The 5 Best Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Editor’s Choice

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

  • It includes the first part of the Old Testament on 5 DVDs
  • Perfect viewing for the entire family to laugh and learn together
  • All-new cast of characters, fast-paced flash animation, and catchy tunes

Best Overall

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

  • Solid theological content
  • Extra materials after each episode
  • Realistic family depiction


Homeschool Bible Curriculum

  • Sparks discourse on morals
  • Great for family movie time
  • Great for gifting

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best homeschool Bible curriculum is, then I’d recommend the Friends and Heroes DVD Series 1 Collection Episodes 1-13 as the best one.

Learning at home or homeschooling is a time-honored tradition. Regardless of background, more families are educating their children themselves. This trend grew during the time of the pandemic due to stay-at-home orders.

Homeschooling is one of the best educational systems. Here, parents save money and guide their children to learn about the world. It provides a key avenue in the bond-building between families. 

In homeschooling, parents choose curriculums based on their child’s needs and family values. For Christian families, this could refer to a homeschool Bible curriculum. This type of curriculum guides children to understand the foundational truths of Christianity. And grow wise in lifelong Biblical studies.

Here are the best Homeschool Bible Curriculums we will be reviewing:

What is a Homeschool Bible Curriculum?

A homeschool Bible curriculum is a system of learning that focuses on the Word of God. Such a program involves several lessons on Christian living. Accredited Christian homeschool programs provide learning for students of all ages. Learning can be self-paced or facilitated by virtual teachers.

Homeschool Bible curriculums can lead to a high school diploma or GED upon completion. There are even programs that collaborate with Christian for dual-credit programs. In this case, homeschooled students can receive college credits or an associate’s degree.

Importance of Homeschool Bible Curriculums

Getting a homeschool Bible curriculum is very important for families. It helps parents discipline and guides their children to the right path. Then it strengthens bonds through honest discourse. And such programs foster the development of spirituality in the students.

It disciplines young people

Homeschooling offers a unique advantage for families to discipline their youth. Often schools host a wide variety of problems such as bullying and gang violence. So parents protect their children against abuse and negative influences. 

Also, homeschooling reduces the risk of children succumbing to vicious peer pressures. Parents correct immediately any undesirable behavior. Homeschooled students also behave better than their counterparts in mass education.

With a homeschool Bible curriculum, parents can instill discipline through rigorous studies on the Word of God. It will lead to personhood being cleansed of all worldly impurities.

It gives a more holistic sense of God

With a homeschool Bible curriculum, your children will find God in all things. They learn about how God works in real life. Also, they realize the fullness of God’s wondrous nature. 

It guides children to deeper spirituality

A homeschool Bible curriculum helps parents guide their children. You watch them learn and grow in faith. 

You help them understand the spiritual truths of life. The curriculum also shows you and your children the way to the fruits of the Spirit.

It encourages discourse on how to live a Christian life

A homeschool Bible curriculum leads to engaging discourses with family. Children of all ages learn to profess their faith in word and deed. They go beyond doctrinal studies. So they find the practical applications of the Word of God in human experience. 

As they learn to stand strong in faith, the entire family can discuss what it means to be a Christian. Parents can share their own life experiences for their children to learn and get inspired. And students can look at the world they live in with eyes of faith and vigilance.

What’s Included in a Homeschool Bible Curriculum?

A homeschool Bible curriculum includes a lot of biblical lessons.


A homeschooler’s Bible curriculum starts with the basics of Jesus and the Bible. Here kids learn about the Creation story. They also learn the basics of sinfulness and redemption. Homeschool Bible curriculums for this age group are hands-on. They have lots of storytelling to engage young minds.


In elementary school, students should learn more about Christ’s sacrifice. They should know about the sacraments and prayers. This is also around the time when they start participating in the Lord’s Supper. So here the curriculum covers what it means to follow Christ.

Middle School

Middle school students have learned all the basics of Christian education. So at this stage, the homeschool Bible curriculum should show one’s personal relationship with God. They learn to form their values more than just what their parents passed on to them. 

High School

In this last stage of homeschool Bible curriculums, students build their spiritual life. Parents teach about other world religions. They see the bigger picture of religion and how God is seen by different people. Then they can apply Christian principles in their journey to college and beyond.

Should You Get Free or Paid Homeschool Bible Curriculums?

Homeschool Bible curriculums abound. Online, offline, or DIY. Just choose what fits your child’s needs best.

You can order a homeschool Bible curriculum. Or find free study programs.

Paying for homeschool Bible studies offers a lot of benefits. They provide rigorous and curated flows of lessons. You get ready-made learning materials. And age-appropriate pacing of Scripture-focused education.

But nothing beats freedom. If you cannot find a curriculum that fits your family’s needs, DIY the whole thing. Confer with your church on what they recommend people study in the Bible. Visit your local library to find Christian resources. Consult the librarian on appropriate study material. Such books even have Q&A sections that students can answer to show what they learned.

Another reason to go for free homeschool Bible curriculums goes back to the Bible.

How to use only the Bible for homeschool curriculum

If you think about it, the Bible is the best teaching tool. The Bible is God’s Word made physical. Here you read about God’s nature and how He has worked throughout history.

Using the Bible to homeschool your children is a direct avenue to foster spiritual development. Here you have no designated system in place. Run free with your Bible reading. This homeschooling method also encourages deeper discourse of the entire family. Students are free to stop, ask questions and discuss everything they find profound.

You can do journaling with Bible reading plans. This helps children busy themselves while focusing their minds on the Word of God. Here you use the Bible to understand history, geography, sociopolitics, and human experiences. Use maps, biblical dictionaries, and similar indices. Teach kids about living the way God wants His people to go.

Known Publishers of Homeschool Bible Curriculums

Here are the most prominent Christian publishers of homeschool Bible curriculums:

Grapevine Studies

Grapevine Studies offer programs that cater to all homeschool learning styles. Yes, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Their homeschool curriculums are for toddlers to fourteen-year-olds.


Apologia is for multi-level homeschooling. They have top-notch science study programs and Bible curriculums, too. They created a study series for students from four years old to adults.  

What’s in the Bible

This homeschool Bible curriculum comes in DVD format. Through 13 DVDs, kids learn about the Bible through animated lessons.

Friends and Heroes

Like What’s in the Bible, Friends and Heroes is a TV series of Bible stories. It is also interactive with games for children to play on their website.

Veritas Press

If you want something self-paced, go to Veritas Press. This online-based homeschooling curriculum is for elementary school students.

Positive Action

Another elementary school Bible curriculum is the Positive Action Bible curriculum. They cover lessons for kindergarten to twelfth grade. 

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis have everything for all ages. They offer apologetics, chronology, and metanarrative within their curricula. They cover the Bible chronologically and how each account connects to Christian living.

Factors in Choosing the Best Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Whether you are experienced in homeschooling or a novice, don’t feel overwhelmed. You can find the homeschool Bible curriculums based on your needs. Here are things for you to consider in your search for faith-based curricula: 

Homeschooling Method

In homeschooling, there is a vast plethora of teaching methods. The best homeschool Bible curriculum is the one that fits your homeschooling method.  

Format of Study Materials

Depending on your homeschooling method, you use different study materials. Choose the curricula with the format that your children can learn from. 

Biblical View of Homeschool Curriculum

Also vital in your choice of curricula is the biblical perspective of the program. Does the publisher teach with the Bible translation that your family uses? Do they teach the faith in a way that matches the family view of Christianity?

Study Time

It would be best if you also considered the time each lesson takes. After all, most parents homeschool because of the flexibility of school hours. Choose the program that enables you to give your children enough attention and time. 

Usually, Bible studies take fifteen to twenty minutes a day.

Age of Your Child

Of course, you need to think of your children’s age before you get a homeschool Bible curriculum. Find the one that caters to the learning they need in their age group. If necessary, ask them what they want to learn.


Homeschool Bible curriculum costs range from free to thousands per year. It depends on how long the coursework takes and the accredited certifications it offers. Some even offer discounted tuition for multi-child households.

When it comes to homeschooling, always remember to go within your budget. The most expensive option is not always the best to order. What matters is the fit of the curriculum to your family’s view and your children’s needs.

We selected our recommendations on the age group that is most likely to stay at home at these times. This age group is the under-15s. 

Here are the best homeschool Bible curriculums for you.

Friends and Heroes DVD Series 1 Collection Episodes 1-13

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Are you looking for a great homeschool Bible curriculum? Then this Friends and Heroes DVD Series 1 Collection Episodes 1-13 would be an excellent choice. This multi-language DVD series offers 10 different languages, including Chinese and Spanish.

My favorite feature of this DVD series is its solid theology. Within the exciting adventures, children learn about Jesus, Moses, and more! I appreciate how they set a great example of a Biblical worldview in the core of your relationships inside and outside the home.

I also like how the family interactions are realistic in the story. Kids disagree at times, but the whole family is affectionate and respectful to each other. 

This is a great video series to help guide your child in spiritual development.


  • Solid theological content
  • Extra materials after each episode
  • Realistic family depiction


  • Doesn’t play on some DVD players
  • Can be boring

Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible? Volumes 1-5

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Do you want to teach your children about the Old Testament? Then Phil Vischer’s Old Testament DVD Bundle would make a splendid addition to your homeschooling.

An impressive feature of this product is its detailed animated stories. Coming from the creator of the beloved Veggie Tales, this bundle explores the Old Testament. It uses engaging characters, fast-paced animation, and lovable songs. This teaches such concepts as creation, salvation, and the Commandments.

You can watch this series as a family. Laugh and learn together about God’s plan to redeem humans.

Each DVD has two episodes 25 minutes long.


  • It includes the first part of the Old Testament on 5 DVDs
  • Perfect viewing for the entire family to laugh and learn together
  • All-new cast of characters, fast-paced flash animation, and catchy tunes
  • Very detailed stories
  • Entertains children of all ages


  • Pricey

Friends and Heroes DVD Series 2 Collection Episodes 14-26

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Another impressive homeschooling product is Friends and Heroes’ 2nd DVD series. This series brings the Bible to life with top-notch quality and talent.

I love its creative storylines. Each episode shows how people became Christians and their struggles in the process. My niece, after watching this, learned many lessons that she applies to her own life. 

This series is interesting. It is great for witness and Bible studies. It has likable characters and well-written plots. This serves as great teaching for young believers.


  • Creative storylines
  • Likable characters
  • Shows morals kids can imitate


  • Episodes should be longer to explore the plot and characters
  • Pricey

Friends and Heroes DVD Series 3 Collection Episodes 27-39

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

This multi-language animated DVD series is also very exciting and educational. 

I love this series because it shares essential life lessons. It’s 13 episodes running up to 25 minutes each plus extras.

This makes a great teaching tool for kids to understand biblical values.


  • Great for learning
  • Kids love it


  • Switching between languages can be difficult

Friends and Heroes Multi-Language Episodes 1 & 2

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Do you want to teach your child about Christian history? How do Christians struggle and persevered amidst trials? Then this two-episode DVD from Friends and Heroes would be a great buy.

Here, you can teach your kids about the stories of Daniel, Samson and Delilah, Jesus, and St. Peter with Cornelius.

Each episode evokes commentaries about morality in the Christian way of life.


  • Sparks discourse on morals
  • Great for family movie time
  • Great for gifting


  • Some parents find other scenes too obscene for kids


Homeschool Bible curriculum are great tools. They help guide your children to seek God’s direction in life. The process of searching for a good Christian homeschooling program can be overwhelming due to the sheer volume of choices. You can pay for them, download them free, or DIY the system. It all depends on your homeschooling method, your family’s faith views, and your budget.

The best homeschool Bible curriculum I recommend is Friends and Heroes DVD Series 1 Collection Episodes 1-13. Friends and Heroes created this series with solid theology. It teaches about the Bible in a kid-friendly setup. With this, you can set a biblical worldview with your family. This is the best tool to guide your kids in their faith.

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