The 5 Best Gifts for Pastors

Editor’s Choice

Gifts for Pastors

  • Nice, flexible leather
  • Topnotch craftsmanship
  • Giftable packaging

Best Overall

Gifts for Pastors

  • Made of tough, full-grain leather
  • Very roomy
  • Lightweight


Gifts for Pastors

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • It comes with a clear BPA-free EZ-slide lid

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best gift for pastors is, then I’d recommend Luxorro Light Brown Leather Briefcase as the best one.

Pastors play an integral role in the spiritual life of the community. They preach the Word of God. They lead the congregation in acts of charity and Christian love. And they counsel you in all things concerning the faith. 

With all the good they do for the Church, it should be a no-brainer to give gifts to pastors. St. Paul himself commended the people who minister to the congregation as worthy of high honor. Those, who are hard workers at preaching and teaching the Good News, are good leaders. (1 Timothy 5:17).

Pastoral ministry is often thankless work. It involves long hours away from home, preparing and creating sermons, and tending to the spiritual needs of the congregation. And this work is stressful and tiresome. 

So if you can give something that can help your pastor, do it. Show you appreciate his hard work. And encourage him to continue doing God’s Will.

Here are the best Gifts for Pastors we will be reviewing:

What are Gifts for Pastors?

Gifts for pastors offer you a way to bless the people who ministered to your faith. Giving these gifts is a way to send some Christian love. What matters is the happiness of your pastor.

Pastors play a pivotal role in our lives. They commit their lives to the evangelization of Jesus Christ’s message. They share the Word through their speeches and good deeds. The pastoral ministry is more than a job. It’s their God-given vocation. They chose to answer God’s call to serve Him.

Give gifts to pastors to show them that their hard work dedicating their life to the Church is not thankless. Tell them how much you care. Demonstrate the meaning of their leadership and guidance in your life.

You can give cash, physical gifts, or experience gifts. Offer it wholeheartedly. 

Why Give Gifts to Your Pastor?

Giving gifts to your pastor is necessary. Given that your pastor is doing a lot of work for your congregation, a meaningful gift will go a long way for them.

Show your appreciation

Gifts for your pastor help you show your appreciation to your pastor. They could help him or her smile. Even a simple prayer to God, asking Him to protect your pastors, would help a lot.

Help in the pastoral ministry

Offer your time to help in the ministry. Volunteer your skills for your pastor. You can also give tools that would help your pastor do his work. Use your talents and money to make your pastor’s work less tiring.

Encourage your pastor

Since time immemorial, a spiritual leader is a lonely role. It’s scary to have the pressure of a community’s expectations. St. Paul himself writes about the pain of carrying the Word of God. (2 Timothy 4:16-17) Yes, God is always there to strengthen and help His people. But knowing that people support you boosts any pastor’s spirits. This support can encourage him to persevere through life’s many trials.

Human relationships play a huge factor in the ministry. They help keep the pastor grounded and connected to his community. They offer strength amidst adversity. 

Support your pastor. Gifts for pastors, be they physical or experience, show care and love. They lessen stress in one’s life. You encourage them to pursue God’s Will.

Help them keep the fervor of faith.

What Makes Great Gifts for Pastors?

Finding great gifts for pastors can be a challenge. The gift should convey your affection without seeming generic. You need to make sure that your gift can be valuable.

Give gifts rooted in the Holy Word. Encourage your pastor with practical and heartfelt gifts.


Something with Scripture is always a good bet. A gift with Biblical sentiments also shows your growth in faith. Such gifts help your pastor see how deep you understand his or her teachings.


Support your pastor in his or her endeavors. Whatever you give should help in both work and life. It could provide monetary, physical, or moral support. Make sure that it compliments your pastor. Bonus if your gift also encourages the pastor’s family too. 


To find the best gift, know your pastor.  Find his or her hobbies and likes. Consider his or her family. What would they appreciate and utilize regularly?

Show your compassion with practicality. Don’t waste it with innocuous knick-knacks. Focus on giving value to your pastor’s life.

If you can, ask your pastor exactly what he/she needs. 


Above all things, do it with love. Convey your sincere affection for your pastor. Include in your gift a special message of gratitude. Foster a genuine relationship. 

When to Give Gifts for Pastors

There are several occasions you can celebrate by giving gifts to pastors. These occasions include:


When you get a new pastor, take the time to welcome him or her. Doing this is necessary to start a wholesome relationship. Give a gift that will help your pastor practice spiritual stewardship efficiently.

Pastor Appreciation Month

October is the month chosen for pastors. During Pastor Appreciation Month, give love with thoughtful gifts.


Help your pastor celebrate his or her birthday with valuable gifts. Send your birthday greetings with heartfelt appreciation.


Another key occasion for gift-giving is Yuletide. Show your pastor how much you appreciate his or her work in helping you understand God’s message of love. 

Other Special Occasions

Gift-giving is an act of love. You can give gifts to your pastor on other special occasions. These include Thanksgiving, anniversaries, and Lent. And you can always give your pastor appreciation when you want.

Types of Gifts for Pastors

Gifts for pastors are diverse. You can give special experiences. Books, stationery, and gadgets are also very popular. And personalized items offer a special touch.

Experience Gifts

Pastors need time off too. Time away from work helps a lot. Having work-free time can avoid burnout and depression.

Don’t think of your pastor as your 24/7 line to God. Consider also the importance of personal and family time.

The best gift for pastors is the gift of time. It can even be a free thing. Serve in the church and help out your pastor. Assist in community outreach programs. Do things that will ease the burden of church work.

If you can pay for an enjoyable experience for your pastor. It could be a gift card to their favorite restaurant, a skill-building course, or a vacation. A party honoring him or her is also great.

The crux of this matter is to give your pastor time to take care of one’s own life.


Books are an all-time hit in gift-giving. They offer knowledge and insights into human life. But not just any book is enough. Make sure that they are relevant to your pastor’s ministry and hobbies.

One way to know is to ask about your pastor’s wish list. Or observe your church. See which resources are lacking. Since some churches are poor, pastors take the burden of buying these needed books.

One or more books would help your pastor carry out the ministry efficiently. 


Stationery such as journals, pens, and papers are necessary. Because writing is an integral part of pastoral ministry. They are very practical because running out of them is easy due to the hectic work at the church. But check first before buying any such item. Confirm if you’re getting the right items for your church needs. 


Spreading the Good News has evolved with technological innovations. Nowadays, churches conduct their masses online. And there are also a lot of virtual resources for ministerial work. So pastors use gadgets regularly. They even bring their phones to the pulpit. So giving tech accessories would be a welcome gesture.


You can also order a custom-made item with your pastor’s name. Personalized items offer a special flourish to your appreciation.

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Pastors?

When choosing gifts, you need to be careful. Don’t just buy anything fancy from the store. Find things that will give value. Make your pastor feel special with a gift chosen with love and wisdom.

Consider your pastor’s hobbies

Consider the hobbies your pastor enjoys. As you build a relationship, acknowledge their interests. This will help you determine which things will help them in life. Your pastor will find joy in knowing that you understand his or her past times. 

Make it meaningful

Convey a meaningful message in your gift. Include handwritten words of thanks and affection.

Make sure that your gift is relevant to your pastor’s life. Get practical. Give something useful and sincere. 

Spend within your budget 

Gifts for pastors are priceless. So choose a thoughtful gift. If need be, give group gifts. Coordinate with your church members for pastor appreciation. Concur on the best you are willing to give. Then pitch in any amount you can give.

Luxorro Light Brown Leather Briefcase

Gifts for Pastors

Are you looking for a thoughtful, practical gift for your pastor? Then the Luxorro Light Brown Leather Briefcase would be an excellent choice. The sleek design combines innovative functionality into a priceless tool. 

My favorite feature of this leather bag is its tough leather material. Luxorro makes their bags with the best full-grain leather. The bag is soft with expertly stitched threading. The leather makes this bag very sturdy and durable. 

Another fascinating aspect of this bag is its roomy interior. I love its multiple compartments and pockets. You can fit all your essential items in the bag. From food to your laptop and other gadgets, the possibilities are endless. The bag also comes with strong straps, steel YKK zippers, and hooks for wires.

What’s more to love about this leather bag? It comes in a ready-to-gift box. And Luxorro also offers a lifetime guarantee for your purchase.


  • Made of tough, full-grain leather
  • Very roomy
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Giftable packaging
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Excellent customer service


  • Scratches easily
  • Ripped inner seams

Scriveiner Premium Leather Journal Gift Set

Gifts for Pastors

Want to help your pastor write sermons and other paperwork? Consider giving this handmade journal set by Scriveiner. Not only is this a practical gift set, but it is also a gift that gives back.

The most impressive aspect of this leather journal set is its sustainability. I love that Scriveiner uses handmade, recycled paper from cotton textile waste. They also use no lead or arsenic when tanning the leather. They also donate half a dollar per item sold to the NRDC, which helps combat pollution and climate change. 

I also love the classic Britishness of this journal set. It exudes elegance, sophistication, and luxury. The journal is handmade with thick, soft, supple genuine leather. The pen included is also a superb tool, crafted from brass with black lacquer in a 24K gold finish.


  • Nice, flexible leather
  • Topnotch craftsmanship
  • Giftable packaging
  • Fast shipping
  • Great people who like to write and sketch


  • Minor pen issues

Klubi 20oz Travel Coffee Mug Pastors Gift

Gifts for Pastors

Another fun gift idea for pastors is a witty cup. KLUBI’s 20z Tumbler is great for him or her to use because it showcases pastoral life in a fun way. It is also fine to use in every beverage.

This witty tumbler from Klubi is cute. I love its cheeky humor. Aside from that, it is also very sturdy and heavy-duty. It doesn’t transfer flavors. It is rust and drop-resistant. 

This stainless steel tumbler is double-walled to keep drinks at the right temperature. It also has a closable lid to keep it spill-free.

Get your pastor this witty tumbler to enjoy drinks on the go.


  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • It comes with a clear BPA-free EZ-slide lid
  • Spill-resistant and portable
  • 20 OZ capacity that can fit in your cup holder


  • No handle

OakiWay God’s Path Compass Religious Gifts

Gifts for Pastors

Looking for an outdoorsy tool? This engraved vintage-style compass from OakiWay might be a great buy. Crafted from brass, it is designed to empower and encourage anyone. Oakiway engraved the God in the True North of the compass to show how God shows us the way. And it even has motivational scripture at the back.

It has a decorative wooden box with soft blue velvet lining and engraved plating. This makes for a fine decorative piece on any pastor’s desk. It has a slight learning curve. But you can also use the magnetic compass for outdoor adventures.

This compass comes with a nice gift card. You add your special message of appreciation to your pastor here.


  • Classy look
  • Made of premium brass material
  • Vintage style with Key Chain
  • With elegant lining and engraved plate on top
  • Comes with a small gift card to send the recipient your heartfelt emotions


  • Compass is a little difficult to open
  • Hard to read engraving

Inkstone Proverbs 3:5 Engraved Gift Pen with Gift Box

Gifts for Pastors

This luxurious reusable pen combines innovative design with faith-inspired sentiments. This is a nice gift idea for pastors. It writes smoothly with fine black ballpoint ink. 

Engraved with the Proverbs 3:5 verse, this is a well-crafted pen. You can readily give this with a keepsake box lined with satin. 


  • Writes smoothly
  • Comes in a satin-lined keepsake presentation gift box for easy gifting
  • Ballpoint writing tip with twist-action mechanism
  • Easy to refill and compatible with G2 “Parker-type” ink cartridges
  • Reusable



Pastors are one of the most important people in your church. They are usually overworked and underpaid. So any gift of appreciation will go a long way.

You can help out in the ministry. Share your time and skills. Or give tools to help your pastor be more efficient at work. And you can also encourage him or her to continue good work by offering your heartfelt support.

The best gift for pastors I recommend is the Luxorro Light Brown Leather Briefcase. This leather bag can carry everything your pastor needs for work and home life. Its leather material makes it tough and durable. This bag is very practical and convenient. It helps your pastor organize his or her stuff efficiently. And it shows that you appreciate all the hard work done for your congregation with this infinitely usable bag. So this is the best gift to give if you want to encourage, assist and show love to your pastor.

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