Best Church Video Camera Package | Complete Guide

Editor’s Choice

  • The expandable bundle allows you to connect and switch up to two high-quality HDMI cameras
  • Easy streaming
  • The V-02HD MK II streaming video mixer is simple to use

Best Overall

  • Features a 3G-SDI output for connecting to switching equipment for broadcast conferencing
  • The Gen2 model is capable of 1080p60/50 recording
  • Allows effective close-focus and wide-angle shots


  • HDMI outputs and 3G-SDI 
  • Can stream 1080i/60, 1080p, 720p and 360p
  • Features forward error correction and minimal latency

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best church video camera package, then I’d recommend the PTZOptics 20x-SDI 2 Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle as the best one.

The church benefits from technology, especially in live streaming its many activities. Members of the congregation at home, whether ill, physically challenged, or unable to physically participate in person, can attend church services from the comfort of their own homes. The church video camera package will allow for easy recording and filming of worship services. This helps everyone remain connected wherever they may be in the world. 

Here are the best Church Video Camera Packages we will be reviewing:

What is the Best Church Video Camera Package?

There are a lot of video camera packages on the market. The best church video camera package that one should look for is the one that makes streaming church activities easy. It should also produce high definition and resolution output and good quality audio. It must be compatible with a lot of software, easy to install, have excellent zoom functions, can record easily, and is budget-friendly.

What is a video camera for a church?

There are a lot of video cameras available but it is recommended to get a professional grade. Typically, these video cameras offer not just excellent shots, but also excellent image and video quality. Versatility and control are also among them. High bit-rate recording with 4K resolution or higher, interchangeable lenses, and a broad dynamic range are among the features one should look for. 

These cameras should also be able to provide video signals to external monitors. It is also important to have zoom functions that can be connected to filmmaking accessories. Built-in filters for Neutral Density (ND) and high-quality audio inputs are also an advantage. 

What Makes the Best Church Video Camera Package?

Video Camera

The best video cameras have high definition and the most common are 720p or 1080p/1080i. Between the latter, go for 1080p rather than 1080i for it is the better option. Nowadays, the (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) PTZ camera system is preferred due to its excellent service.

Excellent zoom functions should also be at the top of one’s list for quality captures and shots. Greater zoom capabilities aren’t always an advantage. Always opt for optical zoom over digital zoom since the latter reduces video quality. The lens should have an f2 or smaller maximum aperture. It should also have a maximum equivalent focal length of 39mm. To capture a bigger scene in the frame, the lens must have a shorter focal length and a broader viewing angle.

It should also be able to support several recording formats such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD). This should also come with good image stabilization (IS). Although optical image stabilization is preferable, digital image stabilization is a better alternative. 

The sensor, meanwhile, should be at least twice that of the video standard. That means, the sensor resolution for a 720p video camera should be 1.8 megapixels at least. The storage capacity of the video camera should likewise be considered. 

For compatibility issues, it should easily connect and can easily navigate software. The minimum illumination, on the other hand, is a test to see how the video camera performs in low-light situations. For consumer versions, it amounts to roughly 5-7 lux. Lower light claims usually imply the use of unusual shooting modes like an infrared or slow shutter.

Video Mixer

Video allows one to easily switch between different cameras and change scenes, launch other sorts of media, and modify audio settings. In picking one, there are five things one should bear in mind: input, output, ease of use, video quality, and effects.

For inputs, it is always recommended to pick a video mixer that can accommodate many ports (USB, HDMI, etc.). The same can be said with outputs. This makes it possible to send signals to multiple destinations like a computer, for example. 

For a video mixer to be user-friendly is non-negotiable as it ensures a smooth flow of work for the members of the team. Likewise, video quality is also of utmost importance. A video mixer that can stream at least 720p is considered as good, but 1080p is preferred. 

Lastly, the effects that can come in handy for church events include MIDI input. This allows for the swapping of inputs with the use of electronic musical instruments. Also, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), transitions, caption overlays, and Chroma Key are the common effects one should look for in a video mixer. 


Tripods are useful for live streams for many reasons, like keeping the camera still. It should also be able to tilt, hold several pieces of equipment, and support photography effects like long exposures and focus stacking. 

The best tripods are those that support heavy weight. They must also have a good height, and not be too heavy for easy transport (tripods made of aluminum are preferred). The tripod legs and feet should provide maximum stability and support. The tripod head should give good support for the video camera or any other equipment attached to it.


Almost everyone can tell good audio from bad one. Thus, choosing the best microphone as part of one’s video camera package is important. Shotgun microphones along with lavalier microphones are the most used types of microphones in streaming. Lavalier microphones are more common than shotgun microphones.

What you shoot, where you are shooting, and how the microphone takes up sound should be considered. Generally, the best microphones pick up the best sounds. The quality of sound should also not be altered when uploaded to a certain platform or application for video and sound processing.

Importance of Using a Church Video Camera Package

Find out below why it is important to opt for a video camera package for the church:


When the equipment is bought together, compatibility issues are expected to be little to none. That is to say, one can expect the equipment to be accessible. They should also easily connect to the other hardware or software that came with the package. This is very important as it is vital that all the equipment sync as they should not only have smooth filming but also an equally smooth data transfer, processing, and download.

Better Output

When one buys the package, not only are compatibility issues rare but it also produces better output. How? When all your products complement one another, as is the case in video camera packages, one can easily maximize the features of the equipment involved. Thus, producing better output. Another plus is that they can do so easily and without needing to install other software for editing and processing.


Fortunately, most video camera packages online can be bought at a lower price when compared to buying the equipment one by one. Oftentimes, our purchase is limited by the budget we have at hand. If you and your church are planning to start a live stream for your activities, buying all the things you will be needing in a package is the way to go – compatible, with better output, and cheaper!

What to Consider in Buying a Church Video Camera Package?

Buying a church video camera package is not that easy as there are a lot of things to consider. We narrowed down the list to five to help you choose what is best to start your church live streaming and which could meet the needs of your church and congregation.


As churches have different amounts of resources, the price tag is always important. With this, one must make sure that each penny is worth what you are paying. Always remember that a low price does not always equate to the best option. For example, it can be that it is cheap but the general quality is compromised. It is then necessary to look for a budget-friendly package that is still able to provide you with quality service and can last long.


First and foremost, the quality of the church camera package should be considered. The money we pay should be worth the price. The quality should meet our demands to produce better outputs and help in meeting the goals of our church. Good quality comes with equally good features and specifications. The resolution, imaging, audio, and how all of them operate together should be considered. 

Easy to Use

The package should also be easy to use and comes with a manual or instruction that is easy to follow. Video camera packages that are hard to operate can cause problems later on and even unnecessary delays which can lead to a waste of resources and time. It would also be a plus if the package comes with free customer service and a warranty.  


The best package is the one that has few compatibility issues and can easily connect to a wide array of software and hardware without causing any changes in the quality of image, resolution, and audio among others. Further, a gadget-friendly device will enable the crew to easily download, stream, edit, and process videos and recordings.

Cable and connections

The package must include several ports and be able to support different media cables to easily establish the needed connections among devices. These cables and connections must also be compatible with a myriad of software and hardware. They should be durable, especially for those who frequently travel. The length of the cables should also be considered, especially since it would be an extra effort for the crew to establish extension cables while filming. 

To help your search for the best video camera package, below are five packages you might want to add to your list of products to consider:

PTZOptics 20x-SDI 2 Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle

The PTZOptics 20x-SDI 2 Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle come with 2 PTZOptics 20x-SDI Gen2 Live Streaming Cameras, 1 HuddleCam Serial Controller Joystick, and 2 Universal Wall Mount Brackets.

The camera enables it to do well in low-light conditions which is owed to its fast f/1.8 – f/2.8 lens aperture and its minimum illumination requirement which is only 0.5 lux at f/1.8. Another plus is that it has a wide built-in dynamic range and a 2D and 3D noise cancellation which enhances the conferencing experience. It is perfect for live streaming as it makes video production easier.

It also supports a wide variety of software for online meetings, mobile apps to help control several networks, and the VISCA Control and PTZOPtics Network Control. Further, it includes an IR remote control that allows easy setting of presets and control for up to four cameras. The camera is also able to set up 64 presets, 10 of which you can control via the remote.


  • Features a 3G-SDI output for connecting to switching equipment for broadcast conferencing
  • The Gen2 model is capable of 1080p60/50 recording
  • Allows effective close-focus and wide-angle shots
  • Versatile 
  • Includes an IR remote control that lets you adjust many settings via an on-screen display


  • Hard to follow manual
  • Technical difficulties during set-up

Roland Complete Broadcast Video Streaming System

The bundle allows one to easily stream, switch, and connect to up to two HDMI cameras and computers. With its large controls, T-bar fader, and free iOS production software, the V-02HD MK II streaming video mixer is simple to operate. It also provides a solution that eliminates the need for a separate PTZ controller. 

Due to their size and remote control operation, PTZ cameras included in the package also provide studio-level image quality and may be deployed in hidden locations.

The Roland PTZ camera bundle allows one to easily create and produce a full streaming experience. This is through its HD video, high-quality music, and graphics. With PTZ cameras, it gives a new experience in video production and streaming.


  • The expandable bundle allows you to connect and switch up to two high-quality HDMI cameras
  • Easy streaming
  • The V-02HD MK II streaming video mixer is simple to use
  • Provides an all-in-one solution that eliminates the added expense of a dedicated PTZ controller
  • PTZ cameras offer studio-grade picture quality


  • Hard to set-up
  • Speed settings cannot be used while presets are used
  • The remote control only works when in front of the camera 

Canon XA50 UHD 4K Video Camcorder Accessory Bundle

The camcorder which comes with the bundle features a Canon 20x Optical Zoom Lens. This provides versatile zoom options with 35 mm which is an equivalent of 29.3-601 mm which is a big help to capture both near and far recordings. The zoom speed can also be set to a constant or variable as it comes with 16 levels of zoom speed Fast, Normal, or Slow.

Further, the XA50 Professional Camcorder delivers excellent quality images and reproduction. The 20x Optical Zoom Video lens it comes with, its 4K UHD CMOS Pro Image Sensor, and the DiG!C DV 6 Image Processors all work together to help capture and eventually process images while the XA50 is a great help in delivering HD videos.

The detachable handle is also able to provide expanded audio quality and flexibility. Removing it allows the camcorder to be compact for easy storage. The handle includes: Accessory shoe (cold), Two built-in XLR audio input terminals with phantom power, an External microphone holder, a Zoom control and record start/stop button, Manual audio level control, a Tally lamp, and an Infrared lamp.


  • Up to UHD 4K30 Video Recording
  • Integrated 15x Optical Zoom Lens
  • Dual XLR and Mic/Line Audio Input
  • 5-Axis Optical Image Stabilization
  • Dual SD Relay and Simultaneous Recording


  • Not recommended to use it in low-light settings
  • Focus adjustments are hard to navigate
  • The camera bag does not secure the camera well

FEELWORLD NDI20X PTZ Camera and L2 Plus Video Switcher Bundle

The camera comes with an NDI interface transmission protocol, and low-latency audio and video transmission. These meet the needs for video production of studios and on-the-site functions. It also supports PoE or Power over Ethernet and with just one cable can be used for video and audio streaming, control, and power. 

It has high resolution at 1080p@60 fps and outstanding color reproduction. Its 20x zoom, on the other hand, delivers life-like video and premium optics to help create the best virtual experience. Its low-light performance technology is capable of adjusting the brightness level automatically. 

The video switcher mixer, meanwhile, can provide four input sources, a PST preview picture, and a PGM output picture on a 5.5-inch touch screen. This allows one to monitor in real time without having to attach an external monitor.  


  • Support NDI/HX, POE
  • Low light correction, autofocus
  • 255 preset positions
  • Includes a hand-held remote
  • Chroma Key and LOGO overlay


  • Limited remote control range
  • Does not do very well in low-light conditions
  • Loud fan noise for the video switcher

JVC KY-PZ100 Robotic PTZ with Roland V-60HD Video Switcher Bundle

The KY-PZ100 is a video production camera with a robotic pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ). It is the first PTZ camera with JVC’s own IP communications engine. This allows for network connectivity by 4G-LTE, Wi-Fi, or wired LAN. It can be used in both studio and outdoor settings. 

A web browser, the dedicated RM-LP100 remote control panel, or several remote units using the standard protocol can all control the camera.

On-board HD recording of up to 50Mbps to a micro SDHC/SDXC card is also included. This comes with the ability to transfer the recorded data to an external server. It has an optical zoom lens of a 30x zoom ratio (4.3-129mm, f/1.6-4.7), a 12x digital zoom Autofocus, and picture stabilization with a built-in 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor (2.2 million pixels). 


  • HDMI outputs and 3G-SDI 
  • Can stream 1080i/60, 1080p, 720p and 360p
  • Features forward error correction and minimal latency 
  • 30x zoom ratio optical zoom lens
  • High sensitivity mode for low-light


  • Poor audio quality
  • Difficult to manipulate SDI signals
  • Firmware updates are hard
  • Loud fan noise in the video switcher


Most churches have now invested in live-streaming equipment. This comes in response to meeting the rapid demand of going online and reaching wider audiences. Without a doubt, video camera packages would help several churches and their congregations. An example would be to do live streaming on Facebook live, YouTube, and other platforms where church live streaming is available. It would be a worthy investment. It would also allow members of the Church to watch and listen to the activities anytime and anywhere they want.

The best church video camera package I’d recommend is the PTZOptics 20x-SDI 2 Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle. It is the best camera for church live streaming. This is after considering the specifications and features it comes with, such as its 3G-SGDI output, excellent zoom range, the software it can support, and the remote control it comes with, which are just what one needs to get the cameras rolling inside their churches and start live streaming.

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