Soul Ties: Signs, Symptoms & How to Break them

Soul ties can be very uplifting when they are mutual, healthy, and godly. Soul ties are not limited to couples but can be formed with friends, family, and your social group.

We’ve been in relationships where some connections are more profound than others. These deep connections are known as soul ties. We can have a soul tie with anyone, be it our friends, family, or current partner. They do not have to stem from romantic relations; our time and emotions are all we need to contribute.

There’s a large misconception about soul tie and sex. Even though sex can strengthen soul ties, it’s not the only way to form this type of deep connection. Sex and love are two distinct entities. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for people to associate casual sex with love.

We hope to enlighten you on the different ways you can create a soul tie with someone through this article. Most of us may already have one yet; we’re not aware because of this misconception. We’ve covered everything, from what soul tie is to how you can break soul ties that aren’t healthy for you.

What are Soul Ties?

Soul Ties

Soul ties refer to a deep connection between two people.  This type of spiritual connection may stem from being physically intimate with a person. Others may form a soul tie with someone who exhibits a significant role in your life for such a long time. Whenever we have an intimate connection with someone, the possibility of forming a soul tie exists.

Individuals who share a soul tie with someone are connected not only in spirits but also in flesh and mind. It is a union of souls, which can result in either positive or negative consequences. Oftentimes, a soul tie with someone begins on a social or physical level but may develop into an emotional and spiritual connection.

Soul tie means affixing a link to someone who has a significant impact on your intangible self. Chances that you may have formed a soul tie with someone is when you feel a strong connection with them, one that is honest and all-encompassing. With this in mind, it is possible to have soul ties with people you aren’t romantically involved with. A soul tie can be formed with a close friend, a relative, or even an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who is no longer in your life even for a long time.

In essence, all these soul connections could result in either a godly or ungodly soul tie, as well as a healthy or unhealthy soul tie. This will all depend on the relationship’s commitments, promises, and intentions made.

Soul Ties vs. Soulmates

Soul ties and soulmates are two different deep connections we can have with a person. A soul tie can arise from having sex with another person. So, let’s say someone has had sexual intercourse with all their partners; it is possible to have more than one soul tie. The soul ties between sexual partners can act as a link between two or more people, they become one.

During sexual intercourse, a variety of emotions may arise, which can lead to a soul connection between partners. And while some people may think that sex is only a physical act with no strings attached, this is not the case. When two people connect, they’ll usually find themselves craving for one another.

Soul ties also take time to form. It starts when you both feel connected to each other in ways you can’t describe. When you realize that all things just flow when you’re around them, then it must be a clear sign of soul connection on a deeper level.

You may feel that this person completes you, and your strong feelings are more powerful towards them than anyone else in your whole life. With that person, you don’t have to change or explain yourself, because he accepts all of you. A deep connection on a spiritual level that not all human beings get to experience.

Unlike soulmates, this spiritual connection forms over some time. Oftentimes, a soul tie is developed by partners from past relationships. This is because that person has played such a significant role in your life that you feel connected to them. Even when the relationship has ended, the deep bond you shared with the person is still within your own soul.

Soulmates are the embodiment of love and partnership. It is the immediate deep emotional bond you have with someone who can teach and push you to be the best person you can be. A soul mate love is the highest form of unconditional love, where your other half is your partner. You can imagine the overwhelming good sentiments that arise when you meet this person because you are each other’s soul mate. Like soul ties, your soul mate doesn’t necessarily have to be your romantic partner.

Are Soul Ties one-sided?

Much like all relationships, soul ties could also be one-sided. Especially now, with the rise of making an immediate connection through the internet, it is likely possible to have a soul tie that isn’t mutual. As painful as that may sound, we have to be open to the possibility that we all view each other differently. Our interpretation of that person’s actions may not be the true intention of the other.

When a person feels emotionally tied to someone in many ways, but the other party does not reciprocate the feeling, it is a one-sided soul tie. You might sense this type of soul tie with someone on a spiritual, emotional, or physical level. Oftentimes, you will feel as if you’re the only one who’s keeping the relationship together. It could even come to a point where breaking soul ties with that person may feel hard despite the unhealthy attachment you have towards them.

As excellent as having a soul tie may sound, it can be very unhealthy, especially for one-sided soul ties. It’s easy to confuse it with love, but a one-sided soul tie is hurtful while love is healing. Once you’ve identified that it’s not mutual, try to break soul ties with that person as soon as possible to save yourself the trouble. Take the time to think about what you want in a relationship and discover healthy ways to meet those needs.

How Do Men Handle Soul Ties?

Men express their emotions very differently from women, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to soul ties. All relationships that cause you to invest your time and emotions are bound to result in soul ties. Men can have a soul tie; however, there will be a difference in how they express the effects of that soul tie.

We all have different love languages and approaches to relationships. It is a known fact that men lean more on the logical side, whilst women are on the emotional side of the relationship. This doesn’t mean that they’re exempted from feeling spiritual bonds. Most of the time, men are just better at hiding or suppressing their emotions to cope on their own.

Men, like women, also experience soul tie symptoms. The only difference is that they rely more on their rationale than their emotions.  Soul ties affect men just as much as it affects women but in different circumstances. Thus, they don’t feel the pain right after the relationship ends, but rather much later.

For soul ties to be godly and healthy, it all comes down to communication. Take the time to really know about that person. Just because one party is very vocal and showy about their feelings, you cannot assume that the other would follow. In doing so, you prevent miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Are Soul Ties Mentioned in the Bible?

Soul ties are often a connection so strong; it’s almost like you’re obsessed with the other person. However solid and beneficial the bond may be, there are no specific mentions of soul ties in the Bible. But the Scripture does mention some form of connections that may be similar to soul ties.

The simplest way to describe them would be a person’s soul that is connected with someone on a spiritual level. 1 Samuel 18:1 gives a glimpse of the depth of David and Jonathan’s close friendship. In Mark 10:6-9, we see that God intended sex to bind a husband and wife together in marriage. To become one, this vow was meant to last forever.

The Bible also gave warnings against ungodly relationships; one example would be from Proverbs 1:10-15. The passage warns us of people that seek to take advantage of individuals for their gain. Another example is from 1 Corinthians 6:16-19, which alerts us not to take sexual immorality lightly. The Christian tradition holds the idea that a soul tie is developed from physical connection through a sexual encounter.

Further, this passage reminds us of our unity with the Lord and that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we should honor the Lord with our bodies.

Signs You Have a Healthy Soul Tie With Someone

soul ties

You connect on a deeper level

Having soul ties allow you to connect with that person on a deeper level. You feel a strong spiritual and emotional bond with someone; you feel like you know exactly what they’re feeling. There are even accounts where you suddenly feel unwell, and your mind and heart know the pain you’re feeling is connected. You might even catch yourselves finishing each other’s sentences.

Those who are in more intense and closer relationships can even feel physical pain in addition to emotions. Your bond is so strong that you both feel for each other on an emotional or physical level. This type of connection can come from both good and bad relationships.

They bring out strong reactions in you

Almost all soul ties have exhibited intensity that causes the people involved to have amplified emotions. Whether strong feelings are for good or bad depends solely on the person. For example, some may choose to project their passion through their work and studies. It can be a great source of motivation and a boost of confidence to try something new. However, others may not be wise enough to practice this. Because of your connection, it is possible that if they are angry, you would be furious as well.

Soul ties can bring up negative reactions just as much as they can cause positive emotions. Jealousy is one of the most common feelings that may arise from being tied to one another. Jealousy is normal when we want to guard the people we love, one which we usually dismiss on our own.

However, there’s a clear distinction between feeling jealous and exhibiting unhealthy behaviors. It isn’t a problem until it’s acted on.  When we indulge in that feeling and behave rashly from a position of distrust and insecurity, we are engaging in unhealthy jealousy. It is important to recognize when jealousy is motivating unhealthy behaviors in relationships. Otherwise, it can lead to negative consequences in the future.

You can’t stop thinking about them

Again, this symptom may come from both good and bad relationships. Sometimes you could find yourself thinking of that person 24/7. Everything around you seems to remind you of that person. This symptom becomes unhealthy when all you think about is the other person and hinders you from doing anything else. Insecure people are more prone to addictions since they are unable to regulate their thoughts and feelings to only one person.

A part of you feels incomplete when they’re not in your life

This symptom is what makes an unhealthy soul tie. There comes a time when you feel like no one else understands you better than the other person. It’s like they are the only ones that understand what you truly feel. You feel anxious and emotionally unstable whenever they aren’t around. You feel like that only person completes you.

Unhealthy soul ties can lead to obsession. If you come to this point in your relationship, you should take a step back and evaluate the relationship. Have you become too dependent on the other person, or have they exhibited traits that make you think you need to be dependent on them.

Different Types of Soul Ties

soul ties

Spiritual Soul Ties

We form spiritual soul ties with the people that have helped us with our spiritual journey toward Christ. This type of soul tie is usually healthy. It comes from two people brought together in Christ. Through this bond, you share wisdom and knowledge that can help in your spiritual journey. This type of soul tie is very beneficial, especially when you’re experiencing hardships in life. 

A healthy soul tie will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths, and their presence will help you along the way.

But like all soul ties, this type can get unhealthy as well. It may seem that they empathize with you and share your intense passion, only to find out at the end that they only want to use you for their gain.

Emotional Soul Ties

Emotional soul ties are often between close friends. We can have multiple soul ties, especially when we have more than one friend that we closely confide in. We all have one to three friends we run to for everything. This type of soul tie is exhibited through the feeling of familiarity and comfort, baring your heart to that person.

Christian tradition, on the other hand, would argue otherwise. Soul bonds are formed, according to them, when you sleep with another person. But, a soul tie is merely another way of describing a deep emotional connection; sex isn’t required for such a bond to exist.

Healthy and godly emotional soul ties encourage, protect and guide you through hard times. We often see examples of this through the people we consider our true friends. The counterparts through emotional manipulation. This prevents you from leaving and moving on from the friendship.

Physical Soul Ties

Physical soul ties can result from the consummation of your marriage. Sexual intimacy is one of the known causes of soul ties, either inside or outside marriage. Having felt a certain level of closeness is enough for a link to be developed between two people. But they don’t only come from your partners but also family members.

Let’s all be honest; we can name a few of our relatives with whom we’re close. We are likely to form physical soul ties with these people because we express love and affection towards them.

When the reason for your affection is no longer healthy, it is best to cut ties and move on. There are a lot of instances where physical intimacy is used, as a form of manipulation, to keep the other person from leaving.

Social Soul Ties

Did you know that social soul ties can be formed through shared social groups? More so now, during the pandemic, all our communications are through the internet. Whether you like to keep to yourself or not, we can all form social soul ties. Like all types of soul ties, this can either be good or bad for us. Social groups that genuinely aim to help their members be the best version of themselves will likely form healthy social soul ties.

Unhealthy social groups will also result in unhealthy soul ties. One example of this is hate groups, which have a plan to create division and chaos between members.

When Do Ungodly Soul Ties Become Bad For You?

soul ties

Ungodly and Godly Soul Ties

Ungodly and godly soul ties can stem from your partner, friends, family, higher authorities, and religious leaders. However, what makes them different is sacred soul ties that bring fellow believers together in the Lord. Any relationship which puts a continuous effort to place God at the center is godly.

All acts that take either of the parties away from God are ungodly soul ties. Ungodly soul ties take your focus away from God’s plan and empower personal gratification instead. Ungodly soul ties are one of the common reasons why people can’t achieve the relationship ideals that God wants for us. An ungodly soul tie can cause emotional stress, trust issues, insecurities, and other problems in a person’s life.

Unhealthy and Healthy Soul Ties

Healthy soul ties help you grow and become a better person. These bonds encourage you to strive for what is good and right. They protect and warn you from the possible harm your actions may cause and guide you towards the correct path. A healthy soul tie can provide you with passion, strength, and support. You know that their love and affections are genuine. They will correct you, but you have to keep in mind that they have your best interest.

Unhealthy soul ties are the complete opposite. These relationships are manipulative and can be physically draining. You try to let go and move on, yet they always find a way to make you reconsider as if what you’re doing is wrong.  This type of soul tie is a clear sign of a toxic relationship. It usually happens when one person has a stronger and more dominant personality in the relationship, where they feel in control of things. This leaves the latter vulnerable to manipulation and deception.

Another way a soul tie becomes unhealthy is through fueling hate instead of love and understanding. Rather than helping you be a better person, these bonds encourage you to stand your ground because it benefits their agenda.

Unhealthy soul ties are often the result of two people forming a sexual relationship without any sort of emotional bonding. Moreover, this type of unhealthy attachment can sabotage your future romantic relationships. There could be instances where you adopt the negative characteristics of the person to whom your soul is tied without you being aware of it.

How to Break Soul Ties?

soul ties

Through continuous prayers

There is no perfect checklist or steps to breaking soul ties; each relationship is different. So, before anything else, our first step should be to ask for God’s guidance and strength to break the soul tie. We are only human; emotions and familiarity easily sway us. Alone, we do not have the power to turn away from memories and habits we’ve grown to like and be comfortable with when we were in a relationship.

Asking God for guidance and healing does not guarantee instant results; everything is a process. Let God fill the parts of your life that you allowed others to do because you are convinced it was the right choice. It will be painful to admit, but think of how much more fulfilled you will be once you trust God. Let go and let God.

Through asking forgiveness

We have to come to a point where we stop pointing fingers, let go, and allow ourselves to move forward. But before we can do that, we have to ask for forgiveness for all the hurt and anger we have caused the other person. No one is perfect; thus, no relationship is perfect.

Forgive yourself of the blame and shortcomings; what’s important is what we learn from the past. To break a soul tie, you should learn to let go, forgive yourself, and resume your life with peace and serenity.

Through forgiving the other party

I believe that one sure way to move on from a relationship is through forgiving the other person’s soul for the pain and stress you’ve experienced. It can be painful; sometimes, you think it’s unfair and that they don’t deserve it. But keeping that anger and fuel would do us more harm than good.

If you really cannot find it in yourself to forgive them, ask God to teach you how. Ask for God’s patience and let His teachings remind you God loves us all despite our inequities. Despite all the times we fall short and think about ourselves, God is always ready to receive us back in His loving arms when we ask for forgiveness. Once you’ve made peace with that thought, you’ll see that it’ll be easier to forgive other people.

Through physically distancing yourself from them

One of the best ways to forget about a soul tie with someone is to distance yourself from them. Say goodbye and release yourself from that relationship. Learn to be independent. It would be difficult at first, especially when you’re already used to their presence, but remember that you are doing this for your well-being.

This step becomes easier once you’ve done the first three steps. Any emotional baggage and longing would make it hard for you to move on and get used to their absence. As soon as you become aware of the toxic situation, you’re already one step closer to breaking free from that unhealthy or ungodly soul tie.

Release yourself from the burdens and baggage that came from that relationship. Stop blaming yourself for something that’s out of your control. Try not to entertain the what-ifs and look forward to things you can focus on more instead.

Distancing yourself from social media is a good step. You may get emotional whenever you think of him and visit his social media. You may even have a hard time mentioning his name without breaking out in tears or experiencing a strong wave of sadness and depression. Remember that deleting the person from your phone contacts or social media will somewhat help you in cutting soul ties even though it’s hard.

Understand that God makes you whole, not your Soul Tie

One of the many reasons soul ties become unhealthy and ungodly is that we lose track of who truly completes us. No other person, no matter how in sync you two are, is made to make us whole; only God can and will satisfy us.

Remember, the euphoria in that other person’s soul is just temporary. The contentment we gain from placing God in the center of our everything leaps and bounds better.

In Summary

Soul ties can be very uplifting when they are mutual, healthy, and godly. Relationships such as these can encourage, guide, and transform a person into the best version of themselves. Religious soul ties are also a big help through our spiritual journey.

But, not all strong connections are good for us. We should be vigilant of people that would be bad for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There will be those who only want to manipulate us for their gain; even the Bible has warned us about them. Once you see signs of an unhealthy soul tie, cut the bond and move on from the relationship.

If you find yourself in a healthy soul tie, be a blessing to them as much as they have to you. Help them conquer their fears. Be their support and warn them of the possible harm that comes their way.

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