How Are Soul Ties Created and How to Break Them?

If you are familiar with Christian dating advice and teachings about the concept of soul ties, then you’d ask how are soul ties created?

Throughout a lifetime, we are going to meet tens of thousands of other human beings. Some we meet once or a few times, while others create soul ties with us.

But what exactly are soul ties?

Soul ties are connections between two individuals in the spiritual realm. A soul tie with someone can affect a person’s life depending on how it was created.

Human beings sometimes create ungodly soul ties. Destructive as unhealthy soul ties may be, they are not indestructible themselves. The liberty will be worth the painful process of breaking ungodly soul ties.

How Are Soul Ties Created

How are Soul Ties Created?

There are many ways by which to create a soul tie. Three of the most common are sexual relations, close relationships, and agreements or commitments. It is important to be wary of these so that it is easier to avoid creating ungodly soul ties.

By sexual relations

Soul ties are created by sexual intercourse regardless of whether the couple is married or not. But only sexual soul ties created within marriage are godly. A soul tie formed outside of marriage is an unhealthy soul tie. It is even known to negatively affect future relationships. This is because one has created bad soul ties through multiple sexual partners when it is meant only for his spouse.

Sexual intimacy allows for two individuals to connect on a spiritual and emotional level. With this deep connection, soul ties are formed and could either be a godly soul tie or not.

By close relationships

In addition to romantic relationships, good friendships create godly soul ties. These create social soul ties as they are formed by bonding. The same can be said with healthy family relationships such as between mother and child or among siblings.

By agreements or commitments

We create soul ties by committing to business partnerships or by taking an oath. By taking a vow, we bind souls, as demonstrated in marriage.

The Bible confirms this in Numbers 30:2, “If a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth.

Are Soul Ties in the Bible?

The Bible teaches about souls being knit together to become one as in marriage through Genesis 2:24, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Soul ties formed through marriage transcend the physical level of connection.

It is also apparent in the friendship between King David and Jonathan as in 1 Samuel 18:1, “And it came to pass when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

The Bible also warned against ungodly soul ties created by sexual intercourse in 1 Corinthians 6:16 saying, “What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

Types of Soul Ties

Soul ties are categorized into the avenues by which they connect. A soul tie could be one type, but there are instances where two or more types apply to a single soul tie.

How soul ties affect men and women varies by whether it is a good soul tie or not. Therefore, the following major types of soul ties are further broken down into godly and ungodly soul ties.

Spiritual soul ties

A spiritual connection occurs when the relationship has positively influenced one’s faith journey. A spiritual soul tie is usually identified between members of the same religious community. A romantic relationship could also be a spiritual soul tie. This is true when a couple preserves each other’s faith and refuses to engage in a sexual relationship before marriage.

Physical soul ties

Physical soul ties are created through sexual intercourse. Exposing vulnerabilities through a sexual relationship is enough to create a bond with another person, which is why it was intended only for married couples. But sex outside marriage has been rampant and results in ungodly soul ties. Our spouse should be the only person we create a physical soul tie with as God intended.

Emotional soul ties

Godly emotional soul ties are present in every mutually beneficial relationship. It goes beyond just strong feelings. Having a sense of familiarity and security in another person connects two souls emotionally. An emotional soul tie lives in genuine friendships, healthy family, and romantic relationships. An emotional soul tie means souls elicit strong feelings from each other and are bonded emotionally.

Social soul ties

Social soul ties are apparent in commitments or business partnerships. They may not be emotionally connected but could be considered godly if it is grounded in respect.

Such soul ties are forged by social bonding between friends or co-workers and could be healthy or toxic. This depends on the purity of one’s intentions, and if the relationship is a one-sided soul tie or not.

How Are Soul Ties Created

Signs You Have Created a Soul Tie

If the bond affects a person’s soul enough to connect on a transcendental level, then a soul tie is created. But a soul tie could make or break a person forever, thus, the need to identify early on whether it is godly or ungodly. These soul tie symptoms are easily identified by their destructive, unhealthy nature.

Extreme emotions

When a bond or a person draws out deep feelings from another, it is a tell-tale sign that a soul tie has been created. More often than not, it is an ungodly one, too.

The positive or negative emotional connection may seem intensified in a soul tie compared to a regular relationship.

Inexplicable connection

When two souls feel an immediate connection and it feels one of a kind, you know that a soul tie is present. They feel each other’s feelings and sometimes share the same thoughts like a soul mate. That means their relationship is of a deeper level, thus, they undeniably feel connected.

Such is apparent in a mother’s intuition when it comes to her newborn’s needs. She seems to feel strongly connected to her offspring that she knows what he needs even without the need for words

Obsessive thoughts

Not to be confused with infatuation, constantly having someone in your thoughts is a sign that a soul tie has been created. This is because your souls are interconnected and are highly aware of each other’s presence.

But when someone invades your thoughts that it affects how you function is a toxic soul tie. Healthy soul ties should affect both parties involved positively.

Strong attachment

This soul tie symptom manifests through extreme dependency, which is clearly in a toxic relationship. The soul connection is evident but is misunderstood as one soul being incomplete without the other. Such a symptom makes for an unhealthy one-sided soul tie.

This becomes dangerous when one partner is abusive, and one or both are unable to or refuse to leave. Leaving becomes difficult because they feel strongly connected despite the bad soul tie that was made.

How to Break Soul Ties

If we are capable of creating one, then we can also break soul ties. 

Although soul ties are intangible, their influence is real enough to affect our lives and can be felt physically. For this same reason, soul ties can be broken. 

Acknowledge the soul tie

The first step to breaking soul ties is to acknowledge that the soul tie is there and that you admit that it is ungodly. Unhealthy soul ties are easily identified as manipulative and destructive. 

Another important detail to acknowledge is that the soul is complete on its own. An unhealthy soul tie will convince a person otherwise, thus, forming an ungodly soul tie relationship.

Repent and pray

Once you’ve recognized that a spiritual connection is ungodly and acknowledged that it is a sin, the next best thing to do is repent. Confess to creating it and resolve to break the soul tie.

Ask for forgiveness from our heavenly Father through prayer. The process of breaking a soul tie is a tough and painful process which is why it requires divine guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Renounce and remove the soul tie

Reject ungodly soul ties and resolve that you will not allow them into your life again. This will make room for spiritual bonds that will not give us emotional stress.

Also, it will help if one removes items such as gifts received from past relationships. These objects will make it difficult to break a soul tie because of sentimental attachments.


The two important steps to take to move on are acceptance and forgiveness. To break the ungodly soul tie, one must unburden himself of resentful thoughts.

The deep emotional bond is known to make the breaking of the ungodly soul tie a painful journey. This is often true with past relationships, but if it will bring inner peace and liberty, then it is best to be removed from one’s life forever. This will make room for a godly soul tie in its place.

How Are Soul Ties Created

In Summary

We create soul ties when we allow ourselves to be physically intimate with another person. Soul ties affect men and women depending on how they were created. Although sex life can strengthen a soul tie, it is not the only element in consideration.

There will be instances where we unintentionally create ungodly soul ties or regret creating them. One must be willing to break soul ties as soon as he recognizes them.

In every relationship we are in, one must try to forge a healthy soul tie, the kind that God intended.

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