The 5 Best Homeschooling Desks

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Homeschooling Desks

  • Average assembly time is 1.5 – 2 hours with 1 recommended number of people to assemble
  • Drawer pulls are the right size and easy for little hands to open
  • Includes a stand-up organizer that divides books and papers for easy access

Best Overall

Homeschooling Desks

  • Easy assembly and fast shipping
  • Child-friendly with lead-free paint, rounded legs, and an anti-swivel lock
  • It comes with a matching desk & chair combo


Homeschooling Desks

  • It is sized just for kids 3-8, and the chair holds up to 100 pounds
  • The desk features a safety-hinged lid and reinforced legs to last through years of use
  • Wooden child’s lift-top desk and chair for easy storage

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best homeschooling desks, then I’d recommend the ApexDesk Little Soleil DX 43″ Adjustable Study Desk as the best one.

Homeschooling can be rewarding in many ways. There are many benefits for both parents and homeschoolers alike. Yet, many parents and children find homeschooling very challenging. It can pose difficulties from methods to materials. Setting up a homeschool area is vital to ease up these challenges. One of the essential elements of this is a homeschooling desk.

Here are the Best Homeschooling Desks we will be reviewing:

What is a homeschooling desk?

A homeschooling desk is a piece of furniture dedicated for children to use in homeschooling. Compared to a regular table, a homeschooling desk has elements that fit especially for its purpose. It has a more expansive room for storage. Its size is suitable for learning with ease. It also offers ample space for working. A homeschooling desk is an important component in organizing your homeschool space. 

Why Use a Homeschooling Desk?


Homeschoolers spend a large chunk of their time doing school work. Discomfort in the learning space may hinder a learner from working optimally. Having a homeschooling desk can provide the comfort needed during these long hours of learning. 

Adequate storage with room to grow

Homeschooling entails many materials and instruments for learning. Properly storing these materials may then pose a difficulty to parents and homeschoolers. Using a homeschooling desk can help ease this burden. A homeschooling desk can offer a storage area to keep learning materials organized and neat.

Boosts creativity

Homeschoolers can beautify their desks for homeschooling. Such activity can help them organize and design in a manner that suits their liking. They can choose colors, accessories, and decorations. Having a homeschooling desk can serve as a tool that cultivates the homeschoolers’ creativity.

Lesser distractions

The attention span of homeschoolers contributes to their concentration and academic efficiency. There are plenty of things around that can steal their attention. It is then best to minimize distractions as much as you can. Using a homeschooling desk in an allotted space can help keep them fixed in their academic work.

Increased focus and productivity

Using a homeschooling desk helps homeschoolers transition from play to school. It serves as a cue for their brains to be in learning mode. This flow allows them to focus on their school work. It can as well result in more productive days.

How to Organize Your Homeschooling Desk

Dedicate space and location

It is essential to think about where to situate your homeschooling desk. Assigning a dedicated space and location centralizes learning into one area. It can help signal the learner’s mind that it is time to learn and do homeschool work. This space where you locate your homeschool desk allows for lesser disturbance.

Ensure proper lighting

Adequate lighting is vital in a homeschool workspace. It will ensure that homeschoolers do not stress their eyes out. In this way, they can better take in information and learn.  You can choose a room with windows so natural light can go in. If ample light is not enough, you can add study lamps to your homeschooling desk.

Make it neat and clutter-free

A clutter-free homeschooling desk contributes to better concentration. A neat workspace allows homeschoolers to process information better. Make sure to sort and organize learning materials properly. Clean and sanitize the desk after homeschooling to be ready for the next day.

Arrange materials and supplies

You can arrange the materials and supplies you often use in your homeschool desk’s space and storage areas. You can put pens and pencils in a holder and put them on the corner of the desk. In this way, it is easily reachable. Reference books and lesson books can also be placed in drawers or filed neatly on top of the homeschooling desk.

Baskets, bins, and containers are the best options when arranging supplies. Books can be placed in baskets under your homeschool desks. Craft and art material can be stored in bins with covers. Arrange pens, crayons, and highlighters using containers.     

Add creativity and aesthetics

The aesthetic appeal of your homeschooling desk can add to productivity and comfort. Choose a color that is easy on the eyes and refreshing. If you plan to decorate and design your homeschooling desk, it is best to be creative but intentional and purposive.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Desk for Homeschool

The room

An important question to answer is where you will put your homeschooling desk. Will it be in the kitchen or the bedroom, or the dining area? Or perhaps a separate room dedicated solely for homeschooling? Of course, larger floor space can accommodate a more oversized homeschool desk. Smaller spaces will entail more creativity and space-saving organizational skills. It is vital to measure the floor space and buy a desk for homeschool that fits perfectly there.

Number of learners

The number of learners to be homeschooled will direct you to the size and type of homeschool desk to buy. If you have two to three homeschoolers, you can use individual homeschool desks. For a bigger number of homeschoolers, individual homeschool desks can take up more space in your home. In this case, a large table with ample legroom and space can be an option.

Age of learners

A large homeschool desk for young children aged 4 to 6 may be too big and overwhelming. At the same time, a small homeschooling desk for older children might be uncomfortable. Considering the age of the learners will help in deciding what type of desk for homeschool to purchase.

The personality of the learners

Homeschooling acknowledges the individual personalities, capacity levels, and aptitudes of learners. Your desk for homeschool can also be a reflection of these. Take into account the learner’s preferences, learning styles, and interests. For example, a kinesthetic learner can enjoy a homeschool desk that is easily mobile and adjustable. This setup will give the learner ample space to move around.

Needs of the learners

It is necessary to consider the learning needs of the individual. A homeschooling desk that has several storage options can be beneficial in making materials accessible. It is also fitting to consider the amount of space a learner needs for ease of movement.


One of the great things about homeschooling is the opportunity to explore and be flexible. This flexibility includes homeschool locations. Some homeschool learning activities are done outside the homeschool space. So, it will be helpful to consider a homeschooling desk that can be moved around without trouble.


Working within your budget when you buy a homeschooling desk is possible. Find a simple and ideal homeschool desk fit for your budget. It is also noteworthy to remember you may be using a homeschooling desk for an extended period. You can even pass it down from one child to another. It is then preferable to buy a quality homeschool desk that is worth the money you will spend.

Here are the best homeschooling desks that we recommend.

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX 43″ Adjustable Study Desk

Homeschooling Desks

This Apexdesk Store Study Desk measures 43 inches by 27 inches on its entire surface. It has one more L-shaped study top. You will also find another smaller top that can tilt. This feature makes for a great place to put android tablets or iPads. 

The ApexDesk Little Soleil DX 43″ Adjustable Study Desk angles in a way that makes reading, writing, and doing other school work comfortable for homeschoolers. It has a 9-inch by 9.5-inch drawer where homeschoolers can put their worksheets and papers. An 18.5 by 10-inch bookshelf offers a space for displaying workbooks and other reading materials. The study desk as well comes with a height-adjustable chair with a five-caster base. It means you won’t need to change chairs every so often as your child grows taller. 

Adjusting the chair is easy, which takes off time and effort on your part. Children also sit comfortably even during long study hours as the chair is arched for good back support. The surface comes in metal or wood material which is both non-toxic and safe. You can choose from three colors: blue, green, and pink.


  • Easy assembly and fast shipping
  • Child-friendly with lead-free paint, rounded legs, and an anti-swivel lock
  • It comes with a matching desk & chair combo
  • The desk height is adjustable with a crank to keep up with your fast-growing kids
  • All wood material is CARB Phase II compliant
  • 2nd generation desk with crossbar for added stability, drawer, and shelf
  • Rubber-banded corners and edges
  • Large scratch-resistant surface


  • The finish is not so smooth

Guidecraft Children’s Media Desk and Chair Se

Homeschooling Desks

Guidecraft is known for designing furniture and educational toys for children. These two have been in the industry for over 50 years. This modern desk and chair set by Guidecraft offer a large surface area that is great for homeschoolers. It measures 44L x 24W x 40H inches. It is for homeschoolers aged 5 to 12 years old. This set also comes with a matching chair. 

One of my favorite parts of this homeschool desk is the wide corkboard panel. This corkboard feature allows for pinning notes, reminders, artworks, and pictures. It also has five cubbies and a 2-opening drawer for accessible and organized storage. Homeschoolers can neatly pile books, papers, and other work materials. Homeschoolers, who use laptops and other wired gadgets, can keep cords and wires hidden through the handy cutouts. 

The Guidecraft homeschool desk uses engineered wooden material. A lacquer white veneered finishing surface makes it look classy. You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your homeschooler’s preference and style. Guidecraft furniture is also eco-friendly and safe with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials.


  • It includes a spacious desk, hutch, and chair set
  • Hutch features a corkboard panel for keepsakes, 5 accessible cubbies for storage, and handy cutouts for hiding cords and wires
  • The durable construction of solid and engineered wood with a lacquer white veneered surface
  • It comes ready to assemble with instructions included
  • It comes in multiple colors
  • A desk for homeschooling that grows with your child


  • It may have a foul stench due to the paint
  • It is only designed for kids 5-12

MEEDEN Kids White Art Play Table with Chair Set

Homeschooling Desks

One of the prime features of this Meeden homeschool desk and chair set is that it is made from pine wood. This feature implies durability, safety, and being environmentally friendly.  The white color gives off an elegant appeal. The design is also great for any type and ambiance of your chosen homeschool space. Its dimensions are 26 by 42 by 24 inches. This space offers wide room for activities. It comes with two individual chairs and a long bench. You can use it for one to three homeschoolers.  

This setup is excellent for collaborative learning and activities. The curved design of the chair makes seating comfortable. A unique element of the Meeden Store homeschool desk is its drawing paper roll. You can pull the paper from the side gap for drawing and art activities. You can easily tidy away school and art materials through the two-basket storage area. The storage can be found under the desk for a neater look. The Meeden store desk set is an excellent homeschool desk for a wide variety of activities.


  • The set is made of sturdy, eco-friendly, and durable pine wood that meets and exceeds most safety standards set by ASTM, CPSIA, and CPC Test
  • It is multi-function with its fade-resistant drawing paper roll, double-layer partition design perfect for storage with two storage baskets under the table
  • The chair back is designed in a curve shape to reduce fatigue during a long time of sitting
  • It is easy to clean and assemble
  • The desk comes with 2 kids chairs set and a long bench for 2 adults or 3 kids


  • No color choice; only comes in white
  • Not enough leg room space

KidKraft White Study Desk with Chair

Homeschooling Desks

The KidKraft Store homeschooling desk highlights several storage spaces. It has a storage drawer for keeping writing materials, paper, and workbooks. It also has two roomy cabinets for bulkier homeschool materials. Lastly, a paper organizer is convenient for filing workbooks and documents that homeschoolers often use. Thus you can keep homeschool materials appropriately and easily reach them. 

The storage handles come in the right size so your homeschoolers can grip and open them easily. This homeschooling desk measures 39.25 by 21.25 by 10 inches. It also has a small bulletin board to post reminders and other keepsakes. These homeschooling desks and chair sets are sturdy and well-constructed. It comes with an instruction and specification manual that’s easy to understand with images for guidance. 

For your children’s safety, the desk has no pointed edges, and the legs are flared. It comes in different colors as well. This KidKraft Store homeschooling desk is simple and cute. It does not take up much space, easily fits in the bedroom, and limited floor areas.


  • Average assembly time is 1.5 – 2 hours with 1 recommended number of people to assemble
  • Drawer pulls are the right size and easy for little hands to open
  • Includes a stand-up organizer that divides books and papers for easy access
  • The chair size is just right for kids to sit comfortably and do schoolwork, homework, or artwork
  • They are thoughtfully designed with features such as round corners and flared legs for stability


  • Narrow workspace
  • It can only fit 5-7-year-olds

Melissa & Doug Wooden Lift-Top Desk & Chair

Homeschooling Desks

Melissa and Doug are husband and wife with six children. For over 30 years, their brand’s goal is to foster children’s imagination through high-quality products. You can expect this Melissa and Doug desk to be held to the same standard. 

This homeschooling desk measures 16.15 by 23.6 by 23.25 inches and weighs 19 pounds. It’s a lift-top desk which is an ingenious and functional way of combining work area and storage. Your homeschooler can neatly put away worksheets and papers in the drawer after working. A narrow part of the desk does not lift. This area can be used to put pen holders, water bottles, or a decorative vase. The chair in this set can hold up to 150 pounds. 

This desk and chair set is excellent for children aged 3 to 8 years old. It also comes in four colors: honey, gray, espresso, and white. Durability comes with reinforced desk legs and a safety-hinged lid. The furniture finish is sleek for added appeal. It is compact so that it can fit in the corner of a room.


  • It is sized just for kids 3-8, and the chair holds up to 100 pounds
  • The desk features a safety-hinged lid and reinforced legs to last through years of use
  • Wooden child’s lift-top desk and chair for easy storage
  • Fun and functional
  • Easy to assemble


  • Limited seating and working area
  • The desk surface may be easily scratched or scraped


Homeschooling entails intentional preparation. A homeschool desk is an essential part of a well-designed homeschool setup. A homeschooling desk is something that your children will use daily. A homeschooling desk brings comfort and organization in studying, working, and doing activities. It is a piece of furniture that helps lessen distractions. Lesser disturbances mean that your homeschoolers will have increased concentration and productivity.

The best homeschooling desk I recommend is the ApexDesk Little Soleil DX 43″ Adjustable Study Desk. For starters, it takes little effort to build and assemble. It features several surfaces for different functions. Its adjustable element means that your homeschoolers can use it as they level up and grow. The ApexDesk Store desk set offers a spacious work surface and has several storage spaces. As an everyday piece of furniture, homeschoolers will feel comfortable studying and doing their activities.

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