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If you are ready to create your prayer room, here are some prayer room ideas to emanate the right type of atmosphere to get you ready for your time with God. 

A prayer room is a physical space used for prayer. It could be a private or shared room in the church or your home. Having a prayer room will give you a sense of focus and peace. All prayer rooms aren’t the same because they relate to personal preferences. A prayer symbolizes a safe space and gives us the feeling that God is in the room with us. These will provide a vast improvement to your prayer life.

What are Prayer Room Ideas? 

Prayer room ideas are the layout of your room. It asks what space you are using in your house or church. What type of flooring or rugs will you put on the floor? Are you going to use scented candles, and how will you make them safe? What kind of decorations are you going to use? These questions will start with how you want your prayer room to be. Brainstorm ideas and concepts on where to start. 

Prayer Room Ideas

Importance of Collecting Prayer Room Ideas

Make sure to organize your ideas to picture the room’s layout. This will give you a vision of what your desired room will be. Pinpoint the essential details of the room to your liking. If possible, you want to make the space suitable for you or everyone. You want to give it the same feeling as your home – the same sense of peace and spirituality with God. 

Prayer rooms allow us to focus.

Organizing your ideas will get you on the right track. It will allow you to focus on the primary goal of the room. Being able to collect your thoughts will give you a much clearer concept. It wouldn’t sabotage the room or make your ideas clash. That is why it is crucial to make it organized. To allow you to focus on the main ideas of the room, then you can get into the details. This allows us not to get overwhelmed when planning the room.

A prayer room sends us into a peaceful state. It is room for non-stress factors to allow us to keep our minds at ease. This will enable us to focus on God and how we pray or worship Him. It provides us with a sense of belonging to God. We use the room to clear our minds when talking to Christ. 

Creates a quiet space

Collecting prayer room ideas creates a quiet space for ourselves and God. Making a prayer room gives us the freedom we need when everything seems to be a bit much. Having your quiet place acts as an escape from reality and into a tranquil state. It gives you a coping mechanism for your struggles. 

Having our own or even shared space with our loved ones gives us a retreat from our doubts and fears. Make sure to pick a room that isn’t too close to where people may be. It will surely give you the quiet space you need. If that doesn’t work, put up signs saying “keep quiet” whenever they pass by the room.

More intentional time with God

Creating a prayer room intends us to want more time with God. We want to experience God with us in the prayer room (2 Timothy 3:16). That is why having your prayer room in the household is essential. It gives you more quality time with the Lord.

Having your prayer room is an excellent way for you to have time with Christ. It gives you the benefit of knowing Him better. Being in the designated space where you talk to Jesus gives you more private time with Him. It keeps you away from all the noise in the world. It will also give you a better relationship with Jesus since you would use the room in your daily routine. 

Being in the zone with God brings you closer to Him; it puts you in the right mindset. To be in that zone, you would want to have your prayer room because it gives you a sense of focus and keeps you from being distracted from the outside world. 

What is a Prayer Room?

A prayer room is used by people when communicating with God. The idea is that the room is supposed to be devoted to the Lord. The room is used solely for quiet time with God and prayer time. 

A prayer room will give you a better understanding of the gospel and the time to focus on your prayer. The room is a space where you can get rid of all the distractions from the world. Things can occur in this room, such as a deep conversation with Christ or just listening to Him. The feeling of all your sins washing away because you are mentally and spiritually connecting with Jesus. 

Having a prayer room also means having some alone time with yourself. It disconnects you from the world and lets you focus on your spirituality. A prayer room can serve as a charging station for your spiritual battery. 

What to Consider When Designing a Prayer Room

These are the main key points when designing your very own prayer room. Take note of all these details because they will play an essential role in your war room. These concepts will set the mood for your prayer room and keep your mind at bay. 

Choosing the room

Preferably choose a room not used frequently in your household or church. Pick a space that is not too small or cramped. Make sure to clean the room first before anything else. This is the first step of making your prayer room. 

When picking your room, ensure it is enclosed and not prone to noise pollution. In doing this, find a room not so close to the outside. Remember that it doesn’t have to be the perfect room. Maybe the extra living room that you don’t use in the household. Keep in mind that you are the one who is going to make it a prayer room.


How much lighting you would want for your prayer room matters. In terms of lighting, it depends on whether you prefer LEDs or candles. Or maybe both. Keep in mind what will set the mood of the room. What will make you focus on prayer more? It’s all about the ambiance. 

Would you like it to be very bright or soft lighting? These ideas will be essential in making your environment as comfortable as possible. It will allow you to relax and pray. Having the perfect lighting for your prayer room will set your mind in the state of being in God’s presence. 

Color Scheme

Color is as important as the rest of the categories. Like light, color brings life into a room or our world. Can you imagine the world without color? Boring right? That is why color is essential since it gives more spirit to the room. 

When choosing your color scheme, try to choose one suitable for you, like your favorite color or other stains with symbolism. The color green represents life and growth. The color blue means peace and the sky. It all depends on your perspective

Prayer Room Ideas


Before you go out and look for the ideal pieces of furniture, make sure you have mapped out the size of your room. So you would be able to identify what type of furniture will fit in the room. Furniture is going to be where you will spend your time and money. But keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead, look for the furniture’s value if it fits the war room. You can visit your local yard sales or look online for second-hand furniture. 

Furniture like blankets, cushions, and pillows are enough for your prayer room. You could even throw in a mini sofa if it fits the space. Putting a coffee table or a couple of wooden stools could be lovely. Just ensure you don’t go all out because it is unnecessary. 


The altar is the centerpiece of the room. Make sure you make the right choice for this one because it will significantly impact your war room. The critical key component of the room because this is where you will pray. You don’t have to go all out for this one too. 

The altar can be a simple table with a cloth and a small cross. You could put flowers there; even a Bible is excellent. If you want to put a scented candle on it, go for it. Also, don’t forget to put a pillow underneath the table, so your knees won’t hurt when you kneel


Here are a few essential accessories for your prayer room that bring more glow to your prayer corner.

Wall decals

These could be anything from art or trinkets, whatever you have in mind. Set up some art that has motivating quotes. Even a scripture from the Bible that helps you pray and better your prayer life. Hang up crosses on the walls as well. Having modern decals can indeed make the room feel like home. It will get you relaxed and ready for prayer. 


You can also have tapestry with a scripture on them or even inspiring quotes. There are always tapestries online; find the one you need, and they will ship it for you. Even a tapestry art from the Bible, for example, the Last Supper. Other tapestries are the main events from the Bible. 

Wooden signs

You can set up signs outside the door that says “keep quiet.” Just to ensure that you don’t break the sanctity of the room. Set up wooden alerts outside or inside the room that says to respect the space. Maybe even more quotes from the Bible can be helpful. Wooden signs that say, “Keep calm, just pray.”  Reading the wooden signs will strengthen your prayer walk.

Hanging decors

Decorations like hanging crosses or even wooden carvings of Jesus. You can put anything you want as long as it fits the vibe of the room. Decors like LED signs or old Christmas lights you have could be of good use. 

How to Make Prayer Room Ideas Useful for the Whole Family

Our children must know Christ as early as possible. Introduce them to the gospel as something that is fulfilling for them (Proverbs 22:6). Make them go through the process of prayer and how it is used as a call for Jesus. Try to make it fun for your children to appreciate the prayer room. You can set up their toys and Bible story books that they can use. You could even play worship songs for children.

There are plenty of ways to draw your child into the prayer room. Make it a practice for them to pray inside the room at least once a day or just spend some quiet time with the Lord. Don’t make it seem like a chore; instead, make it a fun activity for everyone to motivate them to use the prayer room even more. 

Prayer Room Ideas


There are many ways of making a prayer room. We have created a blueprint for how you would make your room. Remember to keep it simple and essential for everyone in the ministry or your family. It doesn’t have to be so extravagant for it to be helpful. 

Having your prayer corner brings you a better commitment to Christ. This gives you and your whole family a bonding experience with each other and Jesus. We hope that these ideas will help you in making your prayer room. Keep it simple and handy for everyone.

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