The 5 Best Christian Gifts for Men

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Christian Gifts for Men

  • The pen writes fluidly
  • Attractively boxed pen and keyring set
  • Perfect inspirational gift

Best Overall

Christian Gifts for Men

  • Made with genuine Italian leather
  • Handcrafted by Italian artisans
  • You can personalize this padfolio by adding up to 4 monogrammed initials to the bottom corner of the padfolio


Christian Gifts for Men

  • It is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Made with high-quality ceramic
  • The cup is in a durable gift box to ensure the cup’s safety during shipping

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best Christian gifts for men, then I’d recommend the Maruse Personalized Italian Leather Executive Padfolio as the best one.

One of the ways we celebrate a milestone in someone’s life is by giving them a gift. It’s natural, more so if it’s someone close to us.

For our brother’s birthday, for example. Some of us would bake them a cake or cook them their favorite meal. In contrast, our parents would give him a devotional or his first Bible to encourage him to do his own quiet time.

It is almost automatic that kids make sweet and cute father’s day cards during father’s day. Each one has a personal touch, showcasing their love and appreciation for their fathers. As we grow older, we opt for more physical activities like hiking or fishing.

Giving the best Christian gift to the special men in our lives doesn’t have to be complex. And this will help you know why.

Here are the Best Christian Gifts for Men we will be reviewing:

Purpose of Giving Christian Gifts to Men

Giving gifts can mean a lot of things. As mentioned back in the introduction, gifts are expected in celebrations. Beyond that, bestowing a present conveys gratitude, appreciation, and intention to build relationships.

We can show that we appreciate our husband’s help by cooking him his favorite meal at the end of the day. Acts such as this are also a way for him to know that we pay attention and know our husbands well.

We can build friendships and better work relationships through gift-giving. Help improve work aura by presenting personalized tumblers for each of your workmates.

Even so, gifts don’t always have to be materialistic. There are instances where giving our time and effort speaks for itself, like taking a weekend off to visit your parents—or turning off your work computer early for the night to spend time with your kids.

You see, giving gifts isn’t as hard as it should be. What makes the present the best is the message we wish to convey to the receiver.

What Does the Bible Say About Gift Giving?

Now, if you look into the Bible, there are a lot of verses about giving.

We see in Proverbs 3:27 that we should give to those in need, especially when we have the means to do so. As we jump forward to 1 John 3:17, when we offer as the Bible tells us to, we show the love of God through our actions.

Furthermore, 2 Corinthians 9:7 and Hebrews 13:16 remind us that we should do so with a cheerful heart if we were to give. That we should give not because we have to, but because we want to. And in doing so, we make both the receiver and God happy with our actions.

But most of all, through Proverbs 11:24-25, we know that we do not lose when we give, but we gain so much more than what we have provided. For God blesses those who give so that we don’t have to worry about keeping some for ourselves. Because God has already provided us with more than enough, we should bless others with the same amount.

Lastly, the Bible doesn’t run dry of the gifts God has given us, such as spiritual gifts and gifts of the Holy Spirit. But there is one verse that stands out the most. One of the most well-known verses in the Bible showcases the extent of God’s love for us, John 3:16. To wholly give His only Son as a sacrifice for our sins so that we can have eternal life. If God has done that for us, then there should be no excuse for us not to give to those around us.

Things to Consider When Giving Christian Gifts to Men

What we provide often speaks of how much we know that person. So here is a list of things to consider when choosing the best Christian gift for me:


Try to recall how he likes to spend his time.

Does he enjoy quiet, intimate gatherings with his family and closest friends? An excellent motivational and meditative book or a personalized thick and comfy sweater are good choices.

If he’s the type to thrive in big gatherings with active interaction, then give him something he could use for that, like a good quality Bluetooth speaker or a portable cooler for his next party.

If you’ve got a good sense of what he prefers, then you can narrow the gift choices down.


Take note of the hobbies that he spends the most time on. Does he like taking pictures during hikes? There are hiking gears nowadays that make it convenient to carry your camera with you. Or how about a newer and smaller camera than he has now if you’ve got a little extra budget in your hands.

Does he get inspired by YouTube videos of woodworking projects? It’d be a good idea to gift him a personalized leather apron to use for his next project. You can also get him a new set of woodworking tools so that it’d be easier for him to do his next project.

Associate his gift with something he can use so that he can enjoy doing his hobby even more.


You can also take hints on what to give them through their lifestyles. Is the receiver a gym and wellness enthusiast? Does he like being busy and productive, even when he’s at home from work? You can give him a journal to write down his diet for the week or a list of things to do for that day.

Does he like exploring different art styles? Try to see if his favorite artist features in a visual art dictionary. If he’s into gardening, look and see if there are patterns to the plants he likes. If he does, giving him seedlings is a good idea.

You see, from his lifestyle alone, you’re able to get lots of gift ideas!


Typically, we give gifts when there is an occasion. It’s hard to imagine birthdays or Christmas without gift-giving. So for every occasion, there is an appropriate gift for it.

For birthdays, we often bake them cakes or cook them their favorite meals. If we have the time, we invite the whole family and his friends over for a surprise party.

Father’s day is a worldwide celebrated occasion. Stores won’t miss an opportunity of putting up sales and selected items at half the price. Even restaurants advertise set meals for the whole family.

During Christmas, we deviate from gifting mugs and socks that are half-priced. Instead, we go the extra mile and look for the perfect gift we’ve been eyeing months prior. 


As much as possible, I know that we want to give the best to our loved ones. We want what’s at the top of the bestselling list or the one with the most positive reviews. But sometimes those products don’t fit the budget.

Don’t fret. That should not hinder you from still giving the best gift to that special man in your life.

If there’s a will, there is a way, and there are tons of ways to give the best gift without breaking the bank.

Choosing the Best Christian Gift for Men

Here are things to look for when choosing the best Christian gift for men:

Practical (yet fun!)

I know it’s tempting to give the special man in your life a limited edition watch or the most expensive pair of shoes. But if you sit and think about it, likely, he won’t be able to use that every day. So opt for something practical yet looks unique and fun.

Like a sports-themed insulated tumbler, there’s no doubt he’ll use that every day, either for work or at home. Plus, he will appreciate having his favorite sports showcased through the design.

His needs/wish list

As much as possible, when we give someone a gift, we look for something close to what they need. But that is hard to do sometimes, especially when it seems like our loved ones have everything they need.

So when all else fails and you want a sure way to know what to give him, look through his wish list. Everyone has a wish list these days, especially now that online shopping is prevalent. It’s okay to use this to your advantage.

Have it personalized

Take the extra step and have the gift personalized. Whether it be simple initials on a journal or a custom mug, a personalized gift makes it extra special. Plus, you don’t have to stop giving presents; you can add a personal touch to how you wrap the gift!

Have fun with it! There are many videos on the internet of tutorials on origami gift wrapping. Better if you could use a blank canvas and let your artistic side run wild. Include pictures of memorable events and one-word descriptions of the special man in your life.

The best gift doesn’t have to be pricey

It’s always the thought that counts. Sometimes the most memorable gifts aren’t those with the highest price tags. It’s the thought and effort that a person poured into the gift that makes it unique.

Now there’s nothing wrong with spending money for your loved ones. But that shouldn’t be the only factor. We should also include the previous points.

Remember, a gift can still be unique without the hefty price tag. We just need to do our research, weigh in his needs and wants, and showcase our appreciation for him. 

Here are the best Christian gifts for men that we recommend.

Maruse Personalized Italian Leather Executive Padfolio

Christian Gifts for Men

This beautiful padfolio has a smooth and sleek design that embodies the tradition of crafting leather products. It looks modern and elegant, without sacrificing practicality. Also, it is big enough to fit a 13” laptop or tablet, yet still compact that it doesn’t look bulky when you carry it. It also comes with an A4-sized lined writing pad if you prefer to write things down.

There are slots inside the padfolio to store your credit and business cards. Very practical, and you can have it personalized with the receiver’s initials. This padfolio is a perfect gift for father’s day, anniversaries, and even for Christmas!


  • Made with genuine Italian leather
  • Handcrafted by Italian artisans
  • You can personalize this padfolio by adding up to 4 monogrammed initials to the bottom corner of the padfolio
  • It can fit in a 13” laptop or tablet
  • It comes with a letter-size, lined writing pad
  • You can fit up to four cards on the slots provided
  • This padfolio comes in three colors! Black, brown, and honey


  • The pen loop provided may not hold thick pens
  • The pen loop sometimes impedes the smooth closing of the zipper
  • Any pad that’s bigger than A4 will not fit inside the padfolio

Armor of God Stick Pen and Keyring Gift Box

Christian Gifts for Men

This two-piece gift has a leatherette keychain and a metal woodgrain pen; both components have “Armor of God” printed designs. The top of the box lid has a silver metal emblem with the Full Armor of God logo and a full-color image of Biblical era armor, along with the words of Ephesians 6:14-17 on the interior. Everything together makes a perfect gift for your father, husband, or friend! This gift set combines practicality and wittiness, and the receiver is sure to appreciate it!

The pen has a large rounded lower barrel that twists to release/retract the pen point. Keyring has a black leatherette fob with a silver cross emblem and Eph. 6:13-17 verse reference. I’d recommend this as a confirmation gift for young men, as well as a father’s day and a birthday gift! This set would also look lovely as home decor or office decor. 


  • The pen writes fluidly
  • Attractively boxed pen and keyring set
  • Perfect inspirational gift
  • Pieces fit securely in the specially cut tray
  • Ink is black


  • The box is very fragile
  • The box tends to fall apart when the package is opened
  • In some cases, the pen and keychain are not locked in place, so everything is scattered when you open the box

P. Graham Dunn Inspirational Metal Finished Pocket Knife

Christian Gifts for Men

This collapsible pocket knife has a 3-inch sharp blade and features a laser engraved excerpt from Joshua 1:9 on the wooden handle. You can be sure that the laser engraving won’t fade any time soon, giving the user assurance that it will last a long time. This knife is very versatile yet compact that you can carry it anywhere. Your husband and son can bond over this during their camping or fishing trip together. The knife is suitable for all outdoor activities, whether it be gardening, outdoor barbeques, or woodworks. 

I would recommend this as a gift for outdoorsy men, men who love gardening, or a confirmation gift for young men. This knife is also a good gift for those looking for a pocket knife to replace their old and dull ones.


  • The knife is a good fit in hand, making it easy to use
  • The quote is laser engraved on the handle so that it won’t fade quickly


  • The wooden component varies in a shade that is different from the advertised picture
  • The laser engraving is sometimes too light or too dark, depending on the knife that you receive

Divinity Boutique Man of God Journal

Christian Gifts for Men

The first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful faux leather cover and the suede wrap-around strap. Then as you look closely, embossed on the surface 1 Timothy 6:12 along with “Man of God” catches your eye. Its elegant design doesn’t stop there, not when there is gold leafing on the pages. The attention to detail that went into designing this divinity boutique journal is impressive. Whoever receives this is sure to get excited and use this right away. 

I’d recommend this to those who love journaling or looking to start journaling. This journal would also be helpful during his quiet time and devotions. This journal is also an excellent gift for Christmas


  • There are verses printed on every page of the journal
  • It comes with a bookmark
  • The size is perfect for journaling or for jotting down notes during Sunday service


  • The dimensions may be smaller than in other journals
  • The verses printed are the same; there’s no variation

Wampumtuk Bible Emergency Numbers Funny Coffee Mug

Christian Gifts for Men

This mug is made from 100% pure white ceramic; this funny coffee mug is an excellent gift for coffee lovers. The printing on both sides is helpful and inspirational, in a fun and witty manner. It is a nice mug to use in the morning, drinking your cup of warm joe. Then instead of staring off in the distance, you can read through the Bible “emergency numbers.” Although it’s written with the intent of humor, everything listed is beneficial.

This mug is an excellent gift for coffee and tea lovers. Men of all ages are sure to enjoy this gift; you can never go wrong with it!


  • It is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Made with high-quality ceramic
  • The cup is in a durable gift box to ensure the cup’s safety during shipping


  • The red printing tends to fade faster after washing in the dishwasher
  • The size of the cup may be small than the average coffee cup
  • The printed text is smaller than what was in the description


Out of all the possible gift options we’ve reviewed, the Maruse Personalized Italian Leather Executive Padfolio is the best Christian gift for men. It’s perfect for giving on all occasions; birthdays, father’s day, Christmas, and anniversaries. Its sleek and elegant design puts together practicality and personality. The premium quality and craftsmanship show through; whoever you give it to is sure to love it. 

Aside from working men, I would recommend this to students who carry light as well. This padfolio can help you bring a 13″ laptop, A4 sized lined pad, essential cards you have, and a pen all in one hand!

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