The Best Prepackaged Communion: Ranked & Reviewed

Editor’s Choice

Prepackaged Communion

  • No added sugar and guaranteed non-GMO
  • Easy-Open, Silent, No-Spill Seal
  • It comes in a unique sturdy Chalice shape

Best Overall

Prepackaged Communion

  • You have the option of choosing a pack of 6, 100, 250, and 500
  • The grape juice does not include artificial sweeteners
  • Each prepackaged communion cup has a 12-month shelf life


Prepackaged Communion

  • Hygienic, with double-lid technology to avoid contamination
  • Made with quality ingredients
  • No preparation necessary

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Prepackaged Communion is, then I’d recommend the Fellowship Cup Prefilled Juice and Wafer Set as the best one.

Anyone who has attended a church service or mass knows what goes on in a communion. Regardless of the differences, the importance is that we celebrate and embody the significance. The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. We had to look for ways to adapt to the “new normal”.

Thankfully, we see those changes take form bit by bit, and many of them are effective. One of those changes comes in the form of prepackaged communion. As we read on, we’ll learn what they are, the advantages of using prepackaged cups, and so much more!

Here are the best Prepackaged Communions we will be reviewing:

What is a Prepackaged Communion?

Prepackaged communion cups are a better alternative to the previous distribution of the elements. Each cup has a pair of bread and juice, sealed and ready to be distributed to each member of the congregation. These cups are not only convenient, but they also save time and extra equipment. There are so many companies that offer these prepackaged communion cups. The elements included even come with a gluten-free alternative.

Elements of a Prepackaged Communion

Wine or Juice

Christian churches served wine for communion up until the mid-late 19th century. From then on, the blood of Christ, in most churches, they do grape juice instead. Whichever your church does, it should not pose a problem as companies allow you to choose either when you order.

Bread and Wafers

The use of wafers as the body of Christ only took off in the late 1600s. Even so, each congregation has its preference, so do not worry; brands have got you covered. When purchasing your box of prepackaged communion cups, you have the choice of bread, wafer, or gluten-free bread. In the end, it is all a matter of preference as all types are guaranteed long shelf life.

How to Use a Prepackaged Communion?

There are a lot of companies now that sell different styles of cups; they all share the same mechanics. Each prepackaged communion cup has a seal and contains both juice and a communion wafer. The participants need to pull back the seal to open and remove the wafer and then pull back the second seal for the fluid. Other companies offer chalices instead of standard cups. That way, they have the liquid on one compartment and the wafer on the other.

Purpose of Using Prepackaged Communion

Because of the pandemic, we can look beyond our comfort zone. Every aspect of our lives needed to adopt a new way to continue doing what we were doing before. With the heightened restrictions, gatherings are now limited to a few members.

Prepackaged communion cups are a safer and more convenient alternative. Because of the similar design to the traditional cups, getting used to the change would not be extended.

Benefits of Using Prepackaged Communion

It is a safer and more sanitary way to prepare Holy Communion.

Because each cup has a seal, there are no contaminants or possible contamination when consuming the elements. These cups also lessen accidental spillage during distribution. Also, there is less waste and throw away for the broken wafers.

Quicker preparation and distribution

Using prepackaged cups limits the physical contact amongst everyone in the venue. It is also quick to prepare because participants can get one piece and already have both elements. There are also fewer containers needed to distribute the cups.

Quicker clean-up

Because these prepackaged communion cups are for single-use only, participants can throw away the cups after use. This is also a better alternative for churches because they have one less chore to worry about. As there is a seal for each cup, there would be zero spillage until participants open the cups.

No refrigeration needed

Each prepackaged cup has the right amount of juice and bread for one person. This means that there will be no leftovers that need refrigeration. Also, prepackaged communion cups do not need to be refrigerated to maintain long shelf life depending on the brand.

Longer shelf life

Despite each brand’s difference in cup styles, they guarantee seals on all cups to ensure freshness every time you open them. It is also possible to buy in bulk because the brand’s communion cups have at least a year-long shelf life.

Things to Consider When Choosing Prepackaged Communion

How frequently will your church conduct a communion?

Some churches practice communion every after service, while others do it every first or second Sunday of the month. Determining how frequently your church will conduct a fellowship will help you estimate how many cups you need to purchase.

Estimated number of members attending the communion

Prepackaged communion cups usually come in a box of 100 to 500 cups. However, some companies offer packs of 6 and 25, perfect for those looking to try them out before purchasing in bulk.

With this in mind, make sure that you have a rough estimate on the number of church members that are sure to attend physically. Although prepackaged communion cups have a long shelf life, they would still take up space that could have been used for something else.

Will this be a temporary or permanent change after the pandemic?

We can slowly accommodate people in establishments like the church because of the consistent vaccination efforts and stricter adherence to disinfection and sanitation practices. Gradually, we can now go back to a semblance of what life was before the pandemic.

So with this in mind, would your church consider prepackaged communion cups as a temporary or permanent change? It would be better to be a permanent change rather than go back to the previous practice. Everything around us is catered to the “new normal”, meaning we would have to adapt and continue life with the added precautions. And I believe that the prepackaged communion cups would be safer and more convenient for the church officials to use instead.

Here are the best-prepackaged communion sets we recommend.

Fellowship Cup Prefilled Juice and Wafer Set

Prepackaged Communion

Though the prefilled cup is fairly new, the Fellowship Cup Prefilled Juice and Wafer Set contain the very elements that have been used to celebrate Communion for centuries. It is a uniquely designed cup that offers a fresh, unleavened bread wafer and a serving of grape juice blend with absolutely no artificial sweeteners added. 

The pre-filled communion fellowship cups by Broadman Church Supplies come in packs of 6 up to 500. The cup design closely resembles the usual communion cup used before the pandemic, so they should fit into the communion trays.

Each sealed cup can be opened in two easy steps. Peeling back, the first seal gives you access to the wafer, and the second seal extends to the juice. This brand boasts of using a 100% Concord grape juice blend and fresh, unleavened wafers. So, rest assured that besides the convenience, the elements are also tasty.


  • You have the option of choosing a pack of 6, 100, 250, and 500
  • The grape juice does not include artificial sweeteners
  • Each prepackaged communion cup has a 12-month shelf life
  • No refrigeration needed
  • “One-pass” serving


  • There are some complaints of the packs coming with broken and opened first seals; thus, the wafers are scattered inside the box
  • Others had difficulty opening the first seal

TrueVine Chalice Prefilled Communion Cups and Wafer Set

Prepackaged Communion

The TrueVine brand grew out of a desire to offer a better communion experience for churches and their congregations. Churches and ministry leaders were simply not satisfied with the current prefilled communion cup options available to them. With that, Concordia spent months relentlessly pursuing the best manufacturers and high-quality ingredients, in order to offer a product that churches love. 

This particular prepackaged communion cup comes in the form of a small chalice. This elegant chalice shape is not only pleasing to look at but also perfectly separates the two elements. The clear goblets help the participants to spot the juice from the bread quickly. Besides being tasty, participants would find it easier to open these chalices, thus lessening distractions from the communion.

However, there are still downsides, like the shelf life. Unrefrigerated, these pre-filled communion cups only last for three months. If you choose to refrigerate them, you double the shelf life while they last for a year when you keep them frozen.


  • No added sugar and guaranteed non-GMO
  • Easy-Open, Silent, No-Spill Seal
  • It comes in a unique sturdy Chalice shape
  • It is sealed hermetically
  • Uses extremely minimal preservatives for maximum freshness


  • The bread may be a little stale and on the stiff side
  • The chalice does not fit the standard communion trays

The Miracle Meal Prefilled Communion Cups & Wafers

Prepackaged Communion

The Miracle Meal disposable pre-filled communion cups are the perfect and easier way to celebrate in church, hospital visitation, homes, retreats, camps, household or small, medium & large gathering or group assembly. It is Prepackaged with utmost diligence and will arrive with zero leakage.

The elements packed inside the pre-filled cups are strictly made with premium products and absolutely no additives. You can even check out the ingredients on the website, and everything is listed down. The cups are sealed tightly to ensure freshness, yet the snap tip makes it easy for participants to break the seal and pull back the tab. Also, the seal is transparent, so the wafer is visible and easily noticeable for the participants.


  • Proudly made in the USA with 100% trusted Concord Grape Juice
  • Made strictly without additives and are untouched by human hands
  • A convenient and healthy way
  • Easy to open without noise
  • Manufactured fresh every day and ensured they are shipped the same day


  • It does not give you the option to choose the elements

Celebration Cup Prefilled Communion Cups and Wafer Set 

Prepackaged Communion

Communion Packaging Company began producing the Celebration Cup in 2001 using the unique double-lid packaging technology to address issues of contamination and convenience surrounding the practice of taking Communion from a common cup. As the name suggests, these prefilled cups are ready for the celebration of communion. 

The Celebration Cup prepackaged communion cups come with an excerpt from 1 Corinthians 11:24, which perfectly ties in with the event. It is portable, purity-sealed, filled with grape juice, and includes a wafer. The elements are safe within the cup because of the double-lid technology. This also means that participants can easily access the parts in two steps.

These prepackaged communion cups aren’t only for the church but also in many types of venues. The elements are made from sustainably sourced ingredients, so they are convenient and delicious!


  • Hygienic, with double-lid technology to avoid contamination
  • Made with quality ingredients
  • No preparation necessary
  • Easy to serve & perfect for any venue
  • Long shelf life (1 year from the date the product was made and boxed)


  • The elements were not consecrated during manufacturing
  • It does not give you the option to choose the elements

Kingdom Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafers

Prepackaged Communion

Each pre-filled communion cup contains juice and wafers, sealed and served in a convenient container. The first seal is transparent, so the wafer is visible against the darker violet second seal. This design is beneficial for participants as the pattern on the evident first seal does not hide the wafer from view, nor does it look too plain and boring. The cup’s shape and style also fit in standard communion trays, meaning no need to fuss and look for an alternative tray to use instead.

You can distribute these pre-filled Communion cups as people enter the service or use traditional Communion trays.


  • Each box contains 500 units of Pre-filled Communion Cups with Wafer
  • Every cup contains Red Grape juice and a Wafer 
  • Sealed into a single-serving container
  • This product has a 1-year shelf life
  • Perfect for hospital and shut-in visits, outdoor events, summer camps, and more!


  • This brand only makes packs of 500 cups
  • Some may not like the taste of the wafers


In summary, the pandemic has allowed people to think of ways to adapt. We made changes to our practices and traditions to enable us to continue doing them despite the restrictions. We learned that prepackaged communion cups do not take away the essence of that practice. Despite the fewer participants, prepackaged cups still allow us to share the spirit of communion with the other members. 

With that said, the Fellowship Cup Prefilled Juice and Wafer Set is the best-prepackaged communion. They come in a pack of 6 if you’d like to try them out before committing to this particular brand. Each cup has a double-lid seal that is easy to pull back and remove. The cups even fit into the standard communion trays, so you won’t need to look for another container. Lastly, this product has a year-long shelf life guaranteed to be fresh every time you open a cup.

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