The 5 Best Church Nursery Pager Systems

Editor’s Choice

  • Water-resistant pager
  • Can customize your logo on the pager
  • LED lights to alert the user

Best Overall

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Long-range
  • Fast transmission of radio signals


  • Pagers are a bit small, so they’re handy
  • Easy grip because of its shape 
  • Fast transmission of radio signals 

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best nursery pager system is, then I’d recommend the Long Range Systems 5 pagers Staff Paging Kit as the best one.

Pager systems are widely used by different kinds of industries, even in this generation. Did you know that pagers can be beneficial in your church nursery as well?

Church nurseries pave the way for parents to listen to church services while feeling at ease, knowing that their kids are in good hands.

Pager systems can help you communicate with parents faster without interrupting the service.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of having a nursery pager system in your church, I encourage you to read more about this article!

Here are the Best Nursery Pager Systems that we’ll be reviewing:

What is a Nursery Pager System?

A nursery pager system is a telecommunication tool. It operates more like a radio but is easier to use.

Paging systems include pagers, chargers, and transmitters. The pager receives the radio signals from a specific paging network. When the pager receives the signal, the device will blink or vibrate.

How Does a Nursery Pager System Work?

A nursery pager system provides simple communication between parents and the nursery staff.

The staff can page the parents by typing their pager number on the transmitter. The pager will start to vibrate and blink to alert the parents.

How to Use a Nursery Pager System?

Believe it or not, pager systems are easy to use.

The staff should give parents a numbered pager when they arrive at the nursery.

The staff will then insert the parent’s pager number into the transmitter when emergencies occur. It will alert parents with vibrations and lights.

How Can a Nursery Pager System Be Useful in Churches?

There will always be emergencies that will happen, and it’s best to have a contingency plan. 

Cell phones can be a great way of communication, but they may not be ideal for helping out with your church nursery.

There might be times when parents have their phones turned off or in silent mode to focus on the service. If it’s not, it can interrupt the church service, and they’ll be the center of unwanted attention. 

So let’s talk about the benefits of getting a nursery pager system in your church.

It will not interrupt church services.

A nursery pager system can alert the parents without excessive attention. It is of paramount importance to offer your full attention when attending a church service. People go to church to receive and understand God’s Word.

Like studying, you won’t be able to give your best when there’s a lot of noise around you. The place has to be conducive, so you need a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Same with attending a church service. You would not want any distractions.

Pagers will only vibrate and blink to alert the parents. Unlike phones, you don’t need to worry about loud ringtones disrupting the service.

It also saves time for the staff to come and look for the parents when you have pagers. It’s harder to look for the parents when the service is overflowing with people. With pagers, the staff won’t need to look for the parents and interrupt others. They’ll just wait for the parents to arrive. It will save you time and hassle.

With pagers, the parents will immediately know the concern. Compared to cell phones, parents may get distracted by other messages. It also protects the parents’ privacy because you don’t need their contact information.

It will make parents feel at ease.

Another benefit of having a nursery pager is that parents will feel comfortable about the well-being of their children. They will direct all their focus on the service because they know that their children are in good hands. It lessens the parents’ anxieties because they know that the staff can contact them anytime.

Parents can turn off their cell phones or put them on silent mode without having any unnecessary worries about their kids. They can focus well on the church service. They don’t have to check their phones now and then to see if something is wrong with their kids. It will cut off their endless worries.

It will immediately alert parents.

A nursery pager system is a straightforward way of reaching parents. You need not worry if there’s no signal or if parents forget their phones. A pager can alert the parents immediately.

With pagers, you don’t have to wait until the parents see the messages you sent them or if the call will go through.

It is user-friendly

Using a nursery pager system couldn’t get any easier! You only need to push the pager number of the parent into the transmitter. The parents only need to watch out when the pager blinks or vibrates.

This is an advantage, especially for parents who aren’t that tech-savvy or those who didn’t bring their phones or lost them. When the staff pages a parent, the pager will blink and vibrate to notify them.

You don’t need complex guidelines in using a pager system.

What to Consider in Choosing a Nursery Pager System?

Here are the things we need to consider when choosing a nursery pager system.


I had a phone that couldn’t even last for less than half a day. It affected my personal and work life. I couldn’t do as much, and I had to recharge it several times a day. Can you imagine having a phone like that? It was a struggle, indeed. And I was once stuck in the rain for a few hours because my phone died and I could contact no one! It was so embarrassing that I had to ask for help from strangers. So, battery life matters, alright?

Same with pagers. It’s best to opt for a pager that has a long battery life. It saves you money, time, and hassle! Long battery life can prevent the pagers from failing when the chargers are away. Don’t look down on batteries. It will save you tons.

Think about the well-being of the children in your church. What if the pager you gave to the parent dies out when there is an emergency? Problems could arise. So, choose long-lasting pagers.

Easy to use

You should consider that there are people who aren’t that tech-savvy. Don’t complicate things for the nursery staff and parents. When choosing a paging system, get the easiest ones to use. You’re trying to make their lives easier.


It’s also important to know what your budget is when getting a nursery pager system. It’ll be easier to look for a pager system that’ll suit your church when you have a budget in mind. It will help you narrow down your options.

The most expensive ones can assure you good quality, although it’s not the only way to have one. There are budget-friendly pagers of good quality as well. If you’re still new to pagers, I suggest getting affordable ones as a way to start. You can choose to upgrade in the future.

Product Reviews

Reading product reviews can help you make the right decision. You can decide faster and with more confidence with the help of these reviews. Most people don’t trust advertisements, but product reviews will influence whether to buy or not.

When choosing a pager system, always look out for product reviews. It will also make the product more trustworthy if there is a lot of positive feedback. When you buy pager systems, make sure they have a lot of good reviews.

To help you choose the best nursery pager system, here are our top recommendations.

Long Range Systems 5 pagers Staff Paging Kit

Nursery Pager System

For my top recommendation, I suggest getting the Long Range Systems Staff Paging Kit. This product has excellent quality and is a great deal for your money.

The paging kit includes a transmitter, charger, and pagers. The Long Range Systems pagers have been one of the top-selling pagers in the world today.

This kit is best known for its long-range capability and long-lasting battery life. The pager has an ultra-fast frequency of 420-470 MHz and can last up to 72 hours.

It features 4 LED lights and an alert mode that helps you choose different kinds of options for its sound and vibration.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Long-range
  • Fast transmission of radio signals
  • Easy setup
  • 4 LED lights
  • Rechargeable pagers
  • One-touch button paging
  • Pagers are easy to hold
  • Dry-erase name board


  • Can’t customize logo
  • Charging base takes a lot of space

Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

Nursery Pager System

The Coaster Paging system is one of the easiest and most affordable pagers out there. It has superior quality made by a market-leading American company, called Pagertec. This company has supplied top-rated paging systems to brands like Disney, TGIFridays, Hilton Hotels, and more.

It’s easy to use and customizable with your logo. Its range can go up to 2 miles and can last up to 48 hours. It features an anti-theft and auto-locate as well. When the user is out of range, it will notify the staff.


  • Water-resistant pager
  • Can customize your logo on the pager
  • LED lights to alert the user
  • Long-range
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • AAA rechargeable battery of pagers
  • Auto-locate to minimize loss of pagers
  • Anti-theft built-in
  • Charging base saves up space


  • Lights can be too bright and distracting.
  • The pager isn’t easy to hold since it’s round and a bit large.

Retekess TD103 Long Range Pager System

Nursery Pager System

This paging system has its uniqueness because of its alarm time and service countdown features.

When the pager is out of range for a specific time, the alarm will trigger. The pager will also vibrate and blink when your desired countdown is over.

Other features of this paging system include long range up to 1000m or 3280ft open-air, a long battery life of up to 48 hours, and the out-of-range function.


  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • Rechargeable pager 
  • Long-range up to 1000m 
  • Waterproof pager system
  • Out-of-range reminder 
  • Can add a customized logo 
  • Charging base saves up space


  • Pagers are a bit too large and hard to hold

NOLAS Corum 48/72/96/120 Wireless Paging System with Charging Dock

Nursery Pager System

The revolutionary wireless paging system offered by Nolas Tech provides restaurants, cafes, food courts, clinics, churches, and auto shops a perfect chance to avoid long waiting lines of customers to eliminate crowding, reduce labor costs, and thus improve efficiency and generate more revenue.

The long signal range of the device will enable guests to walk around or sit down to have a rest, thus eliminating the noisy announcements and wasted time. By providing customers with a pleasant user experience through its high standard of technology and reliable performing stability, this paging system also has a longer lifetime compared to other pagers. The flexibility of this system will allow users to add additional pager at any time.


  • Pagers are a bit small, so they’re handy.
  • Easy grip because of its shape 
  • Fast transmission of radio signals 
  • Long-range 
  • It comes with a docking station


  • Large charging base, which can take up a lot of space
  • Since it’s more affordable compared to others, it may lose out on durability.

Pager Genius Complete 60 Pager Genius System

Nursery Pager System

This pager system is easy to use! No need for installation, so it saves you time and hassle. It has 60 rechargeable pagers.

This system also features a range of a half-mile and bright lights to alert the user. It also reduces noise. You don’t need to worry about any uncanny noises with this pager system.


  • Reduces noise
  • No installation required 
  • User-friendly


  • Lights can be too bright and distracting
  • The pager is difficult to hold because of its round shape and size


Creating a safe environment in your church nursery is essential. To help make this possible, you need a dependable and superb-quality nursery pager system. Getting the right nursery pager system for your church will increase the chances of more productive listeners in the congregation and fewer interruptions during service. 

Parents in your church will feel comfortable leaving the safety of their children in the nursery because they are confident that the staff can contact them anytime. It will elevate their church experience.

I recommend the Long Range Systems 10-Pagers Staff Paging Kit as the best paging system in the market. It has a proven track record because of its excellent quality. It offers everything you need in a church nursery, with its long-range capability, long battery life, long-lasting durability, fast transmission of radio signals, and it’s user-friendly. Most importantly, it’s a great deal for your money.

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