The 5 Best Pocket Bibles

Editor’s Choice

0785402: NKJV Classic Checkbook Bible, Bonded leather, black with snap-flap
  • Great slim design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Words of Jesus are in red text

Best Overall

2102425: KJV Mini Pocket Bible--soft leather-look, black with zipper
  • Simple and no-frills
  • Perfect size for those constantly on the go
  • The zipper cover protects the pages


449713: NIV Comfort Print Thinline Reference Bible, Premium Leather, Calfskin, Black
  • It is a good compact reference Bible
  • There are spaces on the pages where one can take notes
  • The special pages enhance your Bible Study experience

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best pocket Bible is then I’d recommend the KJV Holy Bible, Mini Pocket Bible by Christian Art Gifts as the best one.

Good things do come in small packages. These days, people have the option to carry around pocket Bibles with them whenever they are on the go. But this was not always the case.

Bibles came in the form of huge multi-volume works in earlier times. They displayed these big Bibles on pedestals and were rarely transported. In the 13th century, the need for compact Bibles arose. Franciscan and Dominican friars needed to travel from one place to another to spread the Word of God. This signaled the birth of pocket-sized Bibles.

Here are the Best Pocket Bibles we will be reviewing:

What is a Pocket Bible?

A Pocket Bible is a compact version of a regular-sized Bible. Its average dimensions would be four to five inches wide, five to seven inches long, and a little over an inch thick. Pocket Bibles easily fit in your hand or your purse and are very portable.

The Gideons International Pocket Bible is one of the most famous Pocket Bibles out there. They distribute these Pocket Bibles all over the world for free. This is part of their thrust to reach out to the lost and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Most Pocket Bibles have the complete Old Testament and New Testament books. To fit them in one compact Bible, they adjusted the margins, font size, and paper thickness.

Portability is one of the main goals for the creation of Pocket Bibles. In the 13th century, makers designed Pocket Bibles to fit into the folds of a friar’s robe. This convenience is also made available for Christians today. Pocket Bibles are easy to carry around, whether they are handheld or inside your bag or luggage. Pocket Bibles allow you to carry the Word of God with you anywhere you go.

Why Buy a Pocket Bible?

With so many kinds and versions of the Bible available in the market, here are some reasons why choosing a pocket Bible is a must. 

Pocket Bible as Source of Spiritual Strength

Everywhere we go, the world bombards us with content. When we are surfing the net, watching TV, commuting to work, or eating at a restaurant, we consume content. Unfortunately, not all content is good for the spirit and the soul. Consuming lots of this can lead to spiritual fatigue.

Refresh your spirit by reading the Bible. Sometimes, all you need is a quick ten-minute break to recharge with the Word of God. It doesn’t matter where you are – at school, at the office, or stuck in traffic, you can read the word of God in your Pocket Bible. This is also why some people will have more than one compact Bible. They will have one ready in their office, in their car, and in their bag – ready to go with them all the time.

Matthew 4:4 says Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. If we eat food to strengthen our physical bodies, we also read the word to strengthen our spirits.

Pocket Bible as Travel Companion

You don’t need to put your daily devotions on pause because you are traveling. Pack your pocket Bible with you in your hand-carry or your luggage when leaving for a trip.

Sometimes, there’s plenty of time to kill when on the road. It may be due to a long layover, heavy traffic, or a delayed flight. Keep yourself calm by reading the scriptures in your pocket-sized Bible.

Pocket Bible as Evangelizing Tool

Matthew 28:19 says that we are to go and make disciples of all nations.

God will present us with plenty of opportunities to share His word. Your church can send you on an evangelizing mission. Your Bible study leader might assign you to share at your next meeting. Perhaps you will meet a stranger or a friend who will ask you questions about God’s Word. Having a pocket Bible will always come in handy for these types of situations.

As Christians, we should always be ready to share the Good News of the Gospel. Like what the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season.”

A Pocket Bible is truly a useful evangelizing tool. It is handy, portable, and will contain all your existing notes and markings.

Pocket Bible as Gifts

Pocket Bibles are excellent gifts! These compact Bibles come in different translations, versions, and designs. All you need to do is choose one suited for the person that you are gifting.

This may come as a surprise for some, but many people are genuinely happy to receive Bibles as gifts. Their own Pocket Bible would be very appreciated. You can even have it personalized for them.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pocket Bible

Choosing which pocket Bible is best can be daunting. Let us guide you choose which one fits you. 

Content and Readability of the Pocket Bible

There are different kinds of Pocket Bibles. You will find some that have the complete books of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some will only have the New Testament. And some will have the New Testament with the books of Psalms and Proverbs.

Other Pocket Bibles have special features. There are reference systems, scripture verse finders, Bible reading plans, and more. Think about what you will need the most, and what you will need it for.

Your choice of translation is also a factor to consider. The new King James Version, New International Version, New Living Translation, and English Standard Version are some popular translations.

Readability is an important factor to consider when buying your Pocket Bible. Some readers will be okay with reading scriptures in a tiny 6.2-point typeset. Some may prefer the large print compact Bibles.

The Durability of the Pocket Bible

Because you will most likely bring your Pocket Bible with you everywhere, it may experience some wear and tear.

Cover and bindings will be important. Your Pocket Bible’s cover is the first thing that you will see and it is also the one that will protect the pages. Find a Pocket Bible with a good and sturdy cover.

Sewn bindings are also highly recommended compared to glued-on ones. Glued-on pages tend to fall apart after a few years.

Check how they made the Pocket Bible, flip through the pages, examine the cover, and have a good feel of it.

Design of the Pocket Bible

Pocket Bibles come in different designs.

You will find some classic designs with black or brown leather covers. Some will have gold or silver gilt-edged pages.

For the quirkier Christian, some Pocket Bibles also come in different colors such as pink, purple, or even aqua blue.

Perhaps thickness is a factor for you. You may also consider Thinline Bibles. Thinline Bibles will be slightly bigger than Pocket Bibles. But they will be thinner, usually less than an inch thick. Still handy, and still does the job, but slimmer.

Whatever your personal preferences are, here are our best Pocket Bibles that will spark joy for you.

KJV Holy Bible, Mini Pocket Bible by Christian Art Gifts

2102425: KJV Mini Pocket Bible--soft leather-look, black with zipper

This Bible is in the King James Version, the most accurate translation of the Bible. 

The first thing you will see about the KJV Holy Bible Mini Pocket Bible is that it is encased in a zippered Bible cover. The zipper cover ensures that the pages are secure when packed away.

This cover is a high-quality material imported from Italy. They call the material LuxLeather, giving it the look and feel of real leather. The cover also includes a debossed decorative motif and the “Holy Bible” in silver foil. 

It has a Smyth-sewn binding which gives you a less rigid spine. This will also allow you to lay the KJV Mini Pocket Bible flat on the table when you are reading it.

Looking from it the side, you will see that it has beautiful silver gilt-edged pages that add the right touch of luxury. This Pocket Bible has special content features which you might find helpful for you. The font size is a 6-point type with reader-friendly subheadings. It has a double-column format. All the words of Jesus Christ are in red letters.

At the end of the King James Mini Pocket Bible, there is a comprehensive Scripture Verse Finder. This is helpful when you are looking for specific Bible verses about certain topics. There is also a one-year Bible reading plan. It is a simple and easy way to read your Bible in a year.

Its exact dimensions are 6.1 x 4.2 x 1 inches.


  • Simple and no-frills
  • Perfect size for those constantly on the go
  • The zipper cover protects the pages
  • It is very durable 


  • The font may be too small for some readers
  • The ribbon marker can get stuck in the zipper
  • No space for note-taking

NKJV Nelson’s Companion Pocket Bible by Thomas Nelson

0785402: NKJV Classic Checkbook Bible, Bonded leather, black with snap-flap

This pocket-sized Bible is in the New King James Version. It is a very compact but complete Bible that you can take with you wherever you go.

The design is simple. The cover is black bonded leather and has a snap closure. The snap closure has a classic gold hardware detail. The snap-on cover is a smart way to protect the pages of the Bible. 

Debossed on its spine are the minimalistic details of the book in gold foil. The Nelson’s Classic Companion Bible has a 6-point type size. It has some helpful features like translation and textual footnotes and in-text chapter headings. 

This compact Bible’s dimensions are 7.25 x 3.8 x 1.2 inches.


  • Great slim design
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Words of Jesus are in red text
  • It is also a leather-bound book
  • This Pocket Bible has gold gilt-edged pages


  • Snap may leave dents on the pages and tend to fall off

ESV Buffalo Leather Pocket Bible by ESV Bibles

572029: ESV Large-Print Personal-Size Bible--buffalo leather, deep brown

If you are looking for a Pocket Bible in the English Standard Version, this is the smallest one in the market.

The ESV Pocket Bible has a very clean and minimalist design. Its main attraction is the Buffalo Leather which showcases its unique grain patterning. Buffalo leather is durable and is a good material for protecting books.

This Pocket Bible also has a Smyth-sewn binding. It is excellent for securing the pages. The edges of the Bible are a bit rustic and rugged. There is no text on the cover except for the debossed details in gold foil on the spine. Scripture is in a double-column format on specialized ultra-thin Bible paper.

Its dimensions are 5.25 x 3.25 x 1 inches.


  • It is a very durable Bible
  • Can lay flat because of the good binding
  • It is compact and complete
  • This Pocket Bible has a 6-point Lexicon type
  • An additional special feature of this is its lifetime guarantee


  • Some dislike the rugged edges of the Pocket Bible
  • It does not show the words of Jesus in red
  • No gilded edges for the pages

NIV Thinline Reference Pocket Bible by Zondervan

449713: NIV Comfort Print Thinline Reference Bible, Premium Leather, Calfskin, Black

This Thinline Bible is in the New International Version translation.

For those looking for compact Bibles with better readability, the NIV Thinline Reference Bible is for you. Its text is in 8.5 point type size, bigger than the average 6-point type in most Pocket Bibles. This Thinline Bible is a bit bigger than most Pocket Bibles but remains compact because it is an inch thick. 

It has a very clean design, leaving the cover blank with minimal text on the spine. It looks beautiful from the side with its gold page gilding. Also, it has a sturdy sewn binding in the spine that allows this Thinline Bible to lay flat. It has a double-column format with a center-column reference system. Perfect for those who want to go deeper in studying their Bibles.

There are other special features too. It includes eight pages of full-color maps to enhance your Bible study. There is also a comprehensive concordance for easy reference.

The NIV Thinline Reference Bible’s dimensions are 9.13 x 5.98 x 1.3 inches.


  • It is a good compact reference Bible
  • There are spaces on the pages where one can take notes
  • The special pages enhance your Bible Study experience
  • The cover is in bonded leather 
  • You will also find the words of Jesus in red on this Thinline Bible


  • Pages may be too thin for some making it a bit see-through
  • The spine may not be as durable with a tendency for pages to detach

ESV Large Print Compact Bible by ESV Bibles

572012: ESV Large-Print Compact Bible--buffalo leather, deep brown

This Pocket Bible is in the English Standard Version. It is both compact and has better readability than most. This ESV Large Print Compact Bible has a unique design. The TruTone cover of the ESV Large Print Compact Bible is sturdy imitation leather. It gives the cover the look and feel of calfskin. It is very well crafted and is reminiscent of medieval leather books.

Its edges have premiere stitching that enhances the durability of the Bible. The gold page gilding adds to its overall charm. The ESV Large Print Compact Bible has an 8-point type set in a double-column format. This is relatively larger than other Compact Bibles.

Its dimensions are 6.75 x 4.75 x 1.25 inches.


  • Unique design
  • Text is readable
  • Durable and well made 
  • The spine has Smyth-sewn binding and can lay flat when opened
  • This Bible also has the Words of Christ in red
  • It also features a concordance for those needing quick references


  • It is a non-reference Bible
  • Can be a bit bulkier than your average Pocket Bible


When St. Peter said that God has already given us everything which pertains to life and godliness, he was right! God has fully equipped us with tools for us to become the people that He has fashioned us to be.

Reading His word is an integral part of the process. There is no excuse why we cannot do so. He has given us all the tools!

Even if you are a busy mom or a businessman who travels all the time, you can always bring the Word of God with you.

There is a Pocket Bible available for every specific need.

I recommend the KJV Holy Bible, Mini Pocket Bible by Christian Art Gifts as the best choice. It is the perfect size for a Pocket Bible. It is simple, durable, and accomplishes its purpose. Christians who are always on the go will love how they can carry the Word of God with such ease through this King James Mini Pocket Bible. Plus, it is encased in an easy-to-carry zippered Bible cover. 

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