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Include the Scriptures in your daily routine by listening to the Bible with Dwell Bible App.

Amongst the many realizations that this pandemic has taught us, one of those would be our relationship with God. With over thousands and perhaps millions of lives being taken in just a split second due to our invisible foe, health care was no longer sufficient. This COVID19 pandemic did not only destroy our physical health but also our mental and emotional health. It has brought us to different levels of pain. 

And what does this bring us? A realization that we should all start turning to God. As days become monotonous, I found comfort in the Word of God. If I didn’t go back to reading His Word, I would have gone insane from all the stress caused by this pandemic. Plus, I needed to feel assured of something good in a world full of tribulation. Wars, natural calamities, and man-made disasters – such things we cannot control, but we can find refuge in the Scriptures. 

In these troubling times, let us dwell in God’s grace. The Dwell Bible App can help you take comfort in bite-sized portions of the Scriptures.

Bible reading apps such as the Dwell Bible App enable people to consume the Word of God without compromising their daily routines. Often in our busy lives, sitting down to read the Bible seriously is not feasible. We are at work, school, exercising or doing errands. All those situations and more make it hard to consume the physical Bible intentionally. 

Another point to consider is the inability to read the Bible. People struggle to read the Bible on their own due to visual impairments, language barriers, or lack of education. 

So when looking for a Bible listening app, you need to consider these factors:

  • User experience
  • Audio quality
  • Coverage of the Scriptures
  • Price

If you’re looking for a simple, audio Bible for an on-the-go Scripture-based hobby, the Dwell Bible App can be right for you. With this, you will not compromise your faith and relationship with God amidst your busy life.

What is the Dwell Bible App?

Our world has gone from a simple livelihood to now a digital society. Almost everything you can imagine can be done online – from shopping for personal necessities and groceries, to communication, education, work, and more. Indeed, in technology, nothing is impossible. And yes, we even have online Bible applications complete with all scriptures and curated readings. The Word is made flesh on the web. 

The Dwell Bible App Story

If you enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks, Dwell Bible App is for you. It is an audio Bible app that helps bring Scripture to life from your ears to your heart. This is Kickstarter’s fourth most funded app. It was officially launched in 2017 by twins Jonathan and Joshua Bailey. 

Joshua Bailey said that they were motivated to create the Dwell Bible App for their spiritual lives. They have a great fondness for learning through audio. So they came up with the Dwell Bible App. This is an audio Bible that caters to the primary way Christians consume the Scriptures since time immemorial – listening. They hearken to the time of the early Christians when believers listen to apostles and other spiritual leaders’ inspiring voices to live with God in scripture. 

True enough, even stories in the past were passed on through verbal communication. We call this the oral tradition. A fair point on that part. Thus, the creation of this online audio Bible brings your experience to a different level that even when you are in a cab on your way home, you can listen to scriptures. So if you miss your Sunday obligation, don’t worry. You can enjoy listening to Bible Scriptures and passages on the Dwell Bible App.

The Dwell Bible App Website

Apart from its official downloadable application, Dwell Bible App also has its own website. There you can also read the blog with articles and interviews of notable Christians. Dwell also offers online gift cards and money-saving plans for yourself and your loved ones.

The Dwell Bible App Audio Experience

The Dwell Bible App offers audio recordings of Biblical passages. These are not just automated voices. These are beautiful, emotionally rich voices of real people who are passionate about the Scriptures. 

Whenever you listen to a Bible verse and understand it, you feel fulfilled and satisfied. And the Dwell Bible App helps you achieve that. It gives you an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) experience which resonates with a calm and peaceful feeling.

Features of the Dwell Bible App

The Dwell Bible App offers many outstanding features. This is more than a listening app. It’s a whole Scripture experience in easily digestible pieces. It even allows you to enjoy gift cards that can be sent through email or can be printed for its subscribers. And you can choose from their plans and curated verse playlists.

Plans and Playlist

The Dwell Bible App offers a rich environment where you can explore everything from engaging stories to themed playlists. It’s all made into an easy, convenient listening platform for the Word of God.

It is my favorite feature of using the Dwell Bible App because you can browse through different biblical passages at your own pace. The Dwell Bible App is an interactive application that allows its users to customize their Scripture consumption. 

You can listen to a playlist of several scriptures and passages coming from genuine voices of different people passionate about Christianity. There are even songs originally composed for the scriptures. You can also create your own playlist if you wish to listen to your favorite passages. You can even subscribe to curated plans and playlists. 

So whenever you feel hopeless, there is a playlist that addresses that feeling which includes dozens of scriptures and passages in response to the feeling.

Moreover, apart from creating your own playlist, you can adjust the background music of the scripture you are listening to if you wish to minimize it and so on. 

Stories and Passages

Dwell is an online library of biblical stories. You can search for any particular biblical story or curated passage that calls to you. It has all the stories in the Old Testament and New Testament.

It’s so user-friendly that you can find certain chapters or verses without having to go through every page of the Bible. Whether through the “Search” feature, the “Explore” tab, the “Bible” tab, or the “For You” dashboard.

Customizable Audio

Another impressive feature of the Dwell Bible App is its customizable audio experience. Listening to the Bible is accompanied by soothing music originally composed by artists for Dwell Bible App. You can minimize the background music to your liking to listen to the scripture very well. And its customizable interface lets you choose what type of voice you would like to listen to, including Bible translations. 

Moreover, you can control the speed of speech, either slowing their voices or speeding them up. It even has a “Dwell Mode”. Here you can choose “Repeat” if you wish to repeat the verse five times and so forth.  And even a “Reflection” option offers you time to reflect on what you have listened to. 

Genuine Voices

What we mean by genuine voices is that it is being literally read by a person and not just an automated system. Dwell employs expert voice-over artists who love reading the Bible. Their voices are sincere, rich, and warm. This fascinating feature of the app enables you to take in the Scriptures with a human connection. 

Advantages of Using the Dwell Bible App

The Dwell Bible App offers many advantages to believers. It includes a custom listening experience, stunning user interface, freemium model, and beautiful music.

Customized Listening Experience

The Dwell Bible App is all about your spiritual development in the Word of God. You choose how and what to listen to. You can do this by choosing a playlist with themes and specific verses. Or create a playlist of your choice passages. 

Moreover, you can minimize the background music, to listen to the words and statements a little louder compared to the music in the background. You can also adapt the speed of the Bible reader. Then you can choose which voice speaks the Scriptures to you. 

Beautiful User Interface

As with any app, the interface is vital. You need to get a convenient and easy-to-handle platform. And Dwell offers this in a beautiful package! Navigating through the different features isn’t complicated, even for novices. 

Every time you exit and re-enter the application, you can find “Recently Listened To” passages and playlists. It comes with a beautiful, minimalist design. That showcases original artworks made by different talented artists. 

Freemium Model

What is a freemium model? It allows users to download the application for free and has the option whether to subscribe to a plan to upgrade their experience or add features that are offered by the app but only this time, with payment. 

Dwell Bible App offers this and it is an advantage. You can start listening to the Bible even without paying a dime. Offline scriptures are still available although limited but these are already useful.

Music tailor-made for listening

Dwell offers original voice recordings, digital artworks, and background songs. It’s a very outstanding feature because it provides people with genuine employment and promotes original works at the same time. 

How the Dwell Bible App Works

This app works like Spotify but for the Scriptures. You have tons of playlists and plans that you can subscribe to and customize as necessary. You can also have the app repeat a passage you want to hear. 

Based on personal experience, this app is simple but beautiful. There isn’t anything to disparage about it. It offers you a unique, soothing way to take in the Word of God without any hassle. It’s as easy as scrolling through Facebook and touring yourself around its different features.

And many users also concur with my statement. After all, the Dwell Bible App is considered one of the top audio Bible apps in both iOs and Google Play stores.

Bible Habits Using the Dwell Bible App

Once you download the Dwell Bible App, the way you appreciate the Bible changes. In fact, you can learn and practice new habits that can enhance your relationship with the Word of God.

Meditate on Scriptures

Whenever you cook, clean, or do the laundry, waiting and cleaning hours are no longer boring. With Dwell, you can listen to a 6-minute scripture while waiting for the laundry to be done spinning. You can cook for 10 minutes while listening to another scripture. With all the chores and responsibilities, you can already multitask. You can still meditate even when you are doing chores. Dwell Bible App can provide you with that.

Reimagine Biblical Narratives

Whenever we read novels, especially the one that interests us, it becomes easier for us to understand and visualize the scenarios. And Dwell Bible App offers that visualization of the narratives. Not by showing you an animated video, but through the voice of the one reading the scripture. Voices of storytellers can help a listener imagine the scenarios and Dwell has several voices which read the story and help the listener imagine and visualize the narrative scenarios well. 

Memorize passages using Dwell Mode

Dwell offers a feature that helps its listeners to memorize a passage. “Dwell Mode” offers a “Repeat” feature which you can choose on how many times you would want it to be repeated or when it will be repeated. 

Listen to the Bible in a year

Once you start using the Dwell Bible App, it is hard to turn back. It’s so handy and accessible on any digital device. You can treat it like any audiobook wherein you listen to and digest what is said by the voiceover artists. The Dwell Bible App can help you to nurture the habit of understanding the Scriptures daily.

Prayer walk through the Psalms

You no longer have to attend services to listen to Psalms because you can already do that with the Dwell Bible App. I personally enjoy listening to Psalms because I consider it more intimate and insightful. Plus, Psalms are motivating. Try going for a jog while listening to a Psalm instead of music, eventually, it’ll become a habit.

How Much Does the Dwell Bible App Cost?

The Dwell Bible App itself is free to download. It already has free playlists and Bible stories to listen to. But if you want to explore the Dwell in its entirety, you can subscribe to an annual plan of $29.99 or a lifetime unlimited membership of $149.99. 

In Summary

In our busy, fast-paced lives, it is easy to forgo Bible reading in our schedule. Then some believers struggle with reading due to their health issues or poor reading skills. This dilemma makes Bible listening apps a necessity.

Trying to stay sane and positive in troubled times such as the pandemic is very difficult. It requires you to have the mental fortitude to fight daily stress. But you can do it by listening to the Word of God every day. Take comfort in His wisdom and the stories of the faithful who struggled and persevered in their faith.

If you’re looking for a great Bible listening app, look no further than Dwell Bible App. What’s very appealing with Dwell is that it doesn’t compromise the scriptures, the aesthetics, the convenience, and even the experience of its users. The features are easy to navigate. And it has original compositions of beautiful designs and music.

At the end of the day, should you wish to upgrade your subscription, $30 a year is worth it. It does not only keep you sane but keeps your relationship with the Lord intimate. Enjoy listening to the Word of God with voices that show the emotion and brevity that the verse seeks to convey. 

Dwell is a great app for you that is filled with many contents that can help you get through your daily life. Check out Dwell now and include this app in your spiritual formation.

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