 

Taking into consideration that Jesus is the son of God. God – the Almighty Father capable of creating and destroying all of His creations. In a snap, the Almighty Father could have banished all of His people into torment and punishment in hell, but He didn’t. Instead, sending His own Son to be sacrificed on the cross – an act which indicated that Jesus was the ultimate price. Hence, His blood was the physical evidence of it. Thus, the sacrifice and blood are not to be taken lightly as their meaning symbolizes high importance amid humans’ redemption and another chance in life.

However, it is disheartening, at some point, that we don’t get to hear stories and preachings about its importance. It seemed like people had forgotten about our chance in life that was given to us through the Blood of Jesus. We don’t get enough realizations about how it helps save us every day.

What Does the Blood of Jesus Do?

The blood of Jesus washes away the taints of sins. Honor and apply it in life to wash away our sins.

The blood of Jesus has the power to make you free – the moment Jesus’ bloodshed, both His blood and death, redeemed us from all evil works which succumbed to our human bodies. It washed away the evil doings which overcome our minds and actions. Thus, upon the shedding of His blood, we are remarkably free. The freedom of choosing what is right and wrong and evil’s authority within our body vanished through the blood. A victory we continuously empower up to this very day.

The blood of Jesus has the power to bring us closer to God (Ephesians 2:13).

Shed and Sprinkled Blood

With the implication of heavenly and glorious symbolism of Jesus’ blood, we might confuse “shed” and “sprinkled the blood” with the same intensity of meaning. But no. Shed and sprinkled blood contains meaningful yet different meanings. One implies guilt and the other is mercy. 

The sprinkling of blood is an important part of the ceremony commanded by God. We remember how Moses sprinkled the blood towards the people after the sacrifice. Similarly, Abraham did the same thing when he sacrificed his animal. In the New Testament, Jesus offered wine to symbolize his blood which will be poured out for everyone (Luke 22:20). It is a manifestation that His blood swept away our sins and brought us redemption.

The Blood of Jesus facilitated the remission of sin (Hebrews 9:22). 

God looks at the blood

In the literal sense, it means God saw the blood coming out of Jesus’ body. The bloodshed from Jesus’ body stretched out redemption. Hence, redemption was witnessed by the Almighty Father Himself. 

With that event, He has seen the cleansed souls of each and everyone, despite the people not feeling it physically. And it was the only price that God accepted amidst the bruises of humanity from succumbing into the darkness, although His Son would be condemned to death. However, it was His will and Him witnessing the blood from shedding, which was acceptable partake for redemption and salvation – the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Applying the Blood

Andrew Gabriel, the celebrated author, and theologian condemns the idea of people praying, “I apply the blood of Jesus upon my family,” or even some,” I apply the blood of Jesus in my marriage.” It seems to indicate that a person who prays like this has the higher grace of prayer compared to others who simply pray, “God, please protect my family.”

Such prayer does seem to imply that when you pray, there has to be a technique to be heard by God. Prayer was deemed to have a technique instead of simply normalizing it as a deep communication and conversation with the Lord. 

For a reference point, this “I apply the blood of Jesus” goes back to the allusion from the Old Testament when Moses was trying to save the people of Israel from their oppressors – the Egyptians. Mentioned in Exodus 12:7, when God asked the Israelites, after slaughtering a lamb, to apply some of the blood onto their door frames to be protected from the plague.   

With that scenario, it has then been adapted. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ was referred to as the “Passover lamb” which then indicated similarity with the happenings during the tenth plague. Since then, the application of Jesus’ blood opened doors to the belief that it is for protection. 

Thus, the Bible did not indicate nor mention applying the blood of Christ. Instead, we must apply it in our lives, not the blood, but the sacrifice that Jesus has made to save humanity. Moreover, the Bible pictured to us how God metaphorically applied the blood of Jesus in our lives.

This also applies to pleading the blood of Jesus – that the Bible never asked nor indicated neither any of the two. Doing so, pleading the blood of Jesus is a heartfelt appeal that we are instilling within the power of Jesus over Satan. And again, similar to applying the blood of Jesus, it is done in an act of prayer. It isn’t entirely disrespectful nor in some aspects. 

However, the Bible did not mention any of these because prayer is not a technique, but rather, a deep connection and interaction with the Lord. Talking to God does not require any of us to say “I apply the blood of Jesus,” nor “I plead for the blood of Jesus,” because these two are not at any higher level compared to other prayers. Again, there is no scripture from the Bible which says “applying the blood” and “pleading the blood” will entirely help us redeem our sins if we use it in our prayer. Hence, instead of doing that, people should begin manifesting a truthful and genuine prayer instead of relying on such phrases.

Why is the Blood of Jesus Important?

Apart from the fact that He is the son of God, Jesus’ blood along with His sacrifice redeemed humanity. As much as He is fully God, He is entirely human – a divine and special being who paid for our sins. His blood was powerful enough to unchain us from the authority of the devil. Through it, it atoned our sins and here we are still enjoying the grace and gifts bestowed upon us. 

Most importantly, the blood of Jesus is of high importance because of its relationship with God. As made mentioned, Jesus is fully human and fully God. The blood streaming in his veins is of Mary’s, a human, and of God. A supreme offering made to atone for humanity’s sins and that is something we should always instill within us. It’s not just about being crucified on the cross, but also the struggle Jesus had to bear for the glory of His Father. The Blood of Jesus serves as the foundation of God’s New Covenant

What do the Scriptures say About the Blood of Jesus?

The Scriptures hold blood in special value. In particular, the Bible discusses the Blood of Jesus in all its vitality.

Old Testament

The book of Exodus showed a similar case where applying of blood was present upon the tenth plague, where Israelites were ordered by God to plaster some blood of their slaughtered lambs on their doors for protection – which indeed protected them. 

Also, in accounts with Moses, sprinkling the blood on the people in the midst of saving the Israelites from the Egyptians. It did not entirely discuss the blood of Jesus, as Jesus was not born yet during this time, but it surely became an adaptive basis of the blood of Jesus in the New Testament.

New Testament

The Apostle Paul called Jesus the Lamb at Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7). His death on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice of blood for our sins. In the New Testament, the blood of Jesus was considered with high regard. It is the ultimate price that atoned our sins and redeemed the future of humanity. Protection signifies God’s eternal love for His people.

Powers of the Blood of Jesus

Some were already mentioned above. To further emphasize the power of Jesus’ blood, here are the following:

It redeems us

The sanctity of Jesus’ blood redeemed us from the pious world in which the devil enslaved us. Upon Jesus’ death and blood-shedding from His body, despite His struggles, it paid the ultimate price humanity had to take. This redemption brought us into the life that we are enjoying at this moment. Another chance to live it connected us closer to God.

It connects us to God

Jesus shed His blood and died for redemption. But most importantly, its purpose was to make us realize that God’s mercy is present. His love and magnificence are present. Indeed, the teachings on how Jesus died for us, awed our very young hearts about how much God loves us and through it, finally unchained us from the hands of the devil.

It gives us peace

Knowing that our relationship with the Lord intensified brings us peace. The kind of calmness and serenity which no longer distorts our entirety knowing that our backbone is the Lord. True enough, prayers can change everything. The peace is unlike others.

It cleanses us

Redeemed, connected with God, and empowered with peace, Jesus’ sacrifice cleansed our souls. Our once ruined souls enslaved by the devil are now cleansed upon Jesus’ sacrifice. Moreover, we come into God’s presence, cleansed and ready for a new life.

It overcomes Satan

As mentioned, we were trapped in the hands of the devil – sin after sin came crashing over the world and people succumbed to it. People danced along the waves of sin through Satan. But upon God’s sacrifice of His son Jesus, it overthrew Satan’s hold among us.

It gives us life

True enough, a second chance in life was given. If the sacrifice wasn’t made, we could’ve been trapped in the hands of the devil. Moreover, we would’ve been long dead – but the opposite happened because of Jesus.

How to Plead the Blood of Jesus?

Prayer is the most powerful weapon that we could use against all odds. Deep and heartfelt prayers are a form of communication and interaction with the Lord that we must all do every day. All acts of prayer are one out of many ways to reach out to God. Although the Bible did not emphasize the literal meaning of ”pleading the blood” it allowed us to communicate with God in a form of prayer.

As revealed in the Scripture, we must remind God about His will. Tell the Lord how Jesus poured out His blood for the redemption of the human race so that the Father’s will shall be done. And pray to God that His will shall be done by Jesus’ blood – the ultimate price for salvation.

Nonetheless, prayer is prayer. As long as our hearts and intentions are pure, no matter big or small, God will listen wholeheartedly and grant us the graces that we deserve.

In Summary

It saddens me that Jesus’ sacrifice and blood weren’t preached as how they should be. It wasn’t highlighted in all aspects like how it deserves. Was it because the true meaning was no longer emphasized? Or was it simply because people ignored and neglected because of too much blindness in the materials things offered on Earth. 

Earth is once again filled and succumbed to too much chaos and cruelty. Jesus’ sacrifice should not be left for nothing. Let this second chance in life empower within us the essence and significance of God’s love for us.

The Blood of Jesus is more than a symbol of faith. It is the ultimate act of sacrifice, the giving of one’s life, for others. It saves us, connects us to God, and gives us new life away from sin. Let us always honor Jesus and God’s love by applying Jesus’ teachings in our life.

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