The 5 Best Church Projector Screens

Editor’s Choice

  • Its casing has excellent build quality.
  • The installation parts that come with the package are of top-notch quality as well.
  • The design is sleek and elegant.

Best Overall

  • Two to three people can easily install it.
  • You do not need additional hardware for installation. Everything comes with the package.
  • The raising and lowering of the screen are smooth. It has no creases when unrolled.


  • It has quiet motors and operates smoothly.
  • The motor stops once you have fully extended or retracted the screen.
  • It comes in well-supported packaging. The screen is protected with styrofoam plus plastic wrap to prevent moisture.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best church projector screens, then I’d recommend Elite Screens Spectrum 100″ Electric Motorized Projector Screen as the best one.

It can be overwhelming to purchase a piece of equipment for the church, especially if you are not a technical person. We want to be good stewards of the finances of our church. At the same time, we also want to enhance our Sunday worship service experience.

One excellent investment for a church nowadays is a good church projector screen. Through this guide, we want to help you understand why it is a good investment. Also, we want to guide you in knowing what to look for. We hope you will find this informative and helpful as you make your decision.

Here are the Best Church Projector Screens we will be reviewing:

What is a Good Church Projector Screen?

What makes a good church projector screen? Low-quality videos and images can disappoint, right? It can frustrate anyone to watch and look at them. In a church setting, it can be a distraction. It can keep the congregation’s attention away from the church service

A good church projector screen should be something that’s able to produce clear and high-quality videos. It would be easy for the congregation to follow the lyrics during worship. Even viewing announcements, videos, and images won’t be hard for them. Most importantly, they would be able to follow along and focus during the church service.

Why Is There a Need for Church Projector Screens?

In this study made by Curtis Deterding, he talked about how visual aids impact memory during preaching. The more of our senses take part in receiving the message, the longer we can remember it. All the more that the connecting of faith, memory, and Spirit can take place.

A church projector screen is a great tool that can help deliver the preaching of the Word of God with impact. Pastors can use videos, excerpts, and images to keep the congregation engaged and attentive. The worship team can use it to display the lyrics of songs. It will help make a wonderful experience of corporate worship. They can also display graphics and images using this to help set the tone of the worship service. 

The church can also use the projector screens for other activities. They can use it to display announcements and church events. They can also use it in social gatherings and fellowships. Even the Sunday school can make use of it to keep the kids engaged as they learn. 

These are enough reasons why projector screens are a wise investment for a church. 

Are church projector screens better than TV monitors?

One great advantage of the church projector screen against TV monitors is the size. Manufacturers designed television displays for consumers to watch movies from their couches or beds. They are not ideal for people who are seated 20 to 30 feet away from it. The goal of a worship service is the effective delivery of the preaching of the Word. Another is to keep the community or the congregation engaged throughout the service. It is hard to do that when they have to squint their eyes to see what is on the screen. 

Church projector screens are also more affordable than TV monitors. You get a better display without hurting your budget. If you invest in a high-end screen, you can even upgrade it multiple times. If you get a TV monitor, your only choice is to replace it once it is no longer working. 

Durability is also one of its advantages. While a TV can last around 4-6 years, a church projector screen can last more than that. If you invest in a high-quality one, it can last up to 10-30 years.

Using TV as a Church Projector Screen

If you hold church services in smaller areas like conference rooms, using a TV as a church projector screen might work for you. Some advantages of it are sharper image display and they are cheaper to maintain. 

However, you might need to take into consideration some other factors before buying. The angle for viewing is more direct. It is difficult to watch if someone is at a 30-degree or more viewing angle. 

You also need to consider the fragility especially, if you use the room for other activities. There is the risk of the TV getting hit if kids are playing around or during social activities and games. 

Also, it is risky if you are renting the place for your Sunday church service. It is more challenging to transport it, set it up, and take it down every week since it is bulky. There is also a greater chance of damage if not handled properly.

How to Install and Use a Church Projector Screen

Installation of church projector screens depends on what type you have. Portable types or those that have a stand are easier to set up and put in place. But if you have one that needs permanent installation, you must finalize its location first. Also, discuss the plan with the church head first. The screen must not be an obstruction to anything that is of religious significance. 

Equipment for Set-Up

You can use screen mounting brackets and ropes for installation once you have decided on the location. If the size of your screen is massive, you may need to consider using base plates and trusses to set up a strong foundation and stability. 

As for those that require a wall installation, you need to drill the holes using a drill machine. You would also need hooks to hang the screen on. 

Once you have installed the screen, you can now set up the projector and get it running. This way, you can check the images projected and you can see there if you need to make adjustments. 

How to Use a Church Projector Screen

You can use your church projector screen to display Bible verses and important points during preaching. As mentioned earlier, it’s also great for displaying song lyrics during praise and worship. If your church has announcements and upcoming events, you can also display them on the screen. 

Types of Church Projector Screens

Ceiling Screens

Ceiling screens also have two types: hanging and retractable. 

Retractable screens work great for spaces like conference rooms, Sunday school, or multipurpose halls. It can be pulled down and put away manually or by an electric motor. 

Hanging screens or also known as ceiling-mounted projector screens, don’t need to be put away. A lot of churches prefer this since it can last longer. Retractable screens have a shorter life span since you need to roll them up often. 

Wall Mounted Screens

As the name suggests, these are church projector screens that are set up against a wall. They can also be retractable or permanently fixed. The fixed screens are great for sanctuaries that have large spaces. The retractable ones would work for churches that don’t have much room for fixed installation. They can also be manually pulled down or by a remote or electric motor. 

Floor Standing Screens

Floor-standing church projection screens are versatile. Unlike ceiling or wall-mounted screens, they are more mobile. Compared to tripod projector screens, they look more elegant. Because they are portable, you can also move them to another room or location for other church activities.


A tripod church projector screen is perfect for small churches. They are affordable, and you can move them with ease. It has a tripod stand for easy placement. Just like the floor-standing screen, it is also versatile. You can use it for other church events and fellowship. You can even use this for Sunday school with kids after the church service. 

Fixed Frame vs Retractable

If you need to choose between a retractable or a fixed-frame church projector screen, you need to consider the location. Where would you set it up? How are you going to use it?

If you will use it in the sanctuary solely, getting a fixed screen is more cost-effective. It can also last longer since you do not have to roll up or move it constantly. 

If you will place it in a room where you will hold other church activities, the retractable screen is the wiser choice. It would be best if you invest in a high-quality kind. It is to guarantee that even with constant rolling up and unrolling, it maintains its reflective surface.

Manual vs. Electric Projector Screens

Retractable church projector screens are either manual or electric. 

Manual screens are pulled down and put away by hand. They are perfect for small spaces like meeting rooms and classrooms. 

Electric projector screens are motorized, and they work with a press of a button mounted on the wall. It is a better choice if you are going to use it for worship services. It saves you the time and effort of having to roll up manually.

Things to Consider in Choosing Church Projector Screens


Screen Size 

When you think about the size of your church projector screen, you also need to consider two other things: the size of both the room and the congregation. These are essential because you want to ensure that they will perfectly fit inside the room or sanctuary. It should also be large enough that once installed, the images from it are clear to everyone in the room. Using a viewing distance calculator can help in choosing your screen size. 

Aspect Ratio 

Aspect ratio pertains to the picture or displays shape, either more of a rectangle or a square. It is essential that this also matches your projector. It is to avoid having to convert the formats of the contents. The best pick for the aspect ratio would depend on what you are going to project. For presenting slides, a square screen is the best choice. It is also great for small spaces and if you are using overhead projectors. The most common format for this ratio is 4:3. 

For the presentation of videos shot in widescreen format, you can use the more rectangular. They also work well if you are trying to use larger texts to ensure everyone in the room can read them. 16:10 or 16:9 are the most common formats for this. 

Screen Ratio 

If you will use your church screen projector for presenting slides, the HD-ratio screen is the preferred choice. It is also great for displaying videos or for church social activities like movie nights.  

Screen Material/Fabric and Gain

Screen fabrics differ in performance depending on the room lighting, how the congregation is seated, and the media that you are using. If you’re looking for the best screen fabric, the white blackout cloth is the most preferred one. The blackout part makes sure that light does not go through the screen, maintaining the display brightness. The whiteness takes care of color accuracy and image fidelity. 

In choosing screen fabrics, you would also want to figure out the gain first. It is a measurement of how much light from the projector that the screen reflects. Brighter rooms usually require a higher gain. It is also the case if ambient light in the room is hard to control. The screen fabric can also enhance the image brightness if the gain is greater than 1. 


Throw Ratio or Distance from the Projector Screen

It’s also important to consider how far the church projector screen would be from the projector. This distance will determine the image size projected. Projectors with a short throw ratio (0.4 to 1.0) should be closer to the screen. It works for smaller rooms since it will require a smaller screen. Those with the standard or the average throw ratio (greater than 1.0) are usually a few feet away from the screen. It will work for churches with spacious sanctuaries. 

Viewing Angles

The viewing angle is the distance from the projector screen’s center to the point where the congregation or audience can still view properly. If your church sanctuary has a wide space, this is essential. A wide viewing angle is important so people seated to the left or right are still able to see the same image quality. 


How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Church Projector Screen?

Brightness is usually one of the essential factors to consider when choosing a church projector screen. Is your sanctuary bright, and you have limited or no control over its overall brightness? You would need a bright projector that could cope with the lighting. If you have a dark setting, you can opt for the kind that has lower brightness. It can prevent the screen from being too bright and the display from being uncomfortable to view. 

The size of your congregation would also factor in. For a smaller gathering of 100 people or less, the recommended lumens to start from is 2500. But if you have around 300 people or more, the suggested lumens would range from 5,000 to 6,000. 

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio might not be an essential factor for some churches. But if you plan to use your church projector screen for videos and movies, you need to consider this aspect. If you want a better depth of color, you might need to get a projector with a higher contrast ratio. It keeps the dark scenes or images from looking washed. It also creates a more clear texture.  


Video Format

The HD-ratio screen is the preferred choice if you have contents that you shot in a widescreen format. It is also great if your content has elements like special music or slide presentations. This format also works great for displaying videos or for church social activities like movie nights.  

How will you use it?

Portable vs. Fixed Projectors

If you have a portable projector, you might also need to get a church projector screen that is mobile and versatile. This way, you can use it with the projector if ever you need to move it to another room. It is even perfect for use on outdoor church activities or gatherings that would require transport. 

If your church opts for a fixed projector, a mounted or fixed church projector screen would work well with it. It is a good investment since it lessens the risk of damage. You won’t have to constantly set it up and take it down, unlike the portable type.

Rear vs. Front Projector

If your church has invested in a rear projector, you may want to consider the location or placement of the church projector screen. You can hide a rear projector behind the screen. However, they require more space between the screen and the wall. 

Front projectors can project larger images on the screen. They also give a wide viewing angle. If you have this projector, you can pick a church projector screen that is bigger. 

We have gathered the best church projector screens that may help you. You might find the perfect one for your church from this list. 

Elite Screens Spectrum 100″ Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Church Projector Screens

The Elite Screens Spectrum 100″ Electric Motorized Projector Screen features an all-steel, durable casing. The package comes with an installation kit. It has an end bracket that is easy to install on your wall or ceiling. They ship this fully assembled already, and it is also plug-and-play ready. 

It has an overall size of 61.1 inches in height, and 100.2 in width, and has a depth of 3.1 inches. The aspect ratio of this projector screen is 16:9 and has a 180-degree viewing angle. It is also an active 3D projection, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR-ready. The screen material is acoustically transparent and has a 1.0 gain. 

The package includes a 3-way detachable wall switch, a 12v trigger cable, and an infrared remote. It comes with a warranty and lifetime support. You can get technical assistance through chat, toll-free hotline, or email if needed. You would need a projector with a throw ratio of more than 1.0 for this screen. It is not compatible with projectors that have ultra-short or short-throw ratios. 


  • Two to three people can easily install it.
  • You do not need additional hardware for installation. Everything comes with the package. 
  • The raising and lowering of the screen are smooth. It has no creases when unrolled. 
  • It has a very sleek design. 
  • The screen produces a high-quality display. The projection shows clear, crisp, and vibrant colors. 
  • It has a fast speed for raising and lowering. 
  • It comes with a tool for adjusting the drop limit. 


  • It will void the warranty if you adjust the stop points. 
  • The edges tend to curl inward if you store it rolled up.
  • There are noticeable waves during moving scenes in a video.

Homegear 110” 16:9 HD Motorized Projector Screen 

Church Projector Screens

This church projector screen is HD and 3D Compatible. It comes in styrofoam packaging for additional protection. The package includes a remote control that can reach a distance of up to 25 meters. It is helpful for easy screen extension and retraction. It also has a control panel that you can mount on the wall. You can use it without a remote. 

It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 110-inches diagonal screen size. It has a quiet motor that is energy efficient and boosts longevity. 

The screen material has a high contrast grain of 1.3 that is washable with water and soap. The 1-inch black masking borders help improve picture contrast. It has a viewing angle of 160 degrees which works perfectly for broad spaces. This screen is three layers black-backed. It helps lessen light penetration. It also helps produce high-quality color vibrancy.

This projector screen comes in a sturdy steel casing with ends made of plastic. You can mount this on the wall or ceiling, and it is plug-and-play ready. One good thing about this projector screen is that it is compatible with most projectors. If you have DLP, HD, LDC, or 3D, they will work with this screen.  


  • It has quiet motors and operates smoothly. 
  • The motor stops once you have fully extended or retracted the screen.
  • It comes in well-supported packaging. The screen is protected with styrofoam plus plastic wrap to prevent moisture. 
  • It has a fast speed when you raise and lower the screen. It only takes twenty to thirty seconds for you to retract or extend it completely. 
  • The screen material reflects a high-quality image. 


  • The installation instructions need to be improved. It has basic information and lacks details.
  • You need to be in a clear line of sight from the projector screen for the remote to function. 
  • The small waves on the screen upon opening the package are a common issue.
  • There are noticeable faint lines during the display of bright scenes. 
  • The wires on the side are hard to hide. It is a challenge if you are trying to achieve a neat installation. 

Elite Screens Evanesce Tab-Tension B Electric Projector Screen 

Church Projector Screens

If you are working on a budget but want a high-quality electric church projector screen, this is a great option. The aspect ratio of this screen is 16:9 in HD format. The screen size is 120 inches for diagonal viewing. It would work great for a large sanctuary and if you will use it for videos.  

The screen material has a 1.1 gain that is active 3D and 4K ultra HD-ready. It also features a viewing angle of 160 degrees. If your sanctuary has broad space, this will work great for your church. It is easy to maintain as it has the type of material you can clean with soap and water. 

They shipped this ceiling projector screen assembled and ready to install. It also comes with an installation kit that will help you in setting it up. It includes both (RF) Radio Frequency and (IR) Infrared remote controls. Also, it also comes with a detachable 3-way switch that you can mount on the wall. You would also need a projector with a throw ratio of over 1.0. This church projector screen is also not compatible with projectors that have throw ratios that are ultra-short.


  • Its casing has excellent build quality. 
  • The installation parts that come with the package are of top-notch quality as well. 
  • The design is sleek and elegant. 
  • The screen automatically lowers when you turn the projector on. It is because of the 12v trigger connection that connects the RF remote to the projector. 
  • It gives you an option for installation. You can choose from the two sets of hardware that it comes with. 


  • The screen can sometimes get stuck while being rolled down. You might need to manually pull it down. 
  • They could improve the installation instructions. You might need to watch installation videos online because of the lack of details. 
  • It will void the warranty if you adjust the drop. 

Elite Screens VMAX2 Drop-Down Motorized Projector Screen

This church projector screen comes in a high-quality all-steel white case. They designed the casing, including its end caps, for wall or ceiling mounts or installation. The size of this screen is 120 inches diagonal and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Also, it comes with a three-prong power connection and is plug-and-play ready. Simply put, they designed it for easy installation and placement. 

The screen material is Max White fiberglass with 1.1 gain. The fiberglass backing provides additional stiffness for the flattest possible screen surface. This material produces sharp definition, black-and-white contrast, and color reproduction. The screen is also resistant to mildew, and you can clean it with water and mild soap. 

This screen is also perfect for broad rooms and spaces. Its control system, it comes with two types of remote controls. It has (RF) Radio Frequency and (IR) Infrared. 


  • It is Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD projection ready.
  • It has a 180-degree wide viewing angle.
  • Offers a synchronous motor that is quiet and energy-efficient.
  • It also has a 3-way wall switch that you can detach, a CAT5 cable, and a built-in 5-12V trigger input.
  • You will receive this assembled in full already.


  • The screen has a wave and does not lay flat
  • They don’t do repairs if the product is beyond the warranty

Akia Screens 150-inch Motorized Drop-Down Projector Screen

Church Projector Screens

This Aika church projector screen size is 150-inch diagonal in a durable black metal casing. You will get the package assembled already and is also plug-and-play ready. You can easily mount or install this on the wall or ceiling. It comes with an installation kit that you can follow. 

In addition, it features a premium projection screen material Max White B with a gain of 1.1. It has a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees, and its aspect ratio is 16:9. Besides that, it has a black backing that enhances brightness and prevents the penetration of light. It also allows a clear and crisp display production. Meanwhile, the black masking borders help boost the image contrast. 

This projector screen is 4K/8K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR-ready. Even with its high-quality material, you can still clean this easily with water and mild soap. 

This motorized projector comes with a long-distance (RF) Radio Frequency remote and wireless 12V trigger. The trigger enables the projector screen to lower and raise with the on-and-off switch of the projector. It has a tubular motor that allows smooth and swift operation and speed. This motor also helps with the longevity of the product. 

You need to have a projector with a standard throw ratio for this. It is not compatible with ultra-short ratio projectors.


  • The installation kit comes with all the tools you will need for installation.
  • The wall and ceiling mount make it ready, fast, and easy to install. 
  • The hanging bracket allows an option for a wall mount if you opt not to hang it from the ceiling. 
  • YouTube 4k videos show up clear and vibrant when projected to the screen.
  •  The motor is quiet. 
  • The remote has a stop feature that allows you to stop the screen at the position you want. 


  • The screen would sometimes not roll up all the way. 
  • You only have one option for remote control as it only comes with an RF. 
  • The picture quality might not be as good in daylight or bright settings. 
  • The screen material is thin. 
  • The backing has nothing that could block the light from coming from behind the screen. 
  • The power cord is short. You might need to use an extension cord if the screen is far from the power outlet. 


A good church projector screen should be something that’s able to produce clear and high-quality videos. A church projector screen is a great tool that can help deliver the preaching of the Word of God with impact.

I recommend the Elite Screens Spectrum 100″ Electric Motorized Projector Screen as the best one. First, this projector screen has durable housing. It could stand constant transport or movement from one room to another. You also will not have problems with installation. It will arrive at you fully assembled with a complete installation kit. Also, it is also plug-and-play ready. It will save you time, especially when preparing for the church service. Its sleek design is pleasing to the eyes and adds to the aesthetics of the sanctuary. 

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