The 5 Best Christian Children’s Books

Editor’s Choice

708257: The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
  • Award-winning imagery
  • Lovely narrative of select Bible stories
  • Curriculum kits and additional resources are available

Best Overall

086101: Indescribable
  • The book is hardbound but not bulky
  • Each devotional begins with a Bible verse appropriate for the topic
  • Has captivating images and illustrations


985356: Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know
  • The book is poetic and whimsical.
  • It can be enjoyed at any age.
  • It consists of playful illustrations.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find the best Christian Children’s books, I’d recommend Indescribable by Louie Giglio as the best one.

Have you ever wondered how to introduce your faith to your children? You have come to know the Lord and want to pass on the beautiful truths you now know to the little ones. Can it be done? Can we compete with all the ideas the world is selling them? 

Well, children are learners by nature. They observe and imitate what they are constantly exposed to – books, media, people. This is why setting an atmosphere of wholesome learning in the home is important. Selecting the best Christian children’s books will aid you in this new mission.

Here are the best Christian Children’s Books we’ll be reviewing:

Why Is It Important to Build Your Children’s Faith

We are creatures of habit. Charlotte Mason, a reformed child educator in the 20th century, makes a point. She said, “What you would have the man become, that you must train the child to be” (Parents and Children, p.15). This principle resonates with what the Bible teaches. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

Think about blocks. Every piece builds off another until the desired structure is created. We don’t need all the pieces, just the correct ones. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of hard work.

It is the same thing in building our children’s faith journey. We start with one block, one practice, and one discipline. It can begin with reading the Bible together every morning or going through a devotional before bedtime. And then add another piece, like doing family worship weekly. And another piece – read books together and have discussions about them. We don’t need to know or do everything all at once. We just need to start. And as we do these consistently, we help our children grow in their knowledge of God and Jesus’ ministry, And as we do these consistently, we help our children grow in their knowledge of God.

In the same way, we nourish our bodies with a healthy, well-balanced diet every day. We also need to nourish our spirits every day with the good news. We need strong bodies, but we need stronger spirits in this world. By His grace, when it is time for our children to go out into the world, they will have a solid foundation that is not easily shaken.

Finding The Best Christian Children’s Books

Seeking the right book requires time, effort, and careful attention. Many resources are available in the market right now, but not all of them are helpful. So, what should we look for in Christian children’s books?


The first and most crucial thing to check is content. Select books packed with Gospel truth and sound doctrine, not wishy-washy themes. This involves asking assessment questions – Does it tell the truth? Is this biblical? Is this accurate? Be careful of books that may look attractive but are shallow. Some authors shy away from talking about sin and our need for a Saviour. This can steer our kids away from the essence of the gospel.

It is better to check out books before getting them to save time and money. When selecting resources, consider exploring Bibles for kids that align with our beliefs and values. Most books these days have descriptions, summaries, and sample pages available for review.

It is also good to research book authors and publishers to see if their beliefs align with ours. It is wise to choose books that reflect our faith, especially when we’re only starting to teach our children. As they grow older and wiser, we can present books with a different worldview for discussion purposes. The key is to be present to guide them and answer their questions as they come up.  

Age Appropriate

Picking age-appropriate materials is also essential. Here’s a quick guide for different age groups:

  • Toddlers – The presence of simple, colored illustrations is what makes a children’s Bible good, as it is best suited for their age and promotes the development of fine motor skills. Look for a kid’s Bible that fits this description,
  • Preschoolers – Find read-aloud books with catchy phrases and beautiful artwork that can capture their attention.
  • School-age to Teens – Older kids who can read independently have wider options, but their reading level is a major factor to consider. For elementary kids, consider choosing a typical Bible that is appropriate for their age and reading abilities.

Buying an adult Bible or books that children will struggle to read defeats the purpose and will only frustrate them. Do not be afraid to shelf a book if your child isn’t ready for it yet. Believe me, there will be plenty of time to revisit it in the future.

Types of Christian Children’s Books

Different genres provide us with ingenious ways to teach our children about God. Here are some that you can choose from:


There are Bibles specifically designed for children of different ages. Picture Bibles, select Bible stories. The whole Bible was written in narrative form. The main thing is to choose one that tells God’s redemption plan in a language that can be easily understood by children. These Bibles for kids provide a simplified and engaging presentation of the biblical text, making it accessible and relatable for early readers to grasp the profound message of God’s word.


My eldest child has used different kinds of devotionals over the years. I used to read aloud to her until she started reading on her own. What she enjoys most are the exciting stories that pound Biblical truth. Devotionals are not to replace daily Bible reading but are good supplementary resources.

Values and Character Books

Wonderful Bible stories that show good values and Christ-like character are also enriching. Children learn Bible-based lessons on love, patience, kindness, gentleness, and faithfulness. But what I love are those that address human emotions like anger, sadness, loneliness, and even grief. We tend to overlook these, and it’s nice to know we have these kinds of books at our disposal.

Christian Fiction/Classical

We sometimes think fiction stories are useless when it comes to instilling faith in children, but they are valuable. These narratives have the unique ability to feed children’s wild and hungry imaginations. At the same time, they personify the complexities of humans. They see heroes who fail and villains who repent. They witness grace and forgiveness. At the end of the day, God’s love prevails. The gospel can be better understood when children have points of comparison, like the characters in these stories.

Some of the most fascinating stories with Christian themes are The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and The Lord of The Rings by Tolkien. George MacDonald also has great published works fitting for children.

Church History

How can church history contribute to children’s faith? When our kids study the lives of other believers in the past, their outlook expands. They learn persistence amidst hardships and humility despite persecution. They are no longer limited to their own experiences. Historical narratives provide context, wisdom, and encouragement as we navigate our Christian journey.


This may sound intimidating, but Theology is simply the study of God. Knowing His character and attributes are central to building a solid foundation of faith. How can we fully love and follow someone we do not know, right? Thankfully, some authors have made Theology accessible to children.

Below are some of the best Children’s Bibles that we recommend for your kids. 

Indescribable by Louie Giglio

086101: Indescribable

Louie Giglio does an awesome job of showing that Faith and Science complement each other, contrary to modern belief! He does this in a seamless, natural way that appeals to children. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular kid’s Bibles, as it sparks curiosity and inspires a lifelong love for learning and exploring the wonders of God’s creation.

This stunning book features 100 awe-inspiring, easy-to-follow devotionals that start with a Bible text verse and end with a closing prayer. The Indescribable by Louie Giglio covers a lot of topics under 4 main categories that children delight in Space, Earth, Animals, and People. The Devotional and Prayer sections, along with the book introductions, are concise and perfect for the attention span of young readers. The “Be Amazed” section contains scientific facts that are interesting and informative.

This devotional is a gem among my favorite children’s Bibles. This book marries the majesty of God and His creation. Anyone who reads it will be led from appreciating nature to worshipping the Creator.


  • The book is hardbound but not bulky
  • Each devotional begins with a Bible verse appropriate for the topic
  • Has captivating images and illustrations
  • The double-page spread makes it easier to go over
  • Devotions are not repetitive and not overwhelming
  • It can be enjoyed by both boys and girls


  • Because the entries are short, they are more fitting for younger children as older children may want more.
  • The topics are limited to the 4 areas mentioned

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sarah Lloyd-Jones

708257: The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

Sarah Lloyd-Jones is one of the most loved Christian children’s book authors of all time because of this children’s Bible. She is one of the few who proficiently points every story in the Bible to Jesus. 21 stories from the Old Testament and 23 from the New Testament, retelling beloved Bible stories in a way that perfectly captures the heart of the gospel. Retelling beloved different Bible stories, and it doesn’t hurt to have Jago’s intricate artwork illustrate these stories.

The Jesus Storybook Bible team doesn’t stop with the book. They also produce a lot of enriching materials online. From printable reading plans to Advent and Lent Devotionals to activity ideas and ornaments – all free and downloadable! What a treat! There are also Jesus Storybook Bible playlists on Spotify that the family can enjoy.

This illustrated Bible book is proven, tested, theologically sound, and deeply ministers to early readers. It is a great tool that teaches children to find Jesus in all of scripture. It has been and continues to be a staple in Christian homes.


  • Award-winning imagery
  • Lovely narrative of select Bible stories
  • Curriculum kits and additional resources are available
  • Clear, easy-to-read font
  • Beautiful illustrations


  • Does not include all of the stories or books in the Bible
  • Missing a few key Bible stories

This I Know by Clay Anderson


Based on the well-loved children’s worship song Jesus Loves Me, this particular Bible book opens our children’s eyes to reminders of God’s love in everyday things. The sun, the rain, the trees, the butterflies, and even the seagulls! 

This is a perfect Bible book to use if you want to instill the love of nature in your children. Whether it be nature walks or nature drives, exploring the outdoors is always a good idea. Seeing the characters having fun while taking hikes, stargazing, flying kites, and just enjoying the butterflies can encourage our kids to do the same. 

The completely illustrated children’s Bible book can also be useful for preoccupying kids during long drives. They can learn new things, enjoy themselves, and praise God at the same time! 

It is a heartwarming, wonder-filled beginner’s Bible book. Interestingly, every page ends in “Jesus loves me, this I know…for the ___ tells me so…”. It is not just poetic or familiar; it somehow communicates love.


  • The book is handy, and the size is just right
  • Has gorgeous and colorful illustrations
  • The scenes are appealing
  • The story is written in poetry form that flows naturally


  • The font is tiny/thin and hard to read
  • It can be a bit wordy for smaller, younger kids

You Are Special by Max Lucado


Bestselling author Max Lucado has a special gift of ministering to children and adults through his books. You Are Special, the first book in the Wemmicks series, tells about the somber life of plain Punchinello and the world of the Wemmicks. In their world, performance, beauty, and talent are heavily rewarded, while being “ordinary” is faced with rejection. It is such a relatable story in this era of approval obsession and social media. A much-needed reminder for people of all ages. Not just children. This timeless tale also resonates with readers of the adult, emphasizing the value of inner worth and God’s love in this collection of popular children’s bibles.

Narratives like this that prompt us to reflect on God’s unconditional love for humanity are heartening. It is good to remember that our value should be anchored on God our Creator, and not on anything or anyone else. His love for us is not performance-based, nor should our love for others be. This is a vital truth every child needs to know by heart. This will make a huge impact as they navigate through adolescence and adulthood.

The fitting illustrations of Sergio Martinez accurately portray the story Max Lucado aims to tell.


  • Engaging and exciting Bible stories
  • Characters and circumstances are relatable.
  • The Wemmicks is a 5-book series.


  • The illustrations may be a bit scary for smaller kids

Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know by Melissa Kruger

985356: Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

What a beautiful eye-opener this little Bible storybook is! Melissa Kruger’s powerful message in this has the potential to shift perspectives and redefine parenting for a lot of people. She precisely redirects the spotlight of success from the external to the eternal. From focusing on titles, achievements, and a carefully planned future to desiring a heart that is simply surrendered to Jesus. She does this without disregarding dreams and aspirations but instead redirecting the heart so its end goal is always to glorify God. Wherever they go and in whatever they do.

This crucial message rings true not only for children but also for adults. It is recommended for young kids or children ages 3-8, but anyone who reads this will hopefully walk away knowing better and living better.


  • The book is poetic and whimsical.
  • It can be enjoyed at any age.
  • Consists of playful illustrations
  • It is inclusive of different races and various careers.
  • A good conversation starter on what children want to become or do in the future.


  • It resembles Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go and Dr. Seuss’s “Feels.” This is only a con if you or your children are not really into these kinds of books.


Learning about God and His truths does not have to feel like a chore. With these great authors who are passionate and committed to preaching the gospel to children, our mission to build our children’s faith (and hopefully the next generation!) becomes a tad easier. They are valuable resources for children who start reading the Bible early, guiding them on their spiritual journey.

I’d recommend Indescribable by Louie Giglio as the best children’s Bible book. This beginner’s Bible is one of the few in the market that successfully attributes the wonder of creation to the glory of its creator. It is a good starting point in teaching children about God’s attributes and His love for humanity. The short daily devotions encourage children to read God’s word, like those pieces of Legos, building off one another until God’s grace achieves robust faith.

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