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Church Pulpit

  • It’s easy and quick to assemble 
  • The sleek design can enhance the overall look and feel of the sacred sanctuary
  • It comes with a cross that can easily be assembled and attached to

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Church Pulpit

  • It’s both aesthetically pleasing and has excellent quality 
  • It is worth its price
  • It works great for formal events and presentations


Church Pulpit

  • Designed to withstand frequent use
  • Made from durable commercial-grade acrylic
  • A cleaning cloth is included

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best church pulpit, then I’d recommend the BRMEFMC White Acrylic Pulpit as the best one.

In the USA, church pulpits generally appear to be referred to as podiums. However, in Australia, they are generally referred to as church pulpits. In England, they are called lecterns. The word lectern came from the Latin word “lectus” meaning “to read”. Over the years, church pulpits have changed in both their use and design. Different denominations used their lectern or pulpit for different purposes.

Let’s look at why a pulpit is used in old churches in modern ones and find out how to find the perfect one for a church. 

Here are the best Church Pulpits that we will be reviewing:

What is a Church Pulpit? 

A podium for the church is a low elevated stand or platform from where the priest or pastor stands to be seen while delivering the sermon or exhortation. Podiums are also called lecterns, rostrums, and pulpits. A podium is a raised structure that the preacher stands on when speaking from the lectern.

Church Pulpits vs. Lecterns and Podiums

As defined earlier in this article, a church podium is a low-level platform where the priest or pastor stands to be visible and heard while preaching or speaking. 

A stand with a slanted top where the priest or pastor stands behind to speak is called a lectern. It can be adjustable, freestanding on the floor, and may or may not have a sound system with it. 

So a podium is where a person can stand on, while a lectern is where a person can stand behind. 

On the other hand, a pulpit is a raised platform or structure, that usually has a short staircase, and is enclosed. This is also where a sermon or preaching is delivered. Pulpits can mostly be found in old churches and cathedrals.

Why is a Church Pulpit Significant?

A church pulpit is essential for the preacher or priest to be seen and heard well. This way, the preaching of the Word of God will be delivered clearly and effectively to the congregation. 

What are the Different Kinds of Church Pulpit?

Church pulpit styles and designs can vary from classic to modern and help set the sanctuary’s tone and ambiance. Let’s take a look at the different types of church pulpits.  

Glass Pulpit

Glass pulpits have a classic, timeless, and traditional feel to them, and they are made to impress. Although the term “glass” can cause concerns about durability, many modern glass podiums are made with sturdiness and safety in mind. Unlike plexiglass, plastic, or acrylic, glass does not change appearance, age, or weaken over time. It’s also environmentally friendly since glass can be recycled. 

Acrylic or Plastic Pulpit

If you are looking for a budget-friendly church pulpit, acrylic platforms are your go-to. 

Acrylic is a rigid, clear plastic that is an excellent alternative to glass. Its durability makes it ideal if the podium is moved from one room to another. It is also lightweight, so transporting or moving it isn’t difficult. Acrylic’s straightforward design also helps enhance the appearance of the sanctuary.

Wooden Podium

A wooden church pulpit comes in both contemporary and classic styles. They can be made from different types of wood like walnut, oak, or cherry hardwood. Some also come with wheels since wooden podiums can be pretty heavy. 

Wooden podiums give the sanctuary elegance, formality, and classic feel.

Aluminum Podium

Aluminum podiums offer a sleek and modern alternative to the standard church pulpit. It is a combination of aesthetics, sturdiness, and being lightweight. It is versatile and can suit any room or space. Some aluminum podiums can also be customized with accessories and church logos. 

Modern Church Pulpit

Contemporary or modern podiums commonly have bold style and design. They can come in modern acrylic or modern metal. Some platforms like those in acrylic are very sleek, and the audience can see through them. This gives less of a barrier, creating a closer connection between the preacher and the congregation. 

Other designs that come in metal give a more industrial look and feel. Their great advantage is durability and strong base support. The only drawback is that it’s a bit on the heavy side. 

How to Use a Church Pulpit

A church pulpit can be used in different ways. The pastor, priest, or preacher commonly stands on it but can also be used with a lectern. The preacher rests his notes on it while standing on the podium. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Church Pulpit

When selecting the perfect church pulpit, some things need to be considered. Here are some of the essential factors to look into:


It is vital to get the podium that fits perfectly into the sanctuary. Still, it is also imperative to speak with the pastor or the finance officer of the church. This is to get an idea of how much budget you are working with. 

Size of Room or Sanctuary Space

It’s also essential to be familiar with the size of the room or the requirements of the sanctuary space. Remember that the podium should be a tool for the preacher to be seen and heard clearly by the congregation. Getting a podium that is too small may defeat the purpose. On the other hand, getting something too big might be too overwhelming and distracting to look at if placed in a small room. 


Preference in the material is also one of the factors to consider. Classic and traditional podiums are made of wood but more and more are using acrylic, clear-type modern platforms. Some also have mixed materials such as wood and metal as base and acrylic at the top. Considering the component goes with looking into the budget. Make sure to find a material that still works within the budget that is allotted for the purchase. 

Style and Design

Choosing the perfect podium also means matching the church’s style. Is it minimalist, modern, or traditional? Will the warmth of the classic wooden podium complement the ambiance of the sanctuary, or will a sleek, modern acrylic style do the trick? 

Some podiums can also be customized too. The church’s logo or something of religious significance like hands folded in prayer can be engraved. It’s something that can be considered too when buying.

Features and Functionality

Finding the right podium also means looking for features and functionalities that match the church’s needs. 

Does the church need a portable one that can be moved from one room to another, or a stationary podium would do since it would just stay in the sanctuary? The portable platform would be perfect for events and gatherings outside the church or at a different venue or location. 

An adjustable height might be considered, too, primarily if multiple preachers or priests use it. It is to ensure that whoever uses it will be seen or visible while they are speaking. But if only one priest or pastor would use the podium, finding the proper height that matches his height should be considered. 

Many churches rely on technology today, so podiums with built-in sound systems and microphones can also be among the options. This can be convenient since it’s all packaged in one without the church shelling out for a separate sound system and microphone set. 

If you’re looking for the best church pulpit, we’ve collated here some great choices that you might find helpful.

BRMEFMC White Acrylic Pulpit

Church Pulpit

The BRMEFMC White Acrylic Pulpit is made of transparent acrylic plexiglass material. The back is open and has a high shelf where Bible, notes, or hymnal can be stored. The bottom is thicker and wider, and it is not easy to shake during use. 

The portable lectern stand has a large beveled display surface, and a large rectangular base for excellent stability, and is equipped with an edge lip to prevent slippage of paper, books, or reading materials. 

This oak lectern undergoes the manufacturer’s three-step state-of-the-art process. It brings out the quality of both the workmanship and the wood and gives a clear, water-resistant finish. 

This church pulpit is 110cm high, the perfect height for tall and low speakers. There is also a storage board in the middle, which can store your wine glasses, books, and other daily necessities, which is practical and convenient. 


  • It’s both aesthetically pleasing and has excellent quality 
  • It is worth its price
  • It works great for formal events and presentations
  • This unit only requires minor assembly 
  • It has an extended work surface with a pencil notch 


  • It is heavy and doesn’t come with wheels, making it challenging to move around 

FixtureDisplays Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Lucite Podium

Church Pulpit

This Lucite Podium made of Acrylic Plexiglass by FixtureDisplay is made of brushed stainless steel and premium acrylic and is ideal for churches. It measures 48 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. It also has a middle compartment or shelf that measures 16 inches by 11.8 inches. 

This podium’s front panel has a 1/8 inches beautiful white acrylic cross, making this unit even more appealing. It is also easy to put together and comes with instructions. The cross logo is also to be installed during the assembly of the unit. It can be attached with double-sided tape or a tiny amount of permanent glue. 

The cross that comes with the podium is in three parts: two short cross pieces plus one long vertical piece. The height can be determined while putting it together. Just measure right and left to align the cross at the center. 

The podium can also be customized with a logo. Just send an email to FixturesDisplays with the file logo to get a quotation. 10.5 inches etched logo plaque is priced around $150. The price depends on the complexity of the logo as well. 


  • It’s easy and quick to assemble 
  • The sleek design can enhance the overall look and feel of the sacred sanctuary
  • It comes with a cross that can easily be assembled and attached to
  • Customizable
  • It also comes with a shelf where notes, Bible, or hymnals can be stored or placed


  • The material can be easily chipped in the corners 

Displays2go Clear Acrylic Lectern Podium

Church Pulpit

The Displays2go Clear Acrylic Lectern Podium has an acrylic base, a middle shelf, and a top surface that has a 1″ lip. Lectern and podium measure 47.38″ tall. The top shelf measures 26.5” W x 15.8” L, with a 1” tall lip for holding books, binders, papers, and other objects. The middle shelf measures 13.5” W x 7.5” L. The base measures 23.8” W x 15.8” D.

It is made from durable commercial-grade acrylic that is 0.8″ thick. Featuring a sturdy, thick acrylic base and a wide flat top, designed to withstand frequent use. It’s straightforward to put together and can last many years of service. It has a very sleek and elegant modern design that is pleasing to the eyes and still has that classic tone. 

4 rubber feet protect the base from scratching or scuffing any flooring surfaces. The wide acrylic top provides enough space for the preacher’s notes, Bible, etc. 


  • Designed to withstand frequent use
  • Made from durable commercial-grade acrylic
  • A cleaning cloth is included
  • A kit is included with instructions, tools, and hardware for quick assembly
  • Comes with 4 rubber feet to protect flooring from scratching or scuffing


  • It doesn’t come with a shelf or compartment for storage

FixtureDisplays Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Podium

Church Pulpit

The Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Podium by FixtureDisplays has curved sides and brushed stainless steel. The material of this unit is premium acrylic and is ideal for churches, universities, hotels, schools, colleges, and event producers. 

It measures 48 inches in height, 27 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. It has a middle compartment or shelf that measures 16 inches by 11.8 inches. 

The front panel of this acrylic podium is made of 0.4 inches or 10mm acrylic. It measures 9.4 inches wide and 46.4 inches tall. 

The unit comes with instructions and can be easily assembled. 


  • It is very sturdy and has a good size and height 
  • Holds up well and is long-lasting
  • It is easy to put together 
  • It’s not very heavy and can be moved around easily 


  • It can be a little delicate when mounting it 
  • It needs a bit of pressure for the screws to fall into place when assembling it 
  • The instructions that come with the package are difficult to understand 

FixtureDisplays 44″ Wood Acrylic Podium

Church Pulpit

The 44-Inch Wood Acrylic Podium by Fixture Displays is a wide podium for the church. It is very functional as it can also be used for lecture halls and office meetings. This pulpit comes with 1 self-adhesive cross made of grey acrylic material and 1 front panel. 

The reading surface of this podium measures 44 inches in width and 19.6 inches in diameter. The wooden lectern itself is 46.8 inches tall. For setting up the unit, it is recommended for two people to assemble it. 

This clear acrylic unit also comes with all the needed tools and hardware for setting it up and assembly. 

The overall width by height by depth is 44 inches by 46.8 inches by 19.5 inches. The base width by height by depth measurement is 40 inches by 1.0 inches by 16.6 inches. It weighs 57.9 lbs, and the brown wood is made of pine. 

This podium can also be customized with a logo. Just send an email to FixturesDisplays with the logo file to get a quotation. 10.5 inches etched logo plaque is priced around $150. The price depends on the complexity of the logo as well. 


  • The set comes with all the necessary hardware and tools needed for set-up 
  • It comes with a cross that is also detachable
  • The reading surface is extensive and has sufficient space for the preacher’s Bible, notes, and other stuff
  • It has the option for customization 
  • It can also be used for lecture halls and office meetings


  • This podium is heavy 
  • It requires more than one person to assemble it 


A church pulpit is essential so that the priest or pastor can be seen and heard clearly by the audience. It is a vital tool for the Word of God to be delivered effectively to the congregation.

These are all great choices if you’re looking for a church pulpit. But the best that takes the cake for us is the BRMEFMC White Acrylic Pulpit. One of the top reasons is the quality of the material it is made with. It’s made of sturdy oak that makes for its sturdiness and durability. Its quality finish is also water-resistant. It even comes with a shelf or compartment at the back where stuff like a water bottle can be stored. The style and design of this pulpit are also elegant and classy, enhancing the ambiance of the sanctuary. 

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