The Best Daily Devotional for a College Student

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Daily Devotional for College Student

  • Devotions are compact, brief, and straight to the point
  • It has prayers that students can follow or start with when they don’t know where or how to begin
  • Some devotions have questions that will get the reader to think, analyze, and reflect on

Best Overall

313740: The One-Year Alive Devotions for Students
  • Relatable real-life illustrations, stories, and quotes
  • Works great for those whose attention span is short
  • The daily messages speak to the heart of young people


Daily Devotional for College Student

  • It has a delightful image on the cover that is eye-catching
  • The author divided the devotional into sections, with specific topics like Dating, Dudes, and Drama
  • It’s an influential book to use if you want to share your faith with other girls

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best daily devotional for college student, then I’d recommend The One Year Alive Devotions for Students by Rick Christian as the best one.

Stress, emotional struggles, and mental pressure are overwhelming to anyone. Regardless of age, we all go through challenging seasons. College life is no different as students transition from teens to young adults. 

There’s this mix of excitement and fear that can be hard to handle if left on their own. So it’s the stage where anchoring themselves to God’s Word is very important. But how will they do that if they have a packed schedule?

We have picked the best daily devotionals for college students and listed them here. It can be helpful as you jumpstart your habit of doing your devotions and quiet time with the Lord.

Here are the best Daily Devotional for College Students we will be reviewing:

What is a Daily Devotional for College Students?

For a college student, it’s challenging to squeeze in time with the Lord each day. They already have a lot on their plate. Wondering about what part of the scripture to read for the day can be unappealing. Here is where devotions for students can prove helpful. They have specific verses that guide on what to pray and meditate on.

A daily devotional can serve as an encouraging way for students to spend time with God and go deeper into His Word. They are an invitation to detach from the usual routine and shift the focus to spiritual matters for a bit.

Having daily devotions for students can help in this dilemma. Spending time with God’s Word every single day helps a lot in gaining peace and joy amidst challenges. It will help strengthen the faith and know more about living according to God’s ways.

Joshua 1:8 instructs us to meditate on the Word of God day and night for us to follow it. It will help us thrive and live an abundant life. It can also help in overcoming temptation and in giving in to distractions. Psalm 119:1 tells us to hide the Word of God in our hearts to keep ourselves from sinning against Him.

Purpose of Daily Devotionals for College Students?

The purpose of doing devotions for college students is to help them grow strong in spirit. It helps them develop an intimate relationship with Jesus. By reading a passage or a few passages every day, they learn more about God.

Another purpose would be to develop the habit of praying every day. In this modern age, it’s easy for a student to get distracted and forget about praying. The best devotionals help them stand firm in their faith and Christian values. 

A daily devotional is a great tool that promotes their healthy walk with Jesus. It helps develop the discipline of prayer and reading the Bible.

Importance of Doing Daily Devotionals for College Students

If you’re drowning in deadlines, pressure, homework, and projects, this is the best time to develop a habit with God. Philippians 4:6-7 advises us that whenever we are anxious and worried, we should pray. And when we do, we have to have a thankful heart as we present our requests to God. By doing this, we can receive the supernatural peace that can only come from Jesus. Here’s why it’s important to do devotionals for college students.

It helps them focus

Many unnecessary things capture the attention of college students. A lot of irrelevant activities steer them away from what they need to focus on for the day. These are things like socializing, web surfing, and social media. A lot of them have practical tips that they can apply to their everyday life. It will help students in gaining wisdom. Also, it gives perspective on where to direct their attention and how to make wise decisions. 

It reminds them of their priorities

A student’s priorities can go haywire if there are a lot of things that divert their attention. A college devotional helps a student to organize their day-to-day activities and roles. A study in 2016 reported that the life of students in this generation is more distracted than ever because of social media. A chunk of their time gets wasted on activities that are not related to their school work. Daily Devotions are a great help to realign a student’s priorities.   

It strengthens them spiritually

Once the college devotions become a habit, spiritual growth begins. How does this happen? As they read and pray more, they gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word. They gain more knowledge of His character. They incorporate the wisdom, values, and discipline that the Bible teaches. Resisting temptation is less challenging, and they are less shaken during tests and trials.

It brings you back to your identity in Christ

Peer pressure and the standard that society dictates can sometimes be mentally draining. Using college devotion helps students keep the promises of God in their hearts. It helps them stay closer to Him and know their identity in Christ. It encourages them to ignore society’s opinion. They can only find their worth in Jesus.

How to Use Daily Devotionals for College Students

As the term suggests, students should read the college devotion one day at a time. There are several ways students can do their devotions each day. To help them get started, they can begin by doing the basics: reading and praying. Read the verse or verses for the day and reflect on them. They can also write their thoughts and reflections in a journal. It’s a good practice as it also serves as a record of their journey with Christ. 

Praying after (and even before) reading is also an integral part of our quiet time. Prayer is communicating with God. It’s communing with Him, worshiping Him, asking His forgiveness, and seeking His guidance. In Matthew 6:9-13, Jesus teaches us how to pray to the Lord. This verse serves as the most excellent guide for those who want to know how to pray to God.  

Types of Daily Devotional for College Student

Students can choose from different college devotionals. 

Daily Devotional Book

It’s the daily devotional in a book format. Ordering online is quite common and no longer as difficult nowadays. Yet, it’s still best to go to the nearest Christian bookstore. This way, the students can browse through the contents. It will help in finding the perfect daily life devotion for them. It’s for those who still prefer the feel of a book over digital applications. 

It’s also the best option for those who often get distracted by different apps on their phone. With a book, the focus is on the Bible, the book, and praying. There’s no temptation of distractions. No calls, texts, or emails bother them while reading online or on the phone.

Daily Devotional Reading Plan

Reading plans can be online blogs and articles. There are also mobile apps that they can download on their phones or tablets. Then there are booklets available in bookstores. 

One of the known daily devotion mobile apps is the YouVersion. It also has an online website which is This app and site have a lot of college devotionals and reading plans available. 

The duration of the reading plans differs. Some are for three days, some for seven days, twenty-one days, and so on, depending on the author.  

Daily Devotional Podcast

For those on the go or those who are learning better through listening, this is a good option. There is college daily devotion that is now available through podcasts. They can be available online through websites, Apple podcasts, and Spotify. Jesus Calling is one sample that is accessible through Apple Podcasts.

How to Pick the Perfect Daily Devotionals for College Students

What are the best devotionals for young college students? In an online store alone, there are over a hundred options to pick from. So how do you make a choice and not get overwhelmed? One good recommendation is to pick the right topic. Today Devotional lists out ways how you can choose a devotion topic that would speak to you. 

Another thing you can do is to ask for recommendations from family or friends. Get some feedback on what they are currently reading or what they have used in the past. 

You also need to know the author of the book. You can go to their website or page to research their background. It helps in identifying and making sure that the author’s beliefs and values also align with yours. 

Then you can also browse through the devotional section if you are in a bookstore. Get a preview of the content and see if it’s something that resonates with you. 

The last thing is to make sure that the author based it on a biblical perspective. It needs to be, or else it defeats the purpose of helping in spiritual growth and the knowledge of God. The best devotionals help nurture your relationship with Jesus.

If after all these things and you still can’t decide what to get, pray for it. James 1:5 teaches us that if we need wisdom, we can ask God, and He will give it to us. Let God give vision and direction. Allow Him to guide you in the perfect college daily devotional that would help you in your walk with Christ. 

Where to get a Daily Devotional for College Students

Finding a store where to get college devotionals is pretty simple. You can now order online or go to your nearest local Christian store. Regular stores like Barnes & Noble also have them. It’s even available on their website. You can also check other websites where you can also choose from an array of options.

To help you out in picking some of the best daily devotionals for college students, here are our top five picks. You can use this as a guide in choosing the perfect college devotional for you. 

The One Year Alive Devotions for Students by Rick Christian

313740: The One-Year Alive Devotions for Students

The author packed this college devotional with illustrations from real-life and everyday stories. The issues and challenges that college students face differ from one another. Rick Christian, the author of The One Year Alive Devotions for Students, is no stranger to this idea. He has put together this book in a way that speaks to the hearts of both high schoolers and college students. 

Rick understands the struggles and trials that they face. He identifies with the conflict of handling pressure with young adults. He understands how hard it is to resist temptations that students battle every day. The author tailored this toward helping students grow stronger spiritually day by day. 

Perfect for a year’s worth of reading for students, this devotional will help college students draw near God each day. The daily encouragement, filled with the scripture, is very relatable to them. It shares wisdom on how to stand firm in their identity in Christ. The One Year Alive gives tips and instructions to help young students’ eyes on the things that truly matter. It aids them in discovering more of God, how He sees them in His eyes, and His purpose in their lives. 

The messages in The One Year Alive are also short and compact. It’s great for those who only have limited time to spend reading. 


  • Relatable real-life illustrations, stories, and quotes
  • Works great for those whose attention span is short
  • The daily messages speak to the heart of young people
  • Great graduation gift for those fresh from high school
  • Students can easily carry this around since it’s the size of a regular book


  • The font size is small
  • The front and back covers can get wrinkled if not handled well
  • It has soft binding

Fearless Faith: Devotions for College Students by Werre

Daily Devotional for College Student

College life is such an exciting time as it offers many opportunities. Yet, along with the excitement also comes a new set of anxieties, fears, and stress. Want to know how to overcome this? Find the best devotionals for college students.

How do you adjust to your new surroundings and community? How do you make new friends and create new connections? What about managing your time? How do you share your fearless faith with your classmates and peers? Is it okay to be bold with your faith? What does the future hold for you?

The Fearless Faith: Devotions for College Students are devotions for students written by college students. The fear of the future, peer pressure, and unrealistic expectations are among the many things that stress them out. The author understands this and can identify with the experiences of being in college.

The Fearless Faith intends to act as a reminder of the importance of gathering strength from the Lord. Even more so during heartbreaking and painful moments. They put this together in a way to aid students to attain that unshakable faith. So that even when they are dealing with brokenness, sin, and temptation, they have God to anchor themselves on. 

It aims to remind us that college may be a stressful season. Yet, they are not without hope, and that hope is in God.


  • Devotions are compact, brief, and straight to the point
  • It has prayers that students can follow or start with when they don’t know where or how to begin
  • Some devotions have questions that will get the reader to think, analyze, and reflect on
  • College students can relate and identify with the illustrations
  • Perfect for a graduation gift since even fresh graduates can connect to the messages
  • It can easily fit inside a school backpack or tote bag


  • Not relatable to those who want to read longer verses and chapters of the Bible
  • Paperback, soft front and back covers can wear out if not handled with care

At First Glance Devotional by Samuel Darr

Daily Devotional for College Student

The At First Glance college daily devotional is perfect for the students who need guidance in navigating through the semester. The book intends to train young Christian students on how to be strong in faith amid harsh times. It also reminds them of the importance of seeking God first in their lives.

A significant thing about At First Glance is the author was in his college years when he published this. In this devotional, he will take you on an 84-day journey of walk with God. He will help you through this book in your calling and relationship with Jesus. The scripture backs the messages up. 

The daily devotion begins with a passage from the scripture. Then come the valuable and powerful lessons of faith. The messages teach how young people can reinforce the principles from the Bible in their daily activities and lifestyle choices. It contains biblical truth that aims to help students grow within their chosen path.


  • The front cover is appealing, can easily capture the attention
  • It can fit into a regular school backpack or tote bag
  • Size and appearance make it easy to use, even during breaks or between classes
  • They divided the book into four parts for easier reading, which is not too overwhelming for students
  • Perfect for one semester of reading. Great for those who are not yet ready for an entire year of devotional


  • It only covers 84 days of readings, which would not work for those who prefer one-year devotionals

College: Real & Relatable Devotionals by Jordan Lee

Daily Devotional for College Student

Great daily devotionals for college tackle the challenging issues that a young Christian girl can face. They also bring hope and comfort during trying times just like the Word of God. These daily devotions for college women present practical ways how to handle college life. The author put this book together not only to cater to college students but to young people as well. She also made this for those about to enter college, fresh graduates from high school, and even graduate students.

Here is a one-of-a-kind college devotional. It deals with some of the most common concerns of young college women. It takes on issues about identity, relationships, friends, and the stress of college daily life. Jordan Lee intended this for the student leaders leading small groups, although it also works as a daily devotional.  

This college devotional is a bundle that includes ten relevant studies and a guide for leaders. The studies cover three to six weeks of reading. When combined, this covers 42 weeks in total. It has enough devotions that are good for one school year. 

It seeks to bring hope to every girl, regardless of background or qualification. Also, it aims to help leaders who want to cultivate and grow their community. It also aims both to challenge and encourage. The author geared this book toward promoting and bringing spiritual transformation into a college girl’s life.


  • It has a delightful image on the cover that is eye-catching
  • The author divided the devotional into sections, with a specific topics like Dating, Dudes, and Drama
  • It’s an influential book to use if you want to share your faith with other girls
  • Has enough readings to cover one school year
  • It’s an excellent graduation gift since fresh graduates or those in graduate studies can still relate


  • Some pages have slanted prints and typographical errors
  • The overall appearance of the book is not of high quality

The Simple Truth Bible by Group Youth Ministry

491399: The Simple Truth Bible: The Best Minute of Your Day

This daily devotional for college students has 365 devotions in one entire year. Each day, you can find a powerful nugget of wisdom in the devotion. It won’t take up a lot of time, and in fact, it’s good for a minute’s worth of reading. Even the busiest college students won’t have a hard time fitting this into their daily schedule.

The lessons, though compact and straight to the point, bring valuable lessons. They presented the messages in practical ways that young Christian people could apply or incorporate into modern life. This devotional seeks to help them discover the passionate and relentless love that God has for them. It also teaches how to build a genuine relationship and friendship with Jesus. 

Not only that, but it also shows how they can thrive as Christians in school and even beyond it. It teaches how to live a life of purpose in Christ. What’s more interesting about this book is that it’s interactive. It has activities and practical ways to apply faith and live it out. That’s on top of the passages and encouraging message in the content. This book aims to help young people experience God, His love, and His presence in their daily lives.


  • Includes extra activities that show how they can live out their faith
  • Promotes incorporating the message of the Bible into their daily activities
  • The devotional has questions that can provoke the thoughts of the reader
  • Shows perspective on how the verse of the day fits into the bigger picture of the Bible
  • It gives insights into how to turn thoughts into prayers
  • Includes extra articles about journaling, praying, and sharing their testimony


  • Font size is small and can be hard to read


It doesn’t matter what time of day you choose to do your daily devotions. What matters is you choose, and commit to spending time with the Lord every day. With all the hustle and bustle of college life, it’s even more important to have a sound foundation in faith. We can only gain that rock-solid foundation if we anchor ourselves in God’s Word and spend time in prayer

I’d recommend The One Year Alive Devotions for Students by Rick Christian as the best one. Unlike the others on the list, this is not only good for a semester or the school year, but it covers one entire year. The messages are also brief, so the daily readings are easy to fit into their schedule. It speaks to the heart of the college students, an easy way to draw them closer to God day by day. 

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