The Best Personalized Bibles: Complete Guide

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Personalized Bible

  • With a cross-reference guide for verses in the footnote
  • It comes with a concordance
  • It contains colored Biblical maps

Best Overall

Personalized Bible

  • Font large enough to be readable
  • Handy and thin enough to carry around
  • Fits a standard-sized tote bag


Personalized Bible

  • Offered in a variety of colors
  • Water-resistant
  • It may be cleaned with ease

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Personalized Bibles are, then I’d recommend the LuxLeather KJV Portfolio with Custom Text Personalized Bible as the best one.

With roughly 100 million copies sold every year, the Bible is the top-selling book in history. Although you can easily find a Bible in most bookstores in the United States, did you know that you can customize your Bible to your liking? 

A personalized Bible is a wonderful resource for assisting readers in recognizing that God is addressing us personally. It is also an effective and useful faith-related tool and weapon in starting and tracking our spiritual growth. 

A personalized Bible is one that you can fashion according to your unique preference in terms of color, material, letter engraving, size, and content. They are also thoughtful gifts for your loved ones to enjoy, aiding them in beginning their spiritual journey or in reinforcing their growth.

Here are the Best Personalized Bibles we will be reviewing:

Why Own a Personalized Bible?

While reading the Bible is vital, it’s also necessary to keep track of your spiritual growth. Personalized Bibles allow you to keep track of your progress, and own thoughts, and highlight portions of the Bible that spoke to you.

Allows you to read the Bible in a refreshing way

Reading the Bible is a spiritual discipline Christians must do. The Bible presents God’s attributes and shows how one must walk in the faith. However, Bible reading tends to feel impersonal and might appear to be a dull chore for many Christians. 

Owning a customized Bible can provide a fresh approach to enriching our spiritual faith. It can make us feel more connected with learning about God’s love and grace through history. A renewed Bible reading experience, enhanced by a customized Bible to reflect your personality and preferences, is the perfect companion in your spiritual journey.

Motivates you to read the Bible

Some struggle with finding the drive to study their Bible and doing it regularly. It is obvious to us that the Bible is an excellent book for us to read, and we are blessed to have it — but more often than not, we do not want to read it.  It appears to be a difficult read and can be monotonous. 

These reasons cause us to be lazy and indifferent toward the Bible. Having customized Bibles encourages us to love our Bible since we feel personally connected to it.  By holding it in the color and design you choose, you can add enthusiasm to Bible reading. It can inspire you to pick up your Bibles often so they do not collect dust on your bookshelves or desks. An aesthetically pleasing book can motivate you more to carry it with you wherever you go.

Build closeness with the Lord

God calls us by name and says that we are His beloved children (Isaiah 43:1). Looking at your personal details engraved on the cover can add a distinctive dimension to building intimacy with the Lord as you read His word. 

This is not just any other Bible you are holding but a personalized one made especially for you. 

How to Personalize Your Bible?

For a time, Bible cover options were limited to template designs from publishing companies. With personalized Bibles, you have the option of choosing your desired color, design, embellishments, and text. You can have crafters emboss your name or your loved ones if you are to give it as a gift. You also have the option to include text embossment of a dedication, verse, or symbol.

Have it customized

The cover is the first image that meets the eye. Individuals often consider the Bible cover before buying one that fits their personalities and styles. Bibles are subject to wear and tear as a result of constant use. It is therefore important to choose a cover material that can withstand damage.

A custom leather Bible cover is both long-lasting and attractive. It’s also simple to customize to your tastes in design. You can choose from a leather wrap or a double snap leather cover or a single ring snap cover. Also, you can opt to have the edging designed to scallop or straight. You can also have a pen holder put on the side of the cover.

Inclusion of Personal Notes and Thoughts

Writing on our Bibles allows us to stay committed to finishing them. We have a better understanding of our ideas, feelings, and passages that speak to us when we write them down. Journaling on our Bibles allows us to keep track of our emotions and provides a safe space where we can be honest about how the Scripture makes us feel. It allows us to record our inspirations and motivations. Writing our thoughts and feelings also allows us to go back to them for remembrance.

Have a Custom Bible Reading Plan

Many Christians are incapable of reading the Bible from beginning to end. You may have promised yourself to read the Bible completely but repetitively found yourself overcome by its many books and chapters. This overwhelming feeling may have slowed you down or stopped you altogether. But reading the Bible from start to finish becomes doable with a custom Bible reading plan. 

Personalizing the Bible in this way divides it into portions to be read consistently. Goal-setting in reading allows readers to develop a clear strategy for breaking down numerous pages into shorter and more manageable ones. A reading plan allows you to keep track of your progress and provides a clear view of future readings.

Reading the Bible in manageable divisions allows you to gain a consistent momentum and allows you as well to digest the verses in a way that is comprehensible to you.  You can decide on creating one for yourself, choosing specific books and chapters for specific days or you can choose to download a Bible reading plan app.  

Have a Personalized Children’s Bible

Children are naturally inquisitive. As much as possible, they make note of what they witness on a day-to-day basis, such as literature, media, and people. This is why having a loving and healthy learning environment is essential. 

When looking for Bibles for children, we tend to choose the most interactive one. This is why a personalized children’s Bible is an enjoyable way to introduce Scripture to children. A personalized children’s Bible cover may include eye-catching images of animals and colorful images. It also allows introducing Christ to children to be more fun and interactive. It is important for children to feel that Christ is their friend and someone they can enjoy getting to know. 

As a bonus, you can also have the child’s name printed on the cover and every page of the book. Including a personal message to be placed on either the front or back cover is a perfect way to make it an extraordinary keepsake. A personalized children’s Bible is a delightful gift to the well-loved children in your life.

Where to Get a Personalized Bible?

With many people around the world turning to online websites and stores for their daily essentials, it also isn’t hard to get your own customized Bible. Many websites offer customization at affordable prices. Personalizing your Bible depends on your personality, style, and preference. You can also shop from legit sites for more exclusive offers. Loading your cart with the best Bibles will help you address your Christian walk based on the teachings of God.

To aid you in your search, browse over our top recommendations.

LuxLeather KJV Portfolio with Custom Text Personalized Bible

Personalized Bible

The King James Version (KJV) Bible is accurate and most equivalent to Biblical manuscripts. With its thin and handy design, this KJV Portfolio Design can be brought anywhere. With dimensions of 1.08 x 6.67 x 9.66 inches, it fits a standard small-sized tote bag and is lightweight to carry around. 

I appreciate how it holds the complete books and chapters of the Bible in two-column format but still in a readily readable font. This comes in handy when reading on a park bench, in bed, or while taking a break in the workplace. 

Its two-tone faux leather vintage appearance adds to its appeal. The embossment, top-stitch, and edging were all superbly done. The personalization of this Bible cover is done through hot foil embossing and you can choose from a variety of colors that will come glossy. It also comes with a ribbon page marker which comes in handy in Bible reading.


  • Font large enough to be readable
  • Handy and thin enough to carry around
  • Fits a standard-sized tote bag
  • Comes with a one-year Bible reading plan
  • Has a Scripture verse finder arranged by topic
  • Christ’s words are printed in red


  • The cover may look traditional and old
  • The ribbon marker may feel flimsy

Giant Print Two-Tone Brown KJV Personalized Bible

Personalized Bible

This custom-made book with a 14-point font helps study Scripture without difficulty in the eyes. The simplistic elegance of the design and color is an eye-catching feature and aesthetically pleasing to the minimalist in us. 

While seemingly simple at first glance, the handmade craftsmanship is neatly done. I like how this has a concordance which helps me look for certain words that can be found throughout Scripture. It also comes with a reading plan and verse finder. 


  • With a cross-reference guide for verses in the footnote
  • It comes with a concordance
  • Contains colored Biblical maps
  • It has an Epistle Dedicatory
  • You can save 20% from the original price if purchased instantly


  • Made in faux leather
  • Simple cover design
  • Limited customization

Brown Tan TuTone NLT Premium Personalized Bible

Personalized Bible

New Living Translation (NLT) Bibles are applauded for their accuracy, reader-friendliness, and comprehensibility. This translation is easily digestible across different age groups. It aids the reader in understanding how the Scripture comes alive in their circumstances. 

You can customize the cover by having your initials engraved in hot foil. This is also portable and handy, with a thickness of only 1.3”. The unique feature is its inclusion of blank pages where you can put scribbles, notes, and insights. The edging of the pages is in gold which gives it an old-fashioned but classy look.


  • Five pages of full-color maps
  • Life Application Life Topics Index
  • One-Year Reading Plan
  • Leather-like cover with ribbon marker
  • Includes blank pages for journaling
  • You can sign up for their newsletter to see if the products are in stock


  • Limited customization with a maximum of 20 character
  • Engraved characters available in cursive only
  • Plain cover

Zippered Case Faux Leather Personalized Bible

Personalized Bible

You may sometimes leave your Bible on your table and in places that leave them susceptible to dust and spills. This customized cover will protect your Bibles from different kinds of dirt and damage. 

With some designs and colors to choose from, you can freely find one that suits your personality and preference. It has a pocket where you can put loose sheets of paper, stickers, and post-its. 

The main feature I like best with this personalized cover is the scripture that can be customized together with your name. It’s the perfect way to remind yourself of your life verse when reading the Word of God.


  • Offered in a variety of colors
  • Water-resistant
  • It may be cleaned with ease
  • Pen holder available


  • May feel bulky
  • Faux leather
  • Font not easily readable

Let’s Make Memories Personalized Bible

Personalized Bible

This is perfect for someone starting in their spiritual journey of learning about Christ. With a full-colored map, reading it becomes more visual and personalized. It also comes in several colors and includes name and text engraving on the cover. 

Its most notable feature is its customizable 2-line message, which can reach up to 17 characters per line. I find it a good way to write a dedication or message if I were to gift this to a friend or loved one. The 2-line message allows its users to commemorate important milestones, occasions, and events. This featured Bible also includes descriptions of Catholic practices and doctrines, aiding its reader in understanding references made in the Scripture.  


  • Several colors to choose from
  • Includes two-ribbon markers
  • Personalized message up to 2 lines
  • It has full-color maps and an 8.5-point print size ideal for reflecting God’s Word each day
  • It features a white leather-soft binding with a silver foil-embellished cover


  • Font size is a bit straining to the eyes
  • Appears bulky
  • Simple cover
  • The ribbon marker may feel flimsy


As Bible reading tends to become a dull spiritual discipline for most Christians, personalized Bibles are great materials for adding excitement and enjoyment to reading and understanding God’s word. They make your Bibles yours in a special unique way. Personalized Bibles are also beautiful gifts to give a friend or loved one.

I’d recommend the LuxLeather KJV Portfolio with Custom Text Personalized Bible as the best one. For starters, I prefer the KJV translation because of its accuracy and equivalency to original manuscripts. This personalized Bible comes with a one-year reading plan which helps me to be consistent. Overall, the portability, readability, and quality design of this personalized Bible encourage me that it will last long.

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