The 5 Best ESV Journaling Bibles

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best ESV Journaling Bible is, then I’d recommend the ESV Interleaved Edition Journaling Bible as the best one.

The ESV Bible runs up to 757,439 words. This high word count can overwhelm novice readers and contemporary believers. But do not worry. ESV is a literal Biblical translation, written without archaic language, but still follows the tradition of the King James and Tyndale Bible. This is very easy to read, made for contemporary studies and public reading.

In learning how to read the Bible consistently, journaling is an essential habit. In this activity, you reflect upon the Biblical verses intimately. It’s like a diary to God where you listen to what God tells you. You also note down what you understood from the Word of God.

The ESV Journaling Bible is a popular tool for intense Bible reading. It is not only written with one of the most popular and intelligible translations. But it is designed to appeal to creative, insightful introspection. 

Here are the best ESV Journaling Bibles we will be reviewing:

What is an ESV Journaling Bible?

The ESV Journaling Bible is usually the Crossway ESV Journal Bible. Crossway created this type of Bible journal for Bible readers to record their spiritual development as they read the Bible regularly. This unique Bible offers ample room for you to record your insights into the Bible.

Having the ESV Journaling Bible enables you to keep an intimate spiritual journal right within the pages of the Bible itself. It offers margins spacious enough for writing your reflections, personal prayers, and observations. 

Simply put, the ESV Journaling Bible makes an excellent gift and enduring heirloom for everyone who seeks to relish the Word of God.

Importance of Journaling for Bible Reading

Journaling is necessary for Bible reading. This activity is all about recording your thoughts and free-running ideas on paper. When it comes to the Bible, a journal is significant in reflection. This is where you will listen to the Word of God. Relish it. Internalize the lessons within. 

And make your daily journal a personal diary to God. Treat it like a heartfelt prayer wherein you write God all your fears, your joys, and your realizations from your experiences. Doing it this way will lead to a lifelong passion for the Bible.

Journaling is also great for cognitive development. It is a popular activity which everyone from scholars to billionaires credits to their success. It offers the following benefits:

  • It helps organize your thoughts more clearly.
  • It helps you sort out and understand your emotions better.
  • It helps you learn and practice self-discipline.
  • It makes you learn and understand concepts easier through finer retention of memory.
  • It helps to live more mindfully.

Why Use an ESV Bible for Bible Journaling?

The ESV Bible is an outstanding Bible for contemporary believers. First published in 2001, the English Standard Version offers accurate translations. It gives readers clarity of what the original Bible says. The ESV Bible is the preferred translation for preachers, teachers, ministers, and students.

The ESV Bible is perfect for Bible journaling because of the way it is written. It packs faithful accuracy and beautiful, elegant, simple language. So you can effortlessly read it, study and reflect upon it. Everyone from adults to kids can read and understand this Biblical translation.

Types of ESV Journaling Bibles

Here are the different ESV Journaling Bibles, according to Crossway. Crossway is the leading publisher of ESV Bibles.

Original ESV Journaling Bible

The original ESV Journaling Bible comes designed with two-inch ruled margins. It is a fine journal for one’s spiritual routine. Crossway made this Bible journal with fine, cream-hued paper and Smyth-sewn binding. In each book, they included fascinating, contextual introductions. Then you also get a free ribbon marker.

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

Here, Crossway redesigned the ESV Journaling Bible into a single-column format. This new design made the Biblical verses easier to follow. With ruled lines in double inched margins, you can easily jot down notes next to the particular Bible verse. 

ESV Journaling Bible Large Print

This ESV Bible Journal still comes with the single-column format but is made more readable with paragraph format. Crossway published this Journaling Bible with a large, 9.5 font size. So this is perfect if you need a lot of space for note-taking, reflections, and God-inspired art.

ESV Illuminated Bible

Want something exquisite and worth an heirloom of your family? The ESV Illuminated Bible combines the functionality of the single-column format and over 400 elegant, stunning hand-lettering illustrations. Having this ESV Journaling Bible encourages you to engage creatively in the wondrous Word of God.

ESV Journaling Bible, Inductive Edition

This is another redesign of the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible. The Inductive ESV Journaling Bible features only the New Testament. It provides three-eights of an inch space between each Biblical line. This extra space is more than enough to encourage deeper with the Scriptures.

ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition

This final type of the ESV Journaling Bible is the most sophisticated and beautiful. The Interleaved ESV Journaling Bible is designed in a similar pattern as Jonathan Edward’s Bible. The 18th-century theologian recorded more than five thousand notes about the Word of God. 

In this ambitious aim, Crossway offers full, blank pages after every Bible page. This redesign offers maximum space for extensive notes, sermons, or whatever personal reflections the reader has on the text. It also comes with a thorough one-year Bible reading plan and a sleek slipcase.

How to Choose the Best ESV Journaling Bible

ESV Journaling Bibles are great to have if you want to start reading the Bible seriously. They are written with easy-to-understand, contemporary language. And they also offer exquisite style, whatever the type you choose.

But if you want to find your ESV Journaling Bible, here are the factors you need to consider.

What is your journaling style?

Examine your journaling habits. Do you take notes or doodle around the edges of your notes? Which works well with you – blank pages or ruled lines adjacent to Biblical passages? At what print size are you comfortable with? Most Journaling Bibles come with small prints so if you’re unhappy with that, look for large print Bibles.

Also essential to look into is where you will use the ESV Journaling Bible. Will you take it to Bible studies, church services, or just put it on your bedside table?


After considering your journaling needs, think of your budget. How much do you have to spare for a Journaling Bible? The rule of thumb with any purchase is to only get what you can afford.

Product Reviews

Once you know what you need and your budget for a Journaling Bible, check out the public reception. Ask around your church for what they bought. Browse through forums, Facebook groups, and countless online retailers. Check what buyers say about the ESV Journaling Bibles they bought before clicking the Add to Cart button.

To guide you in your Bible journaling journey, here are the best ESV Journaling Bibles for you to choose from.

ESV Interleaved Edition Journaling Bible

If you need a beautiful ESV Journaling Bible as an heirloom, the ESV Interleaved Edition Journaling Bible might be a great Bible Journal for you. This ESV Journaling Bible has everything you need to read the Bible with introspective note-taking. From thick, cream-colored pages to its fine, rugged genuine leather cover, you can make this interleaved Bible a worthwhile daily companion.

I love this ESV Journaling Bible’s fine, unruled pages. They feel sturdier than typical Bibles and don’t wrinkle as easily. The smooth, cream-hued pages offer me a beautiful outlet for creatively expressing my thoughts about the Bible. My uncle, a pastor, also likes this Bible Journal because it is sturdy and easy to use for sermon prep, Bible studies, and retreats.

I also love its soft, gorgeous leather cover. This feature makes this Interleaved Journaling Bible last long to be an heirloom and fine gift. It also comes with a pen strap, for easy journaling. 


  • Gorgeous interleaved design
  • Clear, accurate ESV translation
  • Made with genuine leather for long-lasting durability
  • Fine pages for creative journaling
  • Includes unruled pages
  • Protective slipcase


  • Hefty
  • Small print
  • Poor strap

ESV New Testament Set Illuminated Scripture Journal

Another elegant type of ESV Journaling Bible is the Illuminated Edition. If you are looking for a portable, travel-friendly Bible, this set would be a great buy. This paperback version of the Crossway Illuminated Bible is great for travelers, students, artists, and people on the go.

My favorite feature of this Journaling Bible is its unique A5 Journal format. Thin and portable, you can effortlessly bring each book of the New Testament to your destination. I love using it during out-of-town trips wherein I usually read and journal at night before I go to sleep. I’ve also used it to take notes during church services – for homilies and sermons alike.

I also like its gorgeous gold-foil-stamped cover and illustrations that complement the large print Biblical texts. Each book comes with unique color gradients, thick, cream-hued art paper, and over 1000 handmade illustrations. It also offers large margins for your creative journaling.


  • Thick, cream-colored art paper
  • Large print
  • Large margins 
  • Each book is portable
  • Exquisite illustrations
  • Perfective for inductive study
  • Stylish covers


  • Expensive
  • Only comes with the New Testament books
  • Not lefthanded-friendly

ESV TruTone Mosaic Cross Design Journaling Bible

The ESV TruTone Journaling Bible offers nice, journaling on the go with compact, pocket size. It comes with a polished, faux leather cover and soft, nicely bound cream-colored pages. 

If you need ample space for note-taking, this ESV Journaling Bible might work for you. While it doesn’t highlight Jesus’ words in red, it comes with extra historical notes and a yearlong Bible reading plan. My friend likes this because she has big handwriting. And she uses this Bible for taking notes of the pastor’s commentary during church services.


  • Attractive cover
  • Includes a one-year Bible reading plan
  • Extended margins for journaling
  • Soft pages


  • Made with faux leather
  • Extremely mall print
  • Pocket size Bible

ESV Large Print Single Column Journaling Bible

The single-column format makes this type of ESV Journaling Bible very popular. It features two-inch lined margins on fine, cream-hued papers, unobtrusive verses, and a yearlong Bible reading plan. 

Its bonded leather cover feels rich and sturdy. Many have made this into their worship service Bible. With this, you can jot down your insights when you are called by the Word of God. You can also use this for journaling personal experiences, prayers, and intense Bible reading. The lines of the text match that of the ruled margins so you can match the insights with the verse itself.

This is perfect for Bible studies, Sunday church services, retreats, and even just discussing the Bible with a friendly nonbeliever.


  • Softcover
  • Single-column format
  • Spacious margins for journaling
  • Includes a one-year Bible reading plan
  • Affordable


  • Made with bonded leather
  • Heavy
  • Narrow text
  • Thin, see-through pages
  • No built-in notes

ESV Cloth over Board Flowers Journaling Bible

If you love sweet, old-fashioned Bibles, this ESV Cloth over Board Journaling Bible can be a solid choice. This cloth-covered board is a classic look that works well for novice journaling believers.

This charming Bible features a nice synopsis at the front of every book, dual column Scripture format, wide margins with ruled lines, a one-year Bible reading plan, with cute, cardboard slipcover. 


  • Beautiful, floral cover
  • Wide margins with ruled lines
  • Includes a one-year Bible reading plan
  • Travel-friendly
  • Affordable


  • Extremely thin pages
  • Small print
  • Stains easily
  • Lacks an index or concordance
  • Missing Bible verses
  • Lacks a strap


An ESV Journaling Bible is a fine Bible for you if you want to read the Bible seriously. Crossway strategically designed this Bible for intimate spiritual routine during Bible reading. Each ESV Journal Bible comes with blank margins for free-style note-taking and reflection. 

When choosing your Journaling Bible, there are three necessary factors to consider. First, you need to examine your journaling and Bible reading habits. Then think of the budget you can set aside for this Bible. Lastly, look up what people say about the ESV Journaling Bibles that you are keen to.

The best ESV Journaling Bible I recommend is the ESV Interleaved Edition Journaling Bible. This Bible is the most sophisticated and elegant for Bible readers. You can feel rest assured of this sturdy, enduring book because of its beautiful, genuine leather cover. This Bible Journal is effortless and fascinating to use with its thick, cream-colored pages for journaling. All in all, the ESV Journaling Bible is a gem that will help you relish the Word of God for a lifetime.