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FM Transmitter Church

  • Easy to read LED display
  • Adjustable volume controls for both audio & mic inputs
  • Adjustable buttons

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FM transmitter church

  • FCC Approved
  • Touch Screen without buttons
  • Upgrade frequency step to 10Khz


FM transmitter church

  • It complies with US FCC part 15 certification
  • Long-range coverage
  • Transmits clean and strong with no annoying static or drifting

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best FM transmitter for church, then I’d recommend the Dementhy Full Set 1500W Stereo FM Radio Transmitter as the best one.

Many changes happened in the past two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are hesitant to be crammed into a single hall with everyone close together. But at the same time, listening to the Word of God on a Sunday is vital for your spiritual health. 

With all these in mind, churches have adapted during this challenging time. They moved to the digital space and offered online services. Fellowship occupied virtual hangout spaces. Gospel sharing became widespread in social media. 

With the need for innovation and creativity, some churches found a way to conduct services while maintaining social distancing through drive-in audio streaming. Churches can do this with the use of FM transmitters!

Here are the best FM Transmitters for Church we will be reviewing:

What are FM transmitters for Church?

FM transmitter for churches is a device that converts an audio output. After which it broadcasts it into an FM frequency. Broadcasters use particular frequencies among the FM bandwidth for audio programming. FM transmitters for churches usually have a low power range. This coverage is enough to cater to their vicinity. Through FM transmitters, churches have served their congregation during this time. 

Why Use an FM transmitter for Church?

The use of an FM transmitter for churches has allowed continuous church gatherings despite the worldwide lockdowns and quarantine protocols. Through drive-in services, churches deliver sermons through FM frequency broadcast. This setup is possible while church members are in their cars’ confines or stationary in the parking lot. Churches can also use FM transmitters during services located at other outdoor venues. This method assures that church members keep social distancing protocols while still listening to the Word of God. 

FM transmitters provide easy and affordable technology for churches in this global pandemic. Churches can still hold events, prayer and worship gatherings, and Sunday services.

How to Set Up an FM Transmitter for Church?

FM transmitters have different styles. Yet, all transmitters have fundamental parts. These include receiving port, cable connector, transmission, and sometimes an antenna.

Usually, the first thing that FM transmitters do is look for and select an available FM frequency. The next thing to do is plug the FM transmitter into the device containing the audio you want to share. Some people use music players or smartphones. Usually, the audio is the Sunday sermon or prayer devotions. The FM transmitter then broadcasts the audio to each church member’s car radio. This broadcast is through the identified channel. The congregation then can listen to the audio sent out.

With a limited range, it is best for the speaker or the pastor to position himself at the center of the parking lot. It is also possible in the middle of any other outdoor venue. This setup will entail other tools like extension cords and audio cables. A low-power device will result in audio and frequency difficulties if the speaker is inside the church hall.

Guideline and Rules in Using an FM Transmitter for Church

Setting up an FM transmitter for churches is easy. But it is challenging to broadcast into an FM frequency in the United States legally. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lists down guidelines for using FM transmitters. They will enforce sanctions on persons or organizations who operate without FCC authorization. These sanctions include but are not limited to monetary forfeitures, confiscation of equipment, and criminal penalties.

Applying for an FM frequency license for commercial or non-commercial use that covers a wide range of power is not practical, especially if you only use it for an hour or once a week. Getting a frequency license for your church is a tedious process. It also involves the FCC and Congress.

Unlicensed broadcast, though, is still possible. These rules are covered under part 15 of the rules of the FCC. Part 15 devices are limited to a 200-feet service range. Such a device should not exceed 250 microvolts per meter at three meters. So even if your church does not have an FCC license, the FM transmitter you will use must be FCC approved.

To ensure that you’re using an FM transmitter and broadcasting legally, I recommend that you contact FCC, even if your device has an FCC license, to know if you are permitted to use a particular FM transmitter for your church setup.

Things to Consider When Buying an FM Transmitter for Church


Excellent FM transmitters provide good sound quality, including those with noise cancellation features. Choose an FM transmitter that does not malfunction easily and is built with quality materials. Since there is no guarantee of how long the pandemic protocols will stretch, it is best to invest in an FM transmitter that will last.


FM transmitters have particular frequency ranges. The best frequency range for optimal bandwidth options is 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. These frequencies are for commercial and non-commercial use. The caveat here is to still consider FCC guidelines for broadcasting, especially for low power transmitters, which usually have low power ranges that cover a limited space. Standard low-power FM transmitters range between 500 to 1000 watts.


FM transmitters have varied power sources. Some use batteries, and others use connectors that plug into the car’s cigarette lighter. The latter is a convenient option. 

Make sure that your FM transmitter is matched with the device you’re plugging it into. Not all music players and smartphones are compatible with all FM transmitters. So it is good to buy one with wide compatibility with various devices.

Some FM transmitters also have USB support and are hands-free for ease of use. 


To avoid the risk of sanctions and penalties, make sure that your FM transmitter is approved by the FCC. An authorized device will have an FCC ID number which you can search for and verify in the database of the FCC.


Using an FM transmitter for the church is an affordable way to share the Word of God in this trying time of a global pandemic. Choose an FM transmitter that fits your church’s budget without compromising its quality, integrity, and functionality.

Dementhy Full Set 1500W Stereo FM Radio Transmitter

FM transmitter church

The Dementhy Full Set 1500W Stereo FM Radio Transmitter provides ease of use without tech-savvy complications. You can broadcast your sermon and other audio programs in five minutes. It weighs 1.98 pounds, making it a portable choice for church use. The device has two range options: 1W mode, which covers up to 200 feet, and a 7W mode that can cover up to 3 miles. 

The auditory quality of this FM transmitter is excellent. You will expect a stable frequency and crisp audio output because of its three power amplifiers. It also has a LED display screen, so it is convenient to read and tune. Another great addition to this purchase is that it comes with a Lavalier microphone with adjustable volume. This device is an excellent choice for drive-in services.


  • FCC Approved
  • Touch Screen without buttons
  • Upgrade frequency step to 10Khz
  • Big LCD displays all the parameters in real-time
  • Wiredrawing and oxidation make the surface bright, clean, and elegant
  • All-digital technologies DSP+PLL


  • Limited noise reduction capacity

Retekess TR508 Wireless Broadcast FM Transmitter for Church

FM Transmitter Church

The TR508 FM transmitter by Retekess store offers static-free broadcast. It is an excellent option for medium-sized churches. It has a range of about 900 feet which can go beyond wall barriers. This FM transmitter is best for a wide array of stereo broadcasting devices like wireless speakers, game devices, and MP3 units. It supports microphones with a 3.5mm jack. 

The TR508 provides easy control over its features with an uncomplicated user interface. You will find that it is a breeze to set up and use. The Retekess Store FM transmitter has a portable, compact and sleek design. It can cater to your worship services and even drive-in short seminars and events.


  • FCC certified with FCC ID:2AAR8TR508
  • Full FM frequency range
  • Long-range FM transmitter
  • Broadcast a barrier-free environment
  • The interface controls are more flexible


  • Its audio quality may have glitches
  • This unit may not endure repeated use
  • It comes with a European plug

FS Rangestar CZH-05B FM Transmitter for Church

FM Transmitter Church

FS Electronics is a company from Indiana that prides itself on manufacturing the best transmitters. This FM transmitter is a revised and improved version with RCA inputs at the back and a TNC antenna port. Its design is a black, sleek, and smooth finish that looks elegant. You can choose between a low and high power mode that broadcasts wirelessly. 

This FM transmitter is an excellent option for churches with wider parking spaces and outdoor locations. With its durability, sound quality, and versatility, churches can use it repeatedly over many different events and services. It is functional for small prayer drive-in gatherings and celebrations with many participants in a wide outdoor venue. You can also use the FSCZH-05B FM transmitter to assist church members with hearing impairment.


  • Adjustable volume controls
  • Easy-touch adjustable frequencies
  • Virtual plug & playability
  • New TNC Antenna Connector prevents tipping
  • It promotes 24/7 wireless broadcasting


  • You may experience frequency glitches

Fail-Safe CZH-15A 15 W Professional FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter Church

FS Electronics offer a wide variety of high-quality FM transmitters. The CZH-15A version is best for professional functions, but it is easily manipulated even if you haven’t worked with an FM transmitter before. It has adjustable high and low modes and volume control. This FS Electronics CZH-15A FM transmitter allows for easy reading and operation with an LED display. 

Long-range power places on 88.0 MHz to 108 MHz, perfect for broad coverage usage. Church members can listen to the sermons and other audio programs even within a 10-mile radius. Of course, this is still subject to factors like input devices and atmospheric conditions, but it’s an excellent option for a budget-friendly price. 


  • Easy to read LED display
  • Adjustable volume controls for both audio & mic inputs
  • Adjustable buttons
  • Plug and play
  • Revised recently to be a TNC female connection


  • The device overheats quickly over prolonged usage

Douk Audio CZE-05B 0.5W 76MHz~108MHz FM Transmitter

FM transmitter

The CZE-05B is a high-quality transmitter. It comes in a sturdy and handy case. It can broadcast on both FM and AM frequencies. This device is powerful despite its small size and weight of 1.57 pounds. With a range of up to 2 miles, it can serve middle-sized to large-sized churches. 

Congregations can use the CZE-05B FM transmitter in open spaces, like parking lots, parks, hotels, and other outdoor facilities. This FM transmitter has stable transmission, with minimal static and drifting feedback. It also has an AUX input port for connecting external devices, such as mobile phones, computers, and Bluetooth adapters.


  • It complies with US FCC part 15 certification
  • Long-range coverage
  • Transmits clean and strong with no annoying static or drifting
  • Small but sturdy
  • The best solution for a drive-in church


  • Not Bluetooth capable and not wireless
  • It is not rechargeable, comes with a power supply


The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way people do their day-to-day activities. Churches need to address church members’ mental, emotional, and spiritual health gaps during these times. Thus, churches have adapted to these changes by capitalizing on creativity and technology. One of these innovations is drive-in services. 

Through drive-in services using FM transmitters, churches have found a way to serve their congregation while keeping abreast with social distancing, health protocols, and guidelines. Using FM transmitters is a convenient and affordable but far-reaching means to conduct Sunday services, worship concerts, and other church events.

The best FM transmitter for churches I’d recommend is the Dementhy Full Set 1500W Stereo FM Radio Transmitter. It offers the excellent sound quality, convenient setup and manipulation, affordability, and good coverage for your church needs. Even if you’re not a techy person, you should be ready to broadcast in 5 minutes. It’s an ideal FM transmitter for church parking lot service.

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