The 5 Best Christian Books for Singles

Editor’s Choice

Christian Books Singles

  • Helps you navigate romantic relationships
  • Gives a God-centered perspective on life stages
  • Includes anecdotal humor

Best Overall

Christian Books Singles

  • Value-driven
  • Eye-opening analysis of human relationships
  • Great for personal growth


Christian Books Singles

  • Great for helping people work through communication issues
  • Insightful about relationships
  • Helps you see the differences between the way men and women think

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best Christian books for singles, then I’d recommend Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend as the best one.

Living as a single can be daunting. You may feel insecure about not having a partner. Or you may feel pressured to accomplish career goals. Then your singleness can also lead to practices that could endanger your Christian life.

Singleness is an emotional rollercoaster. Popular culture and societal pressure can make you feel incomplete, just because you are committed to another person. But if you discern it, you will find that singleness is a gift from God.

No, I’m not joking. Singleness is one of the blessed vocations of the Christian life. It is not a curse. Nor a stage with two diverging paths. Yes, single people can choose to be ordained pastors and preachers or get married. But it is also very fulfilling to surrender yourself to God in single blessedness.

Here are the Best Christian Books for Singles we will be reviewing:

What are Christian Books for Singles?

Books are essential for human development. They entertain, inform, and compel you to do something in your life. But with the wide plethora of books printed since time immemorial and counting, the sheer choice would overwhelm and endanger you. You can read books that can send you the wrong message or incorrect facts. Especially for Christian living, you need to be careful about what you read. So you can practice your faith without muddying it.

Christian books for singles are books that are written from a Christian perspective. They encourage singles in hard and challenging times. Such books inspire, challenge, and move you to embrace your singleness. These are also full of humor and wisdom. They also help you find where God guides you to be. 

All things said, with a Christian book, you can live intentionally and relate to others with love and respect. You will find singleness a fulfilling time and learn to be confident on your own.

What Does the Bible Say About Singleness?

Living as a single can be disheartening, intimidating, and challenging. But you can find great inspiration in reading Christian books. Listen to the Word of God. Take time to discern what God wants for you. And trust in His Will.

Foremost of the Christian books for singles is the Bible. With many different stories of people in varying life stages, you will understand how to navigate life even without a committed partner.

Get inspired by these Biblical pearls of wisdom on single blessedness:

Everything happens in God’s time. There is a season for everything. Every event happens for a purpose. From birth to death, you will cry, laugh, sow, reap, speak, meditate, love and hate.  (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8)

God is your ultimate partner. In all things, He espouses your wellbeing. (Isaiah 54:5)

Follow God. And seek to spread His message with righteousness in word and deed. He shall give you all the things you need. (Matthew 6:33)

Being unmarried is a gift. You are free from the anxieties of life with a partner. But if you cannot control yourself, marry. Passion without commitment is sin. (1 Corinthians 7:7–9

Benefits of Reading Christian Books for Singles

Christian books offer a lot of benefits. They can help you grow spiritually and emotionally. Then you can internalize your faith with books written by theologians and laypeople alike. Such books also help you prepare for your chosen vocation – be it marriage, consecrated life, or single blessedness. Lastly, reading Christian books will help you overcome the challenges of living a Christian life.

Fosters growth in both spiritual and emotional aspects

Christian books can help you mature spiritually. Depending on which book you read, you can get nuggets of wisdom that can help you understand your spirituality and emotions. You will also learn about people’s spiritual struggles and how they overcome them.

Helps you understand deeper the Christian faith

With that, you can also understand the intricacies of your faith through Christian books. You find the principles behind the traditions of your church. And you also learn the deeper concepts of theology and philosophy in your faith. Whether it’s the nature of Christ, Mary’s virginity and motherhood, or the Holy Spirit at work, you will take to heart the Word of God. 

Helps you prepare for settling down

If marriage is in your mind, you would do well to read a Christian book. Doing this will help you relax and unwind from the pressures of society. Once you’ve read enough, you will no longer feel obsessed with finding a partner. You avoid the risk of jumping into a relationship with the wrong relationship. Instead, you will find the fulfillment of waiting for the right person.

Provides actionable solutions to the challenges of a Christian single’s life

In each Christian book is a world full of wisdom. These are the life’s work of people who have struggled through life. These are genuine experiences and clear principles about Christianity. Whether it’s an analysis of spiritual concepts or a memoir of Christian living, Christian books show you how to face the tough life of being a Christian in a world full of sinfulness. All in all, you will find actionable practices on how to live more meaningfully without dropping your faith.

Types of Christian Books for Singles

Reading is a wonderful activity. This fact works well for Christian books. It helps you develop spiritually by learning from the life and expertise of Christian experts. From clergy to everyday Christians, you will find wisdom that could guide you to be righteous and faithful. 

Moreso if you’re single, you will benefit from the different types of Christian books. You can choose from prayerful devotionals, marriage guides, personal growth or self-help books, theology, and Christian romance novels.


Devotionals are daily verse readings and analyses. They usually include meditations on the Word of God. They come in daily format for regular development in your faith. You can use them to relish the divine message in bite-sized portions.

Marriage Books

If you want guidance about marriage, Christian books on that subject are particularly insightful. They offer wisdom that applies to solve different issues in married life. They explore the different facets of the relationship between husband and wife. You will also learn how to work as true partners in parenting and everything else.

Personal Growth

Need insight to improve your character and skillset? You can find Christian self-help books. These books help you integrate your faith into daily tasks and life’s challenges. From navigating relationships to business management, you will grow well in God-guided wisdom. 

Theology Books

You may find confusion about the deep concepts of Christianity. If you need some clarity on spirituality and church traditions, get theology books. These books offer facts and in-depth analyses of the Christian faith. It could help non-Christians understand what it means to be Christian. 

Christian Romance

Are you looking for something good to read while curled up as the rain pours down outside your house? Get a Christian romance. Such books share real insights about human relationships through an engaging, fictional narrative. Bonus points are the relatable and attractive leads.

All these Christian books can help a lot in your single life. They will guide you to see singleness as a priceless gift. And you will find wisdom that serves you throughout your lifetime.

To help you navigate the journey of the Christian life, here are the best Christian books for singles we’ll be reviewing.

Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Christian Books Singles

Our top Christian book for singles is a book on personal growth. Doctors Henry Cloud and John Townsend wrote this book on setting boundaries. This is a bestselling Christian book that has helped over two million people since it was published thirty years ago.

The Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend has timeless principles, with its recent edition updated for contemporary audiences. I love how it was updated to relate to the online world entrenching your personal life. It also helps me in setting boundaries in relationships with people in my social circle. It’s all about protecting yourself from unhealthy commitments.

Boundaries have been eye-opening and freeing. It helped me see which relationships work well and are plain dysfunctional. This book reduced the stress of managing different people at home, work, and beyond.

I found healing from the trauma of past relationships as you read this book daily.


  • Value-driven
  • Eye-opening analysis of human relationships
  • Great for personal growth
  • Healing wounds of the heart and mind
  • Great gift idea


  • May turn off non-Christians with its Scripture-heavy text

Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Christian Books Singles

If you need to sort through communication issues, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ Love and Respect might be an excellent book to read.

It is written with a traditional slant to marriage. And it also gives incredible insights into the different ways men and women think. So it helps you communicate better in your relationships with the opposite sex.

But this book would not help those who suffer from abusive relationships.


  • Great for helping people work through communication issues
  • Insightful about relationships
  • Helps you see the differences between the way men and women think


  • Stresses a lot about traditional marriage roles
  • Puts a lot of blame on marriage issues on the wife
  • Ineffective for people in abusive relationships

Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall

Christian Books Singles

Named wittily, Lady of Waiting is for single women. This book offers incredible advice to help you stop obsessing over Mr. Right. Instead, you will advise on committing your life to God.

I love how it includes journals and study notes. So you can read this daily and reflect upon the nuggets of wisdom within. It helps me take pride in waiting and challenge the societal notion that a woman is only ever complete with a husband.

This book is all about singleness as a gift from God.


  • Encourages you to relish singleness as a gift from God
  • Helps you be confident in yourself without looking for a partner
  • Includes insightful study notes
  • You can even journal with this book


  • Not for widows
  • Lecture-style writing
  • Not for women of color

Single, Dating, Engaged, Married by Ben Stuart

Christian Books Singles

Do you know guidance on how to navigate the different stages of the Christian life? Ben Stuart has created this stand-out book to help people of all ages live righteously and lovingly.

I love how it intersperses Scripture with anecdotes and concrete facts. This is a masterful work woven with accurate advice on the different relationships of human life. This helps you connect with others wisely. So you don’t feel pressured to unhealthy commitments.

You will learn to be happy, whatever stage you are in life.


  • Helps you navigate romantic relationships
  • Gives a God-centered perspective on life stages
  • Includes anecdotal humor
  • Well-researched and practical
  • Great for people of all ages


  • Written from a male perspective
  • Some cliche information
  • Very conservative

31 Prayers for My Future Wife by Aaron Smith

Christian Books Singles

Need a prayer journal as you prepare for marriage? Get Aaron and Jennifer Smith’s comprehensive prayerbook. This is a workbook, notebook, and prayerbook all in one. 

Here you can focus on God’s plan and ask for Him to lead you to the right path every day.

Marriage is a gift and a challenge. The 31 prayers in this book will help discern God’s Will in your life.


  • Great devotional for men
  • Insightful journal book
  • Beginner-friendly
  • A great gift to prepare for marriage
  • Easy to follow


  • Some misprinted pages


Christian books for singles help you navigate life in a world full of temptations, conflicts, and trials. You will find encouragement in times when being alone gets hard. They also challenge the societal norm that singleness is a curse. Instead, you will get inspired to live a meaningful Christian life. Even as a single man or woman, you will realize God’s Will in your life.

The best Christian book for singles is Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. This self-help book is very inspiring and intentional. They help you live with good relationships. And stay away from unhealthy commitments. Its timeless principles help you take care of yourself while living with different people from varying walks of life. This is the best book to read if you want to free yourself from the stress of relationships.

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