FaithGiant Acquires Rediscovering the Bible: Paving the path to greater stability, expertise, and accessibility in the Faith-Based Website Industry

A leader in the Christian website industry, announced that it acquired last February 17, 2022. Rediscovering the Bible focuses on increasing the knowledge of its readers with regards to the Bible and theology and encourages them to buy and read books by great Christian theologians and preachers.

FaithGiant is dedicated to helping Christians grow in and share their faith, but it is also a resource for those who are new or exploring their faith.

Since June 2020, FaithGiant has operated as a website that provides biblically sound and authoritative content from a Christian perspective to help people live a life of faith, hope, and love. Aside from a wide array of topics from the Bible, FaithGiant is also focused on sharing Bible verses to encourage its readers to keep moving forward and not lose hope.

With the acquisition, FaithGiant will continue to share resources, information, and helpful guides to assist its readers in making informed life, faith, and purchase decisions. Knowing the greater expectations they now face, FaithGiant is just as determined to provide an even better and stronger response to their readers.

Alex Shute is the founder of FaithGiant.

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Alex Shute
Alex Shute, MBA
Alex is a family man and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. His passion is to serve the global Church and bring people of diverse backgrounds together to learn & grow.