5 Powerful Prayers for Missionaries

Prayer for missionaries is our way of channeling God’s kindness and mercy to the champions of God’s word.

Everyone on earth has a mission. For this reason, each one of us, in one way or another, is a missionary. But there are those among us who have made the missionary life their own. They have particularly chosen to spend their days reaching out to the world’s farthest corners, proclaiming the kingdom of God. They have taken the responsibility of continuing the duties of Jesus Christ’s apostles.

The missionaries are God’s foot soldiers. They are unsung heroes and deserve much recognition. We may not always be by their sides as they fight their chosen battles. We may not be able to send them off with nourishments and comfort but we can honor them through prayer. By interceding for them, may we ease their discomforts and channel God’s love for them. 

Prayer for Missionaries

What is a Prayer for Missionaries?

The missionaries are a special kind of Christians who chose to set aside their convenience and enjoyment to be of service to the Lord. This isn’t an easy task and not everyone dares to knock on doors and accept rejection so gracefully.

They are faced with daily challenges and sacrifices that may sometimes shake their faith. This is why missionaries need and deserve our prayers. They need our intercession so that the Holy Spirit may come upon them to touch their minds and hearts. 

What does the Bible say about missionaries?

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Missionaries spend their days and years fulfilling this important duty that Jesus Christ left. They were tasked to share the gospel all over the world and they do so obediently. They continue the apostles’ work with Jesus’ promise that He will be by their side as they spread the gospel of the Lord and throughout their lives.

How to Pray for Missionaries

As we reach out to God every day through prayer, may we remember to include the missionaries. Let us think of them as they brave through the trouble that the enemy may send their way. Pray that they may always have fortitude and steadfast faith in carrying out their purpose.

Open doors

Perhaps the hardest challenge that our missionaries face is a closed door. More often than not, they aren’t even allowed to share the good news. We share in their pain and sadness with every rejection, so we must pray that they may be met with a warm welcome.

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit enters into the hearts of the people whose homes they visit. May their hearts be touched and their minds enlightened. We ask this not only for the missionaries but for God’s greater glory.


The work of the missionaries is not easy. Sometimes they encounter hardships and rejections that may discourage them from continuing their duties. So, let us pray to the Lord that He may grant our missionaries with steadfast faith and a strong spirit.

Ask the Lord to fill the hearts of missionaries with the fearlessness of Jesus Christ. May they never succumb to the harshness of the people they meet, but instead, find joy in knowing that God the Father lovingly looks down on them.


Pray that our missionaries stay faithful to their mission of spreading God’s word. For effective ministry, may they always be strong against temptations and distractions? May they always find a way around anything that might obstruct the spreading of the gospel of the Lord to the world.


Every day, as they carry out their duties, missionaries are exposed to all kinds of harm. Thus, pray to the Lord that they may always be safe against injury, accidents, diseases, and people with bad intentions.

Pray, too, for the protection of their spirit. May God look upon them with the eyes of mercy and cover them in His full armor as they travel away from their homes to proclaim His kingdom. 

Effective ministry

Pray that the Holy Spirit guide their words as they spread the good news of the Lord. So that in times of doubt, may our missionaries remember to refer to the Bible and find wisdom in it. Pray that their hard work bears fruit and brings as many people into an understanding of God’s will. May they be an effective channel of God’s love and facilitate the salvation of many souls.

Prayer for Missionaries

Effective Prayers for Missionaries

Missionaries all over the world face all kinds of threats and difficulties. This is why not everyone can fit in their shoes. There’s a whole lot of space to fill in. Here are prayers for missionaries to help you out when you’re not sure how to say them.

For spiritual life

God our Father, we come to you to pray for our hardworking missionaries. Thank you for the lives of these faithful servants of yours. Please protect their spirits and bless them with a faithful heart. Keep them always in your love so that they flourish in spirit.

We pray that the Holy Spirit may grant them the strength for the fulfillment of their missions. Theirs isn’t an easy task but with Your grace and mercy, we trust that nothing can break their spirits.

May they find strength in Your love always, and peace in Your presence. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

For wisdom and fruitfulness

Heavenly Father, we’re thankful for the blessings that You’ve showered upon us. Today, we pray most especially for the missionaries. We ask for the Holy Spirit to keep close to them and guide their thoughts, words, and actions so that all their hard work may bear fruit.

May they remember to turn to the Bible and the Holy Spirit for guidance. And that an abundant harvest may await our missionaries after their earthly toil. For these, we pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For health and safety

Almighty and merciful God, we thank You for grace and mercy. May you continue to cover us in Your love so that we never stray from it. We pray most especially for the safety of our missionaries as they embark on their journey and in spreading Your word.

Lord, keep them out of harm’s way. Protect them from illnesses, accidents, and people with evil intentions. Keep their minds, hearts, and spirits healthy all the days of their lives. We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit. Amen.

For protection against the enemy

O God of all that is good and right, we are grateful for Your unconditional love and mercy. We pray that You send us Your angels to fight by our side. Bless Your missionaries, O Lord. Grant them a steadfast faith for the enemy will do what He can to try and distract them from their mission.

Although we trust in Your judgment and that You allow such tests to come upon us, we pray for our missionaries always find the strength in Your loving mercy. Use us to remind our missionaries of Your promise that You are with them in all their days. We ask this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For the families of the missionaries

Lord God, we give praise and glory to You. We’re eternally thankful for the gift of family. We pray most especially for the loved ones of the brave and hardworking missionaries. We ask that You enlighten their minds so that they may trust Your will for Your foot soldiers.

Your wisdom, Lord, may be beyond our human understanding but we put our faith in You. Let Your will be done, Father, and not ours. For this, we pray, Amen.  

Why Should We Pray for our Missionaries?

Missionaries face all kinds of dangers and discomfort every day they go out to spread God’s word. The path is not easy and the world can be harsh at times. There will be times that they are going to feel discouraged or tempted to leave the work to others. No matter how strong and courageous they may be, at some point, they are going to feel down or exhausted.

Prayer is the best way that we can show support to our missionaries. All it requires from us are compassion and empathy for the messengers of the word of God. They need our intercession in invoking the power of God so that He may replenish their strength when they need it.

Prayer for Missionaries

In Summary

We admire missionaries for their fortitude as they carry through their responsibility. They set aside their comfort, leaving behind their loved ones, to bring the word of God wherever their feet could take them. Such a task is only given to the strongest of hearts.

Remember that missionaries are still humans. They feel tired from constant traveling and feel discouraged whenever they are met with rejection. They will be tempted and distracted from fulfilling their mission.

But nothing is impossible with God. If we pray for our missionaries, God will keep them faithful to Him and their mission. They will always feel empowered and supported by God’s love and mercy. As for us, when we meet them along the way, may we be touched by the Holy Spirit and show them kindness and compassion.

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