The 5 Best Christian Book Series

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Christian Book Series

  • It is well written, with the proper amount of humor
  • Depending on the persona, the literary style shifts from mystical and archaic to down-to-earth and humorous
  • Every science fiction or fantasy book’s best worldbuilding

Best Overall

Christian Book Series

  • It is a collector’s edition with beautiful illustrations
  • This boxed set edition includes all seven volumes
  • Switching from one persona to another is simple and quick


Christian Book Series

  • They are great read-aloud books for kids of all ages
  • They do not contain obscene language or material
  • It nurtures the soul, feeds the imagination, and strengthens the reader’s character

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Christian book series is, then I’d recommend The Chronicles of Narnia Series Box Set by C. S. Lewis as the best one.

Reading was a huge part of my formative years. I spent endless hours with my nose in a good book. This allowed me to travel to magical places that I could never visit in real life. Reading was my escape, and it never failed to bring me comfort.

My favorite books to read were Christian book series. I love these because I got to know the characters more. Also, I got to relate to their thoughts and emotions in every scenario. It felt like I had friends with the characters I read.

Here are the best Christian Book Series we will be reviewing:

What is a Christian Book Series?

A Christian Book Series is a written series of books to reflect Christian worldviews and values. They assume that there is an omnipotent God that sees everything. The books encourage us to align our thoughts, words, and actions according to the will of God. 

The central theme in a Christian Book Series revolves around the fight between good and evil. They center on how good always wins even when there are many obstacles to be conquered.

Advantages of Reading a Christian Book Series

Better academic performance

Independent readers have a higher level of reading comprehension. They also have better linguistic fluency and general knowledge than non-readers. They improve their reading skills and perform better on achievement exams. Also, they understand the content better than their non-reading classmates.

Develops a love for reading

Introducing new readers to different genres like Christian fiction books can help them discover books they enjoy. 

Shared interests

Reading is more fun if you have a companion who also loves to read. You can use this as your bonding to have quality time together. 

Complexity and Richness

A passion for reading allows you to enhance your vocabulary. At the same time, it instills independence and self-confidence. 

Comprehension and Confidence

Good reading and comprehension abilities are necessary. It increases the enjoyment and effectiveness of reading. It is useful not just in the classroom but also in the workplace and in everyday life.

Deeper Moral Values

Reading Christian Book Series is essential because it promotes emotional and moral development.

Genres of Christian Book Series

For Kids

Christian book series for kids allow children to expand their imaginations by exploring truths from God’s word. The stories are explained thoroughly.  They also feature colorful illustrations and rhyming verses. This makes it easy for kids to pay attention to the story, and gain insight into the language and Christian lessons instilled within the context.  Here are some Christian Book Series for kids that I will recommend: 

  1. The Swamp Robber by Paul Hutchens
  2. Imagination Station by Marianne Hering
  3. Christian Heroes: Then & Now by Janet & George Benge
  4. Kingdom’s Dawn by Chuck Black

For Tweens

Christian book series for tweens will expose them to other viewpoints, cultures, and ways of thinking about what the Bible has to say to us. The authors do this by introducing characters with strong personalities. In addition, they feature exciting plots with theological depth. Below are some Christian Book Series for tweens:

  1. I Want To Be An Airline Pilot (Trilogy) by Mary Weeks Milliard
  2. Celery Brown Series by Karen Rosario Ingerslev
  3. Deepest Darkness by Denise Hayward 
  4. The O’Malley Series by Dee Henderson
  5. Colors of Truth by Tamera Alexander

For Young Adults

It gives young adults a way to deal with unpleasant emotions and situations. It also allows them to grow emotionally and mentally in a harsh world. Below are some Christian Book Series for young adults:

  1. The Crescent Stone by Matt Mikalatos
  2. Blaze by Hope Bolinger
  3. God at Work by Gene Veith
  4. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan
  5. The Writing Desk By Rachel Hauck

For Adults

Christian Book Series for adults are more complex than the others. These books will help adults build or regain their relationship with God. They also encourage the readers to know the word of God to honor Him in different aspects of their lives. 

There are several reasons why you should read books as an adult. You will become a better person because of this habit, and you will be able to live your life to the utmost. Here are some of the best Christian fiction book series for adults that I will recommend:

  1. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
  2. Chasing Shadows by Lynn Austin
  3. A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers
  4. The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate
  5. The Undoing of Saint Silvanus by Beth Moore

What to Consider in Finding Good Christian Book Series

The Intention in Reading a Christian Book Series

Reading with intention entails that you have a specific goal in mind, that you want to connect what you are reading to other material.


Anything that is considered entertaining gives the reader pleasure. Books are entertainment because they pleasure the indulging in them.


Reading is a fantastic way to get ideas. When you read an extraordinary book, you will not even need to search for fresh ideas since they will come to you from the pages. Readers can also find inspiration from the characters of the story. They can emulate the good traits of the protagonist in the series. 


They will be more likely to develop lifelong reading habits if they can absorb the subject and connect it to their own experiences or prior knowledge.


When you enjoy reading a book, you will likely want to read more by the same author. The best Christian book series authors include C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, Ted Dekker, and Francine Rivers among others. They are the authors of the bestselling Christian fiction books in the market.


Read a book review from a reputable source, and then assess whether the genre and plot are acceptable for your children. Inspire your children to read a book that fits their personality, hobbies, and physical and spiritual development stages.


The subject is necessary for both writers and readers. It is vital for communicating and comprehending the meaning of a piece of writing. 

The Chronicles of Narnia Series Box Set by C. S. Lewis 

Christian Book Series

The Chronicles of Narnia is a children’s fantasy fiction classic with a large devoted following. Since the first novel was published, it became well-loved by readers of all ages for its timeless storyline. It is one of the few Christian fiction books that should be read three times: as a kid, as a young adult, and later in life. 

It’s easy to enjoy despite its creative fusion of Christian, Pagan, and Classical ideas. It appeals to younger audiences because of its easy storytelling and magical setting. It also features unique characters such as talking animals. On the other hand, this series appeals to mature audiences because of the underlying themes within the plot.

The novels are filled throughout with the ageless concerns of good and evil, faith and hope. The series also follows the development of the characters as they mature through the years. The changes in their perspectives and moral judgments translate to the readers as both the reader and the character go through the experiences together.  

The Chronicles of Narnia Series by C. S. Lewis comes in a boxed set of paperbacks. It has great quality paper and beautiful illustrations throughout the book. The original black-and-white graphics help you visualize Narnia without the film adaptation. The covers are attractive, sturdy, and protective of the pages inside. The novels are printed in small print but they are still easy to read. Overall, this is a good series of books to engage in regardless of your age. 


  • It is a collector’s edition with beautiful illustrations
  • This boxed set edition includes all seven volumes
  • Switching from one persona to another is simple and quick
  • The novel also depicts the conditions that happen in the plotline, providing the reader with a picture of the characters and setting
  • It is presented and populated with fascinating people


  • Very glossy pages
  • It only has black-and-white illustrations

The Lord of the Rings Series by J.R.R. Tolkien

Christian Book Series

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is an epic tale of friendship, love, and heroism. The epic novels often referred to as a trilogy, are released in three volumes. This Christian fiction narrates the account of the War of the Ring in the mythical Middle-earth. 

The plot of the series revolves around the mystical One Ring. It follows the journey of the hobbits and their friends from the tranquility of the Shire to the foreboding crags of Mordor. The change in setting as the group progresses provides an exciting background to the different challenges the group had to endure throughout their journey. The numerous characters are all engaging, and one can’t help but be sympathetic to their sentiments as the reader gets to have a closer look at their back story. 

The books are compact, and the covers have a lovely, smooth, and leathery feel. This collection is solid but bendy which makes them ideal for carrying around. The sturdy Smyth-sewn binding ensures that these books can be easily opened. The pages are thin, almost like those of a Christian Bible, but they are soft and have a papery feel to them rather than being polished like those of a Bible.


  • It is well written, with the proper amount of humor
  • Depending on the persona, the literary style shifts from mystical and archaic to down-to-earth and humorous
  • Every science fiction or fantasy book’s best worldbuilding
  • It is one of the deepest, most intriguing, and most well-considered Christian fiction books trilogies that have been published
  • This edition includes the 50th anniversary fully corrected text setting and an extensive index


  • There are one or two blank pages before or after each illustration
  • Some phrases may be difficult to comprehend for people with a limited vocabulary
  • It is a big book; the paperback edition has almost 1,300 pages, not counting the appendices

Green Ember Series 8-Book Set by S.D. Smith

Christian Book Series

The Green Ember series is a fantasy narrative for youngsters about rabbits. It is an exciting story that follows a brother and sister rabbit through difficulties and sees them overcome them with light. This Christian fiction is a story about friendship, loyalty, bravery, honor, trust, and wisdom amid challenges. 

Heather and Picket, two young bunnies, are attempting to protect their friend and prince, Prince Jupiter Smalls. The prince is a target of an evil bird called Morbin Blackhawk. Blackhawk assassinated Small’s father and is now attempting to do the same with Prince Jupiter Small, the heir, and successor of the kingdom. 

There are many important lessons to be learned from the thrilling twists and turns throughout the books. The different challenges and dilemmas the characters face prove to be exciting and engaging, especially to young audiences. 


  • They are great read-aloud books for kids of all ages
  • One of the Christian fiction books that do not contain obscene language or material
  • It nurtures the soul, feeds the imagination, and strengthens the reader’s character
  • It is a magnificent story about a group of people banding together to combat evil
  • There were some excellent forgiveness teachings and heartwarming and even humorous moments


  • Illustrations of the pictures are not clear
  • There is far too much mystery
  • Language is very wordy and repetitive

Mark of the Lion Series 3-Book Set by Francine Rivers

Christian Book Series

Francine Rivers, a bestselling author, has a way of engaging you in the story and inspiring you to develop your faith alongside the individuals she portrays. These works have both enlightened and challenged the readers. Rivers doesn’t hold back as she delves into a fascinating person’s psyche, and paints a vivid picture of the Roman Empire at its peak for the reader. This Christian fiction book takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride that is both gritty and brutal at moments, or quiet and intimate at others. 

River’s characters are so well-written that the reader feels as if he’s known them for years. They are certainly worth reading, but you should make sure you have enough time. 


  • They are instilled with scripture, which provides tremendous insights and inspiration for real-life application
  • The narrative is exciting, intriguing, and upbeat
  • This series is action-packed and features several plot lines, all while demonstrating the true meaning of faith
  • The books are quick and easy to read, with a good plot
  • Follows the lead of characters to urge the reader to reflect on himself and evolve


  • There’s a lot of time devoted to explaining sexuality and, to be honest, plain filthy situations
  • The unrealistic people were too perfect and acted in ways that seemed out of character

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Series by  M.J. Thomas

Christian Book Series

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls is a thrilling chapter-book series for children aged six to nine years old. The series is about the journey of Peter, Mary, and their dog Hank, as they find ancient scrolls that transport them to important biblical events. They discover a world full of wonder, adventure, and danger there. They must find clues to unlock the scrolls’ mystery, or they will be trapped in time forever.

Readers find this storyline to be captivating wherein parents tend to find themselves reading the book even after their kids have fallen asleep. It’s a lighthearted religious, humorous, clever, and exciting read. The book is engaging, educational, and entertaining all the same time.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls is a different perspective on the Creation story that brought the story to life. There are some pictures scattered throughout the book, which are helpful for beginners. The characters are well-defined and there are humorous expressions throughout the books. This is an excellent Christian fiction book series because it is rare to come across family-friendly novels that teach Bible lessons. 


  • There are black and white drawings to help the reader in visualizing the book’s setting
  • The chapters are short enough that a reader can get through them, and the terminology will appeal to a wide range of readers
  • It gives the reader an idea of what life might have been like in biblical times.
  • The storyline of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls is sound and affirms God’s goodness to children in a strong way
  • The author advises the readers exactly where areas of the Bible to go to if they want to learn more about the story they read


  • It lacks character development, a logical flow, and even a plausible backstory.


Reading Christian Book Series not only improves our understanding of the word of God but also improves our ability to honor and respect Him in other aspects of our lives. 

The best Christian Book Series that I recommend is The Chronicles of Narnia Series Box Set by C. S. Lewis. It has an incredible characterization, storyline, rhythm, conversation, humor, and a slew of other qualities. It accomplishes something that other fantasy epics do not: it tells a wonderful, timeless, and unified story spanning many chapters, with the major characters changing. Despite this, the plot never loses steam or the reader’s attention.

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