How to Choose Faith Over Fear

Choosing faith over fear is not always easy. But if you commit to trust in God and His Will, you will find your life changed.

Fear is a natural part of human behavior. But did you know that you can be more fulfilled in life by choosing faith over fear?

Now more than ever, we need to choose faith over fear. We need to live with faith in God amidst all the turmoil. This is the way we will overcome all challenges and live a fulfilling life.

I will guide you through understanding what it means to choose faith over fear. Let’s get started.

What Does Faith Over Fear Mean?

The notion of “faith over fear” has long been misapplied by humans. It has become a blanket excuse for rejecting self-care, hygiene, medicine, or state rules. It’s easy to say, “God will save me, so who cares what I do?

Ryan J. James laments that pastors of large congregations subscribe to the misinterpreted faith over fear argument. For instance, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of Revival Ministries International regularly refused to follow COVID-19 protocols. He and other religious leaders claim that following COVID-19 protocols denote lacking faith in God and His salvation. 

When you’re sick, you cannot just tell yourself that you have a strong faith in God, hence, you’d allow yourself to suffer and refuse to take medicines. That is not faith over fear. When you’re being approached by a venomous snake, you won’t just stand there and wait till the snake bites you because you’re firm with yourself that you’re allowing faith to take control. Fear is present because it causes your body to run or avoid danger.

But the true meaning of faith over fear is no more fear of judgment of hell. We live with the faith that we are saved from the fires of hell. Even when everything feels hopeless and we have exhausted everything we have, God is always there.

Fear is a gift from God. Believe it or not, it’s an emotion that protects us to avoid a particular situation or person per se. Faith over fear tells us that despite our fears, we shall allow faith to reign supreme. Choosing faith over fear doesn’t mean that fear is not real and present. Rather, fear is not in control

Faith over fear doesn’t mean disregarding common-sense safety practices. Rather, those that ignore rules to “prove God” tend to do so out of pride, not out of faith. Often this stems from the belief that God is a genie. But He is not a genie – He is a creator who blessed humans with reason and free will. I cannot be faithful to Him if I cannot utilize these resources towards a life of righteousness.

According to Rev. Charlie Baber of United Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC, and creator of the Wesley Bros Cartoon, God Himself has graced us with skilled scientists, doctors, and advanced medical technology to help save people from diseases and injuries. He gave us tools to live in this world and follow His Will. Faith over fear refers to trusting God and the resources He provides you to live a worthwhile life. 

What Does Fear Over Faith Mean?

Faith over fear means putting your trust in God. Whereas fear over faith is not simply about being afraid and cowering over a situation. It’s more than just being afraid.

Fear over faith means we are allowing fear to consume us and our actions. Take, for instance, being afraid of getting chosen for contests and job offers out of town that cause you to lose valuable opportunities in the end. 

Fear is a natural part of the human condition. It’s part of the natural flight or fight response to dangers we face. But if you allow it to consume you, the results will be detrimental. You won’t be able to do the things you need to do in life. You hinder your personal development and spiritual growth.

As I think of fear over faith, I remember the story of Jesus walking on water. His disciples cried out in fear, thinking He was a ghost. Peter walked towards Jesus on the water. Initially, he succeeded but when he saw winds and felt the waters stir, he began to sink. Peter sank because he lost focus on Jesus and gave into his feelings. He ignored that Jesus was there to help at the time. (Matthew 14:26-30)

Whenever you cross the road, some risks might put you in danger. When plugging in the extension wire or going up the stairs, there is always a risk. Wherever we go, whatever we do, there will always be danger present. 

Fear over faith will only hold us back from growing. Fear causes inaction in the face of injustice, to give up, deny the truth, or hide from problems.

We shouldn’t give in to fear because God is faithful to us. He will never leave or forsake us. He is our Immanuel, the one who is always present.

How is Faith Tested in Life?

God has several ways of testing our faith. These are the trials, the harsh, tumultuous situations we experience. Faith is always tested – that is an inescapable reality. 

We yearn for a closer relationship with God. God tells us that experiencing such is normal and we are not alone in these experiences.

Here are a few ways to know if your faith is being tested:

  • When you encounter doubts

The Bible itself contains several doubts made by known people such as Abraham, Samuel, and the apostles. As I read the Bible, I realize that in doubt, we find ourselves asking what and why we believe.

Fears, confusions, and questions are all normal and in fact, make us human. When doubts arise, we should remember who He is rather than attempting to justify His existence.

  • When you encounter changes

Changes are inevitable and have been a part of our lives. Indeed, it can be scary to encounter changes but do know that it does happen and it’s normal. Change can be exciting at times. but it can also catch us off guard when we feel our lives are spiraling out of control. 

When difficulties arise, it’s God’s way of saying, “Dear Child, let’s work through this together.” At other times, transitions are the release from bonds we didn’t even realize we had.

  • When you encounter yourself suffering

Are you feeling down and in pain? You might act indifferent and forget to become logical. It is a natural tendency to feel overwhelmed and choose a different path. To the point where you feel that avoiding pain is a better option than facing it. When it comes to suffering, you need to find meaning by recommitting to your faith in God. 

What is the Difference Between Faith and Fear?

Faith is putting trust into something intangible. It’s putting our trust in it regardless of whether there is no tangible evidence that can convince us. On the other hand, fear is an emotion caused by an unpleasant situation, person, or thing. It can and cannot be tangible.

While fear can break a person, faith can restore. They can coexist. But one has to be stronger and greater than the other – and that should be faith. 

One can feel fear from a particular situation and it always starts in the heart. Yes, a person with much faith can still experience fear. Perhaps the fear of not being able to fulfill one’s pledge to God or the fear of possibly giving in to temptation.

Above all else, we shall no longer be consumed by fear if we put our faith in God. Whoever is faithful to God will always be safe. 

Learning About Faith Over Fear From the Bible

Faith is a powerful muscle to build. but it must go hand in hand with our connection with God. God also blessed us with the ability to choose between right and wrong. The same goes with human’s ability to choose faith over fear. Faith protects us from harmful fear.

In the Bible, you learn about:

Faith that demonstrates the Holy Spirit’s power

You need to understand the definition of faith and also practice it. Through this, you will find the power of the Holy Spirit in aiding and strengthening one’s faith in God. 

Faith means love

Having faith is not only simply putting trust into something. When you trust something or someone, it signifies that there is love present which cultivated the trust and faith given. Thus, a faith that does not love is not biblical faith. Love-filled faith is both redemptive and restorative, full of grace and truth. Our love for one another distinguishes us as His followers in the world (John 13:35).

Faith is conveyed in an objective manner

A human’s faith will work itself out in practical wisdom, rather than preventing people from doing so. They will not compromise their biblical convictions., but they will take measures based on the wisdom that God’s common grace has bestowed to humanity. 

Faith is not easy

If you believe that faith is easily chosen over fear, you’re probably having a hard time identifying its deeper meaning. It takes more than doing good to manifest a true faith. We should have God as the center of our lives, and do good deeds to others. It’s a lifelong commitment that demands all heart, mind, and soul.

Remember these Bible verses to inspire us through the days that God’s faith in us will always be alive and that’s how we should also manifest our faith in Him.

Deuteronomy 31:8 – God is a supporter of your cause. Regardless of who leaves after vowing to stay forever.

Romans 8:28 – Fear can be overcome by believing that He will turn your position around for the better simply because He has a magnificent plan for your life that no number of blunders will be able to deter.

Isaiah 43:1 – We are the children of an all-powerful, all-knowing, victorious Father who loves us dearly.

1 John 4:18 – Love is God. Love at its finest. The closer we go to God, the less fear we have because we sense God’s constant presence – His strength, comfort, and guidance.

Psalm 18:2Only if we allow God to be our rock can He be our rock. Trust Him to deliver you from every fear that stands in the way of the truth, not just in His capacity to do so, but also in His willingness to do so.

Choose Faith Over Fear

Here are the different ways you can choose faith over fear:

Let Your Faith Be Greater Than Your Fear

It does not only build trust and love. The stronger faith we have, the stronger bond we have with God. Hence, nothing may come in between that may cut the string with our attachment with God.

Develop confident faith

A confident faith will lead us towards a more at ease life. We are no longer worried about the inconsistencies because we already manifested a confident faith that cannot and will not be taken away from us because our trust in the Lord is treated and manifested with high regard.

Endure Fear by Developing Strength

Fear will always be there. Thus, instead of seeing fear as weakness, embrace it as pieces that shall build and develop your strength to combat all evil that there is in this world.


Prayer is the most powerful weapon that we can carry every day in our lives. Supported with deep faith, nothing is impossible through our communication with the Lord.

Build strong relationships

Let us pursue the wonderful things in life, the things that provide peace and contentment. That isn’t harmful to us. In a relationship, go for the things that are important to you for all the right reasons and use them to build each other up.

Practice Self-care

Faith cannot be fulfilled if we refuse to believe that it is there. Hence, it is significant to know that we should also look after ourselves. This will help us achieve the deeper growth of faith in our lives.

How to Keep Your Faith Over Fear Today

Tough times are upon us. You and I are surrounded by fake news, conspiracies, disasters, and crises. This makes keeping your faith over fear more important than ever.

Here are my tips for your faith to reign over your fear every day:

  1. Regularly Examine Your Faith – Take some time to think about your beliefs and where you’ve come from. 
  2. Find inspiration with biblical figures – The Bible is filled with inspiring stories of people who, like you, tried to reconcile their faith with the uncertainty and downright hatred they encountered.
  3. Always pray – Prayer is the most effective weapon we can wield daily. Nothing is impossible via our communication with the Lord if we are supported by strong faith.
  4. Do good and be good – Faith entails more than just praying and going to church. Faith without good deeds is dead.
  5. Show compassion – You can show compassion for others’ struggles, regardless of what they believe or how they act.

In Summary

Our world is a chaotic, dangerous place. There are many uncertainties and challenges to face. But it doesn’t mean that you should give in to fear. Nor should you let prideful stubbornness destroy the meaning of faith over fear.

In times of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, I highly encourage you to reflect on your faith. Accept that God has blessed the world with life-saving devices such as vaccines and medicines. Everything comes from Him, including the scientific marvels. So don’t be afraid, have faith in Him.

Choosing faith over fear means that you no longer fear the condemnation of hell. So you choose to act upon your faith. Love your neighbor and other beings by choosing to protect them from harm. Not only that, let your faith be bigger than your fear so you can serve God and others to the fullest of your capabilities.

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Alex Shute
Alex Shute, MBA
Alex is a family man and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. His passion is to serve the global Church and bring people of diverse backgrounds together to learn & grow.

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