Soul Tie vs. Soul Mate: What’s the Difference?

It’s essential to know the difference between a soul tie vs. a soul mate; they are two different soul connections.

When we first hear of soul connections, it sounds intriguing and exciting. We think of them as those romantic relationships we see in movies and read about in bestselling romance novels. In reality, there’s more to connected souls than being your “perfect half”. There are two different soul connections: soul ties and soul mates. Here is how one is different from another.

What is the difference between Soul Tie vs. Soul Mate?

Does sex create a soul tie? Soul ties definition happen with people you have shared a bond with. The most common type of soul ties is physical soul ties. This is formed after being sexually intimate with someone. Soul ties can be ungodly and harmful. Let’s learn the symptoms and how breaking soul ties matters.

Soul mate, on the other hand, refers to someone who perfectly complements your personality. There is an intense connection that is beneficial to both parties. 

Soul Tie vs Soul Mate

What is a Soul Tie?

A soul tie happens when two souls have a spiritual connection. A soul tie usually forms right after you have sex with someone. However, you can also form soul ties with people you have shared a bond with that causes an extreme attachment towards the other.

Types of Soul Ties


A physical soul tie is the most common type formed right after being sexually intimate with another. When you engage in sexual intercourse with someone, you allow yourself to be exposed physically and emotionally. This level of intimacy is enough to create a strong connection between two people. Whether you have sex inside or outside marriage, a soul tie is always formed right after the act. 


Emotional soul ties are formed whenever you find someone you trust enough to share your deep feelings and experiences. Usually, we have emotional soul ties with close friends that we confidently confide with. Like all types of soul ties, there are godly and ungodly passionate soul ties. 

Religious soul ties are a healthy, two-sided relationship; you are both willing to stand by each other’s side when times get rough. Ungodly emotional soul ties are the opposite; the other person doesn’t see you as an equal and will try to manipulate you.


Spiritual soul ties are bonds you’ve made with someone that brings you closer to God. This spiritual self-enlightenment is usually healthy and godly. You commonly form a bond with someone who has helped you with your spiritual growth, be it a friend, a mentor, or a leader at your church. 

They are someone you confide your struggles with on your spiritual journey. They also bring a different perspective to what you’re going through; you may look at it negatively, but spiritual soul ties remind you that God has a higher purpose with what you’re going through.


Due to the ease of communication through the internet, it is possible to form a social soul tie with one or more people, as long as you’ve bonded over something. An excellent example of this is a shared social group. Bonding over something, whether a hobby or a belief or stance, facilitates the formation of an emotional connection between you and the social group. 

Like other soul ties, this can either be good or bad for us. A healthy and godly social soul tie seeks to help people become the best version of themselves. They promote love, kindness, and harmony between the group members.

Symptoms You Have a Soul Tie

You are obsessed with them.

There will come a time in the relationship when you’ll notice the other person is all you think about. Everything you see will remind you of that person, and you get to a point where it starts taking over your thoughts, and you become incapable of functioning normally. This is one of the common signs of a soul tie.

You feel a deeply rooted connection with them.

You feel an immediate click with them like you’ve known them for years. From the first time you speak with them, you get a sense of familiarity and immediately feel comfortable in their presence. This emotional connection means that you’ve already formed a soul tie with the other person. 

You can’t imagine being without them.

When you have a soul tie, you can’t imagine being without them. You constantly find a way to be near them. You can’t bear the thought of the relationship ending. It may sound romantic in the movies, but this thought process can result from a toxic relationship with your soul tie. It would be best to break the soul tie immediately if it comes to this.

What is a Soul Mate?

When you feel like someone is “meant for you,” you usually refer to them as your soul mate. According to Merriam-Webster, a soul mate is someone who perfectly suits our temperament. They are people we naturally click with and perfectly complement our personality, attitude, and general outlook on life. They could be lovers, friends, or close family members. 

Types of Soul Mates

Soul Tie vs Soul Mate


Have you met someone whose aura instantly pulls you in, and you don’t know why? That person is likely your romantic soul mate. What you feel may not be physical attraction, but a strange and fleeting thought runs in your mind saying that they’re the right one for you; they likely are. But don’t feel pressured; most romantic soul mates don’t always end up together; life isn’t a fairy tale. And no, you don’t lose the connection; it only gains a different meaning.


Karmic soul mates or “wrecking ball soul mates” are a connection that feels almost perfect; however, they usually don’t last. It’s a relationship that shows us new experiences and teaches us about love, growth, and acceptance. Karmic soul mates don’t have to be romantic; they can happen between the closest of friends as well. 

Twin Flame Definition vs. Soulmate

A twin flame connection is believed to be one soul split into two bodies; that’s how intense this soul connection is. You’re two halves of the same mind; you share the same morals and opinions. Twin flames will challenge, teach, and heal each other uniquely and powerfully. It doesn’t have to be romantic; twin flames can be best friends or close family members. 

Some people also believe in a twin flame relationship using twin flame numerology or twin flame number. Twin Flame Journey believes that they are messages from guardian angels. Common angel numbers are 1923 angel number twin flame, 3322 angel number twin flame, 1212 angel number twin flame, and 999 angel number love twin flame.


Have you ever felt an intense affinity with your best friend? Then what you probably have is a platonic soul mate. It’s a strong connection that allows you to be completely comfortable sharing all sides of yourself with your best friend. 

This type of soul mate is such a delight to have. You can trust them with anything and everything, and they aren’t afraid to tell you off when you’re doing something that could potentially harm you. They genuinely care for your well-being and always want what’s best for you.

Soul Groups

Like soul ties, you can also have more than one soul mate, and it’s called a soul group. A group of people that pursue a common goal is a typical example of a soul group. Anyone can be a part of your soul group; even family members you’re close with can be a part of it. 

Symptoms you have a Soul Mate

They give you a sense of peace and comfort.

You naturally feel peaceful and comfortable with them. Even when you first met them, you didn’t feel nervous or anxious; you felt a sense of calm wash over you when your eyes met. 

You balance each other out.

Soul mates aren’t two perfect halves; what makes them your soul mates is their temperaments, upbringings, and backgrounds balance yours out. Though you are two different people, when you two are together, you work like a well-oiled machine

Your values and goals are in total alignment.

This doesn’t mean that you both want the same career; it’s about agreeing to your end goals and where you want to be after a specific time. Sure, you’ll disagree about small things, but what’s important is that you agree on the bigger picture. 

You’ve seen them at their worst, yet still love them anyway.

The actual test of a relationship is when you both still choose to say, even when the struggle is too much to bear. You know they’re your soul mate, and vice versa, when you’ve seen them at their worst, yet your love for them stays the same. You can count on each other for strength, support, and encouragement, especially when it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How is a Soul Tie Different from a Soul Mate?

Most of the time, a soul-tie connection is one-sided, so it is not impossible to recognize you’ve formed a bond until it’s too late. It is also a bond you can create through sexual intimacy or sharing a personal experience with someone. Developing a soul tie also takes time, unlike a soul mate. When you have a soul tie, you become highly attached to the other person, so much so that you can’t imagine a love life without them. 

What makes a soul mate different is an intense connection beneficial to both parties. When you meet your soul mate, the feeling is mutual. The link is also instant, and both parties will immediately feel the pull when you lock eyes with them. Your soul mate will not make you feel inadequate compared to your soul ties. They will give you peace and calm when you’re around them, especially during hard times. Their goals and values will align with yours, and you will balance each other’s temperaments. 

Soul Tie vs Soul Mate

In Summary

Godly and healthy soul connections, such as soul ties and soul mates, will benefit you and your partner. Such bonds will encourage you to become the best version of yourself. They will teach you how to love but will not hesitate to correct you when you notice that what you’re doing will harm you. But remember that we are still human, no matter how much we put effort into making the bond work; if God isn’t at the center, then our efforts are futile. 

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