The 5 Best Church Video Systems

Editor’s Choice

  • Includes the DataVideo BC-80 HD Block Camera
  • The camera has amazing 1080p resolution and 30x zoom
  • Has the Roland VR-4HD HD, AV Mixer

Best Overall

  • Multiple DAW Control
  • Comprehensive Monitor Control
  • Customizable Surface


  • Affordable
  • It comes in a compact size that’s easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to operate with hardware controls

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best church video systems, then I’d recommend the Avid S4 16 Control Surface as the best one.

The emergence of COVID-19 paved the way for virtual meetings to become more widespread. 

The eminent use of online platforms in conducting virtual events represents a paradigm shift in the way we communicate today. Virtual meetings play a significant role in maintaining communication in the comforts of our homes.

Even churches nowadays need to adapt to the changes that the pandemic brought. Churches must maintain their current congregation without the expense of everyone’s safety. To do so, a lot of churches stream their services online and install video systems. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best church video systems and their benefits.

Here are the best Church Video Systems we will be reviewing:

What are Church Video Systems?

Church video systems include several types of equipment necessary to stream services online. They are essential in online church services and beneficial for the whole congregation. The video system usually includes cameras, audio mixers, computers, and more. 

To stream church services, you need to invest in a live streaming equipment setup and tools to make streaming more convenient and produce professional-looking videos. 

Essential Gear for Church Video Systems


Regardless of what type of church you are or the streaming system you want to have, you will need at least one camera. For beginners, consider getting a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera. This type of camera makes broadcast-quality videos affordable, and it’s also convenient to use. It is controllable by a remote operator to pan or zoom. 

USB cameras or webcams are also excellent choices to start. However, the USB cabling only extends around 10’ without an extension system. The majority of churches use SDI cabling, which runs hundreds of feet without losing any signal. 


A tripod is an excellent investment for getting steady shots without any hassle. Instead of holding a camera all day, a tripod can do that work for you. You don’t need to fret over unsteady videos when you have a tripod.

There are a wide variety of tripods on the market. But, you don’t need to spend a lot to get a high-quality tripod. Just look for something that’s within your budget. Find a durable tripod that has a fluid drag head to allow you to move effortlessly and steadily. 

Audio Interface

Having professional-looking videos is essential, but you need to have crystal clear audio to procure high-quality streaming. Capturing sound directly from your soundboard is the best option to have excellent quality audio. 

To get a signal from the board into your computer, you can use an audio interface. You can use the other audio systems and microphones you already have to amplify the sound they produce. Get the audio from your audio board and convert it to USB. So, you will need to obtain a USB audio interface. This equipment will plug into your computer through a USB and provide you with an audio source. 

Internet Connection

Streaming your church services wouldn’t be possible without any internet connection. You need to invest in a fast internet connection if you don’t want your online streaming to lag. Having a slow signal will not only be a hassle for you, but it will also bother your viewers. A slow internet connection can interrupt your online church services and affect the video and audio quality. 

Having a slow internet connection can deteriorate the quality of your video, and your audio will sound choppy. 


There are a plethora of ways to stream your services online. You can stream directly from your camera or a capture device. However, the most convenient way to stream is by using a computer. Ensure that your computer operates in new technology and contains a vast amount of memory and power. It’s best to opt for a fast-working computer to get things done. 

Consider getting a lot of hard drive space and obtaining an external drive when you want to record your services.  


It’s essential to acquire microphones if you want to have excellent and clear audio. There are a wide variety of mics that operate depending on your preferences. 

If you want to hide your microphone, consider getting lapel microphones with wireless transmitters. You can also try purchasing a shotgun microphone or a boom pole.

If you don’t need to hide your microphone, you can just use a wireless or wired handheld microphone. 

Live Streaming Software

The streaming software will process your audio and video signals and send them to your streaming providers (YouTube or Facebook). One of the most used streaming software is the OBS Studio, which is free. Although, it can be a little daunting and complex to set up at first.

You can also invest a bit more money if you want user-friendly ones. There is a lot of easy-to-use live-streaming software out there that won’t leave you bankrupt. 


Extra Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of photography and filmmaking. Extra lighting can help you produce clear and professional-looking shots. If you’re shooting outside with a lot of light, you don’t need additional lighting. 


Stabilizers allow you more depth in your shots. These prevent unwanted movements in your camera, such as the shaking of your hands. You can move your camera around while getting steady shots when you have a stabilizer. 

Light Reflectors

Light reflectors fix shadows and also achieve a broader light source. These can improve the quality of your shots. 

HDMI Cables and Extenders

HDMI cables get the video signal out from the camera. If your camera is away from the computer, you might need HDMI extenders.

Why Install Church Video Systems?

Live Stream Church Services

You can stream your church services online when you install video systems. And, you can share the Gospel online without sacrificing everyone’s safety in this pandemic. You need to adapt to this new normal to cater to the needs of the congregation. 

Record Church Services

One of the many benefits of having church video systems is that you can record your church services. The whole congregation can rewatch the sermons they love anytime online. 

Reach More People

Church video systems provide live-streaming services. This method enables the church to expand its outreach and bring in more people. Your congregation won’t just be limited to one location only. You can have viewers all over the world and influence people positively. 

Maintain Current Congregation

The pandemic has affected even the church gatherings. Many people get discouraged and stop worshiping God because the building has shut down. Live-streaming your services can help you keep members of your current congregation.

How to Set Up Church Video Systems?

First of all, you need the essential gear for church video systems. After procuring all the necessary equipment, you can start setting up your church video systems. 

Place your camera on a tripod. Connect your camera to your capture device by using the HDMI cable. Then, connect your audio interface to your computer. You need to connect the audio output to the camera. Afterward, connect the capture card to your computer.

Download any live-streaming software you like and install it on your computer. Connect the software to your camera. Then, select whatever streaming platform you’d like to use, such as YouTube or Facebook. Lastly, copy and paste the stream key from your streaming platform to your streaming software.

Things to Consider When Choosing Church Video Systems

Product Quality

It’s best to opt for products with high-quality and excellent durability. There are lots of video systems with superb quality that won’t leave you bankrupt. But, if you want more advanced video systems, then I recommend investing a bit more money.


Having a budget in mind will help you choose what products to look for. It will decrease your scope of choices and lessen the hassle. If you have a budget already, you’ll only look for products that you can afford. Set your budget for your church video system before buying anything at all.

Size of the Church

It’s essential to understand the size of your church before investing in a church video system. You need to take into consideration the size because you need more equipment if you have a larger congregation. 

HDMI Cables

Consider getting HDMI cables to get the video signal out from the camera. You might want to do your research first and check if your equipment is compatible with others. Would the cable fit on your computer’s slot? Do you need longer cables or not? These are just some of the things to consider when choosing HDMI cables.   

Video Display

When choosing the best church video systems, consider what video display you’d like to have. Do you need a bigger screen for your congregation? Is a small one sufficient enough for your church? 

Avid S4 16 Control Surface

The Avid S4 16 compact control surface has the same tremendous power, monitoring choices, and hands-on workflows as the Avid S6, but in a more compact form factor that is better suited to smaller locations and budgets. 

The Avid S4 16 Control Surface is built with EUCON technology to provide you with that deep and unparalleled DAW Integration to access and control audio and video software. It has an easy and complete monitor control, and you can handle everything from a simple cue mix.

The Avid S4 fits your workflow needs without taking up too much studio space, thanks to its compact, semi-modular style. It supports up to four optional Display Modules, providing extensive visual feedback on your session.


  • Multiple DAW Control
  • Comprehensive Monitor Control
  • Customizable Surface
  • Incredible Mixes 
  • Easy Dolby Atmos Mixes 


  • Very expensive

Roland Professional Steamer Bundle

The Roland Professional Streamer Bundle includes the DataVideo HD Block Camera, the Roland HD AV Mixer, and the Shure Dual Combo Wireless Microphone System. 

The DataVideo BC-80 HD Block Camera provides superb 1080p HD resolution and 30x zoom with digital noise reduction. Its optical zoom enables you to mount it near or far and still get that beautiful and clear photos. 

The Roland VR-4HD is an all-in-one audio-visual mixer. It’s a complete HD studio in a small, portable package that replaces numerous pieces of complicated A/V gear.

The Shure SLXD14 Wireless System offers transparent, 24-bit digital audio and amazing performance for a lot of different applications. The microphone system is a piece of excellent equipment for stage performances, conferences, and many more. 


  • Includes the DataVideo BC-80 HD Block Camera
  • The camera has amazing 1080p resolution and 30x zoom
  • Has the Roland VR-4HD HD, AV Mixer
  • Has the Shure SLXD14D Dual Combo Wireless Microphone System
  • Affordable compared to others
  • Can save some money if you buy the bundle (rather than buying each separately)


  • May have some issues with the interference (Microphone system)

Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K

The Blackmagic Designs ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K features eight separate 12G-SDI inputs for working in all popular HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. Every input includes re-sync and a full low latency standards converter. 

On the analog inputs, the improved Fairlight audio mixer incorporates dynamics, 6-band parametric EQ, dual mono channel split, and stereo simulator with audio delay. The media pool in ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K includes the ATEM Advanced Chroma Key, Ultra HD multiview, and motion clips.


  • Not too expensive compared to others
  • Includes eight individual inputs
  • Offers Multi-view monitoring
  • It has HD/Ultra HD
  • Built-in control panel with camera controls
  • Includes ATEM Software Control Panel


  • A bit complex to use

Roland V-1SDI Web Streaming Bundle

The Roland V-1SDI Web Streaming Bundle is a versatile video switcher that makes it easier to connect and switch professional 3G SDI cameras and playback sources along with HDMI sources. 

The V-1SDI’s easy-to-use hardware interface, which includes a T-Fader and lighted buttons, produces excellent switching results. The V-1SDI can run at full 1080p resolution and benefit from SDI’s extended cable distance, making this compact solution suitable for events and applications in even larger locations with professional SDI camera sources.

The Roland V-1SDI offers an affordable streaming live production system. 


  • Affordable
  • It comes in a compact size that’s easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to operate with hardware controls
  • Support for SDI and HDMI cameras, smartphones, tablet computers, and PCs
  • Supports up to full HD 1080p 


Mevo Start Live Streaming Camera

The Mevo Start is a streaming device made primarily for live events and long-form video. The camera can stream and record videos at up to 1080p. You can edit your broadcast from your phone using the Mevo App, too!

The Mevo app allows users to share their live streams to major streaming platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, NDI, and others. The app also lets you change the brightness, contrast, exposure, sharpness, and white balance settings. For increased versatility, Mevo Start now features an image-flip option.


  • Easy to use and hassle-free
  • Comprehensive control
  • Share live streams on major streaming platforms
  • Full 1080p resolution
  • Compact size
  • Mountable anywhere
  • Affordable


  • Can’t zoom in enough to have clear shots at a distance


Live-streaming is proving to be beneficial to ministries around the world. It enables churches to reach more people and engage in their congregation. Church video systems display their pivotal roles in the sustainable success of churches to continue spreading the Gospel. 

For the best church video systems, I recommend the Avid S4 16 Control Surface as the best one. It has superb quality, and easy operation, and it possesses superior ergonomics and comprehensive monitor control. Also, it also has a customizable surface and boosts mixing efficiency. It may cost a fortune, but it’s worth the big investment. 

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