Guide to the Best Church Banners

Editor’s Choice

5102178: Rustic Charm Community (31 inch x 79 inch) RollUp Banner
  • Banner rolls back into attached base for storage
  • Base Stabilizers measures 15 inches long x 2 inches wide
  • Includes a black nylon carrying & storage bag

Best Overall

5102406: Flourish Welcome (31 inch x 79 inch) RollUp Banner

  • Banner rolls back into attached base for storage
  • Aluminum base with two stabilizing feet that rotate 360 degrees
  • The aluminum assembly pole folds into 3 sections


5102673: Welcome Diamond Purple 2" x 6" Fabric Sleeve Banner
  • Printed on both sides
  • The design has bright and sharp colors
  • It is made of non-wrinkle, double knit polyester fabric

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best church banners, then I’d recommend the Flourish Welcome 31 inch x 79-inch Roll Up Banner as the best one.

Remember attending church ministry events and activities in our younger years? Upon setting foot at the venue, we already felt welcome. Several factors contributed to that inviting atmosphere. 

Church members were greeting every participant with a friendly smile by the door. I could hear upbeat worship songs in the background. There were colorful church banners around that moved you to an attitude of excitement and praise. This article will talk about church banners and their role in church congregations. 

Here are the best Church Banners we will be reviewing:

What are Church Banners?

Church banners are headings with slogans and designs used in church venues for different church ministries and activities. Church banners are found at strategic corners of the church where people can easily see them. Church banners are made of various materials such as cloth, vinyl, mesh, to name a few. 

When is it Best to Use Church Banners?

Church banners for Christmas

Christmas is an eventful time for the church. It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus as one body of Christ. There are many church activities and happenings during this season – from services to fellowship parties. Amid the holiday rush and festivities, people tend to forget the significance of Christmas. Having a church banner for these specific occasions is an excellent way to remind the congregation of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Church banners for Easter

Church banners for Easter serve as a welcome invitation for people to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Easter is when the church rejoices in the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Messiah. Church banners with declarations and designs that point to this powerful event can usher the congregation into praise.

Church banners for ministries and other occasions

Churches have different ministries that cater to the congregation. Some of them are the youth ministry, men and women’s ministry, family ministry, etc. Through these various ministries, churches hold activities that help strengthen one’s faith. These activities include conventions, seminars, fellowship events, etc. Church banners aid in informing and ushering people during these church events.

Kinds of Church Banners

Church banners with scripture

People use banners to proclaim a message and declare allegiance in the Bible. Church banners with scripture verses are an excellent way to provide a solid visual statement of allegiance to Christ. Church banners with scripture remind the congregation of their worship and praise to God. 

Church banner for outdoors

Yard signs

Yard signs are a great way to guide people from your church’s gate or front yard. You can also put them at any part of the church property to give participants direction or information during a church event. The common kinds are the H-frame and I-frame yard signs. They derive their names from the shape of their wired sign frames.

Feather flags

Feather flags are excellent church banners to grab people’s attention. Others call them “flutter” flags and wind flags. They are tall and narrow flags that attach to a pole with varying heights. Feather flags move alongside the wind. This movement adds to their appeal in drawing people’s focus. Feather flags contain minimal text and have attractive designs.

Light pole banner

Light pole banners, also known as street pole banners, can be used for church celebrations, events, and décor. It typically uses vinyl or fabric and can be one-sided or two-sided. Light pole banners are an excellent church banner on city roads during huge church conventions to invite more people. You can also situate them in the church parking lot and campuses.

Handheld signs

There’s no better way to greet churchgoers than a handheld sign. As a church greeter, you can hold this church banner, flash your friendliest smile, and welcome churchgoers to church services and events. Handheld signs also give direction and information. With set protocols nowadays, handheld signs are also a great way of reminding the congregation about safety guidelines. 

Church banner for indoors

Floor decal

A floor decal is an inexpensive but lasting church banner. It unconventionally captures the attention of people. The convenience and versatility of a floor decal make it an excellent option for décor and information. You can use floor decals to give direction and to save space. During this health crisis, floor decals remind people of social distancing guidelines.

Church banner stands

Church banner stands are probably the most popular banners that churches use. They come in different kinds: tabletop, retractable, rigid, tension, and fabric. They’re easy to set up and convenient to transport, carry, and store. They can be placed anywhere on the church property.

Importance of Church Banners

Helps in awareness and welcoming churchgoers

Church banners aid in making your church more welcoming. Sometimes, there is a shortage of ushers and greeters to reach out to visitors and church members during services and events. Using church banners mitigates such concern. With different kinds, church banners cater to a broad audience. They can capture the attention of drivers on the road, passersby in the street, and the whole church congregation. 

Church banners also present special events and activities and introduce new series for church services. They give information for what the church has in store for churchgoers and visitors. 

Inspire worship and celebration

Churches celebrate different seasons and events – from Easter to Christmas, from baptism to weddings. Church banners add excitement and festive glee to these celebrations, as the psalmist pens that we will proclaim in joy our salvation. In the name of our Lord, we will set up our banners. (Psalm 20:5). 

Showcase creativity

God is creative. His creativity is revealed in the whole of creation, and He has gifted His people with creativity as well. We can show this through church banner artwork and design using colors, visual imagery, and intentional words. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Church Banners


Make sure there’s a clear theme on church banners to make the message come across more powerfully. Consider that the theme inspires, invites, and informs church members and guests. You can ask yourself some questions to come up with solid themes like, “what do I want church members and visitors to know?” “Do the words and design depict such a message?” and “Does the church banner inspire people into action?”


Since church banners are used for activities and events, you’ll want them to be solid and durable. Some church banners are not event-specific, and using them repeatedly will cause wear and tear. Therefore, consider that the stand, hinges, and material are long-lasting.


The design is the focal point of a church banner. It’s the design that captures the attention of the audience. Colorful and vibrant designs provide gladness and excitement. Make sure too that the layout of text and images is appealing. These modern times also embrace minimalist designs.


There are ready-to-use church banners, but customization options are also possible. You can add graphics, photos, and texts. You can also choose fabric, shapes, and materials to be used. In customizing church banners, you can release your creativity all the more!


Churches use banners repeatedly during many church events and celebrations. It is preferable to buy a quality church banner worth the church’s money.

Flourish Welcome 31 inch x 79-inch Roll Up Banner

5102406: Flourish Welcome (31 inch x 79 inch) RollUp Banner

An inviting spirit is vital in the role of the church. With the words “Welcome” and “we’re glad you’re here,” the Flourish Welcome 31 inch x 79-inch Roll Up Banner aids in welcoming church members and guests to Sunday services, gatherings, and other church events. Its no-curl material makes it durable. Therefore you can use it many times for different occasions. 

The flourish swirl design with blue background is warm to the eyes. It is a retractable and foldable church banner which means that you do not have to order a separate banner stand. If fully open, the flourish church banner measures 2’7” by 6’7”. It also comes with a nylon bag which makes it portable. This Flourish church banner is excellent to situate in the church lobby, door entrance, and other strategic places to welcome the congregation.


  • Banner rolls back into attached base for storage
  • Aluminum base with two stabilizing feet that rotate 360 degrees
  • The aluminum assembly pole folds into 3 sections
  • Includes a black nylon carrying & storage bag
  • Includes a thick padded black felt piece that wraps the banner


  • Customization is not available

Rustic Charm Community 31-inch x 79-inch Roll Up Banner

5102178: Rustic Charm Community (31 inch x 79 inch) RollUp Banner

Many people appreciate rustic designs for their earthy and warm tones. This church banner with a rustic design is simple yet elegant. Such design makes it appealing and inviting to the congregation and visitors. With its high quality, this church banner is long-lasting and versatile. 

Its retractable mechanism provides ease of setting and fixing up. It also comes with an easy-to-carry nylon bag. It has the word Community, solidifying the church’s connectedness message. It is excellent for fellowship and ministry events and Sunday worship services.


  • Banner rolls back into attached base for storage
  • Base Stabilizers measures 15 inches long x 2 inches wide
  • Includes a black nylon carrying & storage bag
  • The aluminum assembly pole can be stored in a dedicated compartment in the base
  • Base Dimensions measures 32 inches long x 3.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide


  • The design may be too bland

Campus Series 5-set X-Stand Banner

148270: Campus Series X-Stand Banner 5/set

Some churches have their campus ministry to build up future young adult leaders. University campuses become the mission field to share the gospel and equip students. This campus series banner is perfect for campus ministry events. It comes in a package of church banners with different text designs. 

The words WELCOME, CONNECT, LEARN, WORSHIP, SERVE are the general core values of every campus ministry. All five banners have a width of 23 inches and a height of 63 inches. With a satin polyester canvas, maintenance is easy. You are also assured that the material does not easily tear and curl. This church banner is made for an x-frame stand, making the setup a breeze. You can use it repeatedly without the hassle of complicated assembling. 


  • It comes with a full set of five Campus Series X-Stand banners
  • Does not curl or tear
  • Digitally printed polyester canvas
  • Easy to care
  • Fuss-free setup


  • The X-frame stand is sold separately

Welcome Seasons Set of 4 X-Stand Banners

142464: Welcome Seasons X-Stand Banners, Set of 4 (23 inch x 63 inch)

When the church uses the same banner all year round, sometimes it loses its appeal. People pass by them casually without even having to look. But then, having a myriad of designs for different church banners is costly. Thus this 4-series church banner is an excellent way to address such concern. 

You get to change your welcome church banner four times a year as seasons change: with winter, spring, summer, and fall designs. Their vibrant colors are attractive to visitors and church members. Framing on the stand takes just about a minute for a stress-free setup. 


  • Easy to care
  • Fully-hemmed edges with reinforced corners
  • Includes four reinforced grommets for easy placement on the stand
  • It fits easily onto an X-banner stand
  • It is made from digitally printed polyester canvas


  • Recommended for indoor use only

Welcome Diamond Purple 2”x6” Fabric Sleeve Banner

5102673: Welcome Diamond Purple 2" x 6" Fabric Sleeve Banner

A welcome center is a designated spot or room in the church that allows visitors to fellowship and discuss with church members. After the Sunday service, I remember people gathering to know the congregation more at the welcome center. 

Since the welcome center is a place that accommodates visitors and other members, it’s great to have a church banner accentuate it. This fabric sleeve church banner has a striking geometric design and is made of polyester fabric. 

Assembly is done by sliding the sleeve into the base frame. The design prints on both sides so you can situate it in any spot and not just a corner of the room. 


  • Printed on both sides
  • The design has bright and sharp colors
  • It is made of non-wrinkle, double knit polyester fabric
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle in cold water
  • It is made using dye-sublimation printing


  • It may take more time and effort to assemble
  • Base and sleeve are purchased separately


Church banners are a great tool to use in church ministry and events. People appreciate visual messages, whether it’s for a specific occasion or a general reminder. Church banners help welcome and give vital information to the church congregation and visitors. Their vibrant colors and designs catch the audience’s attention, making the message clearer and concise. 

The best church banner I’d recommend is the Flourish Welcome 31 inch x 79-inch Roll Up Banner. It is multipurpose; thus, you can use it for any occasion. The quality allows for repeated usage and mobility. Assembly, storage, and upkeep are all effortless. 

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