The 5 Best Christian Gifts for Teens

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Christian Gifts for Teens

  • It’s a great complement to those who own a copy of The Action Bible.
  • These game cards are great for family game nights, family devotions, or even for traveling.
  • It is a great way to engage teens and build a connection with them creatively. 

Best Overall

396675: The Epic Bible: God"s Story from Eden to Eternity

  • It’s illustrated and designed by some of Marvel and DC’s top-notch comic book artists.
  • It has a stunning and captivating colorful cover. 
  • It’s a hardbound edition that can withstand repeated and constant reading.


Christian Gifts for Teens

  • They crafted this from genuine leather, which means it is durable. It can last for up to 4-5 years. 
  • It has additional cross-stitching on the side that adds to its durability. 
  • They engraved the verse on a brass metal, which will last longer than the commonly printed ones.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best Christian gifts for teens, then I’d recommend The Epic Bible: God’s Story from Eden to Eternity as the best one.

Giving Christian gifts for teens can be tricky because this is also a confusing and challenging phase in life for them. They can easily change interests or can be picky. If you are trying to find the best Christian gifts for teens, we want to help you out. Here are some tips, insights, and recommendations that you may find valuable as you pick a gift for your young one. 

Here are the best Christian Gifts for Teens we will be reviewing:

What are the Most Common Christian Gifts for Teens

Here is a list of the most common Christian gifts for teens, which are meaningful and engaging. 

Bible for Teens

Being an adolescent can be a confusing time. They struggle with issues such as peer pressure, insecurities, and identity crisis. There may be times when they’re not sure where or who to turn to. Here is where the Bible plays a vital role, for the Word of the Lord is a safe place for everyone who runs to it. It is filled with truth, wisdom, guidance, and hope that young people seriously need. 

Choosing a Bible that teenagers would feel comfortable reading and relating to is very important. It’s about striking a balance between something more mature than a children’s Bible but not as intimidating or weighty as an adult’s one. Giving them the right Bible will help them quickly understand the Word of God, see Him in a whole new way, and grow deeper in their relationship with Him. 

Christian Books for Teens

There’s a quote that goes, “we are what we consume,” and that goes for anyone regardless of age. It’s not just about what we eat but also about what we read, what we listen to, watch, and anything we feed ourselves and our minds. That is why the books that we read also have an impact on how we think and live. 

If the teenager you’re giving the gift to is an avid book reader, choosing a great Christian book for them is a good idea. We have the Word of God as our ultimate guide on how we should live our lives. But He also gave us the gift of books written by fellow believers that provide us with other perspectives on applying God’s Word. Teenage years are formative years, and reading great Christian books can help shape their minds and prepare them for adulthood. 

Christian Teen Devotionals

Just like how a devotional can guide adults in their walk of faith, the same way can a teen devotional can teach young people in theirs. It can give light, explain, and provide perspective on specific verses. It can also provide clarity to some verses or topics that might be confusing. Some teen devotionals also give practical tips on applying the Word of God in their daily lives. And one more great thing about these devotionals is they discuss relatable topics such as family, friendship, relationships, and identity. 

Christian Shirts and Hoodies

We all have different interests, and it’s no different with teenagers. Not all teens are fond of reading, so a book or a devotional might not be the best gift choice for them. If that is the case, a shirt or a hoodie might be a better option. Hoodies are in trend these days and can be a fashionable way of expressing faith. 

These Christian clothing can also serve as an encouragement and reminder of God’s promises and His faithfulness through the scripture in print. What’s even better is that these shirts can even be a way for them to spark a conversation, connect with others, and do their part in sharing the Gospel with other teens. 

Christian Accessories

Many teens enjoy wearing accessories, and a great way to connect to them is by gifting them one or even a set. In this age of social media, it is now easy to search online and check what fashionable accessories we can give to teens. We can have a short verse engraved on a necklace, a keychain, or a bracelet. We can even have their name included to add a more personal touch to it. 

If we don’t have time to get them personalized, there is the option to buy something that has a verse printed on it already. Just like clothing, these faith-based trinkets can also serve as an encouragement and reminder of God’s love and faithfulness to them. 

What the Bible Teaches About Giving Gifts

Giving is not just an act of affection but is, in fact, biblical. Let us gain perspective on what the Bible says about gift giving or giving in general. 

The first is that giving reflects the heart of God. James 1:17 tells us that whatever is perfect or pleasant is a present from God our Father, coming down to us from heaven. The Bible also reminds us in  2 Corinthians 9:7 that God delights in those who give with joy. We bear His image, so we are also to imitate his heart. The more we follow and obey Him, the more we show and share His character. 

Giving is our act of praise or worship. When we share intending to bless others, we are honoring the Lord. As King David had sung in Psalm 116:12, what can we offer or give back to the Lord for everything He has done for us? Whatever we have is from the Lord, and when we give, we become good stewards of it and show His Lordship in our lives. 

What are the Benefits of Giving Christian Gifts for Teens

It Teaches Them Generosity

When we give cheerfully, we reflect God’s generosity. When teenagers see how it brings us joy to bless them with gifts, we also impart the value of giving to them. The Bible teaches us how giving is more beneficial than receiving (Acts 20:35). We also share the same Bible-based values with our teens when they see cheerful giving in action from us. 

It Can Greatly Impact Their Faith

When we give a faith-based or Bible-based gift to a teen, we can think of it as sowing a seed for the next generation. It may seem like a simple gesture, but we are somehow taking part in shaping their minds and their lives. When we give something that will encourage or motivate them, lead them to the saving knowledge of the Gospel, or help them grow in faith, we deposit something valuable in their hearts. 

As it says in Proverbs 22:6, we direct or point our children to the right path, so when they grow up, they will not leave it. When we give to teens, we are planting seeds for the future and, at the same time, doing our part in advancing God’s kingdom.

It Encourages Them to Grow in Faith

It is also emphasized in Psalm 78:6-7 that when we share our faith with the next generation, we teach them to put their trust and confidence in God; they would never forget His deeds, and they would obey His commands. 

Whether it be a clothing or accessory that has an encouraging verse, or a teen devotional or Bible, it is a reminder to them of God’s love and faithfulness. It brings them a step closer to Him and serves as an encouragement to know Him more and grow in their relationship with Him. 

Best Occasions to Give Christian Gifts for Teens

It’s always a joy to celebrate one’s faith. Marking a milestone or sharing a happy event with the young people in our lives help us be more intentional in choosing the best Christian gifts for teens. Here are some of the best occasions where we can give them a gift and celebrate with them. 


Easter is such a joyous occasion to celebrate. It reminds us of the resurrection of Christ, proving that He is God and gaining victory over sin and death. And through His resurrection, we have this hope of living a victorious life here on earth and living a life of eternity with Him. Sharing this joy with the younger generation by giving them a gift relating to this momentous occasion will help them understand the weight and value of Christ’s gift of salvation to us. 


Almost everybody who celebrates Christmas loves this holiday. Here is the occasion where family and friends come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Because this is the season of gift-giving, it’s the perfect time to give a Christian gift to the teen in our house or our circle of friends. We share the blessing of having Christ in our lives as we present them with a meaningful present. 


As we celebrate a teen’s life during their birthday, this is also a perfect time to give them a faith-based gift. Birthdays are milestones, rejoicing in how much they’ve matured and grown wiser in the year that passed. It’s a beautiful time to give them a gift that would help shape their minds and encourage them to grow in faith and in knowing God more. 


Graduation is another milestone to celebrate with teens, where a season has ended and a new season is about to begin. As they enter a new stage in their lives, giving them an encouraging present is only fitting. They will need all the motivation and inspiration they can get to help them get through this transition. 

Teen Baptism (Water Baptism)

Teen or water baptism is a huge step of faith and an act of boldness as they publicly proclaim their faith. Giving them a Bible-based present shows them that they’ve got our support, and we’re with them in their faith journey. We are showing them that we are rejoicing with them, and we are encouraging them to pursue their decision to follow Christ and live a life that glorifies Him. 

What to Consider in Choosing Christian Gifts for Teens

We also want our presents to be something of value for the teens that we are blessing with a gift. Here are some essential things to consider when you’re looking for a Christian gift for teens. 


What might be interesting for a 13-year-old might not be interesting for a 19-year-old. That is why we must also consider the teen’s age to whom we will give the gift. It must be appropriate to their age. It might just gather dust if it’s something they’re not yet able to understand or something they’re no longer interested in. 

Hobbies or Interests

Getting to know the interest of the teen is also essential. As we’ve mentioned previously, a kid who’s not an avid reader may not find a Christian book for teens engaging. That would defeat the purpose of us trying to give a meaningful or encouraging present to them. We have to know the activities they’re into or the things that they find joy in. This will give us an idea of what to give them as a present.

Meaning or Significance of the Gift

Gifts are ways to connect with people and in expressing affection for others. That’s why when we put a lot of thought into the present we want to give; it becomes a valuable item to the person to whom we’re giving it. Teenage years can sometimes be challenging, especially when they are confused and finding their identity and purpose. A book of their favorite author, a set of trinkets they’ve been eyeing for a while now, a shirt that has their favorite verse printed on it; when we give them something that’s of great significance to them, it makes them feel loved, valued and cared for. 

We know it can be a challenge to find gifts for our teenagers. That’s why we are here to help you by listing down some of the best Christian gifts for teens. These may help give you an idea of which present to get. 

The Epic Bible: God’s Story from Eden to Eternity

396675: The Epic Bible: God"s Story from Eden to Eternity

A Bible created and designed by some of Marvel and DC’s top-notch comic book artists; this is The Epic Bible: God’s Story from Eden to Eternity. It presents visual storytelling from the book of Genesis to Revelation with its unique graphic art. Here is a hardcover edition, and even the cover itself is stunning and captivating. It can catch the attention of even the most hesitant readers with its dramatic designs and vivid scenes in the Bible. 

Every page is action-packed and filled with powerful illustrations that present a lifelike glimpse of Creation, the Israelites’ story, the life of Jesus, and the early church. Teens who are readers of comic and graphing books will find this vibrant rendition of the scripture fascinating. It has 169 stories from the Bible, starting from Creation to Revelation. The text is based on the New Living Translation to make the dialogues easier to read. 

There are also references to Bible verses at the bottom of each page so readers can follow along. The makers worked in staying faithful to the accounts of the timeline in the Bible. It even has a bonus chapter, “Between the Testament.” This chapter adds an interesting historical context that includes the Roman invasion of Jerusalem. 


  • It’s illustrated and designed by some of Marvel and DC’s top-notch comic book artists.
  • It has a stunning and captivating colorful cover. 
  • It’s a hardbound edition that can withstand repeated and constant reading. 
  • Every page is action-packed and filled with powerful illustrations.
  • It has a bonus chapter that adds a historical context. 


  • It’s not for those who are looking for in-depth stories. The stories are brief illustrations and versions. 
  • Some illustrations are very graphic and can be seen as “too dark” by some. 
  • It’s not the complete version of the Bible, as it only includes 169 stories. 

The Action Bible Guess-It Game Cards 

Christian Gifts for Teens

Another way to learn the Bible is through games. The Action Bible Guess-It Game Cards is a great gift to broaden the Bible knowledge of teens. It comes with 99 chunky cards that have 20 clues on each of them. It also includes a Quick Reference Guide that will help them find each of the stories in The Action Bible. 

The instruction card gives them up to three ideas or ways how to play the game. These game cards are great for family game nights, family devotions, or even for traveling. They can even bring this to youth groups or camps, and they can also play it with other teens or kids to start a connection with them. 2 or more players can play this game, and it can ban an enjoyable way to bond and get kids interested in learning the Bible. Plus, the comic illustrations or pictures are very appealing to the youth. 

If the teen you will give this to is a small group leader or a Sunday school teacher, this can be meaningful. They can use this as an ice breaker during Bible studies. And they can also use this to engage the kids and capture their attention during Sunday school. It’s not only the receiver of the gift who will benefit from this, but they can also share the joy with their family, friends, and church family. 


  • It’s a great complement to those who own a copy of The Action Bible.
  • These game cards are great for family game nights, family devotions, or even for traveling.
  • It is a great way to engage teens and build a connection with them creatively. 
  • It is a fun ice breaker for youth groups, youth camps, or Bible studies. 
  • The questions range from easy to obscure, which adds up to the fun and challenge of the game. 


  • The instructions on how to play the game can be confusing for some. 
  • Some of the questions are too difficult for the young ones. 

Live in Light: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls 

Christian Gifts for Teens

The Live in Light devotional for teen girls tackles the most common issues of young girls. Identity crisis, friendship drama, crushes, the stress in school, and other complex stuff girls their age deal with. A lot of these things can leave them feeling they are alone or in the dark. Live in Light provides biblical guidance and wisdom on how to face these challenges. From dealing with social media pressure and its concept of perfection to dealing with frenemies to dating, the 5-minute devotions help shape the woman God desires them to be. 

Inside the Live in Light are quick and practical readings that teenage girls can easily fit into their day during their free time. There are nuggets of wisdom from the Bible that they can apply to their everyday life. It provides tips on relating and using God’s Word to deal with topics such as pressure from social media, self-worth, value, and body image. 

The brief devotions will help teen girls build a solid foundation of faith to bloom and thrive in this modern world. The author provides a practical and biblical perspective on how teens can walk with Jesus amidst the challenges through her beautifully crafted words. 


  • The devotions are brief and don’t take up much time to read. It’s an easy way to capture a young girl’s attention. 
  • The tips and biblical wisdom shared by the author are relevant and relatable. 
  • It provides ways how to relate God’s Word to the teen’s daily life. 
  • It’s an excellent tool for parents to build a connection with their teenage daughters. 
  • It deals with complex topics such as managing emotions, setting healthy boundaries, and purity. And the author’s bits of advice is presented in a non-complex and straightforward manner. 
  • It gives terrific advice on how to balance a teen’s life and her relationship with God. 


  • The font is tiny and lightly printed, which makes it challenging to read. 
  • Because it is a quick read, it would not work for those looking for a more in-depth commentary or advice. 
  • The pages are fragile and can easily be torn off or fall off. The owner needs to handle it with extreme care. 

Christian Art Gifts Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

Christian Gifts for Teens

Give a gift of encouragement through the I Know the Plans Genuine Leather Wallet by Christian Art Gifts. It features the verse from Jeremiah 29:11, which delivers the promise of God and His plans to prosper us and not to bring us harm. They engraved this passage in a brass metal badge strip on the front part of the wallet. 

This gift is a perfect expression of our affection and how we honor the person we will give this present to. It is an excellent way of carrying God’s promise all the time. It sparks the faith and serves as an encouragement and reminder every time the owner takes or pulls it out. 

This wallet is genuinely and exquisitely crafted and designed from authentic brown leather. It has a bifold design, an ID card pocket, a two-section billfold pocket, eight credit/debit cards, and three multipurpose slots. Offers durable quality with cross-stitching along its sides that adds support. It also has a snap closure that helps secure the contents of the wallet. Its size is 4.5 x 3.75 inches they had beautifully packaged in a gift box. It can be a great graduation or birthday gift to a young man. 


  • They crafted this from genuine leather, which means it is durable. It can last for up to 4-5 years. 
  • It has additional cross-stitching on the side that adds to its durability. 
  • They engraved the verse on a brass metal, which will last longer than the commonly printed ones. 
  • The engraved scripture is a beautiful reminder of God’s promises and faithfulness. 
  • Snap closure that helps secure the contents of the wallet. 


  • Although the wallet itself is durable, the metal where the verse is engraved can easily fall off. 
  • Another issue about the metal is it can easily be scratched, which would affect its appearance. 

Jeremiah 29:11 I Know The Plans Pink Water Bottle 

Christian Gifts for Teens

The I Know The Plans Pink Water Bottle by Christian Art Gifts is a refillable eco water bottle. It makes a healthier and safer alternative to disposable cups and bottles. It’s BPA and lead-free, and you can fill it not only with water but also soda, sweet tea, lemonade, milkshake, and more! This sports water bottle has a wide mouth opening that allows for easier cleaning. It is only suitable for handwashing, though. It’s not dishwasher, freezer, or microwave safe.

This eco bottle also features a lid that flips the top upon the push of a button. It also has a lock feature that prevents or stops accidental opening and spillage. You can easily lock and unlock it by just rotating the ring. You can remove the lid entirely whenever you need to wash the bottle. 

The size of this sports water bottle is convenient enough to fit most truck or car beverage holders, gym bags, strollers, tote bags, or backpacks. It is not only stylish but easy to carry on the go too. It is both a practical and motivational gift as the gift receiver will continue to be reminded of God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11 each time he uses this water bottle. 


  • An eco-friendly water bottle makes it a healthier and safer alternative to disposable cups and bottles. 
  • Lead-free, BPA-free, and made of safe food-grade plastic. 
  • It has a webbing carry loop that makes it handy and easy to carry around. 
  • Comes with a rotating locking feature that prevents or stops accidental opening and spillage. 
  • It has a wide mouth opening that allows for easier cleaning. 


  • You can only handwash it because it’s not dishwasher safe. 
  • It’s not that durable and can easily break when you drop it, so you need to handle it carefully. 
  • It can be challenging to open and close the lid. 


And so, we hope we were able to provide valuable insights and tips that you could use in choosing the best Christian gifts for teens. May we always remember to be intentional and joyful in our giving. It is the will of the Lord so that we may glorify him through our generosity. 

These are just some of the best Christian gifts for teens that you can choose from. If we are to recommend just one, The Epic Bible: God’s Story from Eden to Eternity makes it on top of our list, and here is why. 

First, the graphics and illustrations are stunning. If we want to capture a teen’s attention and make them interested in learning the Word of God, this is a perfect tool. Another reason is it is hardbound, which means it is durable and can withstand rough handling and constant reading. The beautiful design and the overall look would make the gift receiver feel that we value their joy. And finally, it is easy to understand and digest. It is a perfect complement to the complete Bible. 

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