The Best Products from PTZOptics: Ranked and Reviewed

Editor’s Choice


  • Allows output up to a 1080p signal simultaneously via HDMI, SDI, and NDI or IP outputs
  • The 30X-NDI has a 4.4 – 132.6mm lens providing a 30x zoom range
  • It is best used in large settings, such as gymnasiums and auditoriums

Best Overall


  • Both camera and controller are compatible with multiple brands
  • The PT30X-NDI has a 30X optical zoom and a low-latency NDI video
  • The PT30X-NDI is an open-source design



  • It has a compact design and is easy to set up
  • It has 4x optical zoom and up to a 122-degree field of view
  • It can support up to 1080p FPS resolution

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best PTZOptics, then I’d recommend the PTZOptics 30X-NDI 5X Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle as the best one.

With the rise of live streaming, the variety of good-quality cameras is wider. But, the increase of brands in the market also poses a challenge for existing brands to stay at the top. An even bigger struggle for consumers is choosing which brand is best for their setup. 

However, there is one brand that stands above the rest. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a total novice in video production and live streaming, the name PTZOptics will be one of the brands you’re bound to encounter. 

From the best PTZ cameras for video production and security systems to the best quality camera accessories in the market, PTZOptics is arguably the biggest brand in the PTZ camera category. Come and look at the best PTZOptics high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Here are the best PTZOptics products we will be reviewing:

What is PTZOptics?

PTZOptics is a manufacturer of the robotic pan, tilt, and zoom camera solutions for a variety of broadcast applications. Mostly known for their PTZ cameras, PTZOptics is an established name in the video production and live streaming business. Based in the US and operating from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, PTZOptics shook the professional audiovisual industry in 2014 by launching a series of cameras that would eventually make the brand one of the biggest brands in the growing PTZ camera category. 

A group of engineers from a highly-respected systems integration firm created the first in a portfolio of cameras that was a part of their vision to create a “swiss army knife” for the complex needs of broadcast landscapes. 

With global distribution in more than 50 countries, PTZOptics has produced industry-leading resources, including the StreamGeeks Livestream series. They also offer a wide variety of connectivity options including HD-SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0, and IP Streaming.

What does PTZ stand for?

PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom. These three movements are what make a PTZ camera different from the others. Used as a surveillance camera, you have little to no blind spots as remotely controlled PTZ cameras have up to 360-degree perspectives. 

What is the advantage of a PTZ camera over an IP camera?

The main advantage of a PTZ camera over an IP camera is its zoom. Because a PTZ camera can be moved freely, you cover a larger area with just a single camera, thus limiting blind spots. The advantage of using PTZ cameras over IP extends to live streaming and web conferencing. Because of its multiple movements, a PTZ camera can record and broadcast the whole event at various angles.

Products Offered from PTZOptics

PTZ Cameras

Live streaming and broadcast cameras (SDI, NDI, and USB)

The most notable difference between the three is the type of connector it supports. The SDI and NDI PTZ cameras offer three zoom options (12X, 20X, and 30X), while the USB has two zoom options (12X and 20X). All three PTZ camera types offer up to 255 presets, and its downloadable remote control app is compatible with both iOS and Android. Besides their versatile control options, they are also designed to provide discreet and flexible mounting options.

Studio and EFP Cameras

ZCam Cameras (SDI, NDI, and EPTZ Zcams)

For point-of-view shots and specialized applications like surveillance and monitoring, PTZOptics has designed its ZCam. It’s compact and easy to set up. Besides supervision, PTZOptics ZCams is ideal for broadcasting school events, sports events, and industrial monitoring.

But if you want 4k image quality that can effectively switch between expansive and tight camera views, PTZOptics has an EPTZ ZCam. The EPTZ has a built-in pan, tilt, and zoom options for a smooth transition. Its superior zoom power produces crisper closeups, resulting in excellent quality video, whether it’s live-streamed or recorded.

Video Camera Accessories

Joysticks and Remotes

PTZOptics also has a variety of joysticks and remotes that cater to both professionals and novices. The IP Joystick G3 is ideal for first-time users and students in broadcast clubs and courses. It has a simple layout with clear labels and is easy to navigate and use.

On the other hand, the SuperJoy Joystick Controller is built for larger productions and professional users. The SuperJoy lets you control up to 255 cameras, even with varying connector and control types. You also have the power to create and modify presets for quick and easy access. 


PTZOptics sells two kinds of cables; the first consists of the standard lines, extenders, and power cables. While the second kind is a wireless data transmission system that they call the WirelessCable. The WirelessCable is a plug-and-play transmission system that wirelessly connects your cameras as far as 40 meters. 


PTZOptics also sells mounts compatible with all of their cameras. Several camera supports are available on their website, each designed for a specific setup. There are PTZ camera wall mounts as well as pole and ceiling mounts. You’ll also find outdoor support with an enclosure to protect your camera from harsh environmental elements.

What Services Do PTZOptics Usually Cover?

PTZOptics have a long list of services to offer. It showcases the different applications of a PTZ camera besides being a surveillance system. The following are only some of the many avenues they have offered their services:

  • Broadcasting and Live streaming
  • Houses of Worship
  • Education
  • eSports
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Sports

How to Connect PTZOptics to Video Network Setup?

Single PTZOptics Camera to IP Network

The most straightforward PTZ camera setup is the single-camera setup. An HDMI input connects the PTZ camera to your monitor, while an SDI connects to a converter to the Internet from a digital audio mixer. Doing so will allow you to join both video and audio streams into one live stream. 

Multi-Camera with all SDI PTZOptics Cameras to Software

For a multi-camera setup, you’ll need a video switcher. Using a video switcher lets you connect four cameras and audio inputs from a soundboard. The cameras connect to the video switcher using a coaxial cable; from there, the video feed is input into the computer-based software via a USB signal. The resulting stream has both a video and audio output with this setup.

Multi-Camera with Multiple Video Source Types

This multi-camera setup allows you to present a PowerPoint presentation from your laptop. The laptop is connected to the video switcher via SDI through an HDMI to SDI converter box. At the same time, all the cameras connect to the controller and switcher through HDMI. And lastly, a hardware control panel is used to control transitions and help send the video output to a monitor. 

Multi-Camera with PoE and Switcher

For this setup, all cameras use PoE connected to a PoE switcher. A LAN-based switcher is used to transmit the camera videos. A computer manages the switcher via HDMI to control the switcher and project PowerPoint presentations. You can access and control the switcher with a keyboard, mouse, and multi-view HDMI monitor. 

Why Choose PTZOptics?

Easy Camera Control Options

Besides high-quality products, convenient and easy control over all your PTZOptic cameras can also be expected. With PTZOptics’ joystick, you can access all your camera on one console. Quickly access whichever camera you need to adjust in the palm of your hand. This feature is handy, especially now that live streaming events have become the norm. And, you won’t have to worry about getting multiple cameras from one brand. PTZOptics’ camera controllers are compatible with most camera brands besides its own.

Flexible Camera Installation Options

PTZOptics’ camera prides itself on being compact and unobtrusive that you have multiple installations and mounting options to choose from! Depending on how you wish to use the PTZ camera, PTZOptics’ cameras can be walls, ceilings, poles, or tripod-mounted. You can also have them placed on a desk or on top of a cabinet if you don’t need them permanently mounted. 

Open-Source Control Software

Downloadable open-source control software is another reason to consider PTZOptics apart from other brands. Specially catered to churches, PTZOptics’ cameras can be accessed and controlled through a simple web browser on your computer. They’re so easy to use that you won’t need prior coding knowledge; even volunteers will find it easy to call up a preset position for each camera. In addition to the convenience, the open-source control software is free of charge.

Camera Presets

Apart from the quick and easy access to all your PTZ cameras, PTZOptics’ controllers can also store up to 255 camera presets. Not only that, but you can access them just as quickly with designated buttons for quick-presets and super-presets. Save all your favorite presets and transitions on the quick-access buttons to promptly use at every event.

Small, Compact, Discreet, and Portable Design

If you look at the PTZOptics’ product catalog, you’ll find a similar pattern with their products. They all have a small, compact, discreet, and portable design. Their design makes them easy to be mounted anywhere. They are also small enough that you can place them on your desk without being a distraction. 

Here are the best PTZOptics products and bundles they have to offer.

PTZOptics 30X-NDI 5X Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle


The PTZOptics 30X-NDI 5X Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle is the perfect starter pack. This bundle has five PTZOptics PT30X-NDI cameras, a universal wall mount, and a serial controller. The main star of this incredible bundle is the PTZ camera, of course! The PT30X-NDI is a versatile camera compatible with 1080p HDMI, SDI, and NDI outputs. It also comes equipped with a 30x zoom lens, perfect for large venues. On top of this, the PT30X-NDI is fully utilized through open-source control software. So customizing everything is easily accessible through your preferred HTML.

Aside from the five PTZ cameras, this bundle includes PTZOptics’ SuperJoy Controller. As the name suggests, this controller is a joy to use! Each button, joystick, and dial are well-made and adequately labeled so that you won’t have difficulty navigating. Connect up to 255 different PTZ cameras with 255 available presets for a smooth and effortless transition and camera effects.


  • Both camera and controller are compatible with multiple brands
  • The PT30X-NDI has a 30X optical zoom and a low-latency NDI video
  • The PT30X-NDI is an open-source design
  • It is very versatile
  • Easy to use


  • There’s a delay switching between each camera

PTZOptics 30X-NDI Triple Camera and Joystick Controller Bundle


This bundle includes three cameras and a joystick controller compared to the previous bundle. It also features the PT30X-NDI camera, the same model in the first package. So instead, let’s focus on the controller included in the bundle. 

The PTZOptics PT-JOY-G4 is a 4th generation controller from the brand. It’s a very straightforward controller with a design interface that’s comfortably familiar to all PTZ controller users. It has a camera on-screen display control and a built-in LCD screen to quickly view the active settings and presets. 

Control up to 255 cameras with a single console and store a maximum of 255 presets with the PT-JOY-G4. The buttons are not backlit, but instead, they glow in the dark, so you won’t have to operate in a dark room blindly.


  • Allows output up to a 1080p signal simultaneously via HDMI, SDI, and NDI or IP outputs
  • The 30X-NDI has a 4.4 – 132.6mm lens providing a 30x zoom range
  • It is best used in large settings, such as gymnasiums and auditoriums
  • The NDI versions are ideal for streaming, houses of worship, and events
  • The camera does well in low-light conditions


  • The buttons on the controller are not backlit
  • Camera mounts are not included in this bundle

PTZOptics 3 Pack 12x Network Device Interface Camera


Considered one of their newer models, the PTZOptics 12X NDI is the optimal camera for broadcasting and recording HD videos. Connectability won’t be a problem as it’s compatible with HDMI, 3G-SDI, and IP. It also has a 72.5-degree wide-angle lens with full 1920x1080p HD resolution. 

The 12X NDI is easily accessed from your computer or the free downloadable app on your phone. Although this camera model doesn’t have the same movements as a PTZ camera, it offers a wide field of view. So you’re still able to capture the room completely.

The controller included with the 12X NDI camera is the PT-JOY-G4 IP Joystick Controller. Together with the 12X NDI camera, you’re sure to produce the best quality video for both broadcasting and recording. 

With the PT-JOY-G4, you have quick and easy access to multiple cameras at once with programmable preset buttons with your favored selection of transitions and effects. 


  • Both camera and controller have Power Over Ethernet (PoE).
  • High performance in low illumination situations
  • Full 1920x1080p HD Resolutions up to 60 frames per second
  • 2D and 3D noise reduction with their latest “low noise CMOS sensor” IP Streaming
  • Easy to use Software GUI for PTZ Control and remote viewing


  • The 12X NDI has limited camera movements

PTZOptics 20X-NDI SDI Broadcast POV Static Box Cameras


The PT20x-ZCAM is an affordable and adaptable Zcam perfect for surveillance and monitoring. As they are designed to capture static point-of-view shots, the PT120x-ZCAM has a 60.7-degree field of view and up to 1080P FPS resolution. They are perfect for close-up scenes due to their built-in zoom and focus controls. The camera is compact, making it easy to mount, set up, and integrate into your production workflow. 

Controlling the PT20x-ZCAM is also a breeze as its free IP control application is compatible with Mac, PC, and even your mobile phone. Its user interface is user-friendly and is perfect for complete beginners. There’s no need to have prior knowledge; the control interface is straightforward.


  • It has a compact design and is easy to set up
  • Features 20x optical zoom and a 60.7-degree field of view
  • Support up to 1080p FPS resolution
  • Ideal for broadcasting high definition video signals
  • Includes an easy to follow Quick Start Guide


  • It has limited camera movements

PTZOptics ZCam-4X 2.7MP 1080p Full HD Box Camera


Produce clear 1080p video with up to 4x optical zoom with the PTZOptics ZCam-4x 2.7MP. It has a wide-field view of 28 to 122 degrees with built-in motion detection. These features are a perfect addition to your security system. They are easy to deploy, and their compact design makes them discreet and unnoticeable to a passerby. 

Besides surveillance, the ZCam-4x 2.7MP has a built-in 3G SDI and IP streaming perfect for broadcasting high-definition videos for video conferencing applications. It’s also compatible with the free, open-source application, so you can control your camera even without buying a separate controller or remote.


  • It has a compact design and is easy to set up
  • Features 4x optical zoom and up to 122-degree field of view
  • This camera can support up to 1080p FPS resolution
  • The camera has built-in motion detection
  • The camera can live stream directly from the camera
  • PTZOptics HD-SDI camera models also include PoE


  • The ZCam-4x 2.7MP has limited camera movements


PTZOptics have indeed established its name in the growing PTZ camera category. Their small, compact, and discretely designed cameras have become a staple for any video production setup. They’re easily accessed through the free, open-source software and compatible with most controllers in the market. 

It’s why the best of PTZOptics is the PTZOptics 30X-NDI 5X Camera, Mount, and Controller Bundle. It’s a complete bundle that combines their best PTZ camera with their best serial controller. The PT30X-NDI is a compact and versatile PTZ camera that produces incredible 1080p HD videos. Paired with the SuperJoy controller, camera movements and transitions are as quick as a push of a button.

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