Soul Ties in the Bible Explained

Let’s discuss Soul Ties in the Bible to guide us to forge relationships that are Christ-centered and how to get rid of those ties that corrupt the soul. 

Relationships come and go. The depth of how we connect with someone can sometimes be beyond our control, as emotions can readily get the best of us. In moments where we feel entangled with someone so deeply, should we be alarmed? 

At what point do our relationships establish soul ties? What are soul ties? As Christians, our souls should be tied with Christ before anything or anyone else – no one and nothing should come before Christ. Find out what the Bible says about soul ties and how Christians should see soul ties. 

Soul Ties in the Bible

What are Soul Ties in the Bible?

The idea of soul ties has been used to explain an attachment to someone that goes beyond the physical – a connection on a deeper level. Biblically speaking, soul ties are often linked with either sexual relationships between a husband and wife or a close relationship with someone dear to the heart. 

Are soul ties biblical?

To put it outrightly, no. There is no known direct mention of the word “soul ties” in the Bible.

However, many have correlated soul ties with several scenarios and sets of words in the scriptures, like “become one flesh” and “knit with the soul of.” Soul ties, therefore, are words coined by people and used to relate to biblical scenarios to put into words a strong feeling of connection to someone that surpasses the physical realm. It has no known biblical foundations.

What Does the Bible Say About Soul Ties?

While there is no mention of such words in the verses of the Bible, the scriptures did say something about being careful with establishing strong bonds with people.

In Proverbs 1:10, we are reminded of how relationships can lead us to sin. Human as we are, we are not immune to feeling strong emotions toward someone, which can sometimes lead us astray and straight to the snares of sin. This is a reminder that relationships built upon enticements such as lust and other sinful temptations go against the teachings of the Bible, which stresses that relationships should be built in light of pure intentions. 

Who Had Soul Ties in the Bible?

Soul ties may not have a biblical basis, but when the topic hangs in the air, two biblical relationships come to mind: David and Jonathan and Shechem’s Dinah. Many claim two relationships exhibit soul ties, but the foundations on which their connections were founded speak differently. 

Jonathan and David

As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.” – 1 Samuel 18:1

The scriptures speak of David and Jonathan’s “soul tie” as an exemplification of a great friendship. Jonathan took tremendous measures to keep David safe from his father, King Saul, and David cared for Jonathan’s children long after he died.

Perhaps this goes to prove that what we call a soul tie is not confined to romantic relationships between a man and a woman. Theirs was a brotherly love – one that deeply cares for one another. It was undoubtedly blessed by the Holy Spirit as it helped fulfill God’s purpose in David’s life.

Bible scholars claim it was among the greatest friendships in the Scripture. There was loyalty as Jonathan remained loyal to David despite having his life threatened. The deep connection these two men shared defied the odds.

Jonathan, being the son of King Saul, should have felt threatened by David and David’s rivalry with his father as it may affect his succession to the throne. Yet he did not. In this world, where most people are inclined to go the extra mile to gain wealth and material possessions, Jonathan went the other way. He kept his covenant with his friend David. 

Shechem and Dinah

Now, the Bible also speaks of another story and an entirely different type of soul tie, as shown in the lives of Shechem and Dinah.

In Genesis 34:2-3, we read, “When Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, the ruler of that area, saw her, he took her and raped her. His heart was drawn to Dinah, daughter of Jacob; he loved the young woman and spoke tenderly to her.

Without a doubt, this speaks of a deep connection we are so fond of calling “soul ties.” However, unlike that of David and Jonathan, it caused Shechem to sin and commit an ungodly act toward Dinah.

Rape was how Shechem responded. Rape is a sin. Several Bible verses, such as those in Deuteronomy 22:23-29, address the issue. Anything that is from God is good. If a relationship with someone causes you to sin and commit adultery, that relationship is not coming from our Lord.

Soul ties, then, can be an avenue for sins. People can be so blinded by the deep and intense emotions and connections they feel towards another person that they can forget and put aside the Word of God and sin in the process. 

Soul Ties in the Bible

Evaluating Soul Ties in the Bible: Godly or Ungodly?

Now, we ask, are soul ties godly? Or are they not?

A soul tie is a term we use in an attempt to encapsulate a connection that is rooted on the spiritual level. As temples of the Living God, we ought to establish ties that are built on Christian values, pure intentions, and following the word of God. Any ties that go against God lead to sin and must be cut off. That being said, we and our bodies, which are temples of God, should not be violated in any way when we establish soul ties. For instance, a marriage between a husband and wife is considered a godly soul tie by several Bible scholars and should be built under the teachings of Christ and in no way become an avenue for adulterous acts.

Be very careful in establishing ties, as our God is a jealous god. Our souls must first be tied with the Holy Spirit before anything else. There should never be relationships in our lives that are deeper than what we have with God. As sin severs relationships with God, soul ties should never tolerate it.

Godly soul ties are those that are formed by God, with God, and for God. 

How Should Christians View Soul Ties?

Christians can forge a myriad of relationships – with a friend, family, special someone, and even with strangers. These relationships can vary in intensity and can be fleeting or last a lifetime. As Christians, however, our idea of a soul tie should revolve around the author of relationships, the maker or breaker of ties – Jesus Christ.

The ultimate soul tie we, Christians, shall aim for should be that with Christ – for we are His, and He is ours. Neither a person nor material wealth should come before God in our relationship ladder. If there currently is, break free right away before it corrupts you.

From a Christian point of view, soul ties should be anchored in God and promote the teachings of God. We can be defined by the kind of ties we have with others. Is it healthy? Toxic? Does it make you sin? It is crucial that Christians know to distinguish between ties with others that should be kept and those that need to be cut.

How do you Break Free from a Soul Tie Biblically?

To break free from an unfulfilling soul tie is not a smooth sail. Regardless, it remains a must. Here are ways on how a Christian shout get rid of soul ties: 


The first thing a Christian must do is repent. Repentance is a prerequisite to forgiveness. Our God is forgiving, ever-merciful, and ever-loving. Transgressions and disobedience done within the bounds of a soul tie with someone should be acknowledged, corrected, and repented. 

One can never completely break free from an unfulfilling soul tie if the sins are not atoned for, as it will keep haunting one down and isolate them from God due to guilt. Peace with God and with ourselves can only be restored once we acknowledge where we went wrong.

However, repentance is more than just the acknowledgment of sins. It is also the correction of the sins committed and the going back to the ways of God. Repentance is not an overnight process, but we take confidence in one of the most powerful Bible verses on forgiveness (Daniel 9:9).


A soul tie is not always happy and dreamy but can also cause heartaches and scars. To ask God for forgiveness is one thing, but forgiving those who wronged you is another. Let’s face the truth: forgiving can be hard at times. 

A soul tie can never be completely cut off once strong emotions such as anger and hatred continue to reside in one’s heart. The wounds won’t heal if we keep holding on to the things that scarred us. If sinners ask the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness, who are we not to forgive? 

In the Bible, in Ephesians 4:32, we are reminded to “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Damaged souls, severed ties, and hurting spirits will continue to linger once we hold off total surrender to the God of Peace, who offers justice to all according to His divine plans. 

Forgiving others may be hard, but the power of God is made perfect in our weaknesses and hardships. 

Start anew

Are you starting anew? Best to do it with God. What better way to begin anew after walking down the aisles of darkness than to walk with the Source of Light? 

Starting again with God and turning away from the sins of yesterday is not without challenges and adjustments, but knowing that you are going down the road with Jesus Christ makes it possible. Not easy. But possible.

With the lessons of the past and the Lord’s guidance, we find hope in a better tomorrow. One where we, as believers of His great and redeeming love for us, learn to establish relationships rooted in the Scripture’s teachings and turn our backs away from corrupt ties and relationships completely.

Soul Ties in the Bible

In Summary

Soul ties may not have any biblical foundations, but soul ties, however and whatever one may choose to define them, are a dynamic and powerful connection towards someone. It can make or break a person, as bad relationships can corrupt souls. 

As Christians, we ought to establish a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ before others, as there is no other way of knowing how deep can one’s love go without looking at the cross where the body of the Son of God dripped with blood out of His great and forbearing love for sinners. 

Soul ties apart from God corrupt the soul, but one that is built on the knowledge of a God whose love for sinners like you and me surpasses human understanding and cannot be encapsulated in words; these ties build and replenish the soul. 

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