Guide to the Best Church Oil Candles

Editor’s Choice

Church Oil Candles

  • 8-hours burn time
  • Burns cleaner than solid wax candles
  • Non-staining, and no melted wax mess

Best Overall

Church Oil Candles

  • Clean burning than traditional wax candles
  • Long-lasting, longer than traditional votives
  • Easy to clean


Church Oil Candles

  • Includes a plastic funnel for easy refilling
  • Includes free 16 ounces of Firefly lamp oil for immediate use after unpacking
  • It can be customized using Firefly Lamp Oil Dye if users prefer colored lamp oil

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best church oil candles, then I’d recommend the D’Light Online HD12-144 Liquid Votive Candles as the best one.

Candles have had a spiritual association since time immemorial. Many people parallel a lit candle with symbolism like Jesus as the light of the world and God’s illuminating and brilliant power. Long ago, when Christians would meet at twilight or dusk, they needed a light source to prevent falling or stumbling. 

Candles were a great source of light for them. Up to this day, churches use candles in ceremonies, gatherings, and services. There are a variety of candles out there. This article will discuss church oil candles as a great tool to use.

Here are the best Church Oil Candles we will be reviewing:

What are Church Oil Candles?

Church oil candles are made of oils such as paraffin oil or other mineral oils that are placed in a container. They are a cleaner option than wax candles as they do not produce soot and smoke. Church oil candles are also beautiful, economical, and dripless alternatives to expensive, messy, and hazardous wax candles.  

Kinds of Church Oil Candles

Refillable liquid candles

The oil is poured into the candle shell from a container of refillable liquid candles. The most common type of candle shell is made of nylon. 

Oil candle shell

The oil is found in a cartridge or canister placed in the candle shell for the oil candle shell. This cartridge is either refillable or disposable. To prevent wastage, recycling the cartridge is recommendable.

When to Use Church Oil Candles


Some churches celebrate advent services weeks before Christmas. Church oil candles are great to use in the advent wreath. People light these candles as weeks progress towards the celebration of the birth of Christ.


Lighting church oil candles during Easter represent the victory of Jesus Christ on the cross as He resurrected from the dead.

Lord’s Supper

Church oil candles are also used for Holy Communion. Together, with the Bible, white linen cloth, and some flowers, church oil candles are placed on the Communion table during the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

Church Oil Candle Accessories


A church oil candle burner is the container where oil is placed. The standard material for burners is nylon shells, ceramic, PVC, and plastic. Some are reusable, and others are disposable.


Two primary components make up candles – the candle body and the wick. Thus, buying a candle with a wick of the right size, length, and type is integral to your purchase. You would want a wick that produces a consistent flame. The flame the wick produces must not have carbon deposits for a cleaner effect. 

There are several common kinds of wick:

  1. Metal cored wick – metal-cored wick is the most common type made of zinc or tin. These materials are non-toxic and thus are safe to use. The advantage of a metal-cored wick candle is that it stands even when the wax dissolves already.
  2. Wood – wood wicks are great for all types of candles. They make for a crackling sound that gives off a bonfire atmosphere that’s cozy and warm.
  3. Specialty wicks – specific varieties of candles entail especially designed wicks. Some examples would be insect-repelling candles and oil lamps.

Liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin is oily, odorless, and transparent. It has many uses, including medicinal and industrial purposes. Compared to solid paraffin wax, liquid paraffin is more refined and viscous. The properties of liquid paraffin make it ideal for safe and efficient use for church oil candles. 

Candle rack

Candle racks are sometimes called candle carriers. They are a frame where you can safely line and display your church oil candles. They also make for convenient storage. Candle racks can be aluminum, wood like oak, and acrylic.

Pump kit

Pump kits include a pump, pouring spout, and a bottle. They are available for hassle-free and mess-free refilling of your church oil candles.

Benefits of Using Church Oil Candles


Church oil candles produce fuel that burns for a long time. You can expect about a few milliliters of oil to last for about an hour, with almost every drop consumed.

Convenient and clean

Oil candles are not made of wax; therefore, you don’t have to think about wax candles’ mess.  Imagine not having to clean off countertops, tables, or floors with melted wax from your candles. Also, you don’t have to worry about cleaning residue in the containers.


Since there is no melted wax, church oil candles guarantee no wastage. Every drop is used, so you save on cost with no wastage. Instead of buying repeatedly, you can opt to refill oils with church oil candles.


The standard church oil candles are odorless and sootless. Therefore you can be sure that you don’t add pollutants to the air that can cause breathing issues. With church oil candles with non-flammable oil, you don’t run the danger of uncontrollable flames, for it will not burn without the wick. You won’t expect flares when you accidentally tip it over.

Factors to Consider When Buying Church Oil Candles


Two things assure your church oil candle will last long – the container and the wick. Choose a container that is sturdy and long-lasting. A great option is acrylic or nylon containers. Choose wicks with the right size and a steady flame.

Burn Time

Burn time is the rate at which the church oil candle burns until it runs out of fuel. Several factors impact a church oil candle’s burn time. These variables include the type of oil, wick material, size and length of the wick, and the container. 

Other factors to consider are the room’s temperature, air movement, and the amount of oxygen. The longer the burn time of an oil candle, the more convenient it is to use. But make sure to check the labels for instructions for optimal use of the church oil candle.

Oil Candle Appearance

Church oil candles are generally appealing compared to wax candles, for they don’t get deformed as you use them. But different church oil candles vary in their attractiveness based on the appearance of the container, rack, and oil.


Customizing your church oil candles may be done by choosing a particular design for the container. Maybe you want to have a Bible verse written on the glass container or the logo and name of your church in a specific color. Some church oil candles also have fragrances added to them.


Church oil candles are generally more economical than other candle options. But it is best to choose one that fits your church’s budget while making sure that it is of high quality, safe, and with an efficient burn time.

D’Light Online HD12-144 Liquid Votive Candles

Church Oil Candles

It is practical and efficient to have a church oil candle you can use all year round. D’Light has been a staple brand for liturgical candles for over forty years. They make high-quality products, servicing many churches with a global market and network. D’Light Online HD12-144 Liquid Votive Candles are an excellent choice for their flexibility and durability. With its non-flammable fuel, you can use it in different church events like weddings, Lord’s Supper, and prayer services. 

Liquid votives are a nice alternative to wax tea lights and burn twice as long! Crafted with liquid paraffin fuel, these disposable liquid votive candles have no melting wax and are smokeless, which means a clean candle-burning experience. The transparent canister is perfect for any votive holder. All candles purchased are made with quality materials. They offer classic designs for functional and decorative purposes. The set includes 144 liquid votive candle fuel cells 0.81 inches in height and 1.96 inches in diameter.


  • Clean burning than traditional wax candles
  • Long-lasting, longer than traditional votives
  • Easy to clean
  • Fragrance-free, great for those who suffer from allergies
  • Tightly sealed so they don’t leak


  • Wax container and refillable liquid need to be purchased separately 

Candle Charisma 15-Hour Liquid Votive Candles

Church Oil Candles

Fuel cell candles are a cleaner option for those looking to add a touch of warmth and sophistication to their church or décor displays. You no longer have to worry about your altar table being messed up and scorched by hot wax or dirty votive glass holders. These disposable liquid paraffin fuel cells will burn up to 15 hours and can be used in a variety of votive candle holders and lanterns. Experience 15 hours of soft and sophisticated lighting with the Candle Charisma Tealight Fuel Cell liquid oil candles.


  • Comes in a bulk case of 96 Liquid Votive Candles
  • Modern looking, an upgrade from conventional wax candles
  • Cleaner option
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Longer burn time


  • It is a challenge to light them the first time

Firefly Refillable Glass Set of 3 Unscented Pillar Candle

Church Oil Candles

The Firefly Store refillable candle gift set comes in a group of three glass pillar candle oil lamps with the following dimensions: 4 inches (short), 5 inches (medium), and 6 inches (tall). You get a personal touch for these candles are hand-blown using borosilicate glass which resembles Pyrex. It’s not too thick, but neither is it fragile. When you purchase this gift set, it comes with a 16-ounce bottle of paraffin lamp oil by Firefly. 

Expect an approximate burn time of 96 hours with the provided lamp oil. These three candle oil lamps look elegant displayed on coffee and side tables in the church. It also appears crisp and clean to use during church ceremonies. You can choose to use it as a standalone oil candle or place it in a candle holder.


  • Includes a plastic funnel for easy refilling
  • Includes free 16 ounces of Firefly lamp oil for immediate use after unpacking
  • It can be customized using Firefly Lamp Oil Dye if users prefer colored lamp oil
  • Handmade
  • Makes the perfect gift for any occasion


  • It comes with limited candle oil
  • Messy to set up

Hollowick HD8-90 8 hours Liquid Tealight Fuel Cell

Church Oil Candles

Other people find it tiresome when oil runs out fast. Longer-lasting oil candles are economical and convenient. You do not have to change wax containers every time the oil runs out constantly. Hollowick takes great pride in providing the cleanest burning, most consistent, and dependable liquid wax lamp fuel. Using Hollowick disposable fuel cells is the most convenient way to operate your lamps and is preferred by most users today. These are a great alternative to the mess of wax.

Hollowick provides a clean burn and is made for commercial foodservice, tabletop, and church use. They are easy to maintain and designed to fit tabletop lamps. These 8-hour liquid wax disposable fuel cells are manufactured in the USA. For churches that frequently hold and sponsor many different occasions like weddings, funerals, and prayer services, this 8-hour liquid wax container will satisfy your church candle needs. This package is sold in 90 clear containers.


  • 8-hours burn time
  • Burns cleaner than solid wax candles
  • Non-staining, and no melted wax mess
  • Leaves no black soot on your lamps
  • Non-hazardous


  • They blow out easily when used outdoors

Hyoola 7 Day White Vegetable Oil Wax Prayer Candles

Church Oil Candles

Enjoy a soft, warm, soothing glow from beautifully elegant candles with Hyoola Candle’s plastic jar pillar candles! Their candles provide an ideal light that will create the perfect atmosphere in any setting you choose. Whether for religious or decorative candles, these week-long burning candles are the perfect slow, clean-burning solution. Everything you expect out of your candle and more! 

Hyoola Candles are also unscented to avoid any unwanted odors and smells in houses of worship or your homes. This is great for not only setting a great aura but avoiding potential allergic reactions. They are made with premium quality vegetable oil wax and cotton wicks and burn in self-standing plastic containers.

Made from the best materials, their candles make sure the environment is safe. High-quality wax within a deluxe holder will ensure the utmost security to minimize accidents or anything outside of the glass catching on fire. The wax itself melts slowly to provide a minimal residue.


  • Perfect for a multitude of uses and can enhance and beautify almost any setting
  • The wax is made from 100% vegetables and burns cleanly and neatly
  • The 100% cotton wick provides a consistent flame
  • Candles stand perfectly safe in a self-contained plastic container
  • Beautifully designed so they can provide the best visual aesthetic for any situation


  • The light is not very bright
  • The container is made of plastic instead of glass


Church oil candles are an excellent choice for various events and occasions in your church. Celebrate Advent or Easter or even the weekly Sunday service with a safe, durable, and efficient candle. Church oil candles are an effective and eco-friendly alternative to wax candles. They are convenient to use with refillable oil and an easy setup. When using church oil candles, you do not need to worry about the mess, soot, and odor wax candles create. Because there is no wastage and alteration in form, oil candles are one of the most affordable options for your church candle needs.

The best church oil candle I’d recommend is the D’Light Online HD12-144 Liquid Votive Candles. D’Light has been a staple brand for liturgical candles for over forty years. They make high-quality products, servicing many churches with a global market and network. With its design, quality, and ability to last, you can use it throughout the year no matter what church event. It is also a great choice for people who suffer from allergies since it is fragrance-free. This church oil candle is an excellent investment for your church candle needs. 

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