9 Powerful Prayers for Pastors

Get inspired to ask for intercession for your spiritual leaders in this comprehensive guide on prayers for pastors.

A pastor is a spiritual leader who guides the congregation towards God. The pastoral ministry takes a lot from pastors. Their time, wisdom, courage, leadership, strength, and skills. All of this and more shows how much work your pastors give to the church. 

We previously discussed giving gifts to pastors. This is one way to shower Christian love. And offer your wholehearted support to the ministry.

But do you know that the best gift for pastors is free? Simple. It’s prayers.

Prayer is the most life-changing power you have. It uplifts the spirit and offers consolation. Above all, it is our direct communication to God Himself. Prayers for pastors help them prosper and persevere in their vocation.

What are Prayers for Pastors?

One of the best ways to support your pastor is to pray. Prayers for pastors help them receive God’s grace to do the ministry faithfully. They also serve to bless and encourage such spiritual leaders every day.

To pray for your pastor is an absolute necessity. Your pastor needs the prayers of the congregation to keep preaching the Word of God. 

The pastoral ministry is a stewardship of the highest order. God called upon pastors to lead His people. Theirs is a vocation that requires a lot but often comes with paltry compensation. It often involves hours upon hours of thankless tasks with countless pressures.

Often people think that prayers for pastors are not necessary because of their unique role in the church. After all, we see them as our intercessors to God. They are the ones who pray for the congregation during church services. But they need prayers always.

A pastor’s life is not easy. We also need to ask God to guide and protect him or her from all dangers. Your pastor needs all the support they can get in their ministerial work. God only knows what battles they face every day to do His Will.

Praying for your pastor consistently helps them grow spiritually. And invigorate them to overcome all challenges.

Importance of Prayers for Pastors

Prayers for pastors are vital to a believer’s spiritual life. After all, wouldn’t you want the one who teaches you in your faith to always be safe, happy, and faithful? Wouldn’t you also hope for their continuous commitment to the ministry?

Pastors offer their lives for the evangelization and fostering of the Church. Even outside of church activities, they go out of their way to counsel and help believers in their lives. They sacrifice time and efforts to meet the needs of the congregation. 

Being a pastor is a heavy burden to carry. It involves countless problems and struggles, including the pressure to set high standards of church conduct. (James 3:1). The pressure is of an intensity that requires utmost focus and a pure, God-willed vision for the community. Prayers for pastors help you alleviate these pressures. You provide support for their work through heartfelt requests to God. In praying for your pastor, you show your love for them. In case you have any criticisms for the way they work, prayers help you ask for divine intervention.

You need to pray for them regularly. It will encourage them to do God’s work without ceasing. It also shows them that they are not alone in their fight to keep the faith alive in your community. Above all, prayers for pastors are integral in keeping the pastoral ministry in action. Pray, so your pastor can lead your congregation to Christ at all times. 

Ways of Praying for Pastors

Pastors face a lot of pressures every day, both internal and external. (2 Corinthians 11:28) You can help them best with the power of prayer. Here are the different ways of praying for your pastor: 

Blessings and Gratitude

Pray to God in thanks for sending you, good spiritual leaders. This is the first prayer you should realize in your relationship with your pastor. You should send salutations of gratitude for their work every day. And ask God to bless them with His graces and providence. 

Thank God for sending a shepherd to your church. Appreciate the love, talents, and skills that the pastor employs in his ministry. Ask God to help your pastor imbue His presence in everything he or she does. Pray that your pastor’s life will be a loving, worthy sacrifice for the glory of God. 


Pray for your pastors to feel encouraged all the time. Ask God to boost their spirits to persevere in the arduous paths of life. Pray that they find joy and fulfillment in doing God’s Will. Fuel their hearts to find the good points behind their work in the church.

Pastors also feel burnout and weariness. The pastoral ministry demands so much on the body and spirit. Ask God that He offer respite and relaxation for those who minister to His people. Pray for a clear mind, good sleep, and refreshing days so your pastor can continue His faithful service.

Pray that God will bless your pastor with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Ask also for God to show you the ways to support and encourage your pastor. So he or she can see the physical manifestation of your appreciation of the ministerial work.


Wisdom is one of the most vital virtues for spiritual leaders. They need this to avoid battles, broken hearts, and divided churches. You need to pray for your pastor to have this always because this is key to the success of the ministry. 

Being a shepherd is no easy role. It requires maturity of the mind, heart, and soul. Your pastors need to be aware of the many things that could go awry and how to prevent such things. He or she needs to be alert and quick to fight against the enemy

Intercede for your pastor so he will be a conscientious decision-maker. Every day, he or she has countless decisions to do, conversations to make, and needs to cater to. It’s not something that can be done by human efforts alone. Ask God to send the Holy Spirit to guide your pastor to do the right thing at the right time. 

Pray for the blessing of wisdom in such that your pastors search for wisdom faithfully. That they find wisdom in the Scriptures which they will use to share such wisdom to the believers. And even in the personalities of other people, both inside and outside of your church.


A pastor’s duty to God is a perilous life. Your pastor will have to fight attacks in different ways. Temptation, ill health, calamities, and everything else you can imagine. For reference, see Job’s story.

The pastoral ministry is a tiring, demanding and dangerous vocation. Ask God to protect your pastor from all dangers. Pray that He will deliver your pastor and the whole church from evil. Pray that He will guard everyone against harm, especially those who lead the flock. 

Pray also for your pastor’s good health. In both physical and spiritual well-being. May God grant him or her holiness and grace. Divine intervention, including the Holy Spirit, can go a long way in nurturing the health of many people.

Above all, pray for your pastor’s protection against all temptation. Ask for spiritual protection so they can proclaim the Good News without succumbing to the wiles of the devil. Pray for a spiritual leader who can lead your congregation towards God faithfully.


A healthy and fruitful church depends on good leadership. A pastor should be able to lead his people on both spiritual and worldly matters. Pray, so your pastor will be a passionate and strong leader.

Ask God to bless your pastor with leadership qualities: openness to new ideas, commitment to the Word of God, passion in preaching, wisdom, and strong character. Pray also that your pastor’s ministry is done with a clear, inspiring vision that is directed towards God’s Will.

Strength and Courage

The pastoral vocation is not for everyone. It requires immense mettle. One needs to be strong in mind, heart, soul, and emotions. Especially in these tough, turbulent times, ask God to embolden your pastor. Ask for strength when feelings of inadequacy, weakness, and depression attack ministers. 

Many times in your pastor’s career, he or she will be tested. In this pandemic more than ever. Decisions will be questioned, criticized, or even outright disobeyed. Pray that your pastor will stay strong amidst harsh critics. And continue to do God’s Will no matter what happens. 

Pray that your pastor will be strong enough to bear the burdens involved with taking care of the church. So he or she can lead the congregation with Jesus’ principles.

Ask God to empower your pastor with the power of the Holy Spirit. So he or she can preach the Gospel with passion and full faith always. Even in times when life may be meaningless in the face of death.

Spiritual leaders face death more often than other people. They visit the sick, minister the last rites, conduct funerals, and weep with the grieving loved ones. They know the reality of death almost every day. Pray for pastors so they can console people with Jesus’ enduring promise of everlasting life beyond this hurtful world.

For Pastors’ Family

As with any demanding work, time away from home can strain family life. Even if a pastor’s life is committed to the divine, family is very important. Pray for your pastors’ families. May they understand and support them in their ministry. May they still have a harmonious home life while staying true to Christian principles.

Often there are unrealistic, high expectations for the pastor’s family. This societal perception risks damaging the family. Pray so their family will stay strong, united, and committed. Ask God to enrich marriage and childrearing. 

Pray for a healthy, joyful family for yourself and your pastor. May their deep love and peace permeate throughout the community.

For Friendship

Human relationships are integral to the success and meaning of life. In particular, friends help keep key people such as your pastor connected and grounded to the world. Aside from the pastor’s family, they provide support at all times. 

Pray for your pastor’s friends, so they can lift his or her burdens. Ask God to bless one with good friends that can help enrich one’s life. May your pastor find comrades that will enable them to express themselves beyond the ministry.

For Church Unity

Last but not the least, include in your prayers for pastors a plea for church unity. Ask God that He guide His people to participate in the Eucharist. Pray that all believers will be united in Christian love. Pray against any divisions that could destabilize God’s Will. Let everyone stand together in God’s name. (Colossians 3:14).

Pray Using the Scriptures

The Bible shows us how to pray in many ways. And what better source of prayers than the Word of God Himself? God invites us to connect with Him and offer our deepest desires and worries up to Him. The texts inspired by divine wisdom contain the answers to life’s struggles.

To pray using the Scriptures is to pray with authority and confidence. Pray for your pastor with the words that help fight, resist and cast out evil. This type of prayer is also known as spiritual warfare. 

The Bible is full of blessings and spoken intentions for different needs. From sentence-long sentiments to long, arduous pleas, you can find any prayer to help your pastor in various circumstances. 

St. Paul himself extolled the virtues of prayers for pastors as a significant part of the ministry. He urges believers to pray for every word from the pastor to be a revelation of the mystery of the Gospel. (Ephesians 6:19). And ask God to open doors so the Good News will be proclaimed. (Colossians 4:3).

In Summary

Prayer is the best gift you can give to your pastors. It shows you care for them so much that you ask God to help them do the work needed for the spiritual development of your church. To pray is to offer your heartfelt expressions of appreciation towards your pastors. It supports them in the truest act of Christian love.

The pastoral ministry is a tiresome and often thankless vocation. It is full of perils and pressures, both physical and spiritual. The devil attacks pastors and other stewards of faith to try to disrupt the divine work. And the congregation itself provides countless challenges for leaders, especially in the work to keep the church faithful and fruitful.

This makes prayers for pastors a top necessity for every church member. You need to pray so your pastor can find encouragement, wisdom, protection, strength, and courage. Pray for your pastor’s family and friends so they can support him or her always. And most important of all prayers is to pray for the unity of your church. So you can weather all trials under your pastor’s steady leadership.

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