5 Beautiful House Cleansing Prayers For Your Home

A house cleansing prayer provides a safe refuge for everyone and a steady place for one to grow strong in faith. 

Every Christian home should not only be an abode to the Christian family but likewise to our God and the Holy Spirit. It is a must that we invite the Lord into our homes where we spend most of our time. A Christian home nurtures a Christian family but evil in our houses is not a mark of a Christian.

From the building of our house’s foundations to the moment we finally open the front door, we should ask God for His blessings, protection, peace, and joy for those who will dwell in it and even the strangers and family who will through its doors. With this, with prayers and praises to God, the house must cleanse from evil spirits and negative energy. Its roof must not shelter the evil one, its walls must not provide a room for the wicked, and its doors must not welcome evil things who are likely to chip away one’s faith.

What is a House Cleansing Prayer?

Generally, a house cleansing prayer is done to get rid of evil spirits and negative energy. It is where we ask God to expel whatever evil is lurking in our homes and replace negative energies with positive ones.

Additionally, it can be performed periodically, such as after a broken relationship with someone, before and after the birth of a child, or as we welcome another year for a fresh new start. As we do this, we acknowledge that unless God’s blessing and Spirit fill our houses, we can never truly achieve peace and be rid of spiritual forces that can cause us problems both in the spiritual and physical world.

House Cleansing Prayer

What is the Significance of Doing a House Cleansing Prayer?

House cleansing is important as it is a way of inviting God’s presence into one’s home while expelling negativity in the house which might be from its previous owners, the death of someone, broken relationships, or a spiritual problem.

Further, doing a house cleansing is a manifestation of our faith in Christ and our acknowledgment that He alone can make one’s house into a home. As we cleanse our homes, we create a new start not only for the structural house but also for the people who make it a home. Likewise, it is a good avenue to ask God’s presence to be a constant presence in our houses, an ever-present help, a listener to every conversation, and the power in which we are sustained.

Is House Cleansing Biblical?

Ephesians 4:27 says, “and do not give the devil a foothold”. The Bible is home to a myriad of references that speak of the importance of cleansing in the many aspects of our lives.

For His divine purposes and His glory, Jesus blessed the homes of His servants in the Bible. However, nothing suggests that a ritual took place before the blessing. God merely bestowed blessings upon those who were doing in accordance with His will.

A house cleansing is a long-standing custom in Christianity. The blessing typically comes in the form of prayer over the house, however, customs differ across religions and cultures. A house cleansing is neither sinful nor against the Bible. It is a human tradition.

The Bible neither specifies any rituals that must be performed nor provides instructions on how to bless a house. In short, we are given the freedom to perform a house blessing as a custom. We must, however, keep in mind that it is Jesus and His Holy Spirit, not a photograph or water, that bestows blessings to avoid falling prey to superstition.

Ways How Christians Cleanse Their House

There are several ways in which Christians can cleanse their houses and get rid of unwanted spirits and energies and eventually give way to a dwelling place that is abounding in peace, love, and the spirit of Jesus Christ. Among them are given below:

Purge your house

Start the purging of your house with a prayer. Ask God to help you know of things that need to be removed and decluttered. Getting rid of things that don’t work for you is called purging. It is an opportunity to get rid of anything that’s taking up room or getting in the way, such as clutter, old clothes, and things one doesn’t need anymore.

Purging would bring about a new ambiance to the entire home and refresh the body and spirit as worry, negative thoughts, and stagnation arises when there is clutter around us. Purging can also bring about new empty spaces which can serve a new purpose in the house. A clean and organized house is conducive to productivity, and positivity, and makes it a good place of worship for the Lord. Get rid of anything that may spark sin or any thought of it! (Hebrews 4:16)

Command evil spirit to leave

Through prayer and in Jesus’ name, command evil spirits to leave, and spiritually cleanse your house. Christians ought to pray for a home that is free of evil spirits. The Holy Spirit should be allowed to reside in our homes. In the name of Jesus, we are ought to cast out any evil spirits.

As we command them to leave, we invite the presence of God to fill every corner of the house. We cannot co-exist with the evil one in our house for they will get in the way of our everyday life and give off energy that can confuse us and lead to sin.

A common verbal command can be: “In the glorious name of Jesus Christ and through His power, I command spiritual forces that are not of the Lord’s to leave this house.”

Ask the Holy Spirit

Invite and ask the Holy Spirit through prayer to fill every corner of the house and bless people that come and go in its doors. (Psalms 91:11)

It is also a good opportunity to ask God to send a guardian angel to every door and corner that would help protect the house and the people residing in it from harm and evil. As we invite the Holy Spirit, we do so with a heart that believes as we pray. We can never grow strong in spirit and walk with God if the Holy Spirit is not found within us.

In a likewise manner, ask the Holy Spirit to bless and mediate every conversation inside the walls of the house and oversee the coming and going of people. Guard not only the house itself but the hearts of those who dwell in it from evil things, and ask the Holy Spirit to make the entire home holy to Jesus Christ.

Anoint doors and windows

In anointing every door and window, oil anointing is often observed. Anointing oil represents the Holy Spirit’s trust in God to deliver, purify, and ward against evil. By doing this, unwanted bad spirits will be expelled.

In the Bible, the common oils used in anointing include frankincense, myrrh, cassia, and spikenard. First, one must pray over the oil before using it. A simple prayer will do the job as long as we pray while believing. In praying, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to anoint the oil and purify it so that it might be put to use for the greater glory of His name. In our case, ask Him to bless the oil to help purify and cleanse the house.

As we anoint all the doors and windows, we do so by entrusting God to let His will unfold and make our dwelling place His sanctuary – free of evil things and spirits that can corrupt our souls. In this way, we can live life in peace and receive every blessing from God with a grateful heart.

Declare the name of the Lord over your property

In Jesus’ name, declare the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the property. One can do so by reading from the Bible, and visiting each room as you make your way around the house. If you must, pass every door and let yourself inside the chambers. Thank God for His protection and provision for the new home or the home being dedicated to Him as you conclude the house cleansing.

According to the Christian faith, as we cleanse the house God’s name must be declared over houses. They must be consecrated to God for the occupants to live in God’s shelters and be free from the evil spirit and things that may be lurking. It is often seen as a religious rite where commonly a pastor or priest presides, blesses the house, declares God’s name over it, and eventually makes it the home of God and a place of worship for Him.

As we declare the name of the Lord, we revoke any presence of evil and get rid of any negative energy. By doing so, we also give power and dominion to Jesus Christ to lord over our property, protect us, fill our homes with blessing after blessing, shine His light upon us, and make our entire home His extended sanctuary.

House Cleansing Prayer

What to Ask for in a House Cleansing Prayer

In doing a house cleansing prayer, there are many things we can ask for as we ask our Father God to abide in our dwelling place and bless each corner. Of course, it should come by acknowledging His power, giving Him the praise He deserves, and as in every prayer, believing. Among the things we can ask for are:

God’s Blessings

Asking our Father God to bless our homes is an act where we demonstrate our need for God’s mercy and acknowledge that He alone can make our homes prosper in ways we can never. Second, when we ask for the blessing of Jesus Christ, we present to Him our innermost concerns. As a result of asking for God’s blessings, we can come closer to Him as we are in constant need of His favors and blessings.

Through prayers, let us ask God to shower our homes with blessings in myriad forms. Protection from evil, guidance to every family member, supplication to meet the needs of the family, cleansing of every space in the household, and blessing every relationship inside the house. Let us likewise pray that those who dwell in the house never lose perspective of the greatness of God’s blessings. We pray:

Heavenly Father,

We are in constant need of your mercy and blessings. Give everyone who lives in this place a long and fruitful life, as well as salvation and health. We ask that we may sense your presence all over this house and that, while we go about our daily lives, you will bless each family member in our undertakings. May this home be known as a place of mercy and joy where everyone who lives here and comes to visit experiences the goodness of Christ Jesus. 

We pray that this home abounds not only in material things but also in love, mercy, hope, and joy. May there always be food on our plates, a roof above our heads, clothes to keep us warm, and of course your Word to keep us going. You know our hearts, aspirations, needs, and wants. Answer them not according to our plans but according to Your holy will and purpose. May we find contentment in You. Amen.

Protection from Evil

Our houses are also in need of God’s protection, especially from the evil ones. Therefore, as we spiritually cleanse the house from evil, let us ask God’s presence to guide us and ward off harm, evil spirits, temptations, and spiritual problem that may arise. Blessed are those who put their security in the hands of Jesus Christ and not on any person or material things. Let us likewise ask God to send His angels to watch our every coming and going. Let our prayer be:

Father God,

Guard our home dear Jesus, from forces known and unknown to us. We ask you Lord to keep our house and everyone inside it safe. Lord, keep harm and evil from coming near us. Give us discretion and wisdom in the influences we let into our own house. Defend our bodies, souls, and minds from those with evil intentions. Give the Holy Spirit power over us and our house. May those who enter this house know that you are present, and may we find strength and joy in You at all times. Guard all the doors of this house that no harm nor evil may enter but peace. May each room in this home Holy God not become a site for evil to blossom. Amen.

Harmony inside the House

Without harmony, it is impossible to live peaceful lives. Love and understanding are prerequisites to harmony. Let us include in our prayers that the Lord grant the harmony of our home so that we may establish blessed relationships with the people we are living with. As we cleanse our homes, let us likewise cleanse our hearts from any grudge, anger, hatred, or negative energy that we may be harboring. Let our prayer be:

Our gracious Lord,

We praise you, Lord for You are the author of peace. Grant us with love and kindness for one another, so that we may be a wonderful example to other Christian households. May our spiritual life blossom so that we might become more closely bonded to You as we are with others. Motivate us to come together to You with love and understanding for each other and be zealous for good deeds. Encourage us to support and love one another as inspired by the love You have for us. 

We pray that in all times, understanding and love prevail. Guard our tongues not to say hurtful words to others and may we never lose perspective of being Christians at the height of our emotions. May we be able to echo the peace and harmony you graciously provided us to others. Amen.           

God’s Sustenance

Only God can open door after door of sustenance and mercy for us. He has graciously provided for us for years and blessed us with blessings that are more than we deserve. As part of our house cleansing prayer, let us ask God for His continued sustenance not only for the house but for those who come and go inside it as well. 

Likewise, let us not only ask God to fill our storage rooms but our hearts as well with His words. Let us ask Him to send His angels through our family, friends, and even strangers. May we also be a blessing to others in the same way He has blessed us and our homes. Let us pray that may our own home and those of others as well be never found lacking anything. May God continuously grant us mercy. Through prayers, let us make our needs known to God for He is our great Sustainer and Provider. Let our prayer be:

Christ Jesus,

We worship You for Your faithfulness and never-ending mercy toward us. Oh Lord, we beseech Your help to preserve us amidst the hurdles of life for the greater glory of Jesus’ name. When our strengths fail us, we ask that Your strength be made manifest in our weakness through Your abundant grace. Oh God, when storms and strong winds rock our homes, steady us and preserve not only the foundations of our house but everyone in it as well. 

Sustain us with Your love that we may never give way to the devil to rule in our own home and our hearts. In Jesus’ name, we pray that this home is sustained and be graciously provided for. In everyday life, those who dwell in this house find contentment in You and do not look for sustenance in the wrong places. 

May your angels reside in this house and constantly remind us to never lose perspective of the Christian faith. Sustain our home dear Jesus and may this house be blessed and sustained so it can also shine a light on others and be a channel of Your blessings. Amen.

Holy Spirit’s Presence

To complete our house cleansing prayer, we ask for the divine Holy Spirit to enter our homes and be part of our everyday life. Our homes cannot be an effective conduit of God without the presence of His Holy Spirit. It is therefore a must that we implore God in prayer to send us His Spirit and help cleanse our dwelling place from negative spirits and energy. Let us pray that our homes become a beacon of light to others with the power of God’s Holy Spirit as He blesses our house and helps it become a sanctuary where the fruits of the Holy Spirit abound. We pray:

Our heavenly Father,

As we pray, we praise and glorify Your name, Jesus. We pray, in Jesus’ name, and implore the presence of Your Holy Spirit and host of angels to be a constant presence in our own home in each room, space, and corner to protect, bless, guide, and spiritually cleanse us. May this household function in accordance with Your will and become a dwelling place that eagerly serves You in all our ways. 

We ask that may this house be always eager to grow strong in faith and be filled with praise for You. With your Holy Spirit, bless our home Holy God, may it be a light to those who wander, help to protect those seeking protection, and be a prayer house that continually seeks Your grace. May Your divine Spirit never depart from this house, now and always. Bless our home dear Jesus. Amen.

House Cleansing Prayer

In Summary

A house cleansing prayer is a long-standing practice across several religions and is performed differently from one group to the other. It is primarily done to cleanse the house from any unwanted energy and spirit that may cause trouble to those who dwell in it. In doing so, we ask for God to cleanse, protect, bless, and shine His light in our homes. 

We desire for our family to experience blessing in the house we live in, as well as the capacity to find peace in the Lord in it. We want to consecrate it to God so that he might operate there, rather than bringing anything corrupt into our home.

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