Complete Guide to the Best Conference Microphone

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Conference Microphone

  • Stable signal and clear sound
  • Independent mic volume control
  • Includes a rack-mountable receiver base, foam mic windscreens, and removable receiver antennas

Best Overall

  • Each channel has a dedicated XLR output and volume control
  • Stable transmission via 900mhz frequency band
  • 24-bit digital technology delivers a clean, professional quality signal


  • Custom four-capsule condenser array for greater focus and clarity
  • High-res LED meter helps you visualize your voice level
  • Multi-function smart knob controls headphone volume, mic gain, blend, and mute

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best conference microphone, then I’d recommend the VocoPro Digital-Conference 16 Channel Wireless Conference Mic System as the best one.

Are you looking to get a conference microphone for your meetings and huddles but not sure where to start? We’ve compiled all the essential information you need to know here that you might find helpful. Let’s go and get started so you can get that microphone you’re looking for. 

Here are the best Conference Microphones we will be reviewing:

What is a Conference Microphone?

A conference microphone is a sound gear that allows participants to hear each other clearly during a large gathering. It aims to help achieve the effectiveness of a small meeting into large gatherings like conferences. 

How Does a Conference Microphone Work

The conference microphone has a control unit to send and exchange signals. It also comes with an amplifier that converts the incoming electrical signals into sound.  You will find that some microphones have better precision and quality, and that’s because they have better translation or conversion power than others.

Why You Need a Conference Microphone

If you’re still on the fence about whether to get a conference microphone or not, here are some of the benefits which you might find helpful in making that decision:


Conference microphones make it effortless for a big group of speakers to participate and engage in the meeting or conference. At the same time, it allows a broad group audience to follow the event either as passive listeners or watching via recordings. 

Saves Meeting Time

It also reduces the need for the speakers to keep switching or trading mics since each would have its dedicated microphone. This eliminates wasted time going back and forth to pass the mic between speakers. It also enables the audience or participants to see who is speaking because the speaker’s mic illuminates during someone’s turn to speak. 

Language Interpretation

Conference microphones will work great if you have a multi-lingual group or crowd. Some systems can be used with simultaneous interpretation equipment. The individual microphones permit the floor feed to be sent straight to the interpreter so that they have clear and precise audio to translate. 

Improves Meeting Flow

The system’s volume, voting, and mute controls enable the chairman or whoever leads the meeting or conference to subtly control the session, call to order if needed, and recognize participants.  


Aside from the incredible efficiency that it brings to meetings and conferences, conference mics also provide aesthetics. Their sleek and elegant appearance indicates respect for all participants and professionalism. Individualized mics also give the impression that each and everyone’s voice matters. 

Features to Look for in a Conference Microphone

As you’re getting ready to buy a conference microphone, it’s a big help to note the features that you need to look for in getting one.


You need a highly compatible microphone to connect and work with multiple devices. It should work and be consistent with Mac OS, Windows, and PC. On top of that, it should also support a Bluetooth and USB connection.

Noise cancellation

Your conference mic should also be able to cancel background noise. It should come with high-quality sensors that eliminate the noises and amplify the speaker’s voice. 

Battery life

Another essential feature to look for when buying a conference mic is its long battery life. Ideally, a good mic should last one day of battery time and only need to be charged after a whole day of use. You would want to avoid having a mic with low battery time. It can be a hassle to recharge it again and again, especially when working under time constraints.

Recording capability

There are conference microphones that have the recording feature. This is a great feature, mainly when you document an important meeting or conference that you can look back to or review in the future. 

Mute button

A mute button is a conference microphone’s essential and helpful feature, especially when delivering a presentation. This feature lets you or the speaker mute the mic when speaking to someone beside you about something unrelated to the current presentation or discussion.

Long warranty

An extended warranty period should also be a must in the features you’re looking for in a conference microphone. Since this is an investment, you also need to ensure you would be covered for any repairs or replacements that may occur. Some have 2-year warranties, but some offer more. 

Where to Place a Conference Microphone

Ideally, you should position or place your mic in front of you and at a distance of six inches to 12 inches away. You also need to speak directly in front of the mic. It helps ensure that the microphone picks up your voice clearly and that you are easily heard by the other participants in the meeting or conference. You would want to avoid speaking too close to the mic as you will sound bassy or muffled, and other participants won’t understand you. 

Different Types of Conference Microphones

Let’s take a look at your different options for conference microphones:

Wired vs. Wireless

A wired system has a straightforward setup and is easy to use. A digital CAT5 line transmits the mic units and the CCU signals. If a participant wants to speak, there’s a button on their mic that they can press. Light would then appear on the delegate and the chairman unit to indicate the delegate’s desire to talk. The chairman unit has a dedicated button that permits discussion and grants permission for a participant to speak to the group. Wired systems are also easy to clean, and maintenance is simple. 

On the other hand, a wireless system reduces the need for complicated sound systems, cables, and mixers. You only need to ensure that the chairman and delegate units are charged for at least 90 minutes. Then to begin operation, just power up the CCU. The system also has feedback reduction technology which helps simplify the on-site process.

Individual vs. Shared

Individual conference microphones deliver intensely defined audio and remarkable signal quality. They are positioned close to the source and can pick up signals impressively well. 

On top of that, these mics also have precise noise cancellation and additional features like translation and voting. 

On the other hand, shared conference microphones are mainly used for meetings or conferences where many people share a mic. These mics pick up signals from multiple sources. Their advantage is that they don’t consume much space. They are also easier to install than other types of mics. They are of impressive quality but amazingly affordable. Their only downside is that they don’t give precise noise cancellation. 

Gooseneck Conference Microphone

Their uncanny likeness to a goose’s neck is where these mics got their name. They are mainly considered the best way to ensure excellent quality sound. Instead of depending on one or two mics to hopefully hear each participant, gooseneck mics allow everyone to hear since each set will have a dedicated microphone. And because they are limited to the speaker, these mics won’t catch background noises. The only disadvantage is that you need to ensure enough microphones are on the table for all participants or speakers. 

Ceiling Conference Microphone

You can attach ceiling microphones from above like a chandelier, or you can embed or mount them into the ceiling. If your conference room has a high ceiling, the hanging mics will work great to ensure that every voice in the room will be caught. One of the impressive things about these mics is that you can install them without the mess and tangle of wires lining your tabletop. You just might need multiple microphones if your conference room is extensive. Good thing these mics usually are capable of a 360-degree sound pick-up and work great for medium to large-sized conference rooms. 

Boundary Microphones

You can install boundary microphones on floors or tables. You can also place and fix them within the tables to cover the wiring. Boundary mics have two types: directional and omnidirectional. Let’s take a look at how these two differ. 


Directional microphones pick up sounds from sources in front of them and are less sensitive to sounds from the sides. They also tend to be deaf to sounds from sources behind them. These mics would be ideal because they cancel background noises if you just want to capture your voice. 


Omnidirectional mics are evenly sensitive to sounds from all around them and can catch sounds from a 360-degree direction. They can pick up the voices of multiple people at the same time. These mics are helpful if only a few people are in the meeting. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Conference Microphone

Before you decide on getting that conference mic, let’s add a few more essential things you need to note to ensure you’re getting a good investment. 

Ease of Use

Conference microphones aim to bring the efficiency of a small meeting to large gatherings or conferences. They must be easy to operate and are user-friendly. We can’t assume that all participants are tech-savvy. The controls should be straightforward and not difficult to understand. Invest in something that doesn’t need complex instructions for it to work. 

Number of Participants

How many people can you accommodate in your conference or meeting room? This is essential information to know how many conference microphones you would need. Most central control units or CCUs can handle 80-120 delegate mics. In extensively large groups, the number of microphones can also affect how many CCUs you need. 

Sound and Signal Quality

Many older microphone model systems use analog sound signals. To keep up with the times and advancing technology, you may want to choose the modern and digital type for your conference microphone. It would mean getting better sound quality, increased signal processing, and recording options, plus its lighter weight. 


Whether you’re getting a wired or wireless microphone would depend on the venue of your meetings or gatherings. Also, suppose your interpretation equipment is infrared-powered. In that case, you have to keep a line of sight between the receiver and the transmitter. This is because IR signals cannot pass through walls. Other audio equipment such as recording gears would also play a role in this decision. 

Advanced Features

You also need to check and consider if you need additional features such as voting function, videoconferencing, and recording capabilities. Some conference microphones have these capabilities that may come in handy in your future meetings. 

If you’re still a bit overwhelmed on which conference microphone to purchase, here are our top five which you might find helpful in your decision-making:

VocoPro Digital-Conference 16 Channel Wireless Conference Mic System

The Digital-Conference 16 Channel Wireless Conference Mic System is VocoPro’s latest addition to their reliable and quality microphone sets. It’s a sixteen-channel wireless system that is composed of conference microphones. One of its remarkable capabilities is that it operates on a 900MHz band. This system is unaffected by the interference of TV broadcasts, which is a common problem of microphones in the market. 

This conference microphone system features 24-bit digital audio that is of professional quality. It has a range of up to 200ft in which its sound can still be heard clearly. VocoPro’s digital Mic-On-Chip technology and this microphone’s system’s proven analog transmitter ensures audio precision and excellence.  

The Digital-Conference-12 16 Wireless Microphone System is performance-ready with its equalized XLR output for each of the 16 channels. This feature allows minute volume control. You can also quickly plug in all the microphones with the four ¼-inch mixed outputs. With the 16 microphones available in this set, it will be a breeze for you to accommodate large groups. This VocoPro’s Digital-Conference Microphone system is the perfect answer to your meeting and conference needs. 


  • Each channel has a dedicated XLR output and volume control
  • Stable transmission via 900mhz frequency band
  • 24-bit digital technology delivers a clean, professional quality signal
  • Individual digital microphone IDs eliminate channel cross-talk
  • Brackets included for mounting in a rack case


  • The wireless receivers are not so durable and long-lasting 

Logitech BLUE Yeti X Black USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser Microphone by Logitech is the modern front runner USB microphone for streaming, professional gaming, YouTube productions, and podcasting. It features the new 4-capsule condenser to broadcast audio with better clarity and focus in four flexible pickup patterns (Omni, bi-directional, cardioid, and stereo). It has voice effects that include podcaster and streamer presets. 

This condenser microphone also has an innovative illuminated knob that’s multi-function and has customizable lighting. It also lets you monitor and control your voice level in real-time, giving you precise command over your sound stream. Here you can control mic gain, headphone volume, and mute. This microphone system even features an easy setup as you only need to plug and play, and you’re good to go.


  • Custom four-capsule condenser array for greater focus and clarity
  • High-res LED meter helps you visualize your voice level
  • Multi-function smart knob controls headphone volume, mic gain, blend, and mute
  • Customizable lighting for personalizing your mic
  • Plug ‘n play on Mac and PC


  • It tends to have compatibility issues with different Mac OS 
  • The mute button has a noticeable, audible clicking noise when you turn it on/off 

Anker PowerConf S500 Bluetooth Speakerphone for Conference Room

Conference Microphone

This PowerConf S500 Bluetooth Speakerphone by Anker comes with 6 microphones. You can get complete 360-degrees coverage for meetings in home offices, huddle rooms, and more. It also features a custom DSP algorithm. It means this mic system improves voice pick up with real-time echo cancellation, suppression of ambient noise, and de-reverberation. You can also achieve balanced volume with this microphone. Even if you’re sitting at a distance from this speakerphone, it automatically adjusts the loudness so that your voice sounds loud and clear. 

The setup of this speakerphone is also straightforward. You can just connect it via USB-C cable or Bluetooth without installing any drivers. It offers universal compatibility as well. Also, it works with computers that use Mac Os and Windows 7, 8, and 10. It also works well with significant home office apps like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, WebEx, Chromebox, GotoMeeting, and more.

With the PowerConf S500 Bluetooth Speakerphone, you don’t have to worry about battery life. It gives you 24 hours of call time with its 6,700 mAh battery. 

For an optimized experience, upgrade your firmware to the latest version through the AnkerWork app. 


  • It has VoiceRadar Technology eliminating unwanted noise
  • Sensitive voice pickup
  • It has Zoom Rooms certification and works with Google Meet
  • Music and other audio are played in amazing quality
  • Easy to use


  • The device tends to automatically lock up during Microsoft Teams meetings 
  • It also tends to have a static noise where you’d have to hold the power button to stop it 

Shure MX392/S Microflex Supercardioid Boundary Microphone

Shure’s Microflex MX392 Boundary Microphone is a small, low-key, surface mounting electret condenser mic. Shure has designed this for affixing stage floors, conference tables, and lecterns. It features a wide frequency range and high sensitivity, making it suitable for catching speech and vocals in audio reinforcement and recording apps. Its super-cardioid pickup pattern also works great for audio enhancement applications that need more distant or narrow coverage. 

The Microflex MX392 is a high-quality solution for various uses, such as boardrooms, huddle rooms, distance learning centers, and altars. This mic features interchangeable condenser cartridges that provide superb Shure quality audio. 

This microphone’s programmable switches also offer the flexibility and option to be set for Push to Mute, Push On/PushOff, or Push to Talk modes. It has an attractive, low-profile, professional design that comes with a paint mask that is super easy to use for your custom-color installations. This Microflex MX392 mic also comes with a programmable on and off membrane switch, on and off LED indicator, screw terminal connections, logic input and output terminals, and an attached 3.7m/12-feet unterminated cable.


  • Interchangeable cardioid, supercardioid, and omnidirectional cartridges 
  • Sleek, low-profile design for unobtrusive appearance
  • Balanced, transformerless output for increased immunity to noise over long cable runs
  • Programmable on/off switch and LED on/off indicator
  • Logic input/output terminals for remote control or use with automatic mixers


  • It comes with a strange metric plug instead of a bare end as advertised

Pyle PDWM8880 8 Channel Conference Microphone System

Conference Microphone

This Pyle’s handsfree conference microphone has 8 channels and a dual telescoping receiver antenna for your wireless experience and freedom. This is perfect for professional engagement, religious or church events, conferences, and more. This system comes with UHF mics with RF (radio frequency) and AF (audio frequency). They also have high signal or noise ratio performance for picking up high-quality sound. 

Each surface-mountable mic comes with its dial volume control, so you can balance and adjust the vocals to your preference. The receiver is also rack-mountable, perfect for DJs who want to install or mount it on their racks or for other users with similar setups.

The PDWM8880 that comes with this system has a ¼ composite output. This feature lets you hook up all the mics into one input on your speaker, stereo, or mixer and balanced XLR jack. It also has a LED status signal indicator light, an antenna, and a power switch. 

This package includes removable receiver antennas, rack-mountable receiver base, audio connection cable, foam mic windscreens, and eight tabletop microphones. You can use this device indoors for home or personal use and outdoors. 


  • Stable signal and clear sound
  • Independent mic volume control
  • Includes a rack-mountable receiver base, foam mic windscreens, and removable receiver antennas
  • Perfect for a conference, professional engagement, religious event, and more
  • It has a power switch, LED status signal indicator light, and antenna


  • There’s static noise when you grab the gooseneck to talk/speak on the mic
  • To pick up the voice, you have to be close to the mic (6 – 10 inches away)


Suppose we were to pick just one among these excellent conference microphone systems. In that case, the VocoPro Digital-Conference 16 Channel Wireless Conference Mic System stands out. Primarily because of its versatility and functionality. The sound quality is impressive, there are no audio feedback problems, and has an extensive audio range. Since we are looking at this as an investment, we might as well get the bang for our buck, right?

Another thing is that we can use it for large meetings and events since it comes with 16 microphones. And finally, it also comes in a very sleek and professional appearance. It has everything we need in a microphone system which is the most important thing when investing in any equipment. It should not only be of excellent quality but should also be something that fits your preference and your needs. 

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